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The Fashion-Forward Way to Wear Sneakers & Socks

February 19, 2024

Here we go again. Things change; that’s the nature of style trends. Fashion is ever evolving. And while it has been very on trend to wear all varieties of sneakers for some time now, it’s only recently that we’re seeing the “cool girls” sport calf and half-calf socks with them. Warning: this fashion trend won’t be for everyone. But if you want to know the fashion-forward way to wear sneakers, grab some Bombas socks (I’ve got great suggestions below!) and follow me. #sponsored

the Fashion-Forward Way to Wear Sneakers and Socks

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Actually, not only am I sharing the fashion-forward way to wear sneakers and socks today, but I’m also answering one of the questions I receive most frequently, especially at this time of year. “How can I wear socks on cold days and still look stylish?” The truth is, if you want to wear socks stylishly, you have to be willing to have a little fun with them.

socks and sneakers

For some time now, the most fashionable way to wear socks with trousers has been to wear socks that contrast with your shoes and pants, perhaps mimicking a color elsewhere in your outfit or adding a bold punch of white or other color. In other words, accept that your socks are going to show, and make a statement with them.

socks and sneakers

But for the longest time we were only seeing socks with loafers or brogues. Now we’re seeing socks with retro-sneakers and field sneakers, like the ones I’m showing here. And the “cool girls” are wearing them with calf and half-calf socks, like these Bombas women’s original half calf socks. Here I intentionally chose to wear the white with grey print socks to contrast with my beige colored field sneakers.

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No Socks Seen

Obviously this look, as well as the others I’m showing today, is a very casual outfit. But this is a comfortable, easy-going look I would definitely wear to meet a friend for a birthday coffee. By the way, you know I love giving Bombas socks for gifts. You can use code DRESSED20 for 20% off your first order at Bombas.

Socks as gifts
women’s confetti ankle sock 4-pack gift box

Who doesn’t love and need socks? In fact, they’re the number one requested item in homeless shelters. That’s why Bombas gives a pair of socks to a person experiencing homelessness for every Bombas item purchased. Bombas socks truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Socks as gifts
women’s confetti ankle sock 4-pack gift box
Socks as gifts
Bombas Original Half Calf Socks in white/grey
women’s confetti ankle sock 4-pack gift box

But the fashion-forward sneakers and socks combination I’m sharing today doesn’t have to be limited to casual jeans outfits. I’ve worn similar Bombas hybrid ribbed calf socks with this wide-leg trouser outfit. Here I’ve worn some beige and black retro-trainers with my washed black ribbed calf socks.

Socks and Sneakers with wide leg pants

Of course the “cool girls” are scrunching their socks down for that out-the-door-in-a-rush-I-don’t-care look. And yes, you might see these elusive cool girls wearing their socks with ankle length jeans and joggers so that they’re exposed. I’m not sure I’m quite cool enough for that. Ha! What about you?

Ribbed calf socks

But I’m all for this fashion-forward way to wear sneakers and socks if I can reserve them as a sort of under-cover-surprise. Ha! Wearing your socks and sneakers like this certainly feels comfortable, warm and even a little bold.

Ribbed calf socks

Here’s one final outfit where I’m wearing Bombas original half calf socks, this time in light chai to contrast with my ivory and navy sneakers.

chinos and chambray shirt

What do you think? Will you try wearing calf or half calf socks under your casual trousers and jeans with sneakers this spring? I’m all in! And these Bombas ribbed calf and half calf socks are definitely the ones to wear. They are so comfortably and pleasingly thick and soft. They truly are like a hug for your feet.

Sneakers and Socks

When I get through with my work for the day, I’m always anxious to strip out of my daytime clothes and into some loungewear. But I always keep on my Bombas socks because they feel too comfortable to take off. Now that has to be a great sock.


I’ve gathered these and some other favorite Bombas socks in the shopping widget below.

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Thanks so much for stopping in for a little style inspiration. Remember, this fashion-forward way of wearing sneakers and socks is a style trend. It’s optional. And style choices are personal and specific to our lifestyles and preferences. They’re not right or wrong. Let’s allow each other to enjoy the trends we choose to participate in.

I’m grateful to Bombas for sponsoring today’s blog post. They’ve given us code DRESSED20 for 20% off your first order at Bombas. But you can always trust that the opinions and insights shared here are genuine and honest. I value your trust, and pledge to only work with sponsors I truly enjoy supporting and wearing.

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19 thoughts on “The Fashion-Forward Way to Wear Sneakers & Socks

  1. This trend is so 90s to me and that was my favorite time for clothes! I wish I still had many of my 90s outfits. I’ll get onboard with this trend, you betcha. That first outfit you model is so “me” I just love it!

    1. So true! I remember always wearing pushed down crew socks in the ‘90s too! It’s amazing that so many trends just seem to return. It’s fun to follow Kay’s blog to discover the latest ‘old trend’ is new again.

  2. I won’t be cool! lol. At 75, if I wear socks, I will look either ridiculous or like an old lady! Another lol. I will stay current with fun shoes. Also, socks make my shoes too tight, and a size up never works.

  3. I’m not likely to participate in this trend unless I actually need the warmth. My ankles are the most slender part of my body so I think it’s flattering to show them off a bit. Slouchy socks wouldn’t do me any favors other than provide warmth. But, no judgment for you trendy slouchy socks wearers- you enjoy!

  4. I only recently received my first pair of Bombas (a birthday gift from my sister) and I love them!! I was wondering about how to style them, so your blog today is a timely help! We attended a high school choral program recently and I noticed one of the girls was wearing Mary Jane lug-sole shoes with cute little socks!! Well, needless to say…. I ain’t that c👀l for sure! But maybe I can pull off the socks with my tennies or my Danskos! I’d love to see a picture with the shorter pants and the push-down socks! I can’t imagine but I really need socks with my Danskos and some of my pants can lean short (I’m tall)! Just wondering if I can pull it off in the name of trendy!! Thanks much!

  5. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date, Kay. I love how you’ve put these casual outfits together to look current and polished.

  6. Love Bombas! Great, quality socks that give back. I am a golfer with somewhat bad feet, and these socks are so comfortable. Have tried their no show, ankle and calf length socks, Truly amazing.

  7. I love wearing casual socks with my jeans, and I love wearing trouser socks with my dress pants. I do have to be very careful with the choice of my casual socks, as many of them are not comfortable in the cuff. I love the Gold Toe brand of women’s socks that have a very comfortable cuff that is not binding in the least. They come in a variety of colors and are occasionally on sale at Macy’s.

    1. I’m with you Jean. Not all bands at the top of the sock are comfortable.
      I wear socks and I appreciate this post on what’s tending for sock. I’ll try some of this trend along with a some more “classic” styles.

  8. In cold weather I’ve always worn calf length socks under jeans or pants. I only wear no show socks in spring and summer. I think of socks as a practical necessity. Last week I saw a young woman with black calf scrunch socks and white sneakers. She was wearing shorts since we had spring like weather last week. I thought it looked cool on her. Love devotional.

  9. Hi Kate! Unfortunately I don’t like this “trend”, I see it more of a necessity because I live in a cold and humid climate (North of Germany) and I am asking myself all the time how women do wear sneakers or brogues or loafers. I wear only boots during the fall and the winter – and my socks aren’t visible luckily. Sneakers and visible socks are a no-go here in my area, with the exception of young girls. But thanks for your inspiration…

  10. Hi I love my socks specially soft super cosy ones , didnt realise they were trending I wear mine out of necessity coming from the good old UK cold, wet, windy and Snowy 😂I also adore gloves and scarves. I think Bombas have such a good Ethic ❤️What a shame more companies don’t follow their example , Oh and their socks are lovely .

  11. I’m in New England and it’s cold here. I’ve worn trouser socks for years and never stopped as long as they don’t show. I will not wear white ankle socks no matter what. I know it’s silly, but white socks were the kiss of death when I was in high school, and I just can’t do it. So funny when that 13 year-old girl emerges! Love Bombas but our family go to sock are SmartWool.

  12. Bombas socks are way out of my price range.
    I have worn the “Gold Toe” women socks for years. They wash up nicely.
    Macy’s has them on sale today:
    6 pair of socks for $14.45. They come in various colors, and stay in place without being too tight.