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My Day as a Stylist at J.Crew

May 15, 2023

Saturday I had the privilege of hosting a style party at my local J.Crew store at Kenwood Town Centre mall in Cincinnati. I’ve developed a relationship with the store manager, Jamie Strine, who is a big supporter of what we do here at Dressed for My Day – encouraging women over 50 to dress beautifully and modern and to keep showing up in a big way. It was such a pleasure working with her and her delightful staff that day. And it was even more of a delight to meet so many of my local DFMD ladies.

Kate Linen Pants and Parke Linen Blazer
Kate linen pants // Parke linen blazer // wedge sandals // textured pointelle sweater tank // earrings // pin is old // bracelet === Jamie’s blazer // jeans // stripe shirt

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J.Crew is one of my favorite stores to shop because they feature classic styles, but with a modern vibe. True to my previous experience, Saturday I witnessed men and women of every age shopping J.Crew, from teenagers to, ahem, more seasoned adults. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that during my four hour “shift” at J.Crew I’d say at least one third of the shoppers were women who are our contemporaries.

Kay at J.Crew

I went to the store on Thursday to pick out an outfit to wear to the event. In full transparency, the outfit was my compensation for my time. But I did purchase a few extra things while I was there, too. I just couldn’t resist! For my style party outfit I selected the Kate linen pants and the coordinating Parke linen blazer in white. Underneath I wore the radiant orchid textured pointelle sweater tank.

Kate Linen Pants and Parke Linen Blazer
Kate linen pants // Parke linen blazer // wedge sandals // textured pointelle sweater tank // earrings // pin is old // bracelet // holding the botanical graphic t-shirt (size up!)

I completed my “suit” with these raffia earrings and my pearl ball bracelet (already owned). And yes, I actually managed to wear these wedge sandals the entire four hours plus some. They definitely do not have a lot of padding in them, but they were comfortable enough. They fit true to size. In fact, everything I’m wearing fits true to size.

Kay at J.Crew

Everything I wore felt really comfortable and so very appropriate for the occasion. I do notice that the Kate linen pants look a little longer on the website than they do on me. And I imagine those models are just as tall as me at 5’8″, if not taller. But I am wearing heels, so maybe they look more full length with flats. I have the Kate straight leg pants in four-season stretch, too, and I think they’re about this same length on me.

Anyhoo! Let’s talk about that day! It was so fun meeting some of our local DFMD community.

Meeting a DFMD Follower

Kelly, above, dropped in following a dance class and said she was a little embarrassed about her appearance, but I thought she looked darling. She looked fresh-faced and vibrant and friendly. It was so fun talking with her and I was thrilled that she took the time to drop in.

Donna and Kay

And Donna, above, started going to my hairdresser when she reached out to me after one of my hair videos. I think her hair looks beautiful, don’t you?

I had several other visitors drop in, too. I can’t tell you how much I loved being able to see faces of readers…not just names or comments or pageviews. When I write these blog posts and record my videos, I really do think of you sweet ladies. I cherish every email I receive and enjoy every comment. And with each one I feel like I know you all a little better. But, wow, was it good to meet up with some flesh and some bones!

Kay Picking Clothes

Not everyone was shopping; some just dropped in to say hello. And I’m so glad they did! But I had a blast helping some of our readers/viewers put outfits together. And I met a lot of NEW readers and viewers and helped style them, too. Of course I didn’t take photos of everyone I worked with, but here are a couple who were brave enough to let me snap a shot in the fitting room.

Laura in the Fitting Room

Laura said it turned out to be an all white day for her. She went home with these wide leg seaside linen pants and this white vintage rib puff sleeve Henley top. I think she also ordered the white wide leg denim trouser jeans. Remember, J.Crew was generous enough to give the clients I worked with another 15% off their order, on top of the discounts they already had going on Saturday.

Jeanie and Me in Fitting Room
black Kate linen pants // smocked flutter-sleeve top in bouquet print // double strap wedges

Jeanie, above (but I may be spelling her name wrong), asked for some help putting together elevated casual looks for when she gets out and about. She wears scrubs at work and then comes home to change into loungewear or workout clothes. So she needed some fun casual clothes. You know I had a ball helping her dress her apple shape body.

She went home with the outfit above – black Kate linen pants // smocked flutter-sleeve top in bouquet print // double strap wedges – as well as the vivid begonia smocked puff sleeve top and the fuchsia cora top in soft gauze. Oh! She also got this beautiful Amber linen top in classic floral. It’s a stunner. And so versatile. Another lady I helped took that top home with the flax colored Kate linen pants. It works beautifully with white, flax or black.

Styling at J.Crew

I was able to help one lady find a pretty outfit to wear to her son’s high school graduation. She’s in her 60s and has a high school graduate, so she didn’t want to look old and frumpy amidst the younger moms. Trust me; she won’t! In fact, she got the white Kate linen pants, too. Ha! And I helped another woman pick out a pretty outfit for her college age daughter. So fun!

I worked as a stylist for a little under a year at Talbots, and it all came back to me. I truly love helping other women put together outfits that help feel good about themselves and look their best.

Jamie and Me

A big thanks to Jamie at J.Crew at Kenwood Town Centre for asking me to host this shopping party. She’s an amazing woman, and it’s a blessing to know her. If you ever do go to her store, please tell her I sent you.

One of the fun things I did besides style women Saturday was put together a rack with my favorite selections. So I thought I’d share those items with you below in a shopping widget. Thanks so much for stopping in. Remember, get dressed for your day and get out there and shine!

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Blessed for My Day

If we’re not mindful we can be impressed with the way scripture rolls of the tongue and resonates with our emotions, but miss the meaning. Have you ever contemplated what it is about “a woman who fears the Lord” that would cause her to be greatly praised? Better yet, why is fear of the Lord better than charm or beauty? I’ve thought about it a bit and here’s what I think.

When a woman fears the Lord above all else, she knows her own place in the grand scheme of things. She doesn’t fear people or circumstances or change or even difficulties because she knows enough of her God to understand that He is in control and that He loves her wildly, deeply. And when a woman fears the Lord with that kind of understanding of His character she is then freed up to focus on putting others at ease rather than trying to put them in their place. And much of God’s character begins to rub off on her…His grace and kindness and gentleness and joy.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. ~ Proverbs 31:30

xoxo, Kay
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13 thoughts on “My Day as a Stylist at J.Crew

  1. The white suit with the lavender tank looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I wish I was closer so I could have stopped in to visit.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the results of your style picks. I wish we had a JCrew near Harrisonburg, VA where I shop.
    I had an enjoyable Mother’s Day too. Neither of the children were here, but my daughter left her small fluffy dog here with us for a week while they are on vacation and we checked in via email occasionally. We have an older dog, so tensions (mostly me) were a little high at first, but all seems to be worked out between the dogs. So I get the “grand-dog” thing. And later on our son called to check in with us. So, with my husband taking me out to our favorite restaurant, it was a very enjoyable day for me.
    Thanks for all your encouragement….PS: I used a few style hacks that you’ve been giving us lately and in the past. So again–you are much appreciated!

  3. Oh, what fun you must have had meeting some of the ladies from DFMD and helping other customers. I too use to work in retail and I do miss that, though it was several years ago.
    The only bad part was all the clothes I came home with, my pay check paid for my clothes though and didn’t come out of the household money. Wish I lived closer to Cincinnati, Ohio so I could have buzzed over there. From where I live in Minnesota it is 684 miles over 10 hour drive. Maybe someday.

  4. Kay, I love your Blessed for my day – that verse is my memory verse this week, and you fleshed it out beautifully!

    Secondly , I love that lavender knit sweater! That’s not a color I have chosen before, but I may change that!

    Thanks for all the work you do and the great content !

  5. Always love the blessed for my day and your comments. Very cute outfits. A style party would be a lot of fun for me.

  6. I would have LOVED coming to see you from Tennessee, but I already have a trip at the end of the month (we are celebrating my oldest daughter’s 40th birthday in Nantucket. I have four daughters and a daughter in law). It would have been a fun road trip, maybe next time. It was fun to see you style people! Also to see what you picked out on the rack.

    I don’t know if it is because I grew up without a mother and with a busy father (single dad in the 60″s!), but it has always been hard to wrap my head around how very much God loves me. I love your adjective “wildly” to describe His love. I can only begin to fathom it.

  7. Love Jamie’s and Jeanie’s outfits! Both tops are so pretty and flattering on them. Those are also good examples of light and dark color linen pant options.

  8. Oh that looked like a lot of fun! Kay, you looked smashing in that suit and the top looked great with your fair coloring. I would have loved to have been there and had your assistance picking out pieces. But alas I’m in Canada 🙄 a bit too far to pop in. Thank you for sharing Kay, blessings