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Simple Summer Dresses from Talbots & Chico’s

July 30, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! We are definitely feeling the summer heat here in Cincinnati. What about where you are? And while I’ve been wearing shorts some, I find myself reaching for simple summer dresses and skirts frequently, too. They’re just as cool, easy to wear and definitely just as fun to accessorize. Today I’m sharing some simple summer dresses – and one skirt – that I recently tried on at Talbots and Chico’s.

The low down on fitting room sessions

First, let’s square off on fitting room sessions. It was a blustery day (very strange!) when I tried these dresses on, so my hair is an absolute mess. And since, I was trying to be very careful to not create more work for the sales associates at these stores, I kept in my fitting room for the most part instead of venturing out to the better lit three-way mirror. So take these photos for what they are…a girl friend sharing her experience. Ha!

I’m 5’8″ and generally wear a medium or size 8 in tops, pants and dresses. If I tell you the dress or skirt is true to size, that means I’m wearing an 8 or medium. Otherwise, I’ll let you know if I sized up or down.

simple summer dresses at Chico’s

striped sneaker dress

This striped sneaker dress turned out to be a winner.I’m not usually keen on crew necks, but it does provide a space for a pretty necklace. And this dress certainly fits the bill of a “simple” summer dress, but with a sweet twist along the waistline.

I’m wearing my true to size Chico’s 1 or size 8 in this striped sneaker dress. The dress also comes in solid navy and turquoise blue, but the sizes are a little picked over in those, whereas the navy and white stripe is available across the board. There’s also a camo tie-front sneaker dress that assume fits and wear similarly.

striped sneaker dress

The dress I’m wearing is marked down PLUS you get an extra 40% off with code 23705. The camo tie-front sneaker dress is not marked down, but you do get the 40% off with code 23705. PLUS just through today, get an extra 10% off with code 21721.

I think this is a really comfortable and versatile dress. This one’s a winner.

sleeveless knit multi bright maxi dress

Next I tried on the sleeveless knit multi bright maxi dress. This dress is also available in solid black. I’m wearing my true to size Chico’s size 1 or size 8.

Chicos maxi dress
sleeveless knit multi bright maxi dress

I think if you’re looking forward to a beach vacation or entertaining around the pool, this is a great choice. Otherwise, I doubt this would be my choice. It’s a very long, straight dress. So I think it would definitely need some pretty, bold jewelry. And you’ll need to wear a racerback bra with this dress, too.

You’ll get 40% off this dress (and everything else at Chico’s) with code 23705. PLUS just through today, get an extra 10% off with code 21721.

Zenergy Sleeveless Midi Dress

Next I tried on the Zenergy Sleeveless Midi Dress in tangelo orange. It runs true to size, but I think I would definitely need my Spanx Power Shorts with this one. (Well, I’d probably wear them with all of these dresses, truthfully.)

Zenergy Sleeveless Midi Dress

The Zenergy Sleeveless Midi Dress is made of a rayon and spandex blend, so it’s nice and stretch and has a good drape. It also comes in olive/white stripe, grey/white stripe and solid black. I think the solid black would be oh so chic. And wouldn’t this dress look great with either a denim jacket, mid length cardigan, linen button up shirt or a kimono over it? Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Remember, everything at Chico’s is 40% off with code 23705. PLUS just through today, get an extra 10% off with code 21721. You can check out my other Chico’s favorites here.

simple summer dresses at Talbots

Tropical Maxi Dress

This Tropical Maxi Dress is a little dressier than the other two dresses I tried at Talbots. But you could still easily wear it for entertaining at home or going out to dinner. It fits true to size.

Talbots maxi dress
Tropical Maxi Dress

Still, this Tropical Maxi Dress feels more casual than I would have thought by looking at the catalog. It’s constructed in a 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex jersey knit, so it has a very nice drape and feels luxurious on the skin. The belt can be removed, so you could easily sub it out with a wide leather or fabric belt if you have one.

I really like this dress. And right now this dress, along with all full-price merchandise, is 30% off.

Painterly Stripe Henley Midi Dress

Of all the dresses I tried on, the Painterly Stripe Henley Midi Dress was definitely my favorite. This 57% Rayon, 38% Cotton, 5% Spandex dress is so extremely comfortable. I mean, like butter! And it has a very nice drape, too.

Talbots Skirt T by Talbots Dress 2
Painterly Stripe Henley Midi Dress

This Henley Midi Dress would be perfect for just around the house, but also sweet for backyard cookouts, running errands, brunch out or a day with the grandkids. I’m wearing my TTS medium. You’ll get 30% off this dress and others at Talbots. PLUS Classic Awards members are earning double points right now.

Tie Waist Midi Dress

Hmm. I don’t know. Maybe this Tie Waist Midi Dress was my favorite. Hahaha! I really like all three dresses I tried at Talbots. This one also runs TTS and feels extremely comfortable on.

Tie Waist Midi Dress

I like that this Tie Waist Midi Dress is gathered at the waist. So many of the other dresses I tried on just hang. And I think a little soft definition around the waist helps a gal out. This T by Talbots Tie Waist Midi Dress would be perfect for around the house or getting out and about. You could easily wear it – and all the other dresses I’ve shown – with sandals, flip flops or sneakers.

The Tie Waist Midi Dress is 30% off. And Talbots Classic Awards members are earning double points, but just through August 2.

Falling Lines Midi Skirt

I had been curious about this skirt after perusing the new arrivals at Talbots, so I decided to try it, too. I think the Falling Lines Midi Skirt has a lovely drape and looks very flattering on. However, it, like so many of Talbots’ similar skirts, seems to run a little tight in the waist. I’m wearing my usual size medium, but it feels snug if I position it where I think the waist band should be.

Falling Lines Midi Skirt //

Of course, I did manage to tuck in the cap sleeve sweater I paired with it. So it can’t be that tight. Hmm. I think I’m just a weenie when it comes to skirts. By the way, the cap sleeve sweater in white and indigo are regular price, but there are several pretty summer shades that have been marked down. And of course you get the 30% off the regular priced items at Talbots right now. You can check out all of my favorites from Talbots here.

I didn’t try on too much at either store. With all the work sales associates are having to do to clean fitting rooms and prep tried-on clothes to go back onto the floor, I didn’t want to abuse the system and try on anything I wasn’t serious about potentially buying.

But I did find lots of other equally pretty and comfortable summer dresses at both locations. So I’m filling the shopping widget below with the ones I saw and liked…on the hanger at least. Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve shared today. Thanks so much for dropping in!

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Blessed for My Day

In yesterday’s Blessed for My Day, we looked briefly at the difference between the conviction God brings upon us and the guilt the enemy lays on us. While we definitely need to shake free from the false guilt of the enemy, we do need to deal constructively and biblically with the conviction we feel as the Holy Spirit works in our lives.

But that’s the good news – or the gospel. If we confess our sins to God – that simply means we agree with Him about what we’ve done or the attitudes we’ve harbored and we repent and turn the other way – then God forgives us of those sins. The end. We do not need to carry around the guilt for those sins. That may sound trite and flippant, but it’s not. Actually, if we continue to pay penance or feel guilty over sins for which we’ve been forgiven, we’re really telling God that the blood of Christ was not enough to pay for our sins. Instead, we simply need to live in gratitude for the grace we’ve been given.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. ~ 1 John 1:9

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11 thoughts on “Simple Summer Dresses from Talbots & Chico’s

  1. Love these looks Kay… favorite is the multi colored maxi from Chico’s!
    Great sales also!

  2. I love summer dresses! The Painterly Summer Stripe Henley midi is my favorite of the ones you tried. It looks cool and comfy! By the way, your new do is beautiful!

  3. Love these dresses. And I just want to thank you for the bonus post! I know it is extra work for you, but as one who doesn’t shop the Nordstrom’s sale, I do want to make sure you know I appreciate it! (And, by the way, don’t mind and do read the Nordstrom posts.)

    MAKE IT a great day!


  4. Great post, Kay! My favorite was the dressier dress from Talbots as well as the skirt. All the dresses look well on you.
    Thanks for BFMD. I agree that it is important to know the difference between conviction from the Holy Spirit and the false accusations from the enemy of our souls.
    Have a great day!

  5. You sure tried on some pretty dresses! I am wondering if any of them went home with you. I am going to request to be notified when the camo dress at Chico’s goes on sale. While we are still dealing with high humidity and temps, we’ve had a couple days break due to wet weather. The rain is a blessing because we really need it. Have a great day!

  6. “I think I’m just a weenie when it comes to skirts.” Haha! That cracked me up for some reason. This was a good post, and I love seeing the dresses on a normal person, as opposed to the models in the company photos. It really helps me decide what I might want to try on myself. Thanks for doing that work for us!

  7. Hey Kay! I often prefer to wear summer dresses or skirts during the summer season. I usually find them more comfortable than pants, capris, or shorts. My favorite dress posted today is the striped dress from Chico’s. Thanks for showing such a great variety of summer dresses. Hoping all is well with you and your family!

  8. A few years ago, I wore dresses and skirts all the time. That was when I was a lot more active and places to go. These days I go for pants and a shirt. A loose shirt. No iron. I still love seeing the new dresses though and I’m thinking about buying a couple for when we can attend something a little more fun than a Dr office or eye exam.