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Fun & Easy Weekend Look with a Bite

July 31, 2020

Hahaha! I don’t know what you’re expecting with the crazy title I gave this post. But I suppose I was feeling a little frisky…with the weekend fast approaching and all. Hehehe! Well, this is a fun and easy weekend look alright. And you’ll see what I mean by the “bite.”

Fun and Easy Weekend Look
Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant // viper skin mock neck golf polo // Sperry Adriatic Flip Flops in black // Parker link chain necklace // similar sunglasses

I absolutely love wearing these Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pants. They are so amazingly comfortable and cool. The Recycled Polyester/Lycra® Spandex is lightweight, fast-drying and has a UPF rting of 50+. You may remember them from my What to Wear While You Get There video. Indeed, they are the perfect travel pants, but they’re great for everyday wear, too.

Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pants
Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant // Sperry Adriatic Flip Flops in black

I must have taken these photos right after I purchased these Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pants because the photo shows some wrinkles. Really these are wrinkle resistant pants, so they look crisp and sharp all the time…even after sitting for hours in the car or on a plane.

viper print top
viper skin mock neck golf polo

The Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pants run true to size and they’re available in other colors, too. Unfortunately, the Brooklyns are not marked down. If you’re really interested in a similar pant (not the same style, but the same fabric, color and feel) you might want to check out Chico’s Zenergy side-pocket pants. As of yesterday at least, they were marked down to an incredible price for Zenergy. I also have those and they run true to size, too.

My viper skin mock neck golf polo is one I picked up recently when I was preparing to play golf with a friend. Yeah, some gals go out and hit a bucket of balls and others go shopping for a new golf shirt. Hahaha! Thus, I played like crud, but I looked cute as a button. *grin*

At any rate, this is the “bite” in the outfit, of course. Want to bring a little fun to your weekend? Here’s the ticket. A little animal print…of any kind…is such a fun way to liven up an outfit. The viper skin mock neck golf polo is from Dick’s Sporting Goods and it’s not on sale either.

Honestly, this is why I took these photos like three weeks ago, but I haven’t shown them yet. I’ve been waiting of at least one of these pieces to go on sale. And notta!

Moving right along!

I decided silver jewelry would look best with this black/grey and white outfit. So I simply wore my Parker necklace and my silver Halogen teardrop earrings…which are sold out again. Ugh. So, since you can’t even see the earrings in the photos anyhow…let’s just pretend I’m wearing my Brighton  geo twirl French wire earrings. (Hahaha! Nothing’s going right with this post!)

Sperry Adriatic Thongs (also in brown leather)

Cue the chorus! My Sperry Adriatic Thongs are indeed marked down to a reasonable price. I wear these simple black flip flops almost every day at least part of the day. They feature premium leather, rawhide strap detailing and a cushioned, light-as-air footbed. The Sperry Adriatic Thongs run true to size and also come in brown.

viper print top
Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant // viper skin mock neck golf polo // Sperry Adriatic Flip Flops in black // Parker link chain necklace // similar sunglasses

This is the kind of fun and easy weekend look that will make you feel like you’re wearing something a little festive…but you’re still cool as a cucumber.

Brooklyn Wide Leg Crop Pant // viper skin mock neck golf polo // Sperry Adriatic Flip Flops in black // Parker link chain necklace // similar sunglasses

I love that this fun and easy weekend look is pulled together and unique, but it’s also very simple and pared down. I’d wear this to travel in for sure. But it’s also perfect for entertaining in your backyard, meeting friends in a park for a visit or going to the grocery store.

Oh, and I don’t have a shopping widget because that’s just one more thing I couldn’t get to work about this post. Hahaha! Well, the post didn’t go as planned. But the outfit is stellar in my book. I hope you enjoyed this little bit of style inspiration…even if I did whine about it all the way through the post. LOL!

Hey, you have a great weekend!

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Blessed for My Day

This week we’ve been exploring the concepts of guilt, shame and forgiveness. As women who have felt guilt lift from our shoulders by the grace of God, we have a calling. We are expected to share that amazing grace that “saved a wretch like me.”

‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Who do you know that needs to hear the good news? Let’s always be willing to share boldly and lovingly about the grace of God that relieves the fears of our heart.

I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power. ~ Ephesians 3:7

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8 thoughts on “Fun & Easy Weekend Look with a Bite

  1. What a great looking casual outfit! Technology is not always our friend, is it! We do not have any special plans for the weekend. Since more people are out and about on the weekends, that’s when we definitely stay at home. Today is my house cleaning day, that only takes a couple of hours. Tomorrow is laundry day. Both days I hope to relax and do some reading. Guideposts has great fictions that have gotten me into reading. Great BFMD today. Have an awesome day!

  2. I love your blog and your videos. Your upbeat personality shines through. Thanks for helping me get dressed for my day.

  3. Great post, Kay! You look cool and stylish. We are just going to hang around our home here in PA.
    Thanks for BFMD also. I love the old hymns such as “Amazing Grace”.
    Have a blessed weekend, Kay.

  4. I am in love with the golf shirt. Can’t buy anything right now, saving my budget for a Nordstrom sale purchase or two! I am really challenged by the pants, my eye is just not adjusting to the loose silhouette perhaps I will be skipping this trend or more accurately going for a slightly more tailored version. Thanks Kay for all you do, we are off to the lake for a 10 day vacation. We would normally be travelling to see family in other parts of Canada but that is not an option this year so I am being forced to rest and relax! Looking forward to it but sad that I won’t see my siblings or son this summer ! I miss hugs from my baby boy! (24 year old baby boy,?)

  5. I love this look. My neice would say, “Boy, Aunt Eve, you’re really styling today”, if I wore that. My husband, however would turn white as a sheet. He hates snakes. I do have a new pair of snakeskin sandals that he hasn’t noticed yet, LOL
    I do remember the moment I first believed. I was reading a book by Hal Lindsey, “The Late, Great, Planet Earth”. It changed my life.

    1. Ah, thanks so much for sharing your story of belief, Eve. That’s precious. I think it’s funny that your hubby hasn’t yet noticed your snakeskin sandals. Hahaha! ?