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Spring Handbags to Complete Your Outfits

March 24, 2022

I’ve always loved handbags. And these vital accessories can absolutely make or break a good outfit. Add a worn out, dull handbag to an otherwise marvelous outfit and you immediately lose a little of the luster. But add a splash of color or a bit of polish with a well chosen bag and you can elevate any look. So today I’m sharing oh so many spring handbags to complete your outfits.

Spring Handbags for 2022

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Similarly to shoes, I think it’s smart to have one or two spring handbags in neutrals that reflect the season and work well with your wardrobe colors. But I also believe it’s oh so fun to have one or two bags that help you add a pop of color and/or interest to your outfits. Whether you choose a bag in a trending color, such as sunny orange, citrus yellow, pale lavender or green, or you select a classic like red or soft blue, a colorful handbag can be more versatile than you might first expect. Don’t be afraid to wear it with contrasting colors in your outfit.

Here are some of my favorite finds, but I have categories full of great handbags below. So keep on scrolling down!

Copy of Spring Handbags
1) small walker leather satchel 2) Brahmin embossed leather satchel 3) Rachel satchel 4) Calvin Klein crossbody 5) Fiona crossbody 6) Madewell Transport camera bag 7) Kate Spade pebble leather shoulder bag 8) small leather convertible bag 9) 4 poster shoulder bag 10) large sand shoulder tote 11) Liz Clairborne city tote bag 12) Kate Spade all day large leather tote

I found so many great bags in a full range of prices. In fact, some of these are quite spendy. But I included them because those are the brands that tend to set the trends the other brands then follow. I don’t mind investing in bags I know I will carry frequently and for years, but I prefer to spend less on trendier bags or those that I may not carry as often or as long. So I also gathered a good number of bags in much lower price points, too. And some of the pricier ones are indeed marked down currently. So click through for pricing details and additional color choices in each bag.

Totes for Spring 2022

I love a good tote and I find myself reaching for my frequently these days. Especially when I travel I always opt for a tote and often fit a smaller crossbody or clutch inside it for versatility.

Faux Leather Tote
BP Faux Leather Tote

What’s trending in totes this spring:

  • canvas and nylon totes
  • totes with wording on them
  • totes in prints and patterns
  • soft neutrals as well as vibrant colors of the season
Spring Handbags 2022 Totes
Clockwise, starting with the modeled bag: large sand shoulder tote // lower impact tote by Chloe // Kate Spade floral tote // Liz Claiborne tote bag // Coach Willow leather tote // Zoiey 2-1 Tote // dried apricot large leather tote // green Hobo leather tote

I just have neutral colored totes right now. My lightest beige tote is similar to this large sand shoulder tote, but I also have one in cognac and a black reversible tote. But I’m definitely considering purchasing a tote in a fun color, such as this green Hobo leather tote or this lovely blue celadon.

You can just click on the photos below to shop the totes I found. And remember many of them come in multiple colors and combinations of colors.

Spring Shoulder Bags to Accessorize Your Outfits

Next I collected a beautiful selection of other shoulder bags for us to consider. These are medium sized bags of a variety of styles, but they all fit nicely on the shoulder. (You’ll find smaller crossbody and camera bags in another section below.) For me, these are the meat and potatoes of bags. I love a nice midsize bag for day to day use. If I use a tote all the time I start carrying too much stuff and soon my bag is hurting my shoulder. But a medium size bag works well with my frame and helps me keep the contents streamlined.

Scarf and Shoulder Bag
leather baguette shoulder bag

What’s trending this year in shoulder bags:

  • baguette bags
  • extra chains and other ornamentation
  • muted pastels
  • all sorts of silhouettes
  • braided straps
Spring Handbags 2022 Shoulder Bags
Clockwise, starting with the modeled bag: Miller basketweave leather shoulder bag // Lori pebble leather shoulder bag // Kate Spade pebble leather shoulder bag // 4 poster shoulder bag // red Madewell shoulder bag // jacquard and leather bucket bag // Madewell colorblock shoulder bag // small leather convertible bag

Choose a shoulder bag in a size that works well for your frame. If you are petite you’ll look more cohesive carrying a smaller bag, but if you have a larger frame an oversized bag will work nicely for you.

Spring Crossbody and Camera Bags

I love carrying a crossbody or a camera bag when I’m touring a town or I’m out for some other kind of adventure. The small size is ideal for navigating tight antique shops and art galleries and the strap that I can drape across my body keeps the bag secure handsfree.

Barrel Pants with Trainers

Because this bag is almost always worn close to the body, it’s all the more important to consider it as an accessory to your outfit. Choose a camera bag or other crossbody that will reflect your personal style and compliment a variety of your outfits. You can also carry a crossbody in a pretty color that contrasts a little with the rest of your outfit to add visual interest.

Big Bold Prints
Coach Pebble Leather Camera Bag
Spring Handbags 2022 Crossbody and Camera Bags
Clockwise, starting with the modeled bag: Half Moon leather crossbody bag // Madewell Transport camera bag // McGraw Leather Camera Bag // Michael Kors sport camera bag // DKNY top zip crossbody // Liz Claiborne Crossbody // Patricia Nash crossbody // small phone crossbody // Calvin Klein crossbody // Fiona crossbody

Look for crossbody bags with convenient zipper pockets and compartments so that you don’t have to carry a bulky wallet or cardcase, too. Also consider the size of your cell phone when buying a small bag like a camera bag or crossbody.

Spring Satchels for 2022

When I first started blogging her about four years ago satchels were THE bag to carry. They’ll always be a classic size bag with a short handle, but they’re not trending like they were then. Still, a pretty satchel can look oh so feminine and very sophisticated.

Trending this Fall

I personally still love carrying my satchel bags because, again, they’re usually the perfect size and often feature multiple pockets for separating items in an organized way. And they just look nice!

Spring Handbags 2022 Satchels
Clockwise, starting with the modeled bag: Kate Spade woven canvas satchel // McGraw drawstring leather satchel // Brahmin embossed leather satchel // small walker leather satchel // Rosetti Piper satchel // Rachel satchel

It’s nice to have a satchel in a classic black or taupe for dressier occasions or work. But this spring you won’t go wrong with a satchel in a lovely color either.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope you’re having a lovely spring week.

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11 thoughts on “Spring Handbags to Complete Your Outfits

  1. Thank goodness you are home safe and sound! I loved the handbag post Kay. Thank you for finding so many options.
    Would you please consider doing a swimsuit post also ? So many suits are either too skimpy or too dowdy. Just a thought. Thank you for all you do!

  2. I missed you yesterday, but I wasn’t surprised, since I knew you were traveling home and were probably tired from the trip and wanted to spend time with James. Plus there is always so much to do when you have been away from home for awhile.
    I enjoyed your handbag post. It’s obvious a lot of work went into it. I pretty much have decided at the age of 63 that I only want to wear a bag that I can carry on my shoulder, so my bags are mostly totes and shoulder bags. Since I have started reading fashion blogs, I have been purchasing designer names, but I recently purchased a leather Clark’s bag that was different from anything I have, and I am tempted by a few of the Fossil bags—I used to wear those a lot and they are high quality. Thank you for this post, and I am so glad you are home safely.

  3. Have been eyeing handbags for spring/sumer so enjoyed today’s post. Glad you are home safe and sound. Love that you personalize our emails by mentioning our first names, makes you certainly feel more of a sense of community! Have a great day!

  4. Love the handbag post. So much to choose from.
    So glad you made it safe and sound and your luggage not far behind.
    Really liked the BFMD. My brother goes for his 6 month checkup today after brain tumor surgery and radiation treatments for this and and lungs. Praying for a cancer free report.

  5. Thank you. I am a purse fan! So… I have always been undecided about whether to keep the longer strap attached to the satchel. I use the shorter straps but usually opt to leave the longer one attached. Thoughts? Does it look funny to do that?

    1. I think it’s just a matter of personal preference really. I see them worn both ways. I prefer to remove the long strap. I even cut one off that wasn’t detachable. But if you like it on, definitely go with that.

  6. I am so thankful that you finally made it home safely and that your luggage finally made it. You had two long and tiring travel days for that trip, but I know it was so worth it. I bet James and the pup sure are happy to have you home. Thank you for all of the time you spent in compiling this post for us. Having had rotator cuff surgery years ago, I steer away from carrying a handbag on my shoulders for any length of time. I love colorful handbags! I do need to work on carrying a contrasting color with some of my outfits.

  7. What a wonderful handbag post! You gave me sone great ideas! I also like the idea mentioned- a swimsuit post! Yes- much needed!
    Please do take some time to rest and regroup after travel and party planning. You’re the mother of the Bride and must stay healthy and relaxed for the big day!
    Love your blog!

  8. Could you please provide a link to the crossbody bag you are wearing in the photo of the brown pants and white shirt. I have narrow shoulders and the strap on that bag looks to be comfortable. thanks

    1. Hi Patricia. That is from last year and the bag is no longer available. But most all the crossbody bags I linked to have adjustable straps and should be about the same length as that one.