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My Most Regrettable Purchases of 2022 & What I Learned from Them

Building a Wardrobe
January 3, 2023

Dum da da dum! Not only is this the final of my 2022 in review posts, but it’s also the most somber, for obvious reasons. I’m not really one to live with regrets. I’d much rather brush off those slight misses and move forward with confidence and hope. But there’s something to be said for at least a brief study of the things that didn’t quite turn out as planned. And when it comes to investing in our wardrobes, I do believe we’ll never get more proficient at building a cost effective, joyful and well-suited closet of clothes if we don’t at least occasionally pause to reflect on the mistakes we’ve made. So today I am indeed sharing my most regrettable purchases of 2022…and what I learned from them.

This will be brief…because it’s painful. Ouch. Hahaha!

My Most Regrettable Purchases of 2022

Sorry, but we can’t go on without one caveat. If I shared one of these regrettable purchases here or on social media or somewhere and you purchased it, that doesn’t mean you have a bad purchase, too. You’ll see that my reasons for considering these purchases to be regrets are very personal. None of these are bad items. I do my very best to never share anything that is poorly constructed, that is out of style or that I wouldn’t wear myself.

Instead, these are regrettable buys because they did not help me build a wardrobe that really works for me or they didn’t fit my personal style aesthetic. And thus, these items did not get worn at all or very much, making them poor financial investments.

#5 – Rails Ellis Cotton Shirt

I actually love the Rails Ellis Cotton Shirt and wore it fairly frequently this summer.

What I Wore Thursday
Rails Ellis Cotton Shirt on the right

But, while you may not be able to tell from the photo above, the shirt is too big for me. This popular gauze shirt is very comfortable and well made. It’s a great shirt. But it is pricey, and I should have returned it for a smaller size. I’m wearing a large and I need a medium. In fact, I later purchased the light blue Ellis shirt in a medium and it works beautifully.

Stovepipe Pants
Rails Ellis Cotton Shirt

But because this trending Rails Ellis Cotton Shirt is too large I’m stuck wearing it only as an overshirt.

The MISTAKE: I didn’t really make sure it fit well before I took the tags off and kept it. Ill fitting clothes is a mistake a lot of us make, I fear. But we absolutely can stop that. When our clothes don’t fit well they don’t look as good as they should and we don’t wear them as much or as well as we could.

Lesson LEARNED: I’ve really learned this lesson pretty well. Now I don’t remove tags or wear clothes out of the house until I know for sure they fit well. And I try most things on multiple times to determine that.

I redeemed this regret by wearing the Rails Ellis Cotton Shirt as a cover shirt.

#4 – Vince Ombre Jacquard Crop Sweater

I don’t even have a photo of me wearing this Vince Ombre Jacquard Crop Sweater because I don’t think I ever have. But it’s just ten feet from me in my office right now. Regrettably. I showed it in my Curated Modern Classic Fall Capsule Wardrobe. And I styled it in some style boards like the one below.

Red and Denim
jeans // sweater // mules or here // necklace // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // sunglasses // nail polish in Smokin Hot // belt // lipstick in delice de figue (I’m not sure how much of this is still available)

The MISTAKE: I purchased the Ombre Jacquard Crop Sweater in the store on a whim. I saw it on a mannequin and it caught my eye like a dazzling jewel. Indeed, both the vibrant red and purple are trending colors, and I do wear a lot of red…but not usually purple. But once I got the eye-candy home, I never wanted to reach for it. I kept thinking I’d wear it, so I never returned it. Maybe I still will wear it one of these days. I certainly should. But I just wish I’d never purchased it. I got it on sale, but it’s pricey, so I still spent a lot for it. Big regret!

Red and Brown

Lesson LEARNED: I really do much better shopping online. When I shop online I add things to my wish list or cart and then I “walk away.” I think about them more, considering how they will work in my current wardrobe and whether or not I really even want the item. I don’t purchase anything I put in my cart for at least several days, and I’m thinking about extending that “pause” to at least one week.

I’m going to redeem this regret by wearing this sweater later this week. I’ll pair it with dark wash jeans and black boots. Or, hello!, I could wear it in one of the two ways I styled it above! Hold me to it, ladies.

#3 – Paige Arianna Print Ruffle Silk Blouse

Now here’s a beautiful blouse that I did indeed share on the blog. In fact, I featured this blouse in this post, Pretty Fall Blouse to Wear Now, Wear Later. Oh boy.

Wear Now Wear Later Fall Floral Blouse
Paige Arianna Print Ruffle Silk Blouse

And honestly, I still do love this Paige Arianna Print Ruffle Silk Blouse. I think it’s gorgeous. But I just haven’t worn it. In fact, it still has the tag inside it. It’s hanging in my closet taunting me, reminding me that I need to wear it…but I haven’t.

Wear Now Wear Later Fall Floral Blouse
Paige Arianna Print Ruffle Silk Blouse

So why I have I not worn it? Because I don’t have the right undergarment for it. The Paige Arianna Print Ruffle Silk Blouse is very sheer and requires a pretty camisole underneath, in my opinion. When I took the photos above I wore a simple t-shirt fabric camisole, but I vowed then to buy a pretty silky camisole – nothing expensive, but something that would look pretty underneath. I haven’t found one yet. They seem impossible to find. If you know of one at a reasonable price, please let me know.

The MISTAKE: Not having the right undergarments to wear with the item. I should have made sure I had those when I purchased the Paige Arianna Print Ruffle Silk Blouse and brought it into my wardrobe.

Lesson LEARNED: I’m going to be more conscientious about making sure I have everything I need to wear a piece before I bring it in. That includes have the right shoes to wear with a dress or skirt, the right undergarments to wear with a sheer blouse or form fitting dress, the right turtleneck to wear with a cardigan, etc.

Wear Now Wear Later Fall Floral Blouse

I’m going to redeem this regret by wearing this blouse. I’m going to get the right camisole to wear under it and wear the thing. Honestly, I purchased this pretty silk blouse with the intention of having it in my wardrobe long term anyhow. So it’s not going anywhere. I’m going to get that camisole and wear it. Just please let me know if you find one for me.

#2 – Paige Robbie Studded Clog

I purchased the Paige Robbie Studded Clogs in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I actually ordered about four pairs of clogs this fall and carefully considered them all. These were the winners, and they’re truly great clogs. But…

Paige Robbie Studded Clog (bottom) and the Sonoma Goods for Life Clogs

I haven’t worn the Paige Robbie Studded Clogs at all. I don’t seem to have even shown them here on the blog. I did show them in a couple of videos. But, hey, that’s not real life at all. I have not worn these clogs out of the house.

The MISTAKE: I fell for a trend that doesn’t really work with my personal style aesthetic. I love the idea of these clogs, but they’re just not for me. I thought they were. They’re not. I think they are extremely chic and fun and in style. I love seeing others wear them. But I don’t ever reach for them. And for me that indicates that they don’t really resonate with me.

Lesson LEARNED: One of my biggest fashion goals for 2023 is to be much more careful about adopting the trends. I will definitely still wear some trends. I think that’s one of the ways we can keep our more classic wardrobes looking fresh and current. But I need to really think about which ones resonate with my style and my lifestyle.

I’m going to redeem this regret by either selling these never worn shoes or donating them. If you’re interested, let me know! They’re a size 10 M, as they do run half a size small (I usually wear a 9.5 M).

#1 – Teri Jon Metallic Jacquard Ruffle Gown

But my biggest regrettable purchase of 2022 was a big one. Around late February or early March I purchased this beautiful Teri Jon Metallic Jacquard Ruffle Gown to wear for my daughter’s wedding. It is a stunning dress. And it fit pretty nicely. But I had settled for it when I’d grown frustrated trying to find what I really wanted for a mother of the bride dress.

Teri Jon Metallic Jacquard Ruffle Gown
Teri Jon Metallic Jacquard Ruffle Gown

I had never envisioned myself wearing a shoulder-baring gown. There’s certainly nothing wrong with such a dress. I just don’t feel great about this part of my body, so I never felt comfortable in this dress. But I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I purchased this one and even had it hemmed to fit my 5’8″ frame with 2.5″ heels.

Then just a few weeks before Abigail’s wedding I walked into Dillard’s and found the dress I’d been looking for. The Adrianna Papell dress I ended up wearing to my daughter’s wedding was in the perfect colors and felt so much more like me. I felt like a million bucks that day.

Adrianna Papell Dress

Unfortunately I’d spent a million bucks on the other dress! Ha! Not really, of course. But I sure had spent a lot. That Teri Jon Metallic Jacquard Ruffle Gown is still hanging in my closet. If you’re interested in it, it’s a size 10 and it’s still quite long even though it’s been hemmed for my 5’8″ frame and 2.5″ heels. I’ll gladly redeem this regret by selling it for a reasonable (50% off?) price. Otherwise I’ll donate it to a worthwhile organization who can help it find the right owner.

The MISTAKE: The mistake I made was shopping for a mother of the bride dress too early. That may surprise you. But I’ve discovered that while the bride and bridesmaids definitely need to secure their gowns early, shopping too early for a mother of the bride dress is a bad idea. Retailers don’t introduce mother of the bride dresses until right before that season. So when I was trying to buy a dress for a May wedding in February, they didn’t have very many spring or summer dresses to choose from.

Lesson LEARNED: I suggest shopping for a mother of the bride dress just about 6 weeks before the big day. Yes, you’ll need to move quickly and shop fast and furiously during that time. And you’ll have to be quick on getting the alterations. But I think you’ll enjoy the selection and find what you’re looking for…with fewer regrets.

So those are my regrets and the lessons I learned from them. Thanks so much for dropping in. Tomorrow these regrets are only in my rearview mirror and I’m not looking back. Here’s to a fashionable 2023…with much fewer regrets!

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Blessed for My Day

In God’s economy there are two kinds of regret. Satan can load us down with regrets and shame that keep us stuck in the past, hopeless and discouraged. That kind of regret leads to death. It does not help us grown or mature. It does not bring God glory and it does us no good. If you are living with those kinds of regrets today, you need to know that these are miry pits of the enemy. Ask God to help you to put those regrets aside and move on from them in freedom and new hope.

The other kind of regret is really a conviction. When we face the fact that we made a mistake and acknowledge it, we can then choose to take a different direction in the future. Changing directions like that is what repentance is all about. Whether you’re repenting from a sin that you know displeases God or simply taking a different course so that you’ll get better results, repentance can lead to a brighter future and a sense of peace and well-being. Godly conviction and biblical repentance meet with amazing grace so that we can then live without regrets. Do you have a godly regret that you need to address today? You can trust that God will give you grace and help you to move forward.

For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death. ~ 2 Corinthians 7:10

xoxo, Kay
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80 thoughts on “My Most Regrettable Purchases of 2022 & What I Learned from Them

  1. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for your honesty, and also your reasons. It is helpful to me.
    Also the ombre cropped shirt–I can’t tell the exact colors, but would it work with your grey jeans? Or perhaps the red cords??? Just a suggestion. Also, I found a nice fitted (reversible) cami at Wal-Mart a while back. They are out there, but we have to look. Thanks for all you do for us. Your the best!

    1. I loved this post and of course have been there, done that. Every once in a while I will buy something cut off tags, not like it on me but for some reason it escapes the give away bag several times and a year later I wear it and absolutely love it. It’s crazy but has happened to me more than once.

    2. I actually tried a red on red outfit not long ago. We took photographs of it and then I didn’t like it so much, so I never showed them. So I don’t think that would work for me. But the sweater is really plenty versatile enough. I just need to put the thing on!

  2. I love this verse! Even though I know God has forgiven me, I struggle with forgiving myself. Any help with this?

    1. yes, I’m going to work on it. It’s staying in my closet for now, and I’ll find that camisole one of these days.

  3. The joy in making a mistake comes in the redemption! I strayed from my “best” colors with several purchases this season, thinking a little change would be fun. Not fun after seeing myself in a store mirror. The redemption is bringing them to a consignment shop and knowing they will bring a smile to some lady! A fun post. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I love the thought that someone else could really enjoy the clothes I pass on. thanks for reading and sharing, Barb.

  4. I appreciate your honesty, Kay. It is helpful to see that even with all of your fashion knowledge, you make regrettable purchases, too. All of your tips have helped me so much and I do make fewer mistakes, but I still do make the same mistakes you do. Here’s to a new year, shrugging off those mistakes and doing a better job of curating our wardrobes!

  5. I am working hard this year to avoid regrets with my clothing purchases. Since retiring this year I need more casual clothes, specifically sweaters. Fit is key for me being only 5 ft and rectangular body shape. I was ready to purchase some cashmere sweaters except they weren’t the most flattering style for me. I need v neck, on seam shoulders and shorter length while they were crew neck and the ever present drop shoulder.

    What really helped me to not compromise was what I learned from one of your earlier posts- to take selfie pictures and walk away for awhile to review. Also the idea I can appreciate a beautiful clothing item but not have to own it.
    I have included a link to your post for other readers who might like to review it.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Jen. That was one of the very first posts I ever wrote. Ha! It’s a good read, especially for in-store shopping.

  6. I really enjoyed this post. I enjoy all your posts, but this one just hit me. In such a time with bloggers pushing and trying to sell us something, I appreciate your honesty and sharing your thought process about each item. Many times we’ve all made these same mistakes.
    We are getting ready for a much needed master sweet renovation. Meaning going through my closet thoroughly to be moved to a new closet. Time to evaluate as you have just explained. Thank You!!

  7. I love this post because it makes you seem more real to me. All of the items are perfectly reasonable! It’s knowing our personal style that makes all the difference. You do such a good job showing different styles, your blog is an inspiration to me.

    1. Thanks so much Barb. I’m really glad you like it here. And trust me, I’m not perfect at all of this. I’ve learned and grown so much for doing this blog and needing to push myself forward.

  8. an observation only, I was surprised that you chose the jumper, I thought it looked a bit unusual for you, you usually choose very plain and classic pieces that seemed out of character.
    thanks for the tip about buying bridal wear, I will be mother of the groom in September and my colouring is light, so my colours aren’t likely to be available until mid summer perhaps I shouldn’t panic quite yet!
    I love your chats and videos and avidly watch them, I enjoyed the list of beauty products and like you need to embrace some changes, so I will be taking a list of your items to my local department store, I live in the UK so hopefully I can track down some of your suggestions to try.
    Happy new year

    1. Hahaha! That’s because you don’t see all the “shiny things” that catch my eye. I’ve learned to resist most of them, but I definitely walk into a store and am immediately attracted to lots of color and prints and flourishes. I LOVE them. I just don’t want to wear them in the end. So I’m learning to steer clear. But every once in a while one comes home with me!

  9. I feel so much better after reading your post. I purchased a pale gold dress last February for our 50th anniversary party in October. In September, I wimped out and ordered a black dress with a gold overlay. The day before our party, I tried both on, and you guessed it, the gold one was the best by far. I can’t return the customized black dress and only the wondertul comments on how lovely I looked in that “perfect” dress soothed my conscience. I feel better knowing I’m not alone! Thanks for sharing, Kay. Mistakes are okay if the end result is the best one!

    1. I’m sure we all err one way or the other with fashion choices sometimes. There’s so much that goes into feeling truly comfortable and beautiful in something besides just fit and form, know what I mean? There’s an emotional quotient we can’t always calculate correctly.

  10. THANK YOU for the tip on MOB dresses! I have been shopping for dresses for my son’s August wedding and have been a little scared I wouldn’t find anything. You relieved my anxiety a bit!

    1. Definitely breathe a little easier. It’s still a challenge. But I do think you’ll find more dresses later that will work better for that season. Maybe find out what kind of turnaround time your local tailor needs for alterations and shop with that in mind.

    1. Hahaha! I mis-numbered! I think I confused myself as I was writing the post and thought I had more in there than I really did. I didn’t number them until the end and for some reason I counted six when it was all said and done. But there are indeed only five. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Kay – I love the tech fabric camis from Uniqlo. They feel like silk and hold up so well through wash and wear. Have had for five years and they look fabulous still!

    1. I checked but didn’t see what I’m looking for there. Thanks for trying, however, Kelly. I appreciate the suggestion.

  12. Evera B Women’s V-Neck Chiffon Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Cami Top at Amazon might work. I had to laugh at the MOB dress…..we were engaged for 3 months before getting married. My mom couldn’t find a dress, came to town the day before and found it. Not sure what her backup plan was…lol.

  13. Wow, the perfect post for me since I am going through my closet. Your explanations as to what went wrong and how to fix it next time were absolutely spot on. I donated a shirt yesterday, loved it online, fit fine, was exactly what I needed, but in the end I just didn’t like it on me. I discovered I love flowers, but not large flowers on shirts on me. I appreciate your pushing me to try new things, but still within my comfort zone.

  14. Kay, Thanks for sharing your regrettable purchases of 2022. I teared up when I saw the photo of you walking down the aisle with your son at Abby’s wedding. Your were so lovely in that absolutely perfect dress. Thank you for all the work that you do. I look forward to your blogs and videos. My resolution this year is to complete the Life Principles Bible that you recommended. I wish you and your entire family a blessed 2023.

    1. Thanks Judy. Yeah, I don’t think I’d shared that photo of me and Daniel before. That’s why I used that one. I cropped it a lot so that’s why it’s a little fuzzy. But I did enjoy having my son walk me down the aisle.

  15. As an undergarment for either added coverage or warmth, I wear a Maidenform shapewear camisole. They come in nude or white, give light but comfortable control, and help clothing fall smoothly instead of adding any bulk. I have two that I purchased on line from Macys when they had a sale about a year ago and I enjoy wearing them. Wouldn’t be without one. Hope this info. sparks some helpful ideas for you, Kay. I know you are great at thorough research on different brands and price points and will eventually discover the perfect piece for your wardrobe. Thanks for all you do to serve us.

    1. I’ll look into that Maidenform. The problem is this needs to be a very low neck cami and I’d really prefer something that isn’t form fitting. I’ll check!

  16. Great post, Kay!!! Thank you for sharing. My suggestions would be:
    1. Get a wardrobe of slips, camisoles, shape-wear so when the opportunity arrives to wear something sheer, strapless, a dress, you’ll be ready, and
    2. I learned from Kelly Snyder in Adore Your Wardrobe: your tailor is your best fashion friend. I’d get that too big shirt darted in the back so it fits properly and you can wear it closed. The color is great on you and spring is coming!!!!

    1. Absolutely. I have all the other undergarments, just can’t find this one. It seems to be somewhat of a dinosaur. And I hadn’t thought about taking the shirt to a tailor, but you’re absolutely right; I should consider doing that.

  17. I know what you mean by buying items and then regretting it later. I have some items in my closet I call closet hangers. They just hang in my closet on hangers
    and I never wear them. I am glad now I did not buy any clogs that are in trend. I wore them 35 years ago or so when they were in trend, but my lifestyle is different and I just
    don’t care for them so much anymore. I wear boots in the winter mostly, as I live in Minnesota, which by the way we are in another snow and ice storm now. In the
    summer I wear mostly sandals and heels right up until I start wearing boots. I do like the items you call mistakes that you bought, maybe you will pull them out and wear
    them yet. This post makes me want to go through my purchases and see how many purchases I might regret. Nice BFMD.

  18. I enjoyed your blog today and reasons why you don’t wear the item and how you will make it good. Happy New Year and a healthy new year to you and your family.

  19. Yes,,PLEASE, anyone do share if they find a simple, loose fitting silky camisole. I have searched everywhere as well to no avail.

  20. I appreciate your honesty, Kay. I have some regrets. I bought a faux leather quilted jacket, in olive. It’s gorgeous. When it arrived it. was heavier than I thought it would be. I live in a warm climate. I should have returned it then, but I love it. Still haven’t worn it. Our coldest months are January and February, maybe I will get chance.Also bought a pair of wide leg jeans. They overwhelm my petite frame. I plan to donate them. I also walk away from my cart!

  21. Wish those clogs were my size! Love them! I have always been a clog girl! Thank you for sharing your regrets! It is a process discovering who we are on every level, clothing included. Making teachable moments out of those experiences is the way to go. I think I will do this too!

    1. Oh man, I wish they were, too. I may still try to wear them. I should definitely give them more of a try.

  22. Thanks for doing a “regrets” post. I often wonder if bloggers ever really wear the clothing they model or what they do when gifted a piece doesn’t work with their personal style. Your thoughtful consideration of why something didn’t work is so helpful. I need to do a closet purge and your questions should help me evaluate what to donate and what to keep. I often keep something just because I feel a need to get my money’s worth from it. The blue MOB dress is beautiful. Is there any way your tailor could redo the off the shoulder side to look more like the other side?

    Quince has a v-neck stretchy silk tank in several colors that would cover bra straps, but it doesn’t look form fitting if that is important to you.

    1. I’ll definitely check out the Quince tank. I want something silky, but I was actually hoping for something that is not form-fitting. But that may be a dinosaur. Ha!

  23. I’m chuckling at all the “maybe later” items I have hanging in my closet with the tags still on them, and after reading this post I’m thinking “maybe not…ever”. Several of mine aren’t so recent either. Time to purge for sure.
    The ombre sweater could be a big hit with an espresso skirt or pant (faux leather perhaps), and matching shoe or boot. As far as that blue one shoulder👗, while you did find the perfect MOB dress, this one is stunning on you, fits you to a tee. How about shortening it again to knee length and saving it for another dressy event or dinner? The color is perfect for you as well. You should NOT let it go without further consideration.
    Thanks again, Kay, for all you do, and to everyone on your post, a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2023!

    1. Thanks for that encouragement, Helena. It just doesn’t feel like me, even shortened. I do love it. But I never felt comfortable in it and couldn’t imagine feeling comfortable at an event in it. We’ll see.

  24. Have you tried a Chico’s microfiber tank under your silk blouse? They come in a wide range of colors with good reviews: 4.6 out of 5.

    1. Yeah, I’m looking for something a little lighter weight. I want the old traditional silky, lacy camisole that we put under blouses in the “old days.” Ha!

  25. Your initial mother of the bride dress was beautiful! And you looked beautiful on it!!! Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

  26. Kay,
    I have a few things in my closet that I love but haven’t worn yet too. Time to put them to use!
    For a camisole, I really like the WHBM lace trim. They are so comfy. On sale at $29.50. Banana Republic has a sale for lace trim –they go fast so don’t know what’s left.
    Macy’s satin cami-tap (Midnight Baker) is nice too on sale. It’s a two-piece and cute. I look out for after-Christmas sales and save money.
    Thanks for the post. I think we all have bought things that we had high hopes for.
    Your blue gown is beautiful. Maybe keep it for special dinners with your husband.

  27. Thank you for this interesting post and your reasoning about why the items didn’t work for you (although I am looking forward to seeing how you style the sweater!) And the BFMD fit in perfectly and is one I will remember. If it’s any comfort, the MOB dress was stunning on you and my favorite outfit you wore all year.

  28. I loved this post because I have made the same mistakes in the past. Mostly I will buy something that doesn’t fit properly or will buy something that is not what I really want. But I have to say I absolutely love the gown. I wish it would fit me, LOL! And the purple and red sweater is also very pretty. Thanks for giving the reason why the item didn’t work for you – like the blouse without the right cami – it is unfortunate that something so basic would cause you to regret the blouse. Thanks,

  29. Great post! In fact, I have loved all of your end of 2022 posts. I love seeing what was trending/not trending amongst your readers, and what were your best and worst purchases. I can totally relate to all of them. I also purchased a MOB dress too early, but wore it. It was the best choice available at the time, but I should have kept hunting. No regrets though. My daughter was the star and she certainly shined! Love your posts!

  30. This is such a helpful post! Thank you for being “real” and sharing what you learned on each item. I’ll try to do the same in the future instead of beating myself up when I buy something that ends up being a mistake. I don’t have a large budget for clothing so I have to be very smart and selective about what I buy. Unfortunately sometimes the fear of making a mistake keeps me from buying anything at all.

  31. Hi Kay, you might look at Garnet Hill for a silk camisole. They are currently on sale (but still rather pricey) and come in several colors. I find their clothing to be good quality and lovely. I’m sure you’ll get sa lot of wear from a silk camisole.

  32. Kay – I loved this post. Clothing purchase regrets – we’ve all made them! It’s nice to know that the influencers/experts make them, too. I learned from your explanations and will use your thought process in the future. You always look great. Thanks so much!! You’re my fav!

  33. It is so brave of you to do this, Kay! And I appreciate knowing that someone else besides me makes mistakes about the size, or whether something really fits their style aesthetic, or even if they have the right things to wear with a beautiful garment. I also like that you told us what happens next with these purchases – which can be saved, and which are going to be donated or sold, because you recognize that you will never wear them. And the Blessed for My Day was just so appropriate! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  34. Kay,
    I appreciate you sharing end of year summaries all week, including todays. when you talked about the clogs and being a new trend, it made me think about the change in jean silhoutes and how my eyes needed time to get use to the new. And now I like the strait leg, flair and crops a lot! I think trying something helps me to see if I like something. I definitely struggle with knowing the difference between its not my thing ever or I am just not use to it yet. I still remember when skinny jeans were new and I said I would never wear them… then I did and liked them. I definitely agree that I had to find a way for a new trend to fit me and my style. Some of course I can tell right away won’t work for me, like high rise pants as they literally hurt me to wear. I have found 10 inch rise to be my most comfortable which makes me most confindent.
    My most regrettable purchase this past year was the over sized cardigan. So cute on other people but it is not for me for varies reasons. I have passed on my 2 sweaters I got this past year.

  35. Kay,
    I noticed the blue Teri John has a ruffled shoulder and a draped shoulder. The shoulders are opposite your dress and the store’s ad. Switch the shoulders on your dress and see the difference. Unless my eyes deceive me……hope not.

  36. I totally feel your pain on the mother of the bride dress-I didn’t want to worry about bending over in public, my daughter wanted sparkle and navy, and I had just worn a navy dress to my son’s wedding 5 months before, so it needed to be “different”. I too have an extra dress I will never wear. Weeks before the wedding I found a dress that checked all the boxes! It is scary to wait until the last minute, but you are right!

  37. You looked so great as the mother of the bride! I enjoyed your comments on your reasons for made the choices that were not for you. I’m still making poor choices but I’m better and your comments help me.

  38. Kay, I agree with you on all the above items except for one: the ombré crop sweater. Don’t you think those colors are good for your coloring? I sure do! That mix of shades would highlight your hair and skin tone! Please wear it and send us a pic!

  39. I don’t think the gauze blouse looks to big on you at all. That said, I sometimes purposefully buy a size up in things like that because in the summer I don’t like to show my arms and I like to wear something like that with a cami under and I like to tie at the waist. If it’s closer fitting I can’t tie it the way I like.

    As for clogs…I did the same as you. Bought about 4 pair! I have worn one of them once. I think it’s not really a “trend” that will ever go out of style. I think I’m going to wear mine more in the spring and fall months though.

    Happy New Year!

  40. Thank you for this informative post Beth. I really love this kind of content. I follow several younger creators who do a great job with content related to curating closets, making smart purchasing decisions, etc but your life experience shines through with your perspective on these issue. We are the same age and I look forward to your content in 2023. May you and your family I’ve a healthy and joyful 2023

  41. Forgot to add that the camisole you’re looking for might just be found in the lingerie section of stores. One of my favorite silk camis is one that is part of a PJ set but I do wear it under blouses.
    I did see one in Nordstrom called Laneth Lace Trim Satin Tank.

  42. 1. Paige Arianna Ruffle Print Blouse: Walmart has tons of camisole-type tops in all colors, including blush/dusty pink. They’re fine, some cotton, some not. Would do nicely under this blouse.
    2. Teri John metallic jacquard ruffle gown: Well, this is one of those frustrating comments from someone looking AT you (while still listening to you about “comfort level”). You say the gown never quite resonated with you and mentioned you don’t feel great about the shoulder part of your body. Looking from the outside at the photo, I observe that the minimally dropped shoulder around the upper part of your arm actually flatters the part of your body you don’t feel great about! I would even say that, had both shoulders dropped a bit off the upper arm, it still would have been extremely attractive ON YOU. No arguing with comfort level from “inside out,” but this gown really does flatter you.

  43. Kay, just a suggestion but you might like to look at the lace camisole from Kettlewell Colours which is in lots of colours, soft and silky and probably the right length for your height. It’s a British company but they have a lot of US customers and a US ordering page. I’ve been meaning to tell you about Kettlewell Colours for a while now, in case you haven’t yet come across them. They are an ethical brand with great customer service. See what you think! (I couldn’t seem to paste a link on this comment – sorry.)

  44. Thank you for this post. I do my best to avoid purchases I’ll regret, but it still happens from time to time. When it does, I evaluate why the item didn’t work so I can learn from my experience. I’ve learned that I look better in colors that are neither too cool or too warm and neither too dark or too light. I wonder if you have a color palette or “season.” Most of the time I haven’t spent too much money on them. I haven’t sold my mistakes, but donate them to charity. I truly enjoy your blog and You Tube videos. Your Blessed for My Day is one I’ll remember. Thanks Kay and Happy New Year.

  45. I have had several clothing regrets, too, but I’ve been thinning them out of my wardrobe these past few months. I find that most of the regrettables were items I bought simply because they were on sale. Or perhaps I bought every color of a nice item, even though I never wear some of those colors. I consigned some of them but donated most. Fortunately, most weren’t expensive, but the sheer volume would have made a house payment or two! I’m being much more selective these days. I also have fun playing dress up on days my husband is out of town, where I come up with new outfits out of my existing clothing. Too bad about that ice blue gown not working for you because the color on you is gorgeous!

  46. Hi Kay…I like your honesty. I have made some mistakes with clothing,too. Mine usually consist of purchasing something that doesn’t go with anything I already own. I’ve gotten a lot better though. I’m happy to donate any of my mistakes to a local church group that sponsors women returning to the workforce. At least my mistakes serve a purpose and I don’t feel too bad. Have a wonderful and blessed new year.

  47. Hi Kay,
    Today’s Blessed for My Day is amazing and is exactly what I needed to hear today, so thank you! I also have a question: I tried to copy this into a word document for me to keep, and it wouldn’t let me copy it. Is there a way you remove the page protection from your column so that it can be cut and pasted for keeping? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lori,
      I’m so glad the blessing spoke to you. Unfortunately I can’t remove the copyright protection from the page or site. Copyright infringement is a real thing and it happens. You could take a screenshot with your phone or computer. Or maybe just jot it down? I apologize, but I’m just not willing to risk people lifting my copy. Thanks for understanding.