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HOT at DFMD in July 2023

July 31, 2023

Believe it or not, it’s the last day of July. Wow! With the end of each month I like to look at my analytics and see what resonated most with my readers and viewers. I’d love for you to tell me in the comments, in fact, if there were particular blog postsvideos or other content you enjoyed this month. But today I’m going to share with you what was hot at Dressed for My Day in July, 2023, according to my affiliate link analytics.

HOT at DFMD in July

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I don’t just share these top sellers to give you FOMO. Ha! I check these analytics so that I can see what resonates with my viewers and readers. It’s important to me that I provide content and share styles that align with a wide base of my followers. I truly try to share shoppable items in a wide range of price points and a reasonably wide range of style aesthetics. But looking through these analytics helps me to find the sweet spot for the majority of my content.

HOT at DFMD in July 2023

As I kind of suspected, most of the hottest items at DFMD this month have been from Nordstrom. But interestingly not all of those were in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which continues just through this week. And, as usual, we do have at least a couple of top sellers from Talbots, too – always at DFMD community favorite. (Good news on that front, too. Stay tuned!)

Let’s do this thing in true countdown order this month. So we’ll begin with the #12 top seller at DFMD for July and work our way to the number one spot. My assistant Holly put this list together for me based on our analytics, so even I don’t know the order they are in. Exciting!

#12 – Ribbed Tank

Hopefully you read my blog post last week on The Power of a Simple White Tank. Well, evidently at least some of you decided that you either needed to add this powerful closet essential to your wardrobe or you needed to update yours because this ribbed tank from Talbots is one of our HOT at DFMD top sellers.

Abby in her skirt
ribbed tank (also in indigo and 25% off today!) – TTS

I don’t actually own this ribbed tank, but my daughter Abigail wore it for this blog post back in May. She says it’s now one of her favorites and it runs true to size. And today you can get 25% off your purchase at Talbots. Score!

Abby in her skirt
linen fit & flare skirt // ribbed tank // Vachetta leather slides

I did notice that readers purchased other tanks I shared in that blog post on tanks, too. And truthfully, Michael Stars are my favorites. But if you’re a Talbots gal, I don’t think you’ll go wrong with adding this one to your closet.

#11 – Smocked Waist Midi Skirt

I’m so very pleased that some of you must have purchased the Vince plum wine smocked waist midi skirt in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I LOVE it! I’ve worn the similar floral print smocked waist midi skirt so many times this summer, and I know I’ll enjoy my deep wine red midi skirt, too.

Skirt and Sweater
short sleeve wool & alpaca blend sweater (TTS) // skirt (TTS) // flats (TTS to a little large – wearing with these Sheec Socks) // earrings // bracelet – see more in this post

The ultra feminine skirt is lined, of course, but the magic of the skirt is in the filmy top layer. It runs true to size and is still available in most sizes. Yeah, it’s a splurge for sure. But I find it very hard to find skirts that fit and flatter these days. And this skirt just hits the sweet spot all around.

Skirt and Flats
skirt // flats (TTS to a little large – wearing with these Sheec Socks)

I’ll certainly wear the skirt with the short sleeve wool & alpaca blend sweater (TTS) shown above, but I’ll also enjoy wearing it with a solid black top or sweater. And I think the outfit above will look great with a denim jacket for a little juxtaposition. I originally posted about this skirt in this blog post about how to add a new color trend to your wardrobe.

#10 – the Naot Dorith Sandal

Oh my! Here’s another favorite of mine. I purchased the Naot Dorith sandal thinking I would wear it on my trip to London. Turns out it may be a little cool for that and I’m rethinking my wardrobe a little. But you better believe I kept and have been wearing the the Naot Dorith sandal like crazy!

gold Naot Dorith sandals
the Naot Dorith sandal – see this blog post for more details

It turns out that many of my readers and YouTube viewers already knew about and have been wearing Naot footwear for years. But it’s new to me. This Israeli brand creates very walkable sandals and shoes that are perfect for walking trips, but also everyday wear. I think they look just a touch rugged but also very feminine and attractive.

Hudson convertible crossbody
Eileen Fisher cotton & hemp blend cargo lantern pants (also here and here) // Michael Stars tank (or here) // short sleeve handkerchief linen button-up shirt (similar and similar and another brand) // gold Naot Dorith sandals // Hudson convertible crossbody // hoop earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I especially love the soft metallic sheen of these Naot Dorith sandals. They fit true to size. And if you’re a half size like me, size up to the next whole size. So comfortable!

#9 – On Cloud 5 Running Shoe

Well look a-here! Speaking of comfort, the On Cloud 5 running shoes are the number nine top seller at Dressed for My Day in July. In fact, I shared them in the same blog post that I featured the sandals above.

On Cloud 5 running shoes in pearl and white

And I am in fact, wearing these sneakers on my London trip. In fact, I’ll probably be traveling to and fro in them. Not only do the On Cloud 5 running shoes fit true to size and walk well, but they feel super soft and comfortable on your feet. I’ll probably end up wearing Sheec socks with them on my trip to ward off any potential blisters, but for everyday wear I absolutely do not need socks with these soft sneakers.

The No-Fail Style Formula to Looking Cool & Classy in the Heat
Eileen Fisher cotton & hemp blend cargo lantern pants (also here and here) // Michael Stars tank (or here) // washed linen button-up jacket // On Cloud 5 running shoes in pearl and white // crossbody bag // hoop earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

My On Cloud 5 running shoes in pearl and white are so versatile, working nicely with everything from pants to shorts to dresses. In fact, I heard it again just this week, wearing specifically On Cloud running shoes with dresses is all the rage in London.

Sitting on a Park Bench
polo style dress // On Cloud 5 Running Shoes or here in pearl/white // earrings // necklace

But you’ll find that my On Cloud 5 Running Shoes do come in some other great color combinations, too. I just really like the pearl and white for the versatility in my personal wardrobe. They run true to size.

#8 – the Naot Whetu Water Repellant Sandal

And just like that we’re back to another Naot sandal, this time the Whetu water repellant sandal. Yeah, I went a little crazy with the Naot sandals. (And I may or may not have the Whetu in oily shadow nubuck and the Naot Kayla in black luster leather arriving later this week. 🤷‍♀️)

Beige Tank
Cardigan (Similar) // Tank // Pants (Similar Option and Another) // Sandals // Earrings // Bracelet // Necklace

I actually find the Whetu water repellant sandal a little more comfortable for me because they don’t have as much of an ankle strap. I have high arches, so a little more give across the top of my foot is always appreciated. And I really like the slightly more rugged look of these sandals, too. Very comfortable true to size.

#7 – Wool & Alpaca Blend Jacket

Alright, time for a confession. I purchased both the black and the brittle camel color in this wool & alpaca blend jacket…and I’m keeping both! It’s just that luxurious and irresistible to me. The jacket wears more like a sweater jacket, it’s so soft and cozy.

Wool & alpaca blend coat

Surprisingly I haven’t even shown this thick, unlined jacket on the blog…or a video. I guess it’s just been in my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale collages and in my LTK shopping posts. I did record this little video above for an LTK post recently, so I pulled that shot from it. Looks a little goofy, but it’s all I got!

wool & alpaca blend jacket

So yeah, take it from the model photo above, this wool & alpaca blend jacket is really snazzy, but also quite warm and cozy. I know I’ll be able to wear it all winter because it’s quite toasty really. It runs true to size and is still available in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Right now it’s $329.99, but this time next week the wool & alpaca blend jacket will be $525.

#6 – Caslon Easy Shirtdress

I’m so glad to see this Caslon easy shirtdress in the top sellers. There’s definitely more to this dress than meets the eye. The 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex fabric feels very soft and good quality, but it also has a nice amount of stretch in it. So it’s very forgiving, breathable and comfortable.

Meet the Dress
polo style dress // sandals or here // market bag // earrings // necklace

The polo style dress fits true to size; I’m wearing a medium very comfortably. And I shared three ways to wear this dress in this recent blog post. Evidently so many of my readers purchased this dress that it’s starting to sell out in some sizes. But the dress also comes in a really nice green dune and it’s still available in all sizes as I’m writing this post.

Date Night Dress
polo style dress // sandals (more economical option) // shoulder bag // earrings // necklace

#5 – Short Sleeve Wool & Alpaca Blend Sweater

It only stands to reason that if the smocked waist midi skirt made our most popular list that this short sleeve wool and alpaca blend sweater would, too. I love the tonal look you can create when you combine the two.

Think about Jeans
straight leg ankle jeans in faded black (Size Up) // short sleeve wool & alpaca blend sweater (TTS) // red tote // earrings // leather mules (TTS) (wearing with these half socks)

But the sweater looks great with jeans and dress slacks, too. It runs true to size; I’m wearing a medium very comfortably.

#4 – Washed Linen Jacket

I think this washed linen jacket from Talbots is the only item on our HOT at DFMD in July 2023 list that was also on last month’s list of top sellers. And I imagine it is starting to sell out since Talbots has been having their semi-annual Red Door Sale recently.

Cool Outer Layer
 Michael Stars tank (or here) // washed linen button-up jacket // hoop earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

The white washed linen button-up jacket has certainly been a closet favorite of mine this summer. But I’ve seen the red jacket and it is quite lovely, such a pretty, faded red.

striped ruffle neck tank and washed linen jacket
linen pants // ruffle neck tank (gifted) // linen bomber jacket (gifted) // similar sneakers (more economical option) // market tote // crochet trim floppy hat (gifted) // earrings (gifted) – as seen in this blog post

The linen bomber jacket fits true to size for a very roomy fit; I’m wearing my usual size medium. It comes in petite, misses, petite plus and plus sizes.

#3 – Braylen Pointed Toe Booties

Well, I’m glad to see that the Braylen Pointed Toe Booties are on the top sellers list for Dressed for My Day because I’m wondering if anyone besides my readers picked these comfortable suede booties in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They seem to be almost fully stocked! In fact, my local Nordstrom has them in every size still. Truly shocking because these are one of my favorite purchases in this year’s sale, hands down.

Coat and Boots
Braylen pointed toe booties in sand suede (also in brown suede) TTS // jeans (TTS; wearing a 30) // shirt TTS // wool & alpaca blend jacket

Oh look. There’s me wearing the brittle wool & alpaca blend jacket with the Braylen pointed toe booties in sand suede (also in brown suede). Anyhow, back to the booties. I looked all year last year for a pair of suede booties in that color and never found what I was looking for. These checked all the boxes!

Rails Sweater and Jeans
Braylen pointed toe booties in sand suede (also in brown suede) TTS // Rails sweater (sized down to small) // Rails jeans (sized up to 31; no stretch)

They’re a great color I can easily wear into spring. They have a trending pointy toe with a Western point. They have a narrow shaft so they fit nicely under most any jeans. They’re Western inspired without a true cowboy look. And they’re very comfortable with just a 2.5 inch heel. LOVE these booties.

#2 – the Zella Performance Hooded Blazer

The Zella Performance hooded blazer was one of this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale sweet surprises. And it sold fast. I managed to snag one in store that first day of the sale. The jacket runs large, so I sized down to a small for a still generous fit.

Wool Sweater // Performance Jacket // Jeans // Tote // Booties // Earrings // Bracelet

The blazer is crafted in a great performance fabric that promises moisture-wicking properties while looking really sharp and sporty. You could wear it over your gym clothes to and from workouts, but you can definitely wear it with jeans and other street clothes, too. And the hoodie is detachable, so that’s cool.

As I’m writing this the blazer has sold out again, but Saturday it was available in several sizes for just a while. So it’s worth keeping an eye on.

#1 – The Paige Cindy Raw Hem High Waist Ankle Straight Leg Jeans in Antique Black

I ended up purchasing several pairs of jeans recently, some in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and others not. But these Paige jeans are definitely some of my favorites from the #NSale. The Cindy is one of their styles that just seems to fit everyone, and Paige is one of my favorite premium denim brands. I’m wearing them in the photo above, too.

jeans and leather jacket
jeans (sized up to a 31) // leather jacket (wearing a 10, TTS) // boots (TTS)

I think we’re going to see lots of faded black or grey jeans this fall and winter. I had a couple of pairs of lighter grey jeans last fall and winter and enjoyed them. But this darker shade will be even more versatile and slimming.

jeans and longline blazer
jeans (sized up to a 31) // boots (TTS) // jersey blazer // Allsaints small Allington tote // t-shirt not in sale and no longer available

The raw edge hemline is still very on trend, the straight silhouette is flattering on most all body types, the high waist helps hide a multitude of sins (ahem) and the color is just really nice. They do have subtle wiskering in the front and slight fading in strategic places, giving them a very modern vibe. Just really nice jeans (sized up to a 31).

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6 thoughts on “HOT at DFMD in July 2023

  1. I found myself not buying too much in the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I did buy some new bras which I really needed They were the Wacoal brand that I have never purchased before but really like the brand.
    I really liked the wool coat What have so many black coats and it was all sold out in the Britt color in medium. I bought the blush all saints leather jacket last year in a Nordstrom anniversary sale So I already have that which is a plus. Everything else I wanted was sold out. I would like a pair of the PaIge or Cindy Light gray or black jeans but sold out. We’ll have to make do with my gray ones from last year.

  2. Hi Kay,
    Thank you for the apt reminder of keeping to the basics of faith if/or when witnessing or counselling a new believer. “Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing” (CJ Mahaney)
    Also, I have had an email from Nordstrom that the back order for the Emma Faux Moto Jacket I ordered a couple weeks ago is on it’s way! So that is good news to me–I hope it fits! Thanks for your encouragement in waiting.
    God bless you,

      1. Truth be told, I wash my jeans very rarely. I air them out between wears and spot clean when I can. But when I do launder them, I wash on cold in the machine with the jeans turned inside out. Then I lay the jeans on a drying rack to dry. I’ve never had any problem doing this and that’s what I’ll do with the Paige jeans, too. I learned years ago that if a tag says Dry Clean you can usually hand wash or wash with care. It’s only when a tag says Dry Clean Only that the garment must be taken to the cleaners.

  3. Hi Kay. I enjoyed reading the Blessed for my Day. Very thought provoking in my opinion and helpful guidance. I purchased only a few things at the NSale and was just now able to purchase the Zella hooded jacket as it quickly came available while I was viewing other jackets. You really have to act fast right now to purchase some of these retuned items. Have a great day.

  4. Hi Kay,
    Loved your BFYD today. I have never heard it said so succinctly! I gave up my personal FB for this reason. Absolutely no judgement on others but I found it wasn’t “enhancing” my walk with God. 😉

    I missed the Zella jacket again but did manage to get the Faux Shearling coat! So soft. And just bought the Caslon dress. Am very tempted by the Alpaca and Wool jacket. I always shop best under pressure lol

    You will love the Naot Kayla. My favorite. Also the Helm boot is very good for walking, if needed for England. I’m tempted to try the Naot Rivotra. Just a bit more style. My high arch loves them all!