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Colorful Hiking Clothes for the Trail

May 25, 2018

Happy weekend, everyone! Do you have special plans for this holiday weekend? We rarely do anything big on these long weekends, but we try to get outside a little and enjoy the beauty of the high desert where we live. My daughter Abby, who’s visiting for a couple of weeks before heading to the beautiful Oregon coast for the summer, has requested that we maybe go for a short hike and a picnic. So I’m sure we’ll try to oblige her. That’s why I thought it might be nice to go ahead and share some more hiking clothes.

Women's Hiking Clothes for the Trail

I have a friend with whom I often played golf years ago. We used to say that we might not be any good at the game, but we were going to look good on the course. And in the rough where we were often looking for our balls! Ha! And indeed we did have some cute golf clothes. I kind of feel the same way about hiking and backpacking. I may be a little clumsy and move slow as molasses, but I’m going to look good on the trail! And I want hiking clothes that move with me easily, too.

Women's Hiking Clothes for the Trail

Before we go any further, let me go ahead and admit right up front that these are not my hiking boots. They’re not hiking boots at all. As in the last hiking post, these are boots I borrowed on the fly when I realized I’d forgotten to bring mine to the photo shoot. So please excuse those. If you’re interested in some hiking boots for an upcoming trip or just local hiking, I suggest you consider the following factors:

  • If you’re buying shoes primarily for short hikes on fairly well-traveled terrain, you can opt for hiking shoes or performance sandals.
  • If your shoes will be worn for longer day hikes, you’re carrying a light pack or you need a little more support for less trained muscles, you’ll want hiking boots.
  • And if you are planning on carrying a heavy pack or hiking for several days or more, you should look into backpacking boots.
  • If you’re hiking around water, you’ll want Gore-Tex (GTX) for waterproofing.
  • And there are also boots specifically for dry, rocky trails.

I suggest you check out Backcountry where they offer a full range of outdoor footwear, and plenty of advice. The right footwear makes all the difference in a good hike.

Women's Hiking Clothes for the Trail

My favorite part of this outdoor wear ensemble is the Royal Robbins Expedition 3/4 Sleeve Shirt. I picked mine up at our local Dillard’s, which carries hiking clothes not found in most Dillard’s. But I found it for you cheaper on Amazon. And the shipping is free and they take returns. This super soft, lightweight shirt has TempraTech™ thermoregulation mesh on back yoke that keeps you cool and dry. It’s made of moisture wicking, quick drying fabric and offer UPF 50+ sun protection.

Hiking Expedition Shirt for the Trail

I have worn shirts like this tucked into my shorts, but it’s also very flattering and comfortable left out. The shirt is 100% polyester and even though the sleeves are already 3/4 length, it has roll up tabs for shortening them as well. Y’all, this shirt is so comfortable and fun.

Women's Hiking Clothes for the Trail

My shorts are the Columbia Saturday Trail Long Short in cypress, and the last I checked they were marked down considerably. They’re also available in a light tan, a dark gray and a pretty navy. They’re extremely comfortable. The shorts are made from a moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric that moves easily with you. They have several convenient zippered pockets and belt loops. I usually go up a size in Columbia shorts, by the way. These are an 8, and I’m mostly wearing 6s these days.

Honestly, Royal Robbins and Columbia have long been my two go-tos for hiking clothes. You just can’t go wrong with these brands. But if you’re planning on taking to the trail, be sure to choose from their true fitness clothes and not their everyday wear. You want moisture wicking, quick drying fabric, preferably with sun and moisture protection as well.

Women's Hiking Clothes for the Trail

I hope you enjoy some time outdoors this weekend…if that’s your bag. And let’s not forget to remember those who have paid a dear price for our freedoms this Memorial Day, too. After living in a military town for the past 13 years, I’ve become a little more aware of the sacrifices that not only our men and women in uniform have made for us, but also the cost to the families who love and support them. If you have lost a loved one in defense of our country, my heart goes out to you. But I also want you to know that you have not sacrificed in vain. Your country salutes you and the loved one who served so valiantly. Thank you.

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Blessed for My Day

Are you engaged in a battle of some sort today? Maybe you’re working to gain control over a bad habit or addiction, and your battle is an internal one. Or maybe you are struggling in a relationship, and the battle sometimes takes a nasty turn. Then again, you may be battling an overwhelming set of circumstances, and you feel you can’t get your footing. Please be encouraged today by the promise that God is fighting for you. He is for you, dear sister. Let Him fight it out while you rest in His power, His provision and His promises of protection. Allow Him to lead, and do not fear.

You shall not fear them, for it is the Lord your God who fights for you. ~ Deuteronomy 3:22

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6 thoughts on “Colorful Hiking Clothes for the Trail

  1. Cute hiking outfit Kay! I will be hiking this weekend as well. Getting up early tomorrow to do 3 peaks in the Huachucas in the Sky Island Summit challenge. Enjoy your time with your daughter!

      1. I had used Merrel in the past, but had trouble with the soles not holding firm and small areas losing adhesive. I am now wearing a mid rise pair of Keens which are working great!

  2. Great post! I really like Columbia clothing, especially for travel. The zippered pockets are great and the clothing easily washes and dries quickly. Enjoy your long weekend!

    1. Yes, you’re right! They’re great for travel. I’ll need to mention that next time. 🙂

  3. Kay, your “Blessed For My Day” always speaks to me. Thank you for your encouraging words. ~Lisa~