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Do You Have These 5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials?

Building a Wardrobe
March 4, 2024

According to the crocuses popping up in my yard, Spring is fast approaching. And we’re already experiencing spring-like weather a little earlier in Ohio this year. That means I’m pulling these five spring wardrobe essentials to the front of my closet and wearing them frequently already. Do you have these spring closet must-haves?

Do You Have These 5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials?

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Wardrobe essentials are those basic pieces that make your closet work for you…over and over and over again. These are the garments and accessories that work with multiple outfits and in multiple settings.

Do You Have These 5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials?

But before I go any further, let me remind you that our closet essentials can vary based on our personal style aesthetic. What is essential in my wardrobe may not be crucial for yours. I shared some possible wardrobe essentials for different personal styles in this previous blog post. If you haven’t already, I hope you will check it out for ideas of what you might need in your closet to share your style beautifully this spring.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Trench Coat
Spring Wardrobe Essential: trench coat

That said, the 5 spring wardrobe essentials I’m sharing today are fairly basic and definitely classic. If you want your outfits to look modern, but at least somewhat classic, I think you may want to consider these five spring wardrobe basics for your closet. And I’ve got a shopping widget for each of them, so you can find a selection that fits your style aesthetic and your budget. I think you’ll want these essentials in your spring wardrobe so you can create multiple stylish outfits that look fresh, feminine and elevated.

5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials
white jeans (TTS; wearing 8 Misses) // cotton sweater (TTS; wearing Misses M) // trench coat (TTS; wearing medium) // nude slingbacks (TTS) // neutral tote // double necklace // earrings

Spring Wardrobe Essential: White Jeans

While ecru or natural colored jeans continue to be very on trend this year, I still think a great pair of white jeans are essential to a classic spring wardrobe. You can create so many pretty outfits with them to suit your personal style.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: White Jeans
Spring Wardrobe Essential: White Jeans (TTS; wearing Misses 8)

My white jeans are a modern relaxed straight leg, but you can find white jeans in every silhouette and length. I encourage you to look for some that are thick enough to give you the coverage you want. I love Talbots’ white jeans in general, and I also have these pintuck flare leg jeans and these high waist straight leg jeans (which have a longer inseam).

Here are some other white jeans you might want to check out if you still need to add some to your spring wardrobe. Remember, prices shown may not be accurate as these brands frequently offer discounts. So click through for sizing options and prices.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Cotton Pullover Sweater

Depending on where you live and what your spring weather is like, you may or may not need to wear a cotton pullover sweater very often. But I do think it’s smart for everyone to have at least one neutral colored cotton sweater in your spring wardrobe. If nothing else, you can wear it to a cold theater, an over-airconditioned conference space or on vacation to the mountains.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Cotton Pullover Sweater
Spring Wardrobe Essential: Cotton Pullover Sweater

But since moving to Ohio five years ago, I’ve leaned into my collection of cotton sweaters heavily each spring. They’re so comfortable, but also smart looking. And while it’s fun to add some in your signature colors, make sure you have one or two in a great neutral that will give you versatility in your wardrobe.

My patch pocket cotton sweater fits close to the body true to size. I love the length of this sweater, the weight and the simplicity. It’s available in a number of colors. But I’ve collected others for you to consider below, too.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Flesh Tone Shoes

I think it’s so smart for women to have multiple pairs of shoes in your flesh tone in your closet year round. But especially in the spring, when we tend to wear cropped or ankle length pants and skirts, and we want to lighten up our wardrobe a bit, I think these are essential. I recommend having flesh toned pumps or other dress shoes as well as casual shoes. These flat slingbacks from Talbots are so on trend and really smart for elevating simple jeans outfits. But they’ll be great with simple dresses or skirts as well as dress slacks, too.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Flesh Tone Shoes
Spring Wardrobe Essential: Flesh Tone Shoes

Now when I say flesh tone shoes, I mean your flesh tone. The goal is to have a shoe that is close to the same color as your legs so that you can create that uninterrupted line, elongating your legs visually. Plus, it’s just such a clean, beautiful aesthetic. So my slingbacks only come in this beige color and black. But I’ve found other shoes that come in a wide range of flesh tones. Most are available in multiple colors, so click through to see the options.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Trench Coat

While I enjoy wearing several different completer pieces in the spring, a trench coat is one of the jackets that can elevate an outfit most easily. You can wear a trench coat with jeans and sneakers and your outfit is immediately a little more classy.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Trench Coat
Spring Wardrobe Essential: Trench Coat (TTS; wearing a medium)

My Sam Edelman belted trench coat is a very simple jacket, but I’ve decided it’s perfect for my casual lifestyle. This year shorter trench coats are also really trending, so I’ve ordered this super cool Rails trench coat and I’m looking forward to checking it out. But I’ve collected several beautiful trench coats in a variety of styles, lengths and colors below.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Neutral Tote

And finally, I love having a great tote in a soft neutral for the spring. Totes are really on trend this year, and I’m all for it. As I do a little traveling and get out and about more during the spring, it’s nice to have a bag that holds more. But having one in a lighter neutral is a great way to freshen up your spring wardrobe.

Spring Wardrobe Essential: Neutral Tote
Spring Wardrobe Essential: Neutral Tote

This quilted leather tote from Talbots has some lovely features, such as multiple pockets inside and a zipper pocket. It has a magnetic closure that works nicely and a removable tassel accessory. It also comes in black, but I love this rattan color, which is the same as my shoes.

While some of the totes below are showing up in colors here, they are also all available in nice, soft neutrals.

Spring Wardrobe Essentials

If you select these five spring wardrobe essentials carefully, you’ll be able to create a beautiful outfit with just those five pieces. I love the overall effect of these five essentials combined. But then you can use each of them in so many other spring looks as well.

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the things I shared today.

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9 thoughts on “Do You Have These 5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials?

  1. I love the outfit you have put together. I am curious about one thing. The pocket cotton sweater you are styling from Talbots…..would you say it is a warm color or a cooler color? On Talbots website it looks to be a warmer toned color but in your blog post here it looks like your entire outfit is more cool-toned including the sweater. I did order this same sweater in navy but if this neutral color you are styling is a cool-toned color I am going to get that one also.
    Thanks, Kay

    1. Honestly, I would say it is a true neutral. It is not especially cool or warm. But I guess if I had to choose, I’d say cool. I don’t generally wear warm tones myself.

  2. Thanks for the good styling tips. I have all that you suggested. We’re having spring early in Texas with a few summer like days too.

  3. Love your outfits today. Very classic and comfortable with colors I wear well. My concern and debate is about purchasing a trench coat. I live in SC where it will be in the low 70’s today. I do not like wearing a coat when I am driving and am wondering if I would get much wear out of one. I often struggle with a completer piece due to our climate (except in the winter) and my being more hot than cold natured. Thank you for your photos and videos. I enjoy them all.

    1. Those are perfectly understandable concerns, Doris. Definitely do what works best for your location and personal comfort.

  4. Kay
    Thank you for including the prices/vender of the items, It makes shopping so much easier. Hope you continue to do this.
    I only need/want white denim jeans and a neutral handbag. Don’t need the rest, living in south Florida😎.

    1. Hi Cyndee. I don’t mind doing that, but the reason I generally don’t is because quite frequently the prices are not accurate. Some sites list the sale price but others do not. So I always encourage readers to click on through if at all interested because frequently items are marked down or a percentage off is offered with code.

  5. Thank you Kay, for your insight into style and most importantly your devotion to our Lord and and Savior.

    I have an older red trench coat. Do you think I can style it?

    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

    1. Yes! Absolutely style that red trench. I think it would look very on trend with white jeans, a chambray shirt and sneakers or loafers. Or you could reverse that and wear blue jeans with either a red or white or camel top. Love it! ❤️