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White Skinny Jeans Paired with Lots of Pink

May 21, 2018

White skinny jeans for summer ensemble

First, a heartfelt thank you

Hello friends, and thanks for dropping in today. Before we get to today’s fashion post, I’d like to pause a moment to thank you for reading Dressed for My Day. You may not realize it, but I’m very new to fashion blogging. Not that I appear to be a pro or anything! But maybe you’ve just happened upon my blog and assume it’s been operating for a long time.

In fact, I just started blogging here in late March. And you, dear reader, have been vital to my success. This has been a full time venture, and, while I set this web site up by myself instead of enlisting a designer, there were and still are start-up and operating costs. So when you visit the blog, subscribe to it, spend some time here, comment on the posts, click on my affiliate links and even shop through them, it helps me keep this baby going. None of that costs you anything (except precious time!) but it helps me immensely.

So thank you. And please let me know if there is any way I can serve you better here in this space. I’ve decided to post four times weekly for now, usually Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Some of you have graciously requested I post more frequently, but I’ve been warned by seasoned style bloggers to keep it to four posts a week for now. So I’m going to follow their advice.

Meanwhile, if you want to help me out a little more, here are a few things you could do:

  • subscribe to the blog to receive my emails announcing new posts (this is SO helpful, and I’m going to begin blessing my subscribers with bonus goodies!)
  • tell your friends about the blog and encourage them to subscribe (you can easily do this by just forwarding to them the email you receive from me with a note)
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Really, thank you so very much just for being here!

Now, on to today’s fashion post

White skinny jeans with pink sleeveless sweater shell for a perfect summer style

I have worn this pink and white combo several times recently, and I feel current and springy every time. It’s such an easy but fun outfit. My white skinny jeans are Loft Curvy Skinny Jeans. I had originally bought the Modern Skinny Double Frayed Ankle Jeans in a 6, which is what I wear in most jeans, including jeans from Loft. But in white it is pretty normal to size up because white jeans tend to show more flaws than blue denim. Sure enough, the 6 didn’t work. But instead of sizing up, I just got the curvy fit in the 6. And that has worked really well. They didn’t have the double frayed ankle in stock so I went with the full length.

So the moral of the story is, instead of sizing up with white jeans, considering opting for the curvy fit if there is one. It just gives you a little more room so all the flaws aren’t glaring.

White skinny jeans with pink sleeveless top

As of Sunday night Loft was running a buy 2 and save  20%, buy 3 and save 30% and buy 4 and save 40% sale.

My sleeveless top is the Stitched Sweater Shell from Ann Taylor. It also comes in baby blue. The viscose, nylon and spandex blend shell has a sort of waffle weave stitch and a boat neck, which is flattering on most people. It fits close to the body without hugging tight, and doesn’t stretch out with wear. You can get 50% off your total purchase at Ann Taylor through Tuesday with the code MYSTERY50. Yay!

My necklace is one I got with my first Rocksbox set. Rocksbox is a subscription based try-before-you-buy jewelry service. For $21 a month, you’ll receive three pieces of jewelry that are yours to wear and try out for as long as you like. Then you can use your $21 toward purchasing pieces you like and want to keep. Yes, you read that right. You get to wear the pieces and try them as long as you like. Crazy, right? But I think I am going to buy this Wilde Rio Necklace. And I think I’ll probably return the bracelet and earrings I received, but I will wear them a little while first. If you’re interested in finding out more about Rockbox or subscribing, check it out here.

My earrings are some my son Daniel bought for me last summer when he was visiting Greece. Love.

White skinny jeans with pink accents

My bracelet is an oldie from J.Jill and my ring is the James Avery Adorned Hearts ring. I love using a Vera Bradley wristlet during the summer when I can. Now that I have to wear reading glasses and because I always require sunglasses in Arizona, I usually have to use a larger purse. But I can grab the wristlet out of my purse to use for quick runs to the store and such. It’s plenty big for my cell phone, all my cards, cash and even a pair of reading glasses and a tube of lipstick. This one is the All in One Crossbody in Painted Medallions. It’s one of the sale fabrics right now. I like that I can carry it as a crossbody, a wristlet or a wallet with the switch of a strap.

White skinny jeans accented with a Vera Bradley wristlet

White skinny jeans with pink sandals

My pink strappy sandals are some I bought at Talbots and have enjoyed for several years now. But they are very similar to their Daisy Nappy Sandals. Talbots’ shoes, as well as their dresses, skirts and accessories, are 40% through Monday.

White skinny jeans for the over 40 woman

I get so much wear out of white skinny jeans during the summer. They really are my go-to pants. I wore this outfit to a local ballet performance Saturday night and then to church on Sunday morning. But it’s also a great ensemble for going to lunch with friends or shopping with your daughter. And it’s a good combo to add to your suitcase this summer because the top doesn’t wrinkle and the pants are so versatile.

Do you like to wear white jeans? What brand have you had luck with? And again, thanks so much for being here at Dressed for My Day today!

Blessed for My Day

Last night my husband shared a message with our fellowship group on peace. He reminded us that while peace may often elude us, God truly desires for us to live with peace…not anxiety. So many women struggle with anxiety. I’ve been there, myself. But it breaks my heart that so many of us women are debilitated by anxiety. When I tell myself to stop fretting or worrying, I can’t. Instead, I have to replace my worries with deliberate meditations on God’s character, His ways and His Word. Today, when worries steal your peace, try to list in your mind the amazing characteristics of God. He is good, powerful, able, compassionate, loving, wise… See if this deliberate change of focus helps restore your peace.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. ~ Isaiah 26:3

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xoxo, Kay
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13 thoughts on “White Skinny Jeans Paired with Lots of Pink

    1. Thanks, Connie. Yeah, these sandals have seen a lot of wear. I didn’t realize how much pink I wear until I looked back over my post lately. Ha! Good reason to buy/own pink sandals!

  1. So cute! I’ve just recently started following you. I loved the dressing room Post. Thank you for today’s inspirational words of Peace. God bless you!

  2. Hi Kay – this was a nice post! I am new to following you, and I didn’t know you were so new at IG yourself, but you are off to a GREAT start, and I’m liking all the information you are posting. Keep up the good work! And I’m also following because I am a Christ follower too, so I appreciate the faith piece. Thanks!

    1. Hi Debbie, It’s so nice to “meet” you. Welcome to Dressed for My Day. I’m so glad you’re here! Blessings galore!

  3. I love the outfit!! I also love the faith filled message at the end. I was having a difficult day yesterday and sure wished I’d read that…in my heart I knew I should focus on prayer, my head didn’t get there for some time. I’m bookmarking this!!
    Beautiful all around. Thank you. God bless!

  4. Hi Kay, it seems that I started following you shortly after you started your blog. I’m impressed because it appeared to me that you had been blogging for a while. Well done on your new adventure! I enjoy your fashion insights as well as the inspirational portion of your posts. I also like how you share about the part of the country in which you live as I always like to learn about new places.

    1. Thanks for introducing yourself, Bev. I’m so glad you are a reader. Thanks for the encouragement! ?