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Early Summer to Fall Transition Outfit Formula

August 16, 2022

I know it’s probably still hot where you are, but it’s time for me to start sharing with you some good ideas for transitioning your outfits to look more like fall. Not that you need to adopt these style formulas just yet, mind you. But I want you to be ready when those fall vibes hit you. So today – with the backdrop of a sweet Ohio town that James and I recently visited – I’m sharing with you an early summer to fall transition outfit formula.

Summer to Fall Transition Outfit

When Abigail and Andrew were visiting recently we ventured out to Washington Court House, Ohio. In fact, since it’s located between Cincinnati and Columbus, we met our son Daniel there for lunch.

Summer to Fall Transition Outfit

First we had coffee at a fairly new little coffee shop called Vinyl Coffee. Love, love, love! The vibe is friendly, the coffee is smooth, the Hazelnut & Strawberry Toast is to die for and, of course, the music from the old fashioned LP turntable is delightfully grainy.

Kay Having Coffee at Vinyl Coffee
My wrap came in handy inside Vinyl Coffee.

After visiting over coffee, the couples split up to browse the little city of Washington Court House. Yes, that’s the name of the town situated around, as expected, a central court house. It was a temperate, drizzly day, so I dressed for warmth, but took along a 100% cotton sweater and a wrap for just in case. I ended up wearing the wrap in the coffee shop, which was delightfully cool, but only draped the sweater over my shoulders for a short while.

The Summer to Fall Transition Outfit Formula

Fall is one of my favorite times to get out and explore, so today’s outfit is comprised of comfortable, casual pieces with layerability. Yeah, I just made up that word.

Astrid Chinos for early fall

I’m wearing the same Astrid wide-leg chino pants that Abigail wore in this previous post. She got the navy, but they didn’t have them in my size in the store that day, so I got them in natural. I’m considering ordering the deep chocolate brown Astrid chinos because they look pretty amazing to me. The chinos come in other colors, too, including light khaki and pale cypress green. They fit nicely true to size; I’m wearing a medium.

Vintage Rib Polo from J.Crew

I topped the Astrid wide-leg chino pants with a close fitting vintage rib polo, also from J.Crew. Unfortunately they only have this light blue polo in a few sizes, but it also comes in versatile black and white. I’m wearing my usual medium, and it does fit close to the body, but not tight at all. I don’t think the large would give me any more room, and I don’t really need any. Plus the shoulders would look too large then.

Rothy's Sneakers

I completed the base layers of this summer to fall transition outfit with my Rothy’s slip-on sneakers. Mine are in sand and they fit true to size very comfortably. You can take the insoles out of these shoes and wash the sneakers in the washer and the insoles by hand. Let both air dry. The Rothy’s slip-on sneakers come in lots of colors and patterns. These Sonoma Goods for Life from Kohl’s are a nice economical substitute.

Cotton Sweater Just in Case

I never did put the collared cotton beach sweater on that day, but I love carrying it just in case. This 100% cotton sweater is a key in my summer to fall transition wardrobe. It fits true to size and comes in all the same colors as the Astrid wide-leg chino pants. And there are times when it’s just cool enough to want a cozy sweater draped over your shoulders.

Seeing Washington Court House
Washington Court House has lots of beautiful murals to see. This was the largest one we saw.

I carried my large straw market tote, also from J.Crew. I’d probably carry a leather or faux leather one later in the season, but since this was early August it was perfectly appropriate. And a large tote like this one is so perfect for a day trip since it held my essentials, my wrap and my sweater.

Always Keep My Jewelry Simple

I always keep my jewelry simple but impactful on my day trips. I’m wearing this herringbone chain necklace, these drop earrings and my Nordgreen Native watch with the olive green nylon strap…so sporty! Remember to use code KAYHRMS at Nordgreen for 15% off your purchase.

Kay in Washington Court House, OH

My outfit felt perfectly comfortable for a muggy August day, but it will serve me well into September and early October, too, especially with the wrap and sweater I carried along. This is the kind of comfortable, no-fuss outfit I love to wear for day outings, but also to work from home or run errands.

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Blessed for My Day

This week we’re thinking on grace and truth. John 1:14 says that Jesus showed us the full glory of the Father, full of grace and truth. Later John reminds us that the law was originally given by God through Moses. The law reflects the standards of our holy, righteous God. When we read the law, or the first five books of the Old Testament, we begin to understand at least a little bit of what God calls right living. We see that He calls us to live truthfully, to honor our parents, to be satisfied with what belongs to us and not covet our neighbors or commit adultery with another person’s spouse. He defines what is right and wrong through the law.

But in the Old Testament we discover what God already knew when He issued the law…that people cannot uphold the law perfectly. Try as we may, we cannot always keep ourselves from lying, coveting, murdering and stealing. We are sinners with a sinful nature. And while that realization may feel defeating, it ultimately leads us to our acknowledgement of our greatest need: a savior. We need someone to save us from ourselves. And that, dear friend, is when we discover that Jesus is our answer. He is the solution to our greatest need. Hallelujah!

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. ~ John 1:17

xoxo, Kay
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10 thoughts on “Early Summer to Fall Transition Outfit Formula

  1. I love your style and look forward to reading your blogs. You look beautifully comfortable in today’s outfit.

    I must say the wide legged cropped look of all types are disproportionate on everyone and to me that means unflattering, no matter how adorable you are. I don’t fault anyone for style and comfort, but the eye doesn’t lie. ~cbp

  2. I just want to say that I love your posts and enjoy reading them every morning. Your style is very unassuming elegant, and I get many ideas from your suggestions. Knowing what to wear during the transition months from summer to fall has always been challenging, but your suggestions are easy and comfortable.

  3. Glad you had a very nice visit with your children. Such memories to added to your life. Loved the BFMD. Yes, Jesus is our Savior.
    Loved the cotton polo sweater. I purchased it in ivory last week when you showed it on the blog. Know I will wear it with so many things.

  4. You are definitely the perfect model for these wide leg J Crew pants, Kay. They look amazing on you! I love everything you wore. Also glad you got to spend such a fun day with your family, such a treasure. The BFMD is so healing, and I plan to share with my son. Thank you!

  5. I have been thinking about getting that polo shirt so many times as it looks so cute on you. I have a couple pairs of wide leg summer pants and have struggled a bit with finding the perfect top. I got it in white so now I’m wondering if I should have gotten it in black too! Great post as usual!

  6. The cotton polo is cute and I love the versatility of them. But I don’t like tops to fit snug. And if I order a larger size, the shoulders don’t fit. Also, I don’t like the snug fit to show the waistband of my pants. Guess they’re just not for me.

  7. Hello Kay, This outfit looks comfortable and casual, but I don’t find wide legged cropped pants very flattering. They make most of us look shorter and wider, Not a great look IMO. Not a look I will be choosing…..a full length trouser looks better or even a cropped linen cotton blend pant with regular legs would be fine. This style just looks frumpy to me. Why not wear a simple summer skirt or dress?

    1. Hahaha! Well, we all see things differently. I’m not really worried about the pants making me look shorter. I’m 5’8″. Also, I love the wide leg silhouette. I think it looks fun and even a little elevated. I think it’s just a matter of our eyes seeing things differently, perhaps based on our experiences and our priorities. No harm, no foul if you don’t like it. We all have different taste. Viva la difference!

  8. I was quite surprised when I saw where you visited with your family on Tuesday. I live 20 minutes from Washington Court House and just was there getting my hair done last week. I hope you enjoyed your day there. I began following you and signed up for your e-mails about a year ago. I love listening to your videos and you have helped me so much to re-evaluate my looks and wardrobe. You have such wonderful information and insight. Thank you!

    1. Ahh, that’s so cool. We loved our time there. We enjoyed the coffee at Vinyl and then we also had lunch at The Willow Restaurant. It was very good. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog posts and videos. Thanks for saying hello!