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Shop the Talbots Red Door Sale Like a Boss!

January 19, 2023
Post Sponsored by Talbots

End of season sales offer an amazing opportunity to add great styles to your wardrobe at a fraction of the original prices. But they can also be overwhelming. And if you’re not careful and intentional you can end up with some regretful purchases, too. But I’ve learned a thing or two about shopping clearance sales over the years, so today I’m sharing 7 ways to shop the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale like a boss. #talbotspartner #mytalbots

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Shop the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale Like a Boss!

Talbots is offering an extra 50% off all markdowns in their Red Door Sale. So items are already marked down significantly and then you get to cut that price in half. These are pretty amazing savings.

Remember the Shopping Basics

Of course all the usual smart shopping rules are still in place. For instance, you want to make sure you don’t ever bring anything new into your wardrobe that you can’t easily style with things in your closet to create at least three different outfits. I also suggest you stick to your chosen, narrowed down color palette. And if you’ve been around here long, you know that means your 3-4 chosen neutrals and your 2-5 chosen signature colors.

Abiding by simple shopping guidelines like these helps ensure that you have fewer purchase regrets and more joy putting together outfits from your wardrobe.

I always like to shop for clothes with the mission in mind of building my wardrobe. When we have a strategy and stick with it, we’re more likely to make smart purchases that really add value to our closet. And when we shop a clearance or end of season sale it’s all the more important to keep that strategy in place. Resist the urge to buy things simply because they’re a bargain. In fact, if you end up never wearing something because it didn’t really fit into your wardrobe…it’s no bargain at all.

How to Shop the Red Door Sale Like a Boss

But don’t let my warnings scare you off. In fact, I rarely to never pay full price for anything that I add to my own closet. So I’m all for shopping a great end of season sale. And especially since Talbots is a store that resonates with my personal style essence, carries quality clothing and accessories and always adds great value to my wardrobe, I’m especially all in for their semi-annual Red Door Sale in which they’re offering an extra 50% off markdown prices.

Plus, Talbots has been adding more incentives with sale-on-sale discounts, too. So the savings can really accumulate.

I suggest you shop the Red Door Sale strategically. But with over 1800 items in the sale, where do you even start? Well, I’ve combed the sale for you so that you don’t have to comb through the full listing. (But if you want to, start HERE!) And as I looked through the entire listing I found the best of the best in seven categories. Shop the categories that resonate with you…and you’ll shop this sale like a boss!

Shop the Red Door Sale for Classics

Shop the Talbots Red Door Sale for Classics

Talbots is one of my favorite sources for truly classic pieces that you can wear for years with confidence. And they absolutely have some great classic selections in this Red Door Sale. For instance, the Hampshire ankle pants I’m wearing below are Talbots staples. They’re such a classic cut and I’ll be styling them all year round. These classic ankle pants come in great neutrals, but those aren’t included in the sale. However, the colors like red and shiraz will hold their value in your closet for many seasons, too.

Hampshire ankle pants
Hampshire ankle pants

I’ve collected 16 other great Classics that are available in Talbots’ semi-annual Red Door Sale below. And yes, Talbots’ classic denim jacket is marked down in the sale and still available in select sizes in misses, petite, plus and plus petites. (I love that Talbots carries such a full range of sizes and fits!) You’ll also see classic sweaters, skirts, tees and accessories

Shop the Red Door Sale for Winter Outerwear

It’s definitely a smart time to shop for winter outerwear. Right now you are more aware of any outerwear “holes” in your wardrobe because you’re actually wearing these winter essentials. But the prices are pretty amazing and they will not be lower next season.

Shop the Talbots Red Door Sale for Winter Outerwear

I’ve combed the Talbots Red Door Sale for coats and winter accessories that are great values at these end of season prices. I’m a big fan of my faux fur trim hooded parka and plaid cashmere scarf, but you’ll find some other great coats and accessories, below, too.

By the way, one of the reasons it’s so important to shop an end of season sale with a strategy is because items go fast. But you can shop smart, fast and effectively when you look for items in categories like this.

Shop the Red Door Sale for Your Special Occasion Capsule

I’m a big fan of having a special occasion capsule wardrobe. Because most of us wear these pieces rarely, we often feel like we have to buy a whole new outfit every time a special event presents. But if you have a few great, classic pieces in a special occasion capsule wardrobe you can add just one or two items and you’re set for the big day or evening.

Shop the Semi-Annual Red Door Sale for Your Special Occasion Capsule

I’ve selected garments and accessories from the Red Door Sale that would make perfect additions to a special occasion capsule. Many of these are especially right for the winter holidays, but you’ll find others that work for weddings, anniversary parties and more.

Find more accessories in the Red Door Sale HERE.

Shop the Red Door Sale for Gifts

Just because Christmas is past us doesn’t mean we don’t need to keep our eyes open for great gift options. You could start your Christmas shopping now or think about gifts you may need for birthdays, Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day and Mother’s Day.

Shop the Red Door Sale for Gifts

I’ve collected 16 of my favorite gifts in the semi-annual Red Door Sale, but you’ll find more HERE. I love that you can get a more valuable gift than someone may expect because you think ahead and purchase it while it’s in an end of season sale. That’s shopping the Red Door Sale like a boss!

Don’t forget, it may be smart to buy multiples of some of those!

Shop the Red Door Sale for Wear Now Fashions

It wasn’t too long ago that many of these styles in the semi-annual Red Door Sale were actually new arrivals and full price. So there are plenty of wear now fashions and accessories in the sale.

Shop the Red Door Sale for Wear Now Fashions

This is where you really need to pay attention to wardrobe holes, your color palette and the styles that feel current. Shop for pieces you know you will wear on repeat so that you get a good value per wear. But if you also narrow your choices to solids you love and classic cuts, you’ll be able to wear these wear-now selections next winter, too.

I’ve collected 16 of my favorite wear now styles below.

Shop the Red Door Sale for Wardrobe Basics

You’ll never go wrong considering wardrobe basics when shopping an end of season sale. These are the essentials you must have to create great outfits easily from your closet. And Talbots has some great examples included in their semi-annual Red Door Sale

Wardrobe Basics in the Red Door Sale

Look for solid colored t-shirts and sweaters. And I found that Talbots has their classic pima cotton-blend tanks in the sale, too. They’re available in white, black and navy. I’ve gathered more wardrobe basics for you to consider below.

Shop the Red Door Sale for Classics

But guess what. You’ll also find some great items for spring in the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale. These are generally items from last year, but they’re still beautiful and stylish. They tend to be available in more limited sizes, but they’re worth looking through.

Shop the Red Door Sale for Spring

I especially like things like the beautiful pink 100% cotton sweater (also in yellow!) above because it will be perfect for early spring when worn over a tank or tee. That’s the kind of item I’ll need soon, but I won’t wear it long into the season more than likely. So buying this one on sale makes so much more sense than buying a full price one in a month. Plus this cotton sweater would be perfect for a warm weather vacation this winter, too.

ruffle eyelet A-line dress

I also noticed that my beautiful pink ruffle eyelet A-line dress is in the sale. I loved wearing this dress to my daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner in the spring. And it will definitely still look stylish this spring and summer.

I’ve selected more “wear into spring” items from the Red Door Sale below.

I hope today’s blog post helps you feel like you can shop the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale or any other end of season like a boss. I’m grateful to Talbots for sponsoring today’s post. But all opinions and selections are my own and honest. Thanks so much for stopping in!

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  1. Hi Kay
    I also ordered a couple basics taking advantage of the sale and I purchased the grey tie wrap coat to give it a try. Thanks for your coverage of Talbots’ sales!