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Fashion Trends Out of Style for Fall 2022

August 15, 2022

As much as I know my readers enjoy hearing about what’s in style for the upcoming season, I actually receive more questions about what is out of style. Already I’ve been asked if cardigans, skinny jeans, scarves, pendant necklaces, leggings and more are out of style for fall 2022. So today I’m braving the backfire and sharing what fashion trends are out of style in 2022 and what you might want to wear instead.

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Fashion Trends Out of Style for Fall 2022

Before we start running through the list of garments and accessories that are “out of style” for fall 2022, let me remind you that this is really just for fun. There are no fashion police who are going to arrest you for wearing any of these styles if you want to do so. And shame on anyone who would berate you for choosing to wear any of these so-called dated looks either. In fact, I believe that how you wear something is truly what makes it stylish. So if you wear something that suits your personality, personal taste and body, it really doesn’t matter if “they” are calling it out of vogue or not.

Ruched Sleeve Blazer for Dressing Up Jeans
From September 2018

Also keep in mind that most trends have an approximate four-year cycle. One year we see something on the runways, the second year early adapters embrace it, the third year it goes mainstream and by the fourth year it’s beginning to fade in popularity but still hanging on. On top of that, many things that fade in popularity one year will make a return, even if it’s in a slightly different form, just a few years later.

SO you don’t need to get rid of these “out of style” fashions, but you might want to tuck them away or at least reevaluate how you wear them.

Fun Pullover + Merlot Jeans for a Casual Fall Look
From September, 2018.

Finally, let me just say at this point that I do not agree with those who say that retailers dictate what is in style. As I’ve studied fashion the last four years I’ve come to see that the trends generally reflect other things that are going on in our world, in our culture. That became very evident as trends shifted dramatically during the pandemic. We all embraced lounge and athleisurewear with a passion, while the fashion industry had to do an about face. We scarfed up earthy tones and pushed aside the bright colors they had projected during more cheerful days. And then, as we began to emerge from our homes once more, we demanded more color and more polish. We see those shifts reflected in this year’s trends. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the fashion industry is out to get us. Instead, take the cues they send about these trends with a grain of salt and then wear what makes you happy.

How to Style a Basic Black Blazer with a T-Shirt
From 2018

Okay, I’m stepping down off my soapbox and starting the list. Here’s what’s out of style for fall 2022…and what you might want to wear instead. By the way, I’m sharing lots of photos from here on the blog as far back as 2018 because I want you to see that these changes in trends affect me, too. I loved wearing some of these “out of style” garments and accessories. But now they do indeed feel and look dated to me. And I prefer to look classic, but also current. So I’m willing to make a few changes each year.

Skinny Jeans?

In the four-year cycle of trends we’re actually on the third year of skinny jeans being “out of style.” That means if you just love this skin-hugging silhouette, there’s good news. They’ll probably be back in style in another year or two! But for now, you’ll look more current if you wear straight, bootcut, flare or wide leg jeans.

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans for casual date night
From 2018.

Sure, you may still want a pair of skinny jeans or two in your closet, especially if you enjoy wearing knee high boots with denim. Skinny jeans are the only jeans I would tuck into tall boots, in fact. But otherwise you’ll look much more modern in one of the looser fit silhouettes.

Flare jeans are definitely trending and the raw or chewed hem may be a fad, but it’s going strong. (Paige Laurel Canyon flare chewed hem jeans purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

Don’t think you’ll like the wider silhouettes? I encourage you to try them. At some point you tried skinny jeans for the first time. Why not try a new silhouette? If you’re just a huge skinny jean fan, I suggest you simply start with a pair of slender fit straight leg jeans like these from Talbots. They come in a full range of sizes, include plus sizes.

But I rounded up a shopping widget full of more modern jeans for you to browse through, too.

Colored Jeans?

Colored jeans were so very on trend just a few years ago. And I absolutely loved wearing those vibrant colors in denim. I had jeans in red, burgundy, green, pink, light blue, you name it!

From 2018

You can still wear your colored jeans if you’d like. In fact you may even see some in stores. I know I’ve seen them at Talbots and J.Jill this past year. But they’re not really “on trend.” My bet is that if we give it a year or two, we’ll be seeing more color in jeans again.

Until then I’d stick with blue, black, grey or off white or natural denim for fall and winter 2022.

Riding Boots?

Equestrian inspired boots are never real out of style; they’re a classic. However, they are not as “of the moment” as other boot styles. In fact, this year we’re seeing the return of the over-the-knee boot. I personally am not a fan. They just look uncomfortable to me, and over-the-knee boots don’t fit my lifestyle at all.

Styling Fall Colors Tone on Tone in Blue with boots
From 2019

So if you want to wear your riding boots, definitely wear them. You will still look current and stylish. I’d just take note of how you wear them, adding other more modern pieces to your outfit. For instance, you could wear riding boots with a midi-length dress or a skirt. And you can still wear them with your skinny jeans, too. Just add a looser, more relaxed fit sweater or an oversized blazer to complete the outfit.


While camo has taken on a sort of classic vibe at this point, it is looking a little tired this year. We wore it so much over the past five years or so, most brands are giving it a break. But you will still see it in the stores.

Fresh Casual Look with Camo Pants
From 2018.

Keep in mind that just because you see something in stores doesn’t mean it is considered “in style.” It just means the retailers know people are still buying it.

from 2018

You can still wear your camo if you’d like, of course. It just won’t be the most current thing about your look. If you do choose to wear this familiar print, add a trending oversized button-up white shirt or oversized sweatshirt to bring your outfit up to speed.

But if you are tired of camo (as I really am) wear the more current prints such as plaid, bold paisley or bright, fun florals instead.

Leopard Print?

Again, leopard print is really a timeless classic. So you’re never really out of style wearing this beautiful print. However, I think our eyes have grown a little tired of leopard.

Wear Later Leopard Print Blouse
from 2020

And most of us have purchased all any reasonable person needs to own. Ha! So, while you will continue to see some of it in stores, many brands are not showing as much leopard as in recent years.

white and camel and leopard
from 2020

If you own a beautiful coat or skirt or blouse in leopard print and want to wear it, absolutely do. I am certainly not getting rid of most of my leopard print. I donated a beautiful leopard print dress a few years ago (the one below, in fact) that I truly wish I had back.

Hmm. Looking at it now, it does look a little dated. But I sure did love that dress! I loved the skirt below, too. Of course, I’ve had loads of leopard and cheetah print in my closet over the past five or six years.

Cheetah Print Skirt and Cardigan
from 2018

This year if you still want to wear your leopard print, do it. If you want to purchase more animal print, I’d suggest you spend your money instead on zebra print, which seems to be more of the moment. However, keep in mind that it may not have the staying power that leopard does. I did recently purchase this zebra print top and I love it. Another print that seems to be gaining popularity right now, surprisingly, is cow print, but of course that’s mostly in accessories.

Leopard Print Belt

I’d also add that if you want to add some leopard print to your wardrobe this year, I’d do it with accessories, such as a belt, handbag, maybe shoes or scarf.


Wearing scarves is absolutely on trend. In fact, at this point I think it’s safe to say that, bar a major shift in fashion, scarves are here to stay as a classic wardrobe item.

Caramel Pullover and Silk Floral Scarf
from 2018

That said, certain types of scarves are very on trend while others are quite dated looking. Most out of style? Infinity scarves. I’d personally advise against wearing the print, gauzy or cotton blend infinity scarves at all. You might tuck them away for another year, if you’d like. But I’ve donated all of mine.

Winter Road Trip - What to Wear
from 2019

I also don’t anticipate seeing a lot of the oversized blanket scarves that you would sometimes see draped and belted. But I could be wrong on that. We’ll see.

What is in style and is always a good investment is the classic silk scarf, either long and rectangular or square.

From 2021 Silk Scarf

I purchased this beautiful Sarah Flint silk scarf last year and I know I’ll have it in my wardrobe indefinitely. You can use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first purchase at Sarah Flint. But even silk-y scarves are a better investment probably than a cotton or gauze scarf. And definitely reach for the rectangular or square scarves right now.

By the way, the only caveat I would add to this advice is that the smaller wool or cashmere infinity scarves that are sometimes called snoods are exempt from this “out of style” notice. These are worn mainly for warmth on a cold winter day, and as outerwear. So don’t get rid of these.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
From last January, 2022

Bell Sleeves?

I’ve heard mixed press on bell sleeves. A few years ago we were seeing lots of bell sleeve dresses and blouses. (The photos below were some of my very first on the blog. Ahh, younger days!)

from 2018

A bell sleeve certainly adds interest and shape to a dress or blouse. But I did find them to be a bit impractical, especially when dining.

Calvin Klein Bell Sleeve Dress
from 2018

I think you can still wear your bell sleeve dresses and blouses with confidence. And we’re still seeing some in the stores for sure. But the more modern sleeve silhouette is the puffy shoulders, ruffles and even puffy sleeves. We’re also still seeing lots of detailing, lace work, etc., on sleeves, as feminine touches in general continue to trend. The bell sleeves I am seeing feature smaller bell shaped ruffles, like this one.


Arrgh! Say it isn’t so. But alas, it is. Neutrals are supposedly not as in style as they were for the past few years. Instead, this year it is more in vogue to wear vibrant, saturated colors as well as frothy pastels. Yes, even into fall and winter. I’m a little bummed.

Favorite Fall Outfit from My Closet
from just last fall, 2021

Of course neutrals are always a good investment and never really go out of style. So you don’t have to not buy neutrals. Nor do you have to stop wearing your neutral garments or accessories to be in style.

Explore Ohio Friday
from December 2021

But you’ll look more current if you add at least a splash of vibrant or deeply pigmented color to your otherwise neutral outfits. The trend toward wearing more color reflects the culture’s resurgence from the recent pandemic and our craving for more joy and excitement. Color certainly can lift spirits, so I’m all for adding a little to my outfits.

Are Knee High Boots Out of Style?
From 2022

The good news is that some beautiful colors are trending this fall and winter. Yes, neutrals such as brown and camel play a huge role in this year’s color palette. But complement them with vibrant red, pink violet, sunlight yellow, bold orange, or midnight blue.

Teacher Outfits for Women Over 50
See the original recent post for details.

I’ll admit, I was primed to go all neutrals this fall. Ha! But I’m shifting gears and adding a few well placed colors to my wardrobe, probably in cashmere sweaters, tops, scarves and blouses. I’ve gathered some pretty colored blouses and tops in the shopping widget below, but I’m sure we’ll see more soon.

Statement Necklaces?

Statement necklaces as a category are never really out of style I think. But individual statement necklaces do begin to look a little dated quickly. Higher quality statement necklaces generally are decent investments because they hold their style factor a little longer and even begin to look vintage after that.

What to Wear to a Holiday Performance

I had a hard time finding a lot of pictures of me wearing statement necklaces because I tend not to choose them. I’d almost rather wear larger earrings and no necklace at all than invest in a statement necklace that will look dated the next year. For instance, the pearl necklace above looks at first glance like it would be timeless, being pearls and all. But it actually features some fuzzy little metallic beads that were trending at the time, too. So I undoubtedly wouldn’t reach for it today.

Wear to Work Blue Popover
from 2018 (ah, there are those bell sleeves again, too!)

That said, I know a lot of my readers love their statement necklaces. And this is one of those things that I think is more a matter of how you wear it rather than that you wear it at all. If the rest of your outfit looks current and good on you, I don’t think your statement necklace is going to wreck it. Unless…you know…it’s just awful. Ha!

White Jeans and Espresso Brown Tops
My statement necklace and bracelet are from Chico’s. I do think they have gorgeous statement jewelry, but I don’t tend to wear it many seasons.

I hardly ever share statement jewelry here at Dressed for My Day simply because I don’t wear it a lot and I don’t think it’s the wisest investment for most women. But if statement necklaces are your jam, wear them.

On the other hand, I think it’s wisest for most of us to invest in more classic, timeless pieces. Right now smaller, more classic chains that can be layered are still trending. And I think these will hold their value longer.

I’ve been wearing this necklace for three years now and it’s still available here. It’s holding its value in my wardrobe better than a large statement necklace would. Plus, it’s a customizable multi strand necklace, so you can create one to fit your style.

But one of the big surprises in jewelry this year is that tortoiseshell is reemerging on the scene. I have tons of photos of me wearing my faux tortoiseshell chains in the past. I won’t show you all of them. Ha!

How to Wear Ankle Length Joggers - Prologue
From 2018

I don’t think I have that exact chain any longer…but I might. I know I have similar ones. And they’d be perfectly suitable to pull out and wear now.

Long Pendant Necklaces?

Speaking of those long tortoiseshell chains, I’ve also been asked about long pendant necklaces. Are these still in style?

Pink Bow Crewneck Sweater Gingham Pants

Well, the particular style shown above with the fringe probably isn’t. We saw a lot of those, and I had several for sure. I still have the gold one shown below. But I really don’t reach for it much any more. It does look a little dated to me.

From 2021 – Necklace still available

However, I am likely to keep wearing the pendant necklace shown below. I mean you have to have at least one or two long necklaces to wear with turtleneck and crewneck sweaters. So I like this simple Camry pendant from Kendra Scott for that.

Fall Sweater Outfit with Cropped Jeans
updated necklace from last fall

But probably stylists would say the simple chains or chunky chains are more in style than pendant necklaces. That said, I think you can definitely continue to wear your more classic and especially finer pendants with confidence. Here are some other options for necklaces this fall and winter.

Before I close I want to address a few other questions I got by simply sharing pieces that NEVER go out of style. These are good investments any time, especially if you add the more classic version to your closet or collection.

Items that never go out of style include white button up shirts (which are really on trend this year!), silk blouses, neutral colored classic trench coats or jackets, most wrap dresses, classic wool A-line or slender fit skirts (about knee length), loafers, straight leg jeans, single strand pearl necklaces, white and black t-shirts, crewneck and v-neck and turtleneck cashmere sweaters (in solids) and solid pointy toe, stiletto style pumps (high or low).

Id’ love to hear your thoughts on any of these “out of style” trends. And remember I’m not telling you not to wear any of these. Just be aware. Have a great day!

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Things change. That’s just the nature of life. The good Lord even built change into the fabric of life with changing seasons, tides and weather. Most of us have lived long enough to notice changes pick up in speed. In fact, fashion changes faster these days because of “fast fashion,” which is just the ability to manufacture and ship clothing faster than ever. Unfortunately that means we’re running through the clothes in our closet faster, too. 

But one thing that never changes is our God. He is always the same. So as we learn about Him in the pages of the Bible, we can truly get to know the God who moves and works in our lives and world even today. And He is the same God who has a plan for our future that He will indeed see through. In the midst of life changes, cling to the God who loves you yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is your Rock, your unmovable fortress. And He can be trusted.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. ~ Hebrews 13:8

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31 thoughts on “Fashion Trends Out of Style for Fall 2022

  1. Thank you, Kay. I really enjoyed this information. I’ve been wearing bright colors this summer. Seeing it in writing solidified the reason I went for it – happy joyful colors as we’ve come out of lockdown! Being a plus size mid-50’s woman, I don’t normally go all out brights but I did this year!

  2. Thank you, Kay. Yep, fashion should be fun and you do such a good job of making it so! BTW, I ordered the Kohl’s Nine West relaxed black blazer that you suggested. Ordered it last Wednesday and got it Sunday! I love it. It’s comfortable and it fits well and even though it’s a longer style it doesn’t overtake my 5’1″ frame.

  3. I enjoyed your informative post today. It’s always interesting to look back a few years to see what looks dated now. I was thinking the same thing of my living room yesterday!

    In 2006, I purchased a book entitled, “The Grownup Girl’s Guide to Style” by Christine Schwab. I just wanted to dress like her. I still look through it occasionally and remain struck how timeless some of her looks are and how good her advice is. Anyway, to the point. Regarding scarves, she states, “A good scarf is the next best thing to good makeup. In the right color, it illuminates your skin tone, enhances your eye color, and complements your hair. You need a complete wardrobe of solid color wool, cotton, and silk scarves in a variety of sizes and shapes.” Her “Scarf Rule” – Never throw a scarf out unless it is stained or damaged. I gave away a beauty years ago that I have regreted ever since.

  4. Hi! Loved your post today but I am curious. Was this a sponsored post? The reason I am asking is because it is identical to a post that Jo-lynne did last week?

    1. Hahaha! No. I guess we’re all just on the same wave length. Plus, I know a lot of my readers also read Jo-Lynne, so maybe we fielded some of the same questions? I haven’t read Jo-Lynne’s post, but I’m sure whatever info she gave you is right on target.

  5. Kay, thank you so much for the updated information! I’m in the process of going through my closet and upcoming fall clothing and your tips are very helpful. I do have one question about something you didn’t address, however: what about turtlenecks? I keep hearing that turtlenecks are OUT, yet I see them everywhere. I personally have a very short neck, so the depth of the foldover of a turtleneck has to be just right on me, but I woud like to hear your opinion. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Sharon. I’m glad this was helpful. Turtlenecks are classics and never go out of style. And with the recent Coastal Grandma style aesthetic surging, I think we’ll be seeing even more of them personally. In fact, we’re seeing sleeveless turtlenecks right now.

  6. Thank you for this helpful post. I’ve been holding on to a bunch of scarves that I haven’t worn in quite awhile. Thank you for giving me “permission” to get rid of them. I agree with you about leopard print stuff as well.

  7. Such a great summary. I save so many items that circle back years later. Your advice and observations let me choose to wear some items I’d put in the back closet and gave me a list of what to buy and avoid for now. I don’t mind setting things aside for a season, and I LOVE pulling out what I already own that is current again. Fabulous info, Kay!

  8. Thanks so much for these updates! I may need to hide in the house, as I love all the wrong things, ha! Honestly, I will probably continue to wear slim(but not too skinny) jeans. I do ankle length in all my pants, so I feel a little better about the slim profile in that length. Will take your advice and try to tone down the other things, except for investment pieces. Thanks for keeping us modern!!!

  9. I will probably still wear skinny jeans with boots but I have added straight leg jeans and boot cut this past year and do like them.
    I still will wear my leopard print once and a while, love it but plan on adding a zebra print top to my wardrobe. I think like you it is
    so cute but probably not the staying power of leopard. I hate anything reptile and hope that is on the way out. I am going to go through
    my scarves and donate some, like the infinity scarfs. I never did care too much for them and never wore them much at all. The rest I will keep.
    I like colored jeans and have some pairs but don’t wear them as much. Will probably save for when they make a come back again.

    1. Thanks for sharing Sherry. I’m still seeing reptile prints, but not as much as we did a few years ago. Now it seems mostly relegated to footwear and handbags and belts, where it belongs, in my opinion. 😉

  10. This was excellent. It does give guidance to help us look current. I appreciate the work that you did to prepare this post. You’re the best!

  11. Hi Kay! GREAT post (as always!). Can you share ways to wear square scarves? I never quite feel comfortable tying a square scarf. It seems too tight. Do squares come in bigger sizes? I’m putting my leopard away this fall, but I do love the small scale with tan, russet and black. Also, in one center photo up top, you wore short lace up booties…. in or out? I’ve seen posts (Jo-Lynne’s for one) that say puffer vest are out. Is the same true for longer full sleeve jackets and coats? They are so warm and water repellant I’m not sure what to wear in place of them!

    Funny story: I had some tortoise chain necklace I just could not part with – love it for fall. Haven’t worn it in several years and now it’s trending again. Hallelujah!

    1. I’m still not sure about the puffer jackets and vests. I’ve seen some say they’re out and others say they’re in. I say wear them if they keep you warm and you like them. I was really showing the colored jeans in the picture with the lace up boots I think. The boots are classics but o don’t think they are as on trend as a couple of years ago. That said they are a good option for wearing under straight leg jeans because the shaft is narrow and close to the leg. Enjoy that tortoiseshell!

  12. I’m so happy to see this post! I’m in an ongoing “closet cull”, donating those things that I just don’t enjoy wearing and wondering if this item or that one is in or out. I’ll hold on to my colored jeans for a bit longer, and just move them to the back of the closet. You’ve answered several of my questions here today. Thanks so much!

  13. I like your qualification that fashion should be fun, and that if it fits your personality, etc., then wear what you enjoy! Thank you! I also like knowing what is considered “in,” so I can make decisions on what to focus on wearing for this season.

  14. Kay, I do have a question for you regarding a leopard overcoat. I have one that I absolutely love. What are your suggestions on how I can wear it and not look dated? Like you, I’m shocked that neutrals are no longer on trend. I’m not sad about skinny jeans no longer being on trend, and am happy about the straight legged and bootcut jeans. Colored jeans were never my thing, so that one does not impact me.

    1. I’d definitely still wear the coat with jeans and a pretty sweater or dress slacks and a blouse. Add on trend shoes or classic footwear and you should be just fine. 💕

  15. thank you for a very informative post. I have been meaning to go through my closet but its been so hot where I live it doesn’t sound appealing to get all hot trying things on. I agree with you that if its something that fits personal style keep it. but after reading this post you have encouraged me. thanks for input.

    1. Not currently. The price I would set for a private consultation would probably be too high simply because they’re not the best use of my limited time. But you’re welcome to email me if you’d like to talk about it further.

  16. It’s interesting to see what is not in style anymore. I still love some styles (skinny jeans) and some I’ve never embraced (neutrals). I love flare jeans, but since I’m petite, flare jeans look good on me only when I wear them with at least 2″ or 3″ heels. And since I don’t like wearing heels everyday, that means I will still wear my skinny jeans for going shopping, etc. I’m glad you emphasized that we can still wear what’s not in style – and how to still wear it in a different way. I think that is the key. I’m sorry to see the camo print go, but I think I’ll still wear my camo shorts and jeans. I don’t wear too many neutrals so that is not a change for me. However, if anyone has bell sleeve tops, the bell sleeve (usually) can be converted to just a ruffle by cutting and hemming the bell part. If you have a machine that’s a pretty easy fix. I like the tortoiseshell jewelry and since I like wearing natural stones, I will definitely look for a tortoiseshell necklace. I liked this post because it’s good to know what is “out” just as much as it is useful to know what is “in.” Thanks for a great post. P.S. I love your long pendant necklace with the fringe!

    1. I’ve worn olive green cargo pants for many years…I think they’re a classic. I just change/update accessories I wear with them. I find them to act like a neutral…same as the grey, navy, white and off-white jeans that are still “in”.

  17. Firstly, Kay, that gorgeous light leopard that you donated! Oh gosh, that I would consider a classic any day, any year, any age. It is stunning. A keeper. You look so gorgeous in it. Ah, well, lesson learned.
    Secondly, I seem to have reached a point of “keeping an eye open” for style while completely walking my own path. Agree that, amazingly, the populace led the designers for comfy chic for a while. But generally it is not that way at all. People in the design industry think night and day about their passion. I feel that 90% of the “new” is not necessary or improvement or more beautiful. I feel that when I see the 10% that is an improvement, “gasp, finally, a great fabric and shape and absolutely stunning,” I’m right there hopping on the trend.
    I never liked jeggings, so never bought them, and never felt “out of style” because of it. Ditto camo, I sensed a tsunami trend. I bought one inexpensive, lightly tie dyed top that I continue to wear since it’s not in-your-face psychedelic tie dye, it’s just pretty. Leggings I never stopped wearing and appreciated the tunic tops that appeared from designers as a pairing for leggings. I adore neutral colors and will not stop wearing them, they are simply too lovely and practical and fit my life. My 2 infinity scarves? Staying put and wearing them frequently; again, too comfortable and pretty and useful to toss aside for the sake of “out of style trend.”
    In other words, once I find fine fabrics, beautiful design, (as long as they fit my body and suit my body), they’re staying in my closet and on my body!
    Cheers, best wishes with your lovely site.

  18. Has anyone thought of just cutting the infinity scarves and wearing them as a regular scarf? I never got on board with that whole infinity scarf trend but that’s what I’d do before thinking about getting rid of them. I’ve recently just cut off all my cardigans that are just too long. I think they make me look older and shorter, lol. I like the more cropped look on my just under 5 ft 5 frame. Plus I do think it’s a more youthful look. Never got into those dusters wither. I like them on others though.

    So glad to see lots of color! I’ve had a turquoise cashmere turtleneck since last season that I haven’t even worn yet. I can see it paired with chocolate brown. Same with my fuschia cashmere turtleneck…will pair nicely with brown also. Great ideas, thanks!

  19. Enjoyed reading your article! It was very helpful because I want to keep up with the latest fashion trends but I also know that not everything would work for me. 👍

  20. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your scripture and short devotion at the end of your article. I was looking it over to make sure I wasn’t too out-dated in my fall and winter wardrobe (something my, almost adult, teenage daughters bring to my attention often). I was pleasantly surprised to see that you had included a Bible reference! When I read your little devotion, I realized that it was just what I needed to hear. Clothing styles and trends may have brought me to your article but it was the Word of God that I really needed to hear. Thank you for being faithful to God’s prompting, and share His unchanging Word with others! “Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever”

    1. Hi Connie. Thanks so much for stopping in and I’m really glad you enjoyed the blog post and the blessed for my day. 🥰