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5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans in Winter

January 16, 2023

Yes! You absolutely can wear your white jeans in the winter. And in the past I’ve shared ways to style white denim for the colder months. But in recent years I’ve purposefully put my white jeans away as a special treat to pull out in the spring. On the other hand, I love that natural colored jeans or ecru denim is continuing to trend in 2023. So I purchased a great pair of straight leg jeans in what Madewell calls “vintage canvas wash” and today I’m sharing 5 ways to wear natural colored jeans in winter.

5 Ways to Wear Natural or Ecru Jeans this Winter

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Obviously you could also apply these outfits tips to your white jeans if you still enjoy wearing them at this time of year. I also want to let you know that to create these looks I’ve just used items straight from my closet. Some items are available, while others are not. I’ll link to what is. But I’m really sharing these with the intent to help you create similar looks with what you may already have in your wardrobe, too.

Keep in mind that I’m styling these outfits to work for my body. I am 5’8″ and weight about 158. I have an hourglass shape and relatively even proportions. But I always suggest that you know your body proportions and body shape, and dress accordingly. So if I’ve added a belt, but that doesn’t work for you, just adapt the look to fit your needs.

Natural Colored Denim with a Soft Neutral

One of my favorite ways to wear natural colored denim or even white denim is with other soft toned neutrals. You could go even lighter and softer, but for this first look I opted for a heathered taupe cashmere sweater and soft taupe colored booties.

In all of the looks I’m wearing these natural colored straight leg jeans. They do indeed run large. I’ve been wearing mostly size 30s in denim lately, but here I’m wearing a 29 very comfortably. I’ll link you to more natural colored jeans at the end of the post.

Natural Colored Jeans with a Soft Neutral

I did add a belt (similar) to this look. I think it’s nice to have a creamy beige belt if you’re going to wear one with natural colored jeans, but it’s not absolutely necessary. In fact, they’re hard to find. I do have an hourglass shape, but I don’t have an especially small waist, so I don’t really like to draw attention to it with a line across my middle. But I can emphasize it with just a belt in a like-shade without adding volume there.

Natural Colored Jeans with a Soft Neutral
natural colored jeans // belt (similar) // cashmere sweater // earrings // necklace

My boots are not exactly the same color as the soft neutral sweater, but they’re close enough to provide a bookending effect. That’s a style hack that always helps tie an outfit together nicely.

Natural Colored Denim with Black

I generally steer clear of high contrast in intensity outfits for myself because I have low contrast in intensity in my physical features (hair, skin and eyes). But I know some of you with high contrast in intensity in your features will want to pair black or another dark neutral with your natural colored jeans. So I’ve put together an outfit that could work for most of us.

Natural Colored Denim with Black

When I pair black with a low intensity piece – either natural colored, white or even light wash – I add a “bridge piece.” That’s simply a garment or accessory in medium intensity that helps bridge the distance from light intensity to high intensity. Make sense? That bridge piece in this outfit is this relaxed fit blazer. Madewell is almost sold out of that blazer, but it’s marked down and then another 50% off with code GOODMOOD. Nordstrom has it listed at full price, so if you choose to purchase it there, I’d ask for a price match. Nordstrom is generally very good about providing that. You probably can ask about it in their chat feature.

Natural Colored Denim with Black
natural colored jeans // black boots (similar) // black pullover // relaxed fit blazer // shoulder bag // similar necklace

Again I bookended the outfit with black boots (similar). Bookending an outfit simply means wearing the same color or intensity at the top (in a top, jacket, scarf) and bottom of an outfit (shoes). If you don’t need the bridge piece because you have high contrast in intensity, then you could either just leave the blazer off or wear a darker one.

Natural Colored Denim with a Column of Ivory

For the next outfit I created a column of color with the natural colored jeans and a similar colored tank. You could wear a t-shirt or turtleneck here, too. Then I topped the tank with a soft plaid shirt. I chose this particular shirt to maintain that low contrast in intensity that works best for me. But you do you here. If you prefer a high contrast in intensity look, top the column with a darker shirt, whether it’s a print or solid.

Natural Colored Denim with a Button Up Shirt

By the way, that Rails seersucker button-up shirt is one of my favorite finds. It is amazingly soft and so versatile. I wear it a lot with grey, too. And now it is 40% off and still available in most sizes. This is the time to nab it.

Natural Colored Denim with a Column of Ivory
natural colored jeans // Rails seersucker button-up shirt // sand colored hiking boots // earrings // similar v-neck cashmere sweater // similar tank

I added another little layer by simply draping a grey sweater over my shoulders. I think this is one of those style hacks that we often forget about, but it can be so effective. I have dark grey boots, but I felt like they would be too dark and grab too much attention. So I opted for my sand colored hiking boots to complete the outfit.

Natural Colored Denim with Camel

Of course camel is a natural pairing for natural colored denim. If you enjoy wearing camel, this looks for you. And me! The key to wearing camel really is in finding pieces that reflect your skin tone well. Look for camel in warm, cool and more neutral tones, depending on your own coloring.

Natural Colored Denim with Camel

You could go much “fancier,” but I opted for a very casual look with a cashmere hoodie (no longer available in camel). Then I just completed the look with my casual hiking boots.

Natural Colored Denim with Camel
cashmere hoodie (another option and another) // natural colored jeans // sand colored hiking boots // earrings

Natural Colored Denim with a Cheerful Color

And can you wear color with natural colored denim in the winter? Absolutely! Again, just select a color in the intensity that works best for you. I chose this soft coral pink cashmere sweater (no longer available in this color) because it is in medium intensity. A lighter colored sweater would probably work well for me, too. But personally I will steer clear of deeply pigmented colors with dark intensity when I’m wearing my natural color jeans.

Natural Colored Denim with a Cheerful Color

I also think you have to play around a little with which colors look best with natural color jeans. I find that they pair a little differently than white jeans. Put on a color, stand in front of a mirror and snap a photo. Then look at the photo to see what you think. It really does give you a better look at the combination than just looking in the mirror.

Natural Colored Denim with a Cheerful Color
cashmere sweater (no longer available in this color) // natural colored jeans // sand colored hiking boots // earrings // necklace

And finally in the photo above you’ll see that I gave the sweater a gentle front tuck, but left off the belt (I wore the belt in the photo above that one). I wanted you to see that if you don’t have the right color belt to pair with your natural color jeans, you can still do a little tuck. You do not have to wear a belt to tuck your top a little. Just make sure it’s a loose tuck.

Bonus: Natural Colored Denim in Monochromatic Outfit

I do have a bonus because I actually wore a different pair of natural colored jeans last Friday, so I thought I’d share that outfit, too. These are the perfect vintage wide leg jean in that same vintage canvas color. So the legs are a little roomier, but still basically straight. They fit similarly, so size down.

Monochromatic Outfit with Natural Colored Jeans

We were out exploring a little Friday, and it was a little messy outside, too. So I opted for sneakers. These sand colored New Balance are very on trend, and they worked well with the look I was putting together. I have loved these sneakers and my mom loves hers, too. They’re about sold out, but I love these similar ones and am trying to resist purchasing them for spring.

Wearing Natural Colored Jeans Monochromatically
the perfect vintage wide leg jean // cashmere sweater (similar more economical) // sneakers (similar) // belt // earrings

For this monochromatic look I paired the perfect vintage wide leg jeans with my oatmeal colored cashmere sweater (similar more economical). Again I gave the fairly boxy sweater a gentle front tuck and added a belt. I think this may actually be my favorite look with natural colored jeans. Which do you like best?

I’ve gathered a few more natural colored jeans in the shopping widget below for you to check out. Look for the pair that fits your budget, style preferences and body type.

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16 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear Natural Colored Jeans in Winter

  1. There are many people in our lives who can be hard to like and sometimes showing compassion is difficult, yet we are called to love and forgive. You’ve been led to an excellent verse, Kay. I’m already really enjoying the Scripture Memory Challenge. I look forward with anticipation to watching God work!

  2. I prefer the light jeans with light tops. Suits you best too in my opinion. With black it is to harsh. Probably your last look with the sneakers is my favourite too. Love ecru jeans a lot and wear them in winter as well. Nice combo’s !

  3. Hi Kay. I liked the 1st and 2nd outfits the best. I have dark hair and look better in black than oatmeal color, that look really good on blonds.

  4. I love all of the different looks you created around ecru pants! I think I need a pair. I learn so much from you Kay! Thank you!

  5. This looks really good on you and the tips are helpful. I like the little tuck, but when I do it, it doesn’t look or seem right for me. I’m short waisted, is that a possible reason why it seems off?

    1. Yes, Caron. That’s probably exactly why it doesn’t look right. Instead you probably want to stick with more midrise to lower rise jeans and skip the front tuck. You actually even might want the full length of your sweater to show, elongating your torso…if needed. I realize you could actually have a short waist and an average or long torso. But yeah, you probably generally don’t want to tuck.

  6. Seeing these outfits inspired me to pull out my ecru jeans and style them with what I’ve got in my closet! i came up with several different looks that I’m excited to wear. Great pos, Kay!!

  7. Great post! I really like all of outfits! Thanks for showing how to put together great looks from our closets!!! The ecru jeans would be a great addition to my closet!!

  8. Loved seeing 6 looks. The one I gravitate towards is the pop of color, that is so me. The one I was surprised I liked so much was the camel sweatshirt. Just goes to show me that trying new things would pay off! I feel challenged to go to my closet and try to make multiple outfits as well as ones I haven’t tried before. I bet I could walk away from that with more outfit pairings!

  9. I love the camel tops and coats that you show on your blog, but I don’t know a cool shade of camel versus warm and neutral. Sometime could you post samples of each, so I’ll have an idea of what is a cool camel.