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How to Wear Colorful Print Pants, Shorts & Skirts This Summer

June 6, 2022

Happy Monday! If you’re lacking a little pep in your step on this first work day of the week, maybe my bright colored pants will get you going. I’m sharing tips for wearing these or any other colorful print pants, shorts or skirts this summer. I absolutely believe women over 50 can wear these bold and sassy prints and not look childish or clownish. Let me show you how!

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How to Wear Colorful Print Pants and Not Look Childish

If you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, you know that I’m a neutrals girl at heart. I love my all neutral outfits, especially in subdued colors like black, grey, beige and ivory. So what’s a neutral lover like myself doing with these loud pants to begin with?

floral blouse
See the original post from 2020.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed having one pair of colorful print pants or shorts in my summer wardrobe. I remember wearing a pair of loud floral jeans and an equally bold floral knit cardigan to a practice round at the Masters in August circa 1990. I was probably as bright as the azaleas surrounding the famous golf course!

Colorful A-Line Skirt with Soft Blue Sweatshirt
See the original post from 2021.

Or I think some summers I’ve skipped adding more print pants and opted for a skirt instead. So yes, you absolutely can apply the same principles we’re talking about today to those loud skirts. In fact, they actually make a skirt in the same bold floral print I’m styling in my crop pants. Don’t you worry; I’ve rounded up some fun options for shorts, pants and skirt lovers alike.

What I Wore Wednesday
fiesta paisley crops (wearing the curvy fit) // white t-shirt // sneakers (gifted) // similar necklace customized with Bronze Veined Teal Magnesite // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% // earrings

This year I’ve already ended up with two pair of colorful print pants because this pair was back-ordered and I forgot about them. Meanwhile I ordered the pair I’m featuring today. Plus, I picked up a pair of colorful print shorts. Ah, well. I’m pleased as tropical punch!

Trailing Hibisicus Shorts
sweater vest // shorts (shorts in longer length) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // sandals // straw handbag // necklace

So here’s the big question. Can a woman over 50 really wear these colorful prints and not look foolish? Can she, in fact, look chic and stylish in these busy summer pieces? Well I think we’re smart to heed a few style principles when putting together outfits with these fun shorts, pants and skirts, but it absolutely can be done.

Let me offer a few style tips and then I’ll give you the lowdown on my newest loud pants, the “tossed flower” perfect crops. I’ll be sharing blasts from the pasts while I cover the basics. So most of these items are no longer available, but the outfits illustrate the tips I’m sharing. I’ll link you to the original posts, too, in case you’re interested in seeing more.

Blue flutter sleeve tee 2 ways
See the original post from 2019 for details.

Style Tip #1 – Keep in mind that colorful print pants will be more memorable than solid pants. Thus you may not want to wear these quite as frequently as you would, say, these solid colored stovepipe pants I’m wearing on repeat these days. And if you do include them in a vacation travel capsule, for instance, you’ll want some distinctly different ways to style them.

Ikat Crops and Tank
See the original post from 2018.

Style Tip #2 – You can always pair your floral pants, jeans, shorts or skirt with a basic white, ivory, black, navy or grey tee (depending on the colors in your pants) for an effortless look. The t-shirt can be solid or you can choose a graphic tee with coordinating colors in the design. But for the no-risk, no-fail combo, stick with the solid t-shirt.

Mixed Blues Crop Pants and Tee 2
See the original post from 2018.

Style Tip #3 – Choose a solid t-shirt in a solid coordinating color for another easy pairing. Select a tee that is interesting and has a flattering neckline, but avoid tops with too much fuss going on. You have enough “going on” with your pants, so you don’t want another piece of clothing competing with them.

See the original post from 2021.

Style Tip #4 – This is perhaps the most important style tip I can offer you. When wearing colorful floral pants, keep your outfit anchored and adult by wearing at least one neutral or classic item in the mix. That could be your top (basic white tee or classic chambray), shoes (neutral color or classic sneakers), handbag (neutral color or more structured) or even your jewelry (minimal and solid gold or silver). Just one neutral or classic item will keep you from looking childish, clownish or as though you’re about to flitter away. Know what I mean?

Floral Embroidered Gauze Top
See the original post from 2020.

Style Tip #5 – If you want to wear a bold statement necklace with your colorful floral pants, make sure you wear a more neutral top to anchor the look.

chambray shirt

Style Tip #6 – You can always top your floral pants with a denim or chambray top/shirt for a truly classic look. This is another no-fail combination.

In fact, this is how I styled my new “tossed flower” perfect crops. Let’s check out this outfit now, since most everything here is still readily available. These bold colors are so very now also.

Floral Pants with Chambray Top
“tossed flower” perfect crops (wearing Curvy fit, size 8, TTS) // denim slub ruffle trim shell (wearing M) // white leather sneakers // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // necklace option // earrings // bracelet option

I kept my floral print pants outfit very simple. I topped the “tossed flower” perfect crops with a straightforward denim slub ruffle trim shell. If you prefer sleeves, another option would be the denim tie sleeve top. Everything here fits true to size, and I’m wearing the “tossed flower” perfect crops in the Curvy fit, as I usually do when they’re available.

Denim Ruffle Trim Shell

For the first few photos I’m showing this trending print crop pants outfit with white leather sneakers from Calla. They’re a great source for stylish shoes for women with bunions. They sent me these white leather sneakers to share with you. I don’t have bunions, but these wide-in-the-toe-box shoes still work nicely for me.

white leather sneakers from Calla // Use code KAY20 for 20% off your purchase over $159 at Calla.

These fashionable sneakers include a removable cushioned and arch supported insole, fully lined toe box (no seams!) and wider toe box, plus lace ups so you can adjust the forefoot width if needed. If you have bunions or other problems in the toe box area, I suggest you check out Calla. And use my code KAY20 for 20% off order of $159 or more.

Calla Shoes

For a more casual look, I think classic white sneakers are such a fun choice to accessorize your colorful print pants, shorts or even skirt. But another fun choice is metallic sandals.

How to Wear Colorful Print Pants and Not Look Childish
“tossed flower” perfect crops (wearing Curvy fit, size 8, TTS) // denim slub ruffle trim shell (wearing M) // Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals (gifted) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // necklace option // earrings // bracelet option // similar straw bag (more economical option)

Style Tip #7 – If you do choose to wear metallic or colored sandals with your floral print pants, then definitely “anchor” your outfit with a more classic top, such as a chambray (denim) top or that classic solid tee.

Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals
Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals (gifted)

I’m wearing my super comfy Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals (gifted). But whatever metallic sandals you have in your closet for the summer will work, too. I think the key is to go a little subdued, even if the sandals are glittery. A little bling goes a long way with colorful print pants.

Pared Back Summer Jewelry

That’s why I also kept my jewelry very summery and pared back. No need for a lot of bling here. In fact, I think my olive green nylon strap watch really helps anchor this outfit. I’m wearing it on repeat these days because I love its casual vibe. Remember to use code KAYHRMS at Nordgreen for 15% off, even if the watch is already discounted.

Wearing Print Pants in the Summer Over 50

Shop the Look and More Prints

I’ve rounded up lots of other great colorful print pants, shorts and skirts for you in the shopping widget below.

Shop Colorful Print Skirts:

Shop Colorful Print Shorts:

Shop Colorful Print Pants:

Let me know if you have any questions about today’s outfit or the tips I shared. What about you? Do you like to wear colorful prints in the summer? I’d love to hear from you today!

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10 thoughts on “How to Wear Colorful Print Pants, Shorts & Skirts This Summer

  1. I love the printed pants on you! I am often drawn to beautiful prints on pants, but then when I wear them, I feel like they make my legs look larger. Maybe it’s just my imagination, because I don’t think they do that in your photos. Anyway, because of that, I tend to go with skirts if I’m wearing a print on the bottom. I just got a navy/white gingham skirt that I am enjoying this summer. I had been looking at that lemon print skirt from Talbot’s. It is not my normal color or style, but it has some blue in it, so I thought the chambray shirt idea would be really pretty. Maybe it’s a good way to try some new colors.

  2. I love the bright colors and prints this Spring and Summer. I would probably wear it in a dress or shorter skirt, more so than in pants.
    I have 2 pairs of pants in prints, but they are more subdued colors, light pink and blue. Don’t know why this is so, but
    maybe because I would wear the subdued prints more in the pants. Loved the BFMD.

  3. I have that skirt and I love how you paired it with tennis shoes and a sweatshirt! I’m going to try that! Even when it is a hot day, the stores and restaurants are sooo cold. I’ll wear it over a light shirt for if I get too hot. Thanks!

  4. I love this post because floral pants are my summer favorite. I’m glad you did this post; I needed some ideas for my summer florals. Thanks!

  5. I’m sure it’s no surprise but I ADORE those new pants. Of course, you know I would break the rules and try to print mix with them too. But the chambray shirt is also one of my go-tos!!!!

  6. What a great BFMD! Kay, I think you look great in the bold pants, just like you have in your previous bold pants, skirts, and shorts. I have a somewhat bold dress that I am wearing this Thursday l and I’ve been mulling over what shoes I want to wear with it. Reading this post has given me ides, so thank you!