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Complete Your Spring Outfits

April 27, 2022

I love the beginning of each season, but especially spring and fall. Not only does nature change its colors with those two seasons, but we get to add more interest to our outfits with their advents. The weather begs us to layer on at least a light layer of warmth, but we get to add a third piece for interest, additional color and added texture, too. And there are other ways to make our spring outfits more interesting, too. Let’s talk briefly about fashionable ways to complete your spring outfits.

How to Wear Colored Shoes in Spring

Unfortunately almost everything I’m showing in my outfit today is sold out or available in low inventory. So I thought I’d just focus on styling instead. Maybe you have some things like I’m showing in your closet and you’re stumped for how to use them effectively. I get it. My light blue Tory Burch mules have stumped me a bit. I love, love, love them. But when I try to wear them I sometimes feel a little clownish.

I’ve decided the secret to wearing colored shoes, at least for my modern classic style essence, is to keep the rest of my outfit a bit more low key. A little color goes a long way for me. That’s why I felt good about wearing them with this blue jeans and beige outfit. But statement shoes are a great way to add interest to and complete a spring outfit.

Of course if you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, you know how much I love my blazers. They’re definitely my completer piece of choice. In fact, earlier this week I shared a post dedicated to How to Style a White Linen Blazer. This spring I’ve really been enjoying my beige linen blazer. It is sold out. But Talbots does have a really great casual linen jacket in the same color. I’d say it’s sort of a nod to the bomber jacket, which is really trending this year.

Adding a third piece in linen is a great way to complete your spring outfits because it is lightweight and breathable. Plus it’s just very seasonally appropriate.

In today’s jeans and jacket outfit I’ve worn my linen blazer over a graphic tee. I love wearing blazers over t-shirts, whether they are plain or sport a classy but fun graphic on them. Again, my J.Crew graphic tee is no longer available, but this one would work similarly under a white linen blazer. And it’s 25% off with code SHOPSPRING.

I shared in this popular blog post how wearing the same color top and jacket can create an effortlessly stylish look. It’s definitely been one of my favorite style formulas this spring.

Of course you can also complete your spring outfits with some pretty jewelry. I enjoy layering my necklaces, which continues to be on trend. But I like to keep my jewelry light and simple during the warmer months, too.

Unfortunately the day we shot these photos I neglected to take a single belt along with me. You can absolutely do a little front tuck, as I’ve done here, and not wear a belt. But I think this outfit might have looked a little more complete if I’d worn one. I probably should have just worn the t-shirt untucked since I didn’t have one. But then the proportions would have been off. Ahh, the conundrum of ankle length jeans!

Don’t forget that necessities such as handbags and sunglasses also help complete your spring outfit. My Coach camera bag is still available, but it’s not marked down. I think it’s so smart to have a spring bag in a neutral you love and wear as well as one in a pretty color that will add interest to your most basic outfits. If you’re still looking for a spring and summer handbag, check out my blog post, Spring Handbags to Complete Your Outfits.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope you got a little style inspiration. Don’t forget to check out today’s video HERE.

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Blessed for My Day

I’ve known and walked with Jesus since I was a small child. God has blessed me richly throughout my life. And He has carried me through hard days and seasons as well. But there have also been times when I have wandered away from His presence. Oh, He has remained close by. But due to my choices I have felt His presence less, hear His voice more dimly. Those were seasons marked by my disobedience but His faithfulness.

I’m always amazed at the compassion and mercy of Jesus. He continues to pursue us even when we willfully neglect or turn from Him. If today you feel that distance I described, I urge you to turn around and acknowledge Jesus again. He is there. While you may have lost sight of Him, He has continued to seek you. And you absolutely can feel His presence and hear His voice again.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. ~ Luke 19:10

xoxo, Kay
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4 thoughts on “Complete Your Spring Outfits

  1. I love this outfit! I’d probably wear a brighter shoe but I love the combo of this particular blazer/graphic tee/jeans.

  2. Love your graphic tee. Too bad it is sold out. You look great in this look!
    Looks like you are getting in shape for Abigail’s wedding.
    Love the BFMD! Such a great inspiration, since we have all wandered a little
    from God’s side, though He is always there.