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3 Fall Trends to Try Right Now

August 1, 2023

Well hello August! For me this is the month that leads us to fall. Because “back in the day” school began a little later in August than it does now, I would spend the first couple of weeks of this month shopping for back-to-school clothes when I was a teenager. So I thought we would spend this month getting our wardrobes ready for fall, too. In fact, today I’m sharing three fall trends to try right now.

3 Fall Trends to Try Right Now

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We’ve seen each of these three fall trends emerging onto the scene for several years now. But this is the first year I’ve seen one of them really take centerstage. And I’m all in! From looking at my photo can you guess what the three fall trends are?

3 Fall Trends to Try Right Now
cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest in lotus bloom // vintage cotton crewneck tee // cargo pants (run large) // New Balance sneakers (TTS) // sunglasses (similar) // necklace // coin necklace // bracelet // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // crossbody

Fall Trend to Try Right Now: Utility Style

Utility or cargo style pants have been around off and on for years. But this fall I’m already seeing the tell tale signs of this style on so many more garments. I love these lightweight relaxed fit tapered cargo pants from J.Crew because I can easily wear them now and later. They run large; I’m wearing a 29 and they’re still pleasantly roomy. The cargo pants also come in a traditional light khaki color, but I’ve not seen it in person. This utility green is quite bright, but it quickly grew on me.

Utility Pants
cargo pants (run large) // New Balance sneakers (TTS)

The cargo pants are 100% cotton, but very lightweight. At least here in Ohio, they’re a great pant for now and later. They’re full length on me; I’m 5’8″. I appreciate that the cargo or utility signs, such as the patch and utility button pockets, are not especially bulky, so they don’t add visual weight the way some utility features do.

Sitting in the Utility Pants

The pants sit and move very comfortably. A pure joy to wear! I returned home from this photo shoot yesterday and wore the pants with a simple black tank top and add a black belt.

Shop Utility Styles:

But like I said, we’ll be seeing utility style dresses, skirts and jackets this fall, too. I’ve filled a shopping widget with some great choices.

Fall Trend to Try Right Now: Vests

“They” have been saying that vests would be trending for at least three years now. But this is the first year that I’m seeing a true proliferation of them. They’re everywhere!

Try Right Now Fall Trend: Vests
cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest in lotus bloom // vintage cotton crewneck tee

Of course that’s how trends go. Generally the first year only the early adapters wear them and they’re only available at the most cutting edge brands. Then additional modern brands adopt those trends the next year, and more style-progressive wearers give the trend a whirl. Finally, usually around year three, the rest of us catch on and start wearing the trend as it has become more familiar to our eyes. I’d say we’re in that year three with vests, so if you bought one or more in the last two years, keep wearing them!

Sweater Vests

I’m a big cashmere wearer myself, so I gravitated to this lovely cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest in lotus bloom. But we’ll be seeing all sorts of vests this fall. And really, because they’re generally lightweight and can be loose-fitting, vests are the perfect third piece for early fall outfits. And on cool day…go ahead an wear them now.

I did size up to a large in the cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest for a more comfortable fit with a tee. But if you plan to wear it alone, you could probably go with your usual size in this pretty vest. I also purchased this cashmere pullover vest and sized up in it, too. Both come in other colors, as well.

Shop Vests:

Fall Trend to Try Right Now: Sneakers

Sneakers are nothing new, of course. But they’re prominence on the fall fashion scene shouldn’t be overlooked. We’ll just continue to see more and more outfit combinations with sneakers at the base.

Sneakers - Fall Trend to Try Right Now
cargo pants (run large) // New Balance sneakers (TTS) // sunglasses (similar)

Basically, if you put on an outfit and can’t figure out what shoe to wear with it…put on your sneakers. Ha! No, seriously, I think it does take a little know-how to get it just right. But you really can wear sneakers with most anything these days and feel fashion forward and on trend.

Sneakers - Fall Trend to Try Right Now
cargo pants (run large) // New Balance sneakers (TTS)

My biggest tip for wearing sneakers with your streetwear? Make sure you have one other more casual element somewhere in your outfit, too. So in this outfit, the vintage cotton white tee couples nicely with the sneakers to give this outfit a cohesive casual vibe. I know that seems really basic with this overall casual outfit, but the principle really does work with dressier outfits, too. Try it and see!

By the way, clean leather sneakers will always be on trend. But what’s really fashion forward this season are the bulkier, running shoe or trainer styles.

Shop Sneakers:

So what do you say? Will you be trying these three fall trends? Or maybe you’ve already been wearing them. Good for you! Remember, one of the best ways to look more youthful and vibrant is to add a few modern elements to your outfit. As much as I love the classics, when we wear all classic pieces we can end up looking a little out of touch. But adding just one modern trend – such as a pair of trainers – can really make you look more in touch and of the moment.

Three Fall Trends to Try Right Now
cashmere cropped cable-knit sweater-vest in lotus bloom // vintage cotton crewneck tee // cargo pants (run large) // New Balance sneakers (TTS) // sunglasses (similar) // necklace // coin necklace // bracelet // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

Thanks so much for dropping in. I hope you got a little style inspiration!

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13 thoughts on “3 Fall Trends to Try Right Now

  1. I agree it seems to take a while for some styles to catch on. I have tried the vest and have a hard time making outfits with it. mostly because if its cold enough to need one I put on a sweater or warmer jacket. I actually need arm warmers/ reverse of a vest. I still have a red one and a grey one I just can’t part with yet. I will give it another go as the year cools off. I appreciate your pictures and think you look so great in your outfit, I too want to look as darling as you! I will keep trying

  2. Great fall look, Kay! I’m so happy to see cargo’s and vests are trending in a big way. I have worn lightweight cargo pants in the summer for years now and always receive compliments. They’re youthful in a somewhat classic way (with the right shirts especially). Also, absolutely great BFMD! Thank you for sharing this valuable reminder to pause in our anguish and turn to Our Saviour first and foremost. His perfect guidance always comes.

  3. Hi Kay, I like the vests and bought two last fall to wear either alone or over a tee. Mine are cotton. I think I;ll wear them a lot this fall. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of cargo plants. Not sure why anyone would wear them instead of a simple pant or jean. They’re not very attractive or fashionable in my opinion. I guess they’re appropriate if you’re gardening or hiking, perhaps, but if I’m out in public I can think of many better options! A simple pair of khakis looks a lot better!

  4. I like cargo pants, especially if the back pockets have buttons. I was a teenager in the early 80s when soldiers wore fatigues and all the girls in my school started wearing them. I can’t even remember if we could buy them in the PX or if our moms had to go to the quartermaster. They were so flattering. The current Army uniform isn’t at all the same kind of pants. Your cargo pants remind me of those. We all looked great in them!
    I have a vest my mom bought me back in the 90s. I could never part with it, so I’m very glad to wear it this fall.

  5. For day-to-day outfits (errands, shopping, etc,) I have been wearing cargo pants, specifically with elastic waists, for the past few years now. They are one of the few styles that offer an elastic waist, which is the best fit for my waistline. I always paid attention to the rest of my outfit so that I looked put together as much as possible even though I was wearing cargo pants. So, I’m glad to hear that they are actually in style now! Hopefully I can be comfortable and be in style now too! 🙂 I appreciate the post about this trend!

  6. I have a pair of utility joggers and one pair of cargo pants. I’ve been wearing them when I think shorts are a little too…. A couple pairs of my shorts are also utility in design. I wear the trainers some, but I really like sandals better and it’s a million degrees here. I did purchase a vest last fall and it will come out again once the weather breaks. It’s a pull-over, and I think I like that style better on me.
    One of the other fashion ‘influencers” I follow says that at least one item in your outfit should have a ‘friend”, in this case your trainers and t-shirt are friends (the same color and the same “athletic” style).
    Good job Kay, keep us from looking too “Mumsy”!

    1. That is such a great way to describe it, that one item in your outfit should have a friend, and I bet she specifically means that if you introduce a little juxtaposition with an item then there needs to be a buddy. I love it! Thank you for sharing, Paige.

  7. Hi Kay — I’m a new subscriber and I just want to let you know how much I’m loving your blog posts, your YouTube videos, and all of your content. I found you through YouTube, and slowly I got hooked, and then when I checked out the website, I was just delighted. I’m a subscriber now both for your email newsletter and your YouTube channel. I want to thank you so much for your inspiration and encouragement to women like me. I am 59 — soon to turn 60!— and I love fashion and beauty stuff, but I also love being a vibrant and contributing member of my community. I so appreciate your words of wisdom about the value of our voices in our communities, and how we are all influencers in our own way. That has really resonated with me. I also love your daily blessings and your references to your faith. I’m a relative newcomer to the faith community, having just started attending church about three years ago, and having just gotten baptized this year. This is such an important part of my life now, and I love feeling connected to you in that way. This week I’ve been bingeing on your past posts and videos, so I guess I’m really just a new Fan Girl!! Ha! Anyway, I really just wanted to reach out and let you know how very much I’m loving your content — it truly brightens my day. And I’m learning a lot as well!! I know this must take tons of work on your part, so THANK YOU!! We appreciate you. —Kristin Chambers

    1. Thank you so much, Kristin. That means the world to me. I love hearing from my readers and viewers, so thank you for pausing to introduce yourself. You ladies are why I keep showing up here and on my YT channel. I’ll be 60 in February, too. Are you celebrating big or quietly? Since my husband and I both turn 60 next year we’re planning to take a really big cruise, maybe Alaska. And I’m hoping to get in a girl friend trip with a couple of my high school friends who will also turn 60.

  8. I bought cargo pants and utility pants this spring. They’re cooler in the summer than jeans. I want a button up vest to wear in the fall. I haven’t found one yet. The only trend that I don’t care about is sneakers especially with dresses. I’ve never liked white shoes or white sneakers. They make your feet look bigger and get dirty easy. I prefer black or taupe running sneakers. Running sneakers are lighter and more comfortable for me. I think of sneakers as a necessity for working out or if you are going to walk a lot. To each is own.