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How I Really Dressed for My Day This Week

July 7, 2023

Happy Friday! It’s time for my weekly accountability post where I share how I really dressed for my days this week. I can’t tell you how much this motivates me. And hopefully it provides a little inspiration for you as well.

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SPECIAL NOTE: Remember, at the end of the day I’m just a girl…standing in front of my mirror…trying to show up the best I can. Just like you. So while I completely understand that you may not like everything I wear or might would wear it differently, please refrain from critiquing my outfits. Whether these outfits are great or not, this is what I already wore. So telling me I could have done better isn’t really all that encouraging. Ha! 😘

How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

I try to focus on how I styled things and why I wore what I wore rather than product details here. But if you need to know more about a piece, just ask in the comments. Let’s run through this week’s spring outfits.

What I Wore Friday

Last Friday I mostly worked from home, but I decided to wear a cool and breezy dress. I could have added the tie belt, but decided instead to let this pretty blue linen dress just hang. I think it has a pretty drape. And for working at the computer most of the day, it felt comfortable and easy this way.

Blue Dress // Sandals // Necklace // Bracelet (Similar)

I’m loving my Naot Dorith sandals. I bought them as a possibility to wear in London in August, and I’m so glad I did. They are so comfortable I don’t even know I have them on. And I think the shimmery gold is so pretty. I wear a half size, so I sized up to the next full size and they fit really nicely that way.

What I Wore Saturday

Most of the day Saturday I was just puttering around the house cleaning and organizing. Our kids are coming this next week and I need to get the guestroom back into order. That’s still a work in progress!

Shirt // Jeans option one , option 2 // Belt (Similar) // Tory Burch Sandal // Purse // Necklace // Bracelet // Earrings (gifted)

Anyhow, later I changed into my white jeans and this beige shirt for a tonal summery look. I love how this outfit turned out, very soft and elevated but still casual and comfortable for dinner out.

What I Wore Sunday

I’m enjoying my smocked waist painted bouquet skirt so much, I just can’t stop wearing it. Ha! I think it makes the weekly roundup most every Friday. It was quite the investment, so I guess it’s good that I’m wearing it so much this summer. It is on sale now, but it’s still pricey.

Sweater // Skirt // Sandals // Denim Jacket // Purse (Option) // Bracelet // Earrings

And there’s a stunning red smocked waist midi skirt in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview that is just like it. You better believe it’s in my Wish List. I love the way the smocked waistband helps this skirt to hang so nicely.

Then Sunday afternoon I changed into these black Pima cotton jersey lantern pants with a simple tank. I like to put on something very comfortable in the afternoon on Sunday. Good napping clothes!

V-Neck Tank // Pants // Sandals

What I Wore Monday

Monday the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview went live, and I knew I’d be spending hours at my computer just scouring it. So I wanted to be comfortable but still look dressed for my day. I wore my coordinating Eileen Fisher linen separates.

V-Neck Tee // Linen Pants // Sandals // Earrings

Tonal dressing continues to trend for the rest of 2023, and I love it. I think it always feels a little risky to put on multiple pieces in the same color family. What do you think? But once I do get up the courage to do it, I always love the results.

What I Wore Tuesday

Of course Tuesday we celebrated our nation’s independence and birth. I used to have some fun patriotic tees, and they’re probably still somewhere packed away. But I decided to go a little more understated. We just worked in the morning and then went out for a burger and a celebratory shake in the afternoon. So I wore my white linen shorts with my striped ruffle neck tank and my linen jacket.

Linen Jacket // Top // Linen Shorts // Earrings // Tory Burch Sandals

Matching sets are very in right now, but I haven’t really participated much in this trend. So I liked how my linen jacket and linen shorts combo creates that effect. Once again, I think it takes a little bravery to wear a matching set, too. What do you think? Well, it does for me anyhow. But again, once I put it on I love the effect.

Long Sleeve Top // Linen Shorts // Earrings // Tory Burch Sandals

That evening when I got home I guess I was a little chilled by the shake and the car air conditioning. So I changed into my blue Patrick triple fleece pullover. So cozy!

What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday I just felt like wearing jeans. So I topped my new Madewell perfect vintage cropped jeans with this silky brown camp shirt. I am so tempted to order that shirt in the gorgeous earth red, too. I think it’s so versatile and I love the way it elevates a simple jeans outfit.

Brown Short Sleeve Button Up // Jeans // Sandals // Earrings // Necklace // Bracelet

And yes, I did put on heels that day. I actually enjoy wearing these because they’re just a bit of a heel and they feel buttery soft on my feet. Ooh! And they’re 30% off right now.

That evening I was playing around with what I would wear for a photo shoot and I put on my cotton and hemp cargo ankle pants (which did make it into the photo shoot, by the way). I still had on the brown camp shirt so I took a look at that combo. It’s quite the juxtaposition from the top to the more casual pants. But I kind of liked this combination, even though I haven’t worn it yet. What do you think?

Brown Short Sleeve Button Up // Pants // Sandals // Earrings // Necklace // Bracelet

I definitely love the color combination. And I think leaving the shirt untucked works nicely here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this outfit.

What I Wore Thursday

Thursday was a busy day with a nail appointment in the morning and a dental visit immediately following. I stopped into a local sandwich shop for a quick bite afterwards. I enjoyed wearing those cotton and hemp cargo ankle pants, but with an oversized button-up shirt. This shirt is my Citizens of Humanity Kayla.

Oversized Button Up // Pants // Sandals // Necklace // Bracelet // Earrings

And yes, I really did wear it that way on the left. I was toying around with how to style the shirt – tucked, front tucked, half-tucked, etc. – when I saw that this is exactly how they have it styled on the website. Ha! So I decided why not! And it felt very freeing, casual and in style. My favorite thing about this crisp, poplin shirt is the buttons they have up the sleeves that allows you to roll or cuff your sleeves so beautifully. Check it out on the website.

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Blessed for My Day

I was thinking just this morning about how risky it often feels when we know we need to obey God in some matters. Especially when obedience to a biblical principle or precept calls for a strain on our finances, a relationship change, a confrontation, a direction that is contrary to the world or some other seemingly scary move. Are you struggling with obeying God in a particular part of your life because it just feels like such a big step? I get it.

But then I was reminded that obeying God, while seemingly risky, is in fact always a 100% failproof move. Yes, we may encounter some inconvenience or push back from others at first. But in the end God always protects and provides for those who submit to His authority over their lives. God’s ways are indeed perfect. And the more we obey Him, the easier it becomes.

This God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him. ~ Psalm 18:30

xoxo, Kay
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28 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day This Week

  1. I really enjoy these posts because my coloring and personal style is similar to yours. I even bought that orchid tank because it looks so great on you. Can you tell me what bra you wear under yours as I am finding it difficult to wear with what I have.

  2. I love your style, and enjoy your blog so very much. I love the bouquet skirt and the top you paired it with, it is stunning! May I ask what is your favorite fragrance?

  3. You do such a wonderful job of putting together multiple outfits every week. I can’t believe people would critic your choices! My favorite would be the blue jeans with brown camp shirt and sandals, as that combo would be something I would wear. You look amazing in the beige/white combos (thanks SO much for explaining how much our personal coloration affects what we wear). I have medium to high contrast coloring, so that explains why I gravitate to your more colorful/high contrast outfits. You put so much logic into the choices, but as always, you come across as a caring, loving person. AND you are a REGULAR PERSON, as opposed to a high fashion model. I think that is why I feel comfortable purchasing so many of the outfits you model! Regular person, but lovely nevertheless! Thank you so much, Kay!

  4. Lovely outfits this week! My favorite is the polished white and beige dinner outfit you wore on Saturday – so well coordinated and easy on the eyes! I also like the tan cargo pant and silky brown shirt combination. Casual but interesting and a bit elevated. I had to laugh that you find matching sets risky. I find them easy to coordinate, particularly when a third piece is involved. Or do you mean you fear them being bland or something like that?

  5. We’re just concluding a two week hiking tour in Switzerland. My Naot Doritos sandals were the only pair I packed and they were perfect in every way. Pack down to nothing, looked great with everything and provided great support to my 58 year old feet! I hope you’ll have the same experience with yours!

  6. I think all your outfits looked good , and really I was always taught that if you can’t say anything nice then you shouldn’t say anything.

  7. Hi Kay, lovely outfits, as usual! From the outfits for which you requested comments, my favorite is the brown silk top with the cargo pants.
    I have a question for you and the community, which may seem off-topic, but if is fair game, I would appreciate any suggestions. Wanting to plan a road trip from Illinois to Savannah area for 50th anniversary. Anyone know of a reliable travel agent who could help us for the SE coast area? The beautiful clothes have me yearning for this trip! Thanks!

  8. Hi Kay! I love so many of these outfits! You look great in them all. Thank you for all you do to help us look our best and keep our outfits fresh and feeling special, even if we’re just spending our day at home some days. I also really look forward to your Blessed for my Day segment.

  9. I love your posts! Thank you for sharing everything with us. You are doing a very good job helping others with their fashion choices everyday. Just wanted to let you know how much you help us laugh and learn together. God bless you and your family!

  10. I like the brown camp shirt and hemp pants. I tend to wear a lighter color on top and a darker color on the bottom, so it’s a fresh look to my eyes.

    I’m with you on the matching set because it always feels like pajamas. But when I see it on somebody, I like the look. I truly think all of your outfits this week were fantastic. You tend to knock it out of the park every time!

  11. I love all of your outfits! I get so inspired by your posts. I bought the Eileen Fisher box top with the v neck in Grenadine. I like to wear it with my white denim jeans or shorts and just let it float and steal the show! I’m always walking or moving so I like how it is light and breezy when its hot as blazes outside. I was tempted by the Nile colour too but that orangey-red colour makes my neutrals sing! I have the same EF cropped beige cardigan you have (thanks for the sizing help by the way) and I like to wear a dark olive tank and some EF olive linen pants with that. I’m so glad you are on board the linen train, Kay, and I’m tracking your journey!

  12. Hi Kay. You shared so many great outfits in this Friday’s post. The brown collared blouse look very pretty on you. I think a ‘deeper’ v neck line is very complimentary on you and I’m thinking I should shop for a few like that as well! Thanks for all the N sale coverage also. Have a great weekend with your grown children visiting.

  13. Kay,

    You always look wonderful! Your personality shines through- and that’s your most important asset. And yes, you rock your outfits too!

  14. I always love seeing your daily outfits! I loved the white jeans with light beige blouse!! Also, did you discontinue the Thursday Instagram lives? I keep checking on Thursdays and haven’t seen anything. Maybe you made a statement about them and I missed that.

  15. How do you wear the Marc Fisher Calia sandals without them making loud flip flop sounds with each step? I have similar ones and am embarrassed to wear them to church.

    1. Hi Dawn. I know what you’re talking about, but I just tried these shoes on again to make sure and I really don’t have that problem with these. They make a little, quiet flip flop sound, but they don’t clomp on the floor.

  16. I learn a lot from your what I wore posts. Not all the styles are my style, but then I take the time to think how would I make it mine. And it’s like a learning tool. I don’t think I have natural style. I am trying to learn and be more intentional. I am still trying to decide what my personal style is. As I am wanting to keep learning, one thing that you like, neutrals together, is one I have a hard time with. So I love seeing how you put these type of outfits together. I tend to buy prints as I am attracted to those but I have learned they are not as versatile, specially if I don’t keep to a color scheme. I am now trying to keep to a color scheme! I picked some neutrals and a few colors! I am so proud. Currently I am trying to find a black dress to have in my closet to be able to dress up or down and that looks flattering on my body! I have not yet found all 3 of those things. another thing I have learned from you is to keep trying!

  17. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but frequently In a longer post like today’s with several pictures, not all the pictures oad, and some will partially load.
    I have satelite internet so that contribute to the problem, but just wanted to let you know.

  18. Hello Kay
    I am from Adelaide Australia and I’m not sure how I found your blogs, but I am so enjoying reading them. I never get past your emails when I’m checking my Mail. I then devour every word, and love looking at the shopping websites and the $’s are mounting up
    Thank you for being you and your recommendations are brilliant
    I have shopped, Eileen Fisher, Nordstroms, Anthogoliere? , Chicos and an Irish name? These stores all ship to Australia but the one that doesn’t is Talbots. They seem to have a wonderful variety and I love their dresses, particularly the little pink cut out you wear and there is a gorgeous blue dress, and that white casual jacket you wear
    Do you know anyway I can shop Talbots or you may even have some influence!!!!!
    Thanks a million Kay

  19. You always pull everything together so nicely, Kay! I am drawn to the beige/white combos but know I have to branch out in the color department. Thanks for being transparent and sharing!

  20. Kay
    Very cute this week! I love that you put thought into your clothes even when you stay home. After I retired I noticed that I only “dressed” when I had plans for the day, I always did my hair and make up but didn’t want to “waste” an outfit Ha! I had so many clothes that I wasn’t wearing, you inspired me to look at dressing differently. I now dress for my day and try to look cute even when I stay home. Thank you! I love the tone on tone green top and pants. I also love the brown top with the tan pants, a look I wear often. I appreciate your daily devotions. God Bless you.

  21. I just want to say I love your blog. You don’t try to be anyone but yourself- honest and sincere. I like the choices you make for your wardrobe.
    There are always detractors. We know who’s in charge in your life and who you serve.
    I love the section of your blog that reminds of what is real and true. I always learn something from the Bible every time. Thank you ♥️

  22. Love all your outfits, Kay! So cute! I snagged up that taupe camp shirt from Nordstrom and I’m eyeing the brown as well👀. So polished but a cool and relaxed look, love it! Thanks as always for sharing your great style tips.

  23. Hi Kay , sorry Im late with looking at your Friday blog , I’ve been helping family to decorate and move into their new home , so my DFMD has been overalls 😂. Thank you so much for sharing your DFMD for your week and like you say , You are just a girl …standing in front of your mirror trying to show up the best as you can. I personally love your Blogs and thoroughly look forward to them especially your ‘How I really dressed for my week’ I love it ! because you are real and so is your style and I love to hear how and why you wore a certain outfit . Kay you work hard , you are a beautiful lady inside and out , you care about the content of your posts , you have such a giving gracious manner and I love the way you always tell us “You do You” And your advice and styling tips are always so spot on and I agree with Linda ‘If you can’t say something nice , don’t say anything at all’ to people who critique your personal style . And thank you too for your daily BFMD I love them ♥️, when I came upon your site about 10 month or so ago I loved your easy breezy and sincere style of communicating , but then when I saw that BFMD that first time it spoke to me !and I was hooked . I love ALL your outfits you wore for your week but a couple jumped out at me and they are BEIGE SHIRT/WHITE JEANS Combo it’s Beautiful , I would never have paired those 2 colours together💖BROWN SHIRT/WHEAT LANTERN PANTS but also your BROWN SHIRT/JEANS I love the combination of Brown and Blue , never thought it would go together 💖LONG SLEEVE HENLEY TOP/LINEN SHORTS, my legs aren’t as shapely as yours so I couldn’t wear those shorts 💖NILE V-NECK TEE/NILE LINEN PANTS💖I love those 2 garments together , the only Tonal dressing I do is usually with different shades of blues through to navy , but why not! women wear All White or All Black , perhaps it’s the colours that make the outfit ? That Nile colour is stunning and I think also perhaps because you just did a half tuck it looks so good . You look good in so many colours Kay , the Blue of your dress brings you alive and that ORCHID TOP/FLOWERED SKIRT can’t blame you for wanting to wear so much this summer , it’s so pretty 💖. Have a Gorgeous week Xx