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How I Really Dressed for LTK Con + Travel

October 6, 2023

Happy Friday! I’m still in Texas today, but I did round up my recent outfits for today’s How I Really Dressed for My Day rundown. Some of these outfits are from before we left town, while others are from the LTK Con and several are travel outfits. The temperatures were mostly in the 70s and 80s, so I’m still not wearing true fall outfits yet. But I have a feeling that will change next week. Yay!

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

All available items are linked in the captions of the photos. Even if they don’t look like links (sometimes they don’t highlight for some reason), they generally are. So just click through if you’re interested.

What I Wore Friday

Last Friday I got out to run a few errands and get my hair cut before our trip to Texas. I neglected to take an OOTD photo before leaving the house, so I grabbed one in the fitting room at Athleta.

white button up // jeans // belt // mules // similar earrings // bucket bag

The weather was pleasantly cool that day, but promised to heat up, so I wore ankle length jeans and my ultra soft Cloth & Stone white button up with mules. You know I’m loving wearing cognac accessories lately, so I added my cognac (cedar) belt and carried my Coach bucket bag, which coordinates so nicely. By the way, that white button up is not your average crisp cotton shirt. It’s a super soft 100% Tencel, so it feels great and has a lovely drape, too.

What I Wore Sunday on the Plane

When I was at Athleta I picked up a few new pieces for travel. Not only did I have this trip to Texas on my calendar, but I’ll be traveling to Georgia next week. And Athleta was having their Friends & Family event with 20-25% off, depending on your loyalty level, at the time. I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing my Athleta Endless Pants in toasted brown. This color is so on trend and I just love incorporating it into my wardrobe for fall and winter. But I also have them in navy and abalone grey (beige).

jacket // seamless tank // athleta pants (wearing size 10) // blue suitcases // black travel tote // sneakers // necklace // earrings

The Endless Pants make a great travel pant, but they can also be worn for casual days. And I wore these yesterday morning for a walk outside before retiring them to the dirty clothes bag. They are so comfortable and sporty, feature two front-side zipper pockets and a flat, elasticized waistband. I like that they have a faux zipper flap in the front, but they’re actually pull-on pants. I paired them Sunday with the coordinating jacket bomber style jacket in abalone grey, which really reads more as a beige.

What I Wore Monday to Lunch & LTK Con Registration

Monday I got up and did a workout in the hotel and then met up with some friends for lunch before registering for the conference. The dress code for the registration and following brand meet-up was business casual, so I wore some old favorite grey bootcut jeans with my favorite Veronica Beard dickey blazer.

Veronica Beard blazer // white tank // jeans (old) similar alternative // boots // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I love pairing camel and grey, so I finished this outfit with my new camel boots from Ally. Remember, you can use code KAYBOOTS at Ally for $50 off your first pair of boots. They’re pricey, but very comfortable and so chic.

What I Wore to the LTK Con Kick-off Party

That Monday night Lucchese sponsored the LTK Con Kick-Off party, so the dress code was chic western. I ditched my cowboy boots when we moved from Arizona to Ohio and just haven’t purchased any new ones. So I opted instead to let my denim jean jacket be my western vibe. Ha! Since it was a rooftop cocktail party, I felt like my Vince skirt and Sarah Flint flats was a nice duo.

white tank // denim jacket // skirt (now 50% off) // flats // necklace // earrings

You can use code SARAHFLINT_CCLAURAKAY1 for 15% off a full price purchase at Sarah Flint, for new customers only. In the photo above I’m with Nanette Johnson, another 59-year-old influencer who is on Instagram and the LTK app. She won the LTK Rising Star Award for the Fashion category. Isn’t that great? The Rising Star Award is for a relatively new LTK influencer who is fast building a community on the app. We over 40 gals were all so very proud of her.

What I Wore Tuesday for LTK Con Sessions

LTK Con is a conference for influencers who use the LTK affiliate program to monetize their businesses, and it’s an invite-only event. It truly is an honor to attend, and the best part is just being with other women who do what I do. They are all so gracious and lovely to be around.

old suit from Talbots (similar pantsuit from Express) // black tank // shoes, available here, available here // purse // earrings

I might should have worn something I could link to, but when I attend something like this I think it’s important to wear something that makes you feel your most authentic and confident. This three-year-old red suit from Talbots does that for me. Quite a number of other women were similar suits in red and other colors.

What I Wore Tuesday Evening for LTK Creator Awards

Tuesday evening LTK transported us by buses to the Meyerson Symphony Center for a lovely cocktail party, the LTK Creator Awards and a huge after party. The dress code was elevated party. I chose to wear a sparkly, fitted metallic long-sleeve Maggy London faux wrap dress.

dress // similar clutch // heels (similar option 1) (similar option 2)

I wanted to share that first photo with you because it’s on the “beige carpet” (aka red carpet) before the awards. LTK makes you feel like a rockstar throughout the conference. It’s so fun to walk that carpet and have photos taken. But the next photos shows my dress a little better.

dress // clutch // heels (similar option 1) (similar option 2)

If you’re looking for a dress for a fall or winter wedding, I can highly recommend this one. It is super comfortable and so flattering. I got lots of compliments, not just on the dress but on how I looked in it. I accessorized with equally glittery accessories in gold. I wore a size 10 in the dress. Oh, and yes, I wore shapewear underneath, but I didn’t chose to wear hosiery. My jewelry were rhinestone pieces from Talbots several years ago.

What I Wore Wednesday for a Road Trip to West Texas

Wednesday we slept in and then headed out to west Texas to visit James’ family for a few days. Again I wore my brown athleta pants, this time with a beige tank (similar) and my denim jacket. I completed the ensemble with my Naot sandals this time.

denim jacket // tank // athleta pants // blue suitcases // black travel tote // sandals // necklace // earrings // purse

This turned out to be a great road trip outfit – very comfortable but felt sharp, too.

What I Wore Thursday

Yesterday James went to breakfast with his dad while I worked a bit in the hotel room. Later in the day we had lunch out, went to a movie and then gathered with his family for dinner. I wore my midi length chino skirt with a graphic tee (sold out) and my denim jacket.

midi length chino skirt // graphic tee (sold out) // denim jacket // sandals // necklace // earrings // purse

Thanks so much for dropping in. Let me know if you have any questions about this week’s outfits. I hope to be wearing full-on Fall next week!

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13 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for LTK Con + Travel

  1. HI Kay, love your outfits, and a few items in particular. What size did you purchase in the white button-down blouse? Is it true to size? Same with the Athleta pants, are they true to size?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi! Yes, the white button down runs true to size. Wearing a medium. The Athleta pants run true to size but I went with the higher of my two normal sizes for a slightly looser fit. Wearing a 10. I have them in the 8 in my navy ones, but I prefer this fit for more everyday. I got the 8 for golf in the spring.

  2. Kay, please make a video or post (or both) about styling a white shirt like the one you are wearing. I purchased a similar blouse a couple of years ago and now that I am retired I would like to wear it in a more casual way, like lunch with the girls or with jeans, or for church. Mine is also tencel and it’s not fitted. If I had some inspiration it will save the blouse from the donation bin. Help please!

  3. I’m glad it was cool enough in Abilene for you to be able to wear fall-ish clothes! It just cooled down here in Austin (as in yesterday was in the 70s, Wed. we were still in the 90s). Hopefully we stick to the 70s-80s now. I’m tired of hot!
    Loved your looks….though that party sounds like a good excuse to get new boots! Lucchese are so nice (not that I have a pair!) I love your “old” red suit. If it makes you feel like a million bucks, wear it!
    I actually have an in-person work thing tomorrow and can’t decide what to wear! It’s been a long while!

  4. Kay, I am so glad you enjoyed the conference. Looks like everyone had a great time from the pictures. All the ladies looked beautiful. Loved your outfits.

  5. I know I am in the minority……..but I would be glad if wearing hosiery becomes the norm again. I think it makes our legs look so much better especially with knee length skirts and dresses.

    1. Judy I agree because pantyhose hide all the imperfections. I doubt that this generation will go back to wearing pantyhose. Many don’t care how they look.

  6. Hi Kay so pleased you enjoyed your LTK Con and are having fun with James and his family . love your travel outfit and that ‘toasted brown’ for your pants what a gorgeous Autumnal colour ,loved your ‘abalone grey ‘ jacket too looked beautiful , and the pants looked lovely worn with your denim jacket too , I love Brown/Blue/White worn together. Love love love your Red pant suit absolutely stunning , you look so good in that colour and style and pleased you wore something that was ‘YOU’ . Absolutely loved your wrap dress totally gorgeous so absolutely feminine while being on the classy side of sexy ♥️( My husband treat me to 2 Wrap dresses , one is a solid colour and the other is a paisley pattern and I Love wearing them 💖they are the ideal dress for us ladies . Your grey jeans do look good with the camel colour . Thank you Kay for all your hard work inspiring us lucky ladies . And absolutely for your BFMD ♥️so much nicer to walk away from gossip about someone , until we have walked in another ‘Sister’s’ shoes, let’s not be judgemental .

  7. P.S Yes please to what Krys has just asked about styling a white shirt . I’ve put mine away because I always look too formal like I’m attending an interview or going to a funeral . I have 2 , one with a collar and one collarless ( think they were called ‘grandad shirts’ years ago😂) I don’t want to part with them as they were expensive £££.

  8. The weather was warmer where I live in Central Texas. I wore shorts all week. Today is the first day it seemed like fall. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. You look so sharp in that dress. The brown pants look comfortable.

  9. I bought the Endless Pant several weeks ago and am so happy with them. I love that they can be both dressed up and worn casually – perfection. I have them in Toasted Walnut and Black, and I’m seriously considering the navy and Abalone, too!