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Reading Glasses You Look Beautiful Wearing

May 22, 2018

I get so frustrated about wearing reading glasses. Other than rarely wearing glasses for an occasional astigmatism in the past, I’d never had to bother with glasses or contact lenses before. Ladies, they really cramp my style. And I don’t just mean they don’t go with my outfits or my look. I mean they drive me crazy! Anybody? At this point I have to keep a pair in every room of my house, in my make-up bag and in my purse. And I still struggle to lay my hands on a pair quickly several times a day. Ugh!

Reading glasses that you'll look beautiful wearing

As someone who often teaches and speaks from a platform, my readers frustrate me because that’s just one more piece of equipment I have to deal with. Plus, I don’t want dippy looking reading glasses to ruin the look that I’ve carefully put together for my presentation. I hope that doesn’t sound vain. It’s really not about vanity for me. It’s about creating a style that translates to influence, both from the platform and in personal conversations.

I need reading glasses with some style

While I’m all for buying the value pack of readers from Amazon such as these and these, I prefer to have at least one pair of reading glasses that add to my appearance rather than detract from it. I’ve also found that the readers I paid a little more for have actually lasted for years, while the cheaper pairs have long ago broken at the hinges, lost a lens, peeled or even cracked in half. If I’m going to wear reading glasses from here on out then I’d rather spend a little more money for glasses that hold their value and their style.

So today I’m sharing some reading glasses that actually beautify as well as magnify. But first I thought I’d share a few tips for consistently choosing readers that both get the job done and complement your appearance.

How to select your reading glasses:

  • choose the right power. provides a printable diopter test chart that can help when ordering readers online.
  • choose reading glasses for computer use that are half the power of your normal reading glasses.
  • choose frame shapes that are opposite your face shape – oval faces can wear anything, round faces need squared frames, rectangular faces need rounded frames, heart shaped faces look best with upswept frames like cat eyes for balance. For more information and help determining your face shape, check here.
  • choose a color that flatters your hair color, eye color and skin shade, not necessarily a color that goes with your clothing. Generally, check the undertones in your face and hair. If your skin is peachy or a warm brown, choose frames with warm colors – peach, orange, warm brown, yellow. If your undertones are cool and your skin has more pink or blue, select frames with cool colors – pink, cool red, blue, purple or cool green.
  • choose glasses that make you look beautiful, not glasses that are necessarily the most beautiful on the rack. Bottom line? Look in the mirror and see if you see you first or the glasses. Ask someone else for their opinion, too.
  • choose glasses that light up your face – glasses that have light, flattering color on the inside of the frames actually throw light onto your face.

Reading Glasses You Looking Beautiful Wearing

I often get compliments when I wear these white butterfly readers from Brighton. I’ve had them for years. They don’t carry them anymore, but they have several other pretty styles to chose from. Yes, they are a little pricey, but mine have lasted for at least 10 years, so I don’t mind so much.

Bargain Brand Reading Glasses

Now remember, I do have readers from Walmart and Target. But when I select the glasses I’ll carry in my purse to wear when I’m perusing a menu or looking at a friend’s pictures on her phone or reading the program at a performance, I want glasses that make me look beautiful. Just keeping it real, why would I want to take time with my make up and hair, choose a coordinating outfit and select pretty jewelry only to plop drugstore readers on my face while I’m sitting across a candlelit table from someone?

Recently I needed to go up a level in strength, so I bought some new readers. From, I purchased the Emily readers, the Sophie and the Evelyn Bi-focal Sun Reader. These glasses were in the $15-$18 range. If you’d like to order from, they have a huge selection, and you can use the 40% off savings code they gave me to “share with someone special.” It’s SAVING40 and it expires May 29, 2018.

Special Occasion Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses that Make You Beautiful at Talbots
The Cape Cod Readers and the Oxford Gingham Readers from Talbots

Because I also wanted a pair of glasses that I’d set aside as my “special occasion” glasses, I ordered the Cape Cod Readers from Talbots. I really like the weight of these and I like the ice blue frames with the light tortoise temples. These are colors that look good with my complexion, hair and eyes, regardless of what I’m wearing.

Here are some other beautiful reading glasses to choose from based on your face shape and coloring.

Reading Glasses that Make You Beautiful from Neiman Marcus
Eyebobs Waylaid Square Readers in blonde tortoise and Kate Spade Jodie Two-Tone Rectangle Readers in red and tortoise from Neiman Marcus
Reading Glasses that Make you Beautiful from Vera Bradley
Courtney Readers and Jackie Readers from Vera Bradley
Reading Glasses that Make You Beautiful from Bloomingdales
Corinne McCormack Ricki Round Readers and the Corinne McCormack Abby Round Readers from Bloomingdales.

Don’t you just love the pinks in those Abby Round Readers by Corinne McCormack? What kind of reading glasses do you wear? Do you have everyday-around-the-house pairs and special occasion glasses? Feel free to vent, too!

Blessed for My Day

My sweet husband is so good to “fetch me my reading glasses” when I’m sitting down and just too lazy to get them myself. That’s service. And that’s what it means to serve. Today let’s see if we can outdo others in showing them honor, serving them graciously and showing hospitality.

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. ~ Romans 12:10-13

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xoxo, Kay
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7 thoughts on “Reading Glasses You Look Beautiful Wearing

  1. Dear Kay,
    Thank you for sharing.
    I did enjoy this blog about glasses…it helped me to think and gave some ideas when I purchase my next pair…but also left me with a couple of question…how do I know the following points?:choose frame shapes that are opposite your face shape – oval faces can wear anything, round faces need squared frames, rectangular faces need rounded frames, heart shaped faces look best with upswept frames like cat eyes for balance.
    choose a color that flatters your hair color, eye color and skin shade, not necessarily a color that goes with your clothing.

    1. Hi Lily. Thanks for you comment. In truth, I wrapped up this post late last night and realize now that, in my haste, I left out some vital information. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ve edited the post now to include it, but bottom line I provided this link to help a little, too: This page offers help with determining your face shape and the best glasses for each. I also added some info in the post about determining the best colors for skin tones as well. I hope that helps. And, again, thanks for asking for more!

      Oh, and also has bi-focal sunglasses. And the reader who left the comment about the stickers came back and offered a link for that, too.

  2. Love this,Kim!
    I’d like share something I have found. I have found some ‘stick on’ bifocal lens that will turn any expensive sunglasses into bifocal sun glasses.
    There are other brands out there too. Just soak the little lenses in hot water and the actually stick AND stay! I own 2 pair of Ray Ban sunnies and these things have stuck on for several years now!

  3. Any sources you recommend for sunglass readers? (or a link for the stick-on bifocal lenses mentioned in the earlier comment?) I plan to spend a lot of time reading by the pool this summer, so I need some sunnies!

    1. has bifocal sunglasses as well. And Cyndi provided a link now for the stickers. Thanks for the questions!