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How I Add Color to My Spring Outfits

Building a Wardrobe
April 25, 2023

For the most part…there’s always room for an exception!..I like to add color to my spring outfits in one place. This is the piece of clothing that brings color close to my face, generally cost the least of everything in my outfit and is easy to switch out with the other neutrals in my closet. Do you know how I add color to my spring outfits? Mostly with tees and tanks and other colorful tops!

How I Add Color to My Spring Outfits
white jeans (size down; wearing a 29) // v-neck tee (TTS) // sandals // blazer (more economical option) // necklace // earrings // similar sunnies (more economical)

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As demonstrated in the outfit combinations I’m showing today, I like to purchase most of my pants, skirts and completer pieces in neutrals or more standard colors like denim blue or army green. Of course in last Thursday’s blog post I did share some beautiful, colorful skirts. But generally I find I get more mileage out of my closet if I build it with solid, neutral bottoms and completer pieces.

Wearing White Jeans in Spring

During the spring and summer I especially enjoy wearing white jeans and pants. While you absolutely do not have to, I like to reserve these crisp, bright bottoms for the warmer months (or at least the promise of warmer days!). And while I do love topping my white jeans and pants with neutrals, too, these are great bottoms to wear with a pop of color up top.

For a very simple but oh so chic outfit, I’ve topped my favorite white jeans with a vivid begonia pink t-shirt and my classic navy Miller dickey jacket. I just love the combination of white and pink and navy! I completed the outfit with nude colored slide sandals (oh so comfortable, TTS, and available in other colors, too).

Pink Shirt with White Jeans and Navy Blazer

When I add a pop of color to my outfit with a bright tee or tank or other top, I generally let that be the only color in the outfit. There is the temptation to double up, wearing the same color in a handbag or scarf or belt. But I’m finding that less is…enough. That’s not to say you couldn’t add a scarf here. That would absolutely work, too. But I do love the simplicity and pared back nature of this combination.

White Jeans and Pink Top and Denim Jacket
light wash denim jacket // metallic sandals // white jeans (size down; wearing a 29) // v-neck tee (TTS) // necklace // earrings // similar sunnies (more economical)

Above I’m showing a more casual version of that same outfit combination. I simply swapped out the blazer for a light wash denim jacket and switched out my heeled nude sandals for metallic flats. Of course you could create a similar, fresh look with your favorite color of tee or tank. This v-neck tee (TTS) I’m wearing also comes in a pretty sail blue, Kelly green, brilliant orange, pale orchid and rich spruce, something for everyone!

Jeans and T-shirt and Denim Jacket

While you can create similar looks with other types of colorful tops, such as this pretty linen puff sleeve shirt I shared in this post, there’s just something so effortlessly stylish about a simple t-shirt. And it’s much easier to work with in my wardrobe than any other kind of top, with the possible exception of its cousin the tank.

For a final look, I did double up on the pink, but not in an accessory. I’ve topped the pretty begonia pink tee with my vibrant salvia pink windbreaker.

Pink on Pink and White
white jeans (size down; wearing a 29) // v-neck tee (TTS) // necklace // earrings // similar sunnies (more economical) // windbreaker // similar sneakers (more economical option) // lipstick in Candy // nail polish in Pink Bikini

This time I completed this casual outfit with my white leather sneakers (similarmore economical option). How fun is that? This color-block combination is a testimony to the wisdom of working with a pared back color palette. I only have four colors in my wardrobe this spring and summer: bright pink, light pink, cornflower blue and Kelly green. When you work with only a few colors you can ensure that you have tops and toppers with which you can create this color-block effect.

Color-Block Outfit with White Jeans

Sure, you’ll see other pops of color in my outfits occasionally. For instance, I did buy some colorful linen for this summer that you can see in this post. But I love having simple tees in my chosen colors for outfits like these. It makes it easy to pack for a trip, simple to switch out your looks from day to evening and failproof to put together classic, fresh spring outfits.

I’ve rounded up lots of pretty, colorful tees, tops and tanks from my favorite brands in the shopping widget below. And remember all of these tops come in additional colors, so click through for all the options.

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4 thoughts on “How I Add Color to My Spring Outfits

  1. Good morning Kay, I wrote yesterday that was going Talbots for the May preview. Well, I found so many items😀 ended up the Bristol linen pants (oatmeal), the boyfriend linen shirt (gorgeous and very comfortable, pretty printed shirt, light blue perfect crop, navy blue wrap, it was a great day!!

  2. I do the same thing Kay. I love color but i like it by my face so I wear neutrals on the bottom and in my completer pieces. I have been enjoying your spring outfits but the weather is not cooperating as it is still in the 40s and 50s here in Michigan. It makes it hard to wear springy but warm outfits. Oh well, it will get warmer. Lol! Enjoy your visit with your Mom!

  3. Love your bright jacket idea!! Here in the Arizona desert it’s cold in the evenings so I wear bright cardigans sometimes solid and other times with polka dots!!!

  4. Hi Kay , you are right that ‘POP’ of colour really is all you need . That pink you have chosen is such a pretty and vivacious colour . I noticed last week you wore a really pretty blouse in a similar shade and it really stood out for me . Thank you for your very good advice as usual . Enjoy Georgia and I hope the weather is kind to you 💖Xx