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How I Really Dressed for My Days This Week

January 20, 2023

Welcome to another round of real life winter weather outfits. I’ll admit, it’s been a little hard to get motivated to get dressed for my day this week. I’ve just been working from home pretty much nonstop. Other than a trip to the nail salon, I’ve not been much of anywhere. But I do know it’s best for my disposition and creativity to get dressed each day. So here’s how that panned out!

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How I Really Dressed for My Day

I like to try to focus on styling tips and hows and whys in these weekly OOTD posts. So I won’t necessarily elaborate on an item unless it’s something new to the blog. And since these are all items from my closet, I may not have links to much. Things are selling out about now. But I will share what is available in the captions of the photos.

What I Wore Friday to Explore Indiana

Every second Friday of the month my husband and I get out for a little day trip. We call it “explore Ohio Friday.” But sometimes we do venture into Indiana and Kentucky, too. This past Friday we visited Richmond, Indiana. It was a cold, wet day, but we had a good time all the lest. I wore these natural colored Madewell perfect vintage wide leg jeans. I shared some Madewell perfect vintage straight leg jeans on the blog this Monday in a 5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans this Winter post. But the jeans I wore Friday have a fuller leg.

What I Wore Friday
Madewell perfect vintage wide leg jeans // fisherman cashmere sweater // sand colored sneakers (similar) // earrings (coin necklace no longer available) // chain necklace // similar belt // scarf // coat

These Madewell perfect vintage wide leg jeans, like the straight leg jeans, do run a little large. I’m wearing a size 29 very comfortably and I usually wear 30 or even occasionally a 31 in jeans these days. I honestly don’t know which I prefer, the wide leg jeans or the straight leg jeans. They’re the same color, but different silhouettes. And the wide leg jeans are longer, which I do like. They also come in petite sizes.

I kept my outfit tonal by topping the wide leg jeans with my favorite fisherman cashmere sweater and adding an ivory belt. I finished off the tone on tone look with my sand colored sneakers (similar). I love wearing tone on tone outfits, and I think this concept is a great way to keep from looking wide in your white or ivory colored pants. If you wear something darker on top with white jeans, the dark top causes your upper half to recede and your bottom half to be emphasized. But when you wear the same color, even if it’s in different tones, head to toe, you create a more slenderizing column effect. Make sense?

What I Wore Saturday for Housework

Saturday was a delightful day of homemaking. Before this blog and my YouTube channel became a fulltime venture I was a fulltime homemaker and mom. I miss it some days. Especially when I’m glued to my office chair day in and day out like I have been this week. I really love all things domestic. So when I had the opportunity for a day of housework Saturday, I jumped in feet first.

What I Wore for a Day of Housekeeping
joggers // Johnny collar top // slippers

Honestly, I took these photos on Sunday afternoon when I put the same joggers and Johnny collar top back on. Ha! Yeah, I didn’t put any makeup on to clean the house and put away Christmas decorations Saturday.

What I Wore to Church Sunday

Sunday I carried breakfast to church and then, after the service, James and I went to lunch and then did a little shopping. I was hoping to find an end table for my evening room at a nearby furniture outlet, but no luck. We also shot photos for Tuesday’s blog post on How to Wear Socks Stylishly in Winter. So I wore my red pants and camel colored cashmere sweater with camel socks.

similar sweater // red slacks // similar loafers (more economical) // camel socks // scarf // similar coat // similar sunglasses

I love this outfit. You can learn more about why I styled the socks the way I did in this blog post. Oh, and those red slacks are some of the most comfortable I own and they’re on MAJOR sale in the Talbots semi-annual Red Door Sale.

What I Wore to Work from Home and a Nail Appointment

Monday I worked from home, but I also got out into the messy, cold weather for a nail appointment. So I pulled out my Talbots fleece lined pants and a cheerful sweater for the day.

Monday Nail Appointment and Work from Home
cashmere crewneck sweater // necklace // earrings

This beautiful pink cashmere crewneck sweater really lifted my spirits on that dreary day. It’s still available, but unfortunately it has returned to full price. But if you’re interested I would add it to your Nordstrom Wish list and get a notification when it goes on sale. I bet that might be soon. Unfortunately Talbots didn’t have any fleece lined pants this year. That’s a shame because my mom and I love ours. But you could create a similar look of course with cords or jeans or other pants.

I don’t generally wear high intensity and low intensity colors together. But it just felt right that day. I like the way this outfit came together. I got lots of compliments that day. But I suspect it was because my lipstick worked so beautifully together with my sweater, lighting up my face nicely. Unfortunately this Lancome shade has been discontinued.

How I Redeemed a Regrettable Purchase on Tuesday

You may remember that in my end of year blog post on My Most Regrettable Purchases of 2022 this beautiful silk blouse made the list because I paid a lot for it (even on sale) and I hadn’t worn it. In fact, the blouse still had the tags on it when I pulled it from the closet to wear it this week. Yes! I finally found the right camisole to wear under it. That had been the hold up, and I rectified that.

What I Wore Tuesday
silk blouse // similar black jeans // ballet flats (use code SARAHFLINTBA-KAYH for $50 off first pair) // similar cardigan // herringbone chain // earrings // Megara necklace (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I had just wanted a good ol’ fashioned camisole to wear under it, not one of these things you might wear under a blazer by itself. It’s crazy how hard it was to find such a dinosaur, but I think a reader pointed this one out on Amazon. And I love it. It fits nicely true to size with just a little stretch. And the neckline is even low enough to work under this low v-neckline.

So I paired the mauve/taupe/black floral silk blouse with some of my favorite black jeans (those are same cut, a little different) and my black ballet flats (use code SARAHFLINTBA-KAYH for $50 off first pair). I topped the look with my light taupe cashmere cardigan (no longer available – similar). And yes, I feel like I have begun to redeem this purchase. At the price I paid, I’ll need to wear it a few more times. Ha!

What I Wore to Work from Home Wednesday

Wednesday we shot the next two week’s YouTube videos, so I worked for a while at my desk in this, but then I did shoot a video in it, too. (Come to think of it, I shot the other video in the silk blouse above.) I had purchased this fun scattered hearts pullover at Talbots when I was in the store for this Try-On Session last week. It’s very comfortable and surprisingly slimming (as long as you’re not exceptionally wide at the hips). And it will make a great transitional piece this spring, too.

What I Shot a Video In
scattered hearts pullover // earrings // denim jacket

I paired the scattered hearts pullover with my light wash straight leg jeans (similar) from Talbots and my cognac Chelsea boots from last season. I only slipped the denim jacket on for a little bit when I got a chilled. But you know denim on denim is really trending this year, so this kind of look is the perfect way to participate.

What I Wore to Work from Home Thursday

And yesterday I finally got caught up with my work. Actually I’m a little ahead, and it feels so good. Now I need not to squander that “lead” and stay caught up! Anyhow it was a work, work, work day. James kept a fire going in the fireplace all day, so I did take my computer down to the morning room to enjoy that for about an hour.

I wore my straight leg rustic beige pants and a comfy sweater. The pants are like a yoga pant, comfy and stretchy. And the button-up mockneck sweater feels perfect for at home wear. Oh, and it’s under $40 on sale now.

Photo Jan 19 2023, 11 39 46 AM
straight leg rustic beige pants // button-up mockneck sweater // slippers

So that’s how I dressed for my days this week. I’m looking forward to spring! Aren’t you? Have a great weekend, dear friend.

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13 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Days This Week

  1. Cheering for you wearing your silk blouse. I think it’s a beautiful blouse. Glad you could make it work. I really like your philosophy to get dressed everyday when working from home. I too work from home and don’t have guidelines for myself. I am going to take time to think what on some for myself, because I know it would help me if I got dressed and did my makeup. And for some strange reason when my bed is made that helps too. Anyways I always love seeing the post on what you actually wore. Love hearing how things worked out.

  2. So glad you were able to redeem the floral top. I was also glad to see the way you styled the ruffle coming out of the cardigan. I have a couple of tops with sleeves like that and didn’t know what to do with the ruffle.

  3. Hello Kay,
    Love all your outfits. There was just one that I have a question about. I’m not a fashion guru by any stretch of the imagination so please know that my comment/question is in all humility and kindness. The wide leg pants with the puffer coat and sneakers. It seemed like it was all overwhelming your body…would the idea of more fabric on the bottom …I always hear. less on top.
    Would that apply to coat and pants? Shoes are always personal preference…but again..seemed like with all that pants fabric so low on the leg..that a shoe that gave a little lift or exposed the foot a little would lengthen the leg? Seems like the straight leg pants are a happy medium between the skiny and wide leg but I just wondered your thought process in regards to that particular outfit.
    I enjoy your posts an videos.
    💕 God’s Blessings

    1. Hi Joyce. I just don’t worry about the coat weighing into the equation all the time. I loved the outfit, especially without the coat. The sweater is not extremely slim fitting, and that certainly might be a nice option. But it’s not really oversized either. And actually, that’s why I gave it a little front tuck. The tuck and belt took care of the shape for me. And remember, you’re just seeing two poor photos, not really me walking around in the outfit. I think if you saw it on video, for instance, you’d see it in a different light. It is smart to keep proportions right, but I really felt like this outfit accomplished that. And as far as the shoes, well it was cold and sleeting that day. I had to wear what I had to wear. But yes, a slim fitting boot would look nice here, too. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and YouTube channel. Thanks for asking!

  4. So glad you redeemed the silk blouse, it’s gorgeous! Love these posts, they are always full of real life inspiration. Thanks.

  5. Hi Kay , can I just say I’m so pleased you kept your blouse and have decided to wear it , as you say you need to ‘Redeem’ it as it was so expensive ( like me you probably work out cost per wear? What are we women like always having to justify to ourselves if we pay a little more than we feel we should😂) Anyway your blouse is gorgeous and the colours look so good on you , really brightens you up and compliments your hair/skin/eyes . I think you might just find that blouse will go with so much already in your wardrobe it may become a ‘Saviour Piece’. Have a Beautiful weekend . Love Kym Xx

    1. Hi Kym. I definitely think I’m going to enjoy wearing it now that I have the right underpinnings. Ha! It’s the little things. And an especially pretty, feminine blouse is just such a good idea for so many occasions.

  6. You look beautiful – inside out! I want to compliment your hair! I have loved watching you change it up from longer hair a while back to this current style. Do you have style tips for us? Are you curling or using a flat iron? Would love an easy tutorial (if you haven’t already)! Thanks for sharing this gracefully aging journey with us. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. I’m inspired to wear it again very soon now. In fact, I wore it in an upcoming video, too.