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Denim Shorts with Simple Red Print T-Shirt

May 23, 2018

Can you believe we’re fast approaching Memorial Day weekend? To me this marks the beginning of summer. So I thought it would be a good day to share the kind of casual ensemble I’m sure to wear this weekend…and many weekends to come. In fact, you might find me in this very outfit come Monday! If you’re simply grilling out in the backyard as we are on Monday, you can’t go wrong with well-fitting denim shorts and a simple but pretty t-shirt.

Denim shorts and a simple red print t-shirt for a simple summer day

Ahh, I’d love it if you could join me for a glass of lemonade on my back patio. Wouldn’t that be fun? Anyhoo!

When buying denim shorts there are a few deal breakers that I consider.

  • the placement of the back pockets – always check out the rear view. Does the placement of the pockets make your rear look wide? We don’t want that!
  • the size of the back pockets – if the pockets are too large, they can accentuate the heft! But if they’re too small they can actually do the same thing. You really have to try them on and look in the three-way mirror to see how the pockets affect your…um…bum.
  • the leg hole size – I like for my jean shorts to fit close to the leg, but not tight. I don’t want my short so tight in the leg hole that they create that little roll of flesh, know what I mean? When they fit close, but not tight, the leg looks slimmer. I you like a little more space between your leg and the jean opening, that’s fine, too. It’s really a matter of personal preference. I like a wider opening with other shorts, but not my jean shorts.

Denim shorts and a simple red print t-shirt for a simple summer day

  • the length – once again this is all a matter of personal preference, but you do need to consider how different inseam lengths look on your body type. I have long legs so when my shorts are too short I feel that I look out of balance. So consider your leg length and torso length when choosing your inseam. Jean shorts come in lengths from 3-4″ to 9-10″. The good thing about most denim shorts is that you can play with the length a little by rolling them up at the hem once or twice.
  • the weight and feel of the denim – I want my denim shorts to feel like real denim, as though I actually cut off the legs of my jeans (like we used to do way back when!).
  • the wash – as with full length jeans, denim shorts come in a variety of washes. While I love the lighter washes, I feel like a medium to dark wash provides me more versatility in wearing them. I can dress up a darker wash a little, whereas a lighter wash tends to look more casual. Also I think darker skin tones can wear a lighter wash better than pale gals like myself.
  • distressing – denim shorts come in the full range of distressing, too. Simply choose what you feel comfortable with for the places you’ll be wearing them. I like a little distressing, but not holes. That’s just me, though.

Denim shorts and a simple red print t-shirt for a simple summer day

I’ve worn Talbots denim shorts for several years now, and I really like them. I do size down in my denim shorts, just as I do in my jeans. So whatever you wear in jeans from most brands is probably what you would wear in their denim shorts as well. I’m wearing a 6 and that’s what I generally wear in Talbots jeans. But in Talbots pants I often wear an 8. Also, you want to purchase denim shorts that feel a little on the snug size when you buy them because they generally “grow” a little as you wear them.

These shorts are the Talbots 7″ Stratton Wash Denim Short and they are substantially marked down right now.

Denim shorts and a simple red print t-shirt for a simple summer day

These shorts have a raw hem and Talbots styles them turned up just once as I am wearing mine. They are very comfortable and soft. They have just a little distressing. They do stretch a little with wear, as most denim does, but that’ why you need to go ahead and size down when you purchase them.

By the way, Talbots also has denim shorts in a 9″ inseam. They offer the 9″ Girlfriend Jean in the Short Sierra Wash and in the Breeze Wash. And if you’d prefer denim shorts in something completely other than blue, they have the 7″ Natural Denim Short and 7″ Colored Denim Short. Oh, and there’s a 9″ Girlfriend Jean short that comes in a pretty pink and a white. And, yes, ALL OF THOSE are also specially priced right now. It’s a just great day to buy some denim shorts!

My simple t-shirt is from Loft and it’s the Daisy Vintage Soft Tee. And I can vouch that it is indeed very soft and light. It’s 40% off this weekend with the code LONGWKND. Actually, everything is 40% off this weekend at Loft!

I love red paired with blue denim. But then I also love yellow, pink, orange and white with blue denim!

Denim shorts and a simple red print t-shirt for a simple summer day

My sandals are the Natural Soul Women’s Belle Sandal and they’re still available, even though I think I bought mine two years ago. They don’t have this exact color, but they come in black or a pretty Gingersnap, which is a little paler than mine. You know I love me some dainty, strappy sandals. But I also like to have a pair of sturdier, leather ones like these. It’s just a thing with me! And these are very comfortable and easy on/easy off.

My belt is by Ralph Lauren, but I couldn’t find one I felt comfortable linking to. Belts are expensive, y’all! So here’s the link to the belts at Talbots. But I’m almost certain I probably bought my Ralph Lauren belt someplace like Marshall’s.

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Do you have a favorite pair of denim shorts? How do you prefer yours?

Be sure to look through the shopping widget if you’re interested in shopping this post. And don’t forget those bargains I mentioned at Talbots and Loft. Oh, and Ann Taylor is offering 40% off you purchase this weekend, too, with the code SOREADY. And Nordstrom is hosting their Half Year Sale with wear-now items marked down up to 40%. Thanks so much for reading!

Blessed for My Day

Perhaps today you simply need to be reminded that you are loved. Regardless of how customers or fellow employees treat you at work, you are loved. Whether or not you are happily married, you are loved. Regardless of how your children speak to you, you are loved. Despite how you see yourself today, you are loved. And even if all your friends seem to be doing things with others but without you, you are loved. God, the One who created this world and holds it in His hands, loves you enough to pay the ultimate price, pursue you passionately and hold you close. God loves you.

The Lord your God is in your midst,
    a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing. ~ Zephaniah 3:17

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6 thoughts on “Denim Shorts with Simple Red Print T-Shirt

  1. I love this red top on you. And so perfect for our patriotic holidays. I just ordered it! I’m not one for wearing shorts, but it will look great with my denim crops.

    1. Indeed it will, Linda! Thanks for being here today, and for letting me know that you ordered the top. Feedback helps!
      ~ Kay

  2. You look adorable! I cut off my old jeans a few years ago, turned them up once and created a raw hem. The inseam is 9 inches. I love wearing them! Like you, I prefer my cut offs to be more fitted because they really do create a more slimming effect. Thanks for all the great ideas.

    1. Somehow I think that is so brave! And how cool that you created the same effect that I paid for by just cutting off your old jeans! Thanks so much for reading and commenting today.
      ~ Kay