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How to Style Colored Shoes

#NSale 2023
August 3, 2023

I’m a firm believer that your shoes should accomplish something for your outfit. They can either elongate your legs and help achieve optimal proportions, bookend your look (making it really cohesive), change the tone or personality of your outfit or add a splash of interest to your outfit. Honestly? I rarely choose that fourth option. But today I’m breaking down that fun style hack and sharing how to style colored shoes.

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Wearing colored or patterned shoes is a great way to insert a little levity into your outfit. Or, in the case of my outfit of jeans and fun, star-patterned sweater, colored shoes can help continue the playful vibe that has already been triggered somewhere else in the look.

Sweater with Stars
star-patterned sweater (sized down to a small)

Your colored shoes do not have to exactly match some other thing in your outfit. My blue Kristina pointed toe mules do not exactly match the colors in my sweater. But it’s smart to use your shoes to “pick up” another color that is somewhere else in your look, so you might want to have something in that color family elsewhere. Make sense?

I think these slingbacks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in red would also look great with this sweater and jeans combo.

Blue Kristina pointed toe mules
Kristina pointed toe mules (sized down 1/2 size)

As sometimes needed with mules, I did size down 1/2 size in my Kristina pointed toe mules. These pretty mules also come in black, ivory and tan mocha. But I wasn’t about to play it safe when I saw this pretty blue option. I do want to also note that the chain on the mules does rattle just a bit when I walk, but that just doesn’t bother me. My daughter returned her tan mocha mules for that reason. But I’m not phased by that little rattle at all.

Mother the Tripper button-fly jeans (comparable substitute / more economical option) // Kristina pointed toe mules (sized down 1/2 size)

Colorful, patterned or bedazzled shoes can certainly add a note of interest to an outfit. But make sure that the top of your outfit offers some interest that will balance the uniqueness of the shoes. You don’t want your shoes to grab all of the attention. Remember, you should be the focal point, not your footwear.

Add Interest Up Top to Balance Your Footwear

If I wear colored shoes or footwear that has a print or unique details, I tend to opt for a more neutral handbag. This is one of those instances when less is more.

Hudson medium convertible crossbody in earthenware

So while I do in fact have a blue shoulder bag, I wouldn’t wear it with these blue pointed toe mules. Instead, my Kate Spade Hudson medium convertible crossbody in earthenware helps to balance out the blue in my footwear and all the color in my sweater.

Wear your Colored Shoes with Confidence
sweater // Mother the Tripper button-fly jeans (comparable substitute / more economical option) // Kristina pointed toe mules (sized down 1/2 size) // Hudson medium convertible crossbody in earthenware // earrings // simple necklace // coin necklace // sunglasses (similar option)

And my final tip to consider to help you style colored shoes is simply to wear them with joy and confidence. Like Dorothy in her red bedazzled shoes, expect a little magic as you walk into your day. Fashion should be fun!

I purchased most of the items in today’s look in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And while my jeans are indeed sold out as I type this post, the sweater is again available as returns have started coming in. Plus, my beautiful blue pointed toe mules are still in stock. I’ll link you to these, a few substitutes and some other favorites from the #NSale below.

Shop Colored & Patterned Shoes

Remember, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends Sunday evening, when prices will go up on everything. So many of my favorites are still available or have been restocked with returns. Check in frequently to see if something you missed out on was returned. See all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage HERE.

Shop the Look

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5 thoughts on “How to Style Colored Shoes

  1. I have a couple pairs of simple ballet red flats, one suede and one cap toed with black at the toe. I do enjoy wearing them in the fall for a pop of color with jeans and a simple neutral sweater. Thank you for your always relevant suggestions!

    1. Lovely! I find that I buy colored shoes but then don’t wear them nearly as much as I thought I would. So I’m really trying to work on that. I want to get some use out of those purchases!

  2. I love, love, love this outfit and your shoe tips. I bought another pair of mules from the Nordstrom sale with chain detail. Mine clanked loudly! It was annoying, but these trendy mules are super cute! I determined to find a way to keep them and to get them to work for me. Shoe Goo and a toothpick to the rescue! I was able to tighten up the strap that holds the chain. No more noise!