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My September 2019 Favorites

October 3, 2019

Hello dear gals! Welcome to Dressed for My Day. Before I introduce today’s post I just want to tell you thank you so much for being a Dressed for My Day reader. You gals are such a bright spot in my life, and I love the community we have here. Thank you. I read every comment you leave here and value them so much. Often I’m doing the mundane things of life when I read your comments and I don’t always get to reply. Plus, I don’t know that all of your comments garner a reply. But I read every single one of them, chuckle accordingly or sigh with my heart full, and I’m grateful. I just wanted you to know.

My September 2019 Favorites

Today I’m sharing the products – clothing, shoes and beauty products – that I’m truly loving and using. I figure since I show so many things on this blog in a given week, you might like to know which ones really stick with me and which ones fall to the wayside. Feel free to ask me if I’m really wearing or using something I’ve shared. I’ll tell you the truth! But today I’m simply sharing my September favorites.

The Silky Essential Shirt

essential shirt in vintage blush

Even though we’re in the 90s today (hopefully for the last day this year!), we had some cooler days earlier in September when I did have opportunity to wear this silky shirt. I love it! For some reason I’m just really crushing on silky blouses this year.

This shirt runs true to size, but I went with the medium over the small just because I have slightly wide shoulders. This blouse comes in a variety of lovely shades. And right now you can use code POP48 and receive 48% off the usual price.

You can see how I styled this blouse in this post. And you can see how I really wore it in this post.

Pima White T-shirt

This white t-shirt’s black twin was featured in my August Favorites post. In September I went back and bought this white tee because the black one had performed so well.

September Favorites white tee
white v-neck t-shirt

The pima cotton has such a smooth, elegant hand. The shirt drapes beautifully and has a slightly tailored fit with a curved hem. But I especially appreciate that the neck stays smooth and structured with wear and wash. I have the tee in a small.

Animal Print Crew Neck T-Shirt

I have to keep myself from wearing this darling, trendy crew neck t-shirt every day. I don’t really know what animal this is, but it’s striking!!

September Favorites animal print tee
animal print crew neck t-shirt

I wear this t-shirt in a small. This tee also features a slightly curved hemline and is a tad longer in the back than in the front. It’s so much fun to wear with denim or black pants.

Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eye Shadow Palette

I still love my It Cosmetics eye shadow palette, but felt the need to mix things up a bit as we enter a new season. Hearing a makeup artist recommend the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte eye shadow palette by Tarte, I decided to give it a try.

September Favorites eyeshadow pallette
Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

I love that these are all matte shadows. Plus they are just beautiful neutral shades that are versatile and earthy. I wanted a palette with more pinks and plums in it, so this one delivered. I find myself mostly using the free spirit, caregiver, super mom, natural beauty and best friend.

The Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette is a little more pricey than the It Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette, but it also contains more colors and is not quite as powdery, so I think it will last longer.

Dark Moss Girlfriend Chinos

I have about a half a dozen pairs of these chinos in my closet from previous seasons, so I knew how these would fit before I even tried them on. They’re soft, comfortable and easy to wear.

September Favorites green chinos
dark moss girlfriend chinos

I wear my usual size 8 in these chinos. I think this dark moss is a great color for now and next spring, but there are several other great neutrals to choose from as well. You can see how I styled these in this previous post. In fact, every element of that post made it to today’s favorites list! I’ve worn that entire outfit more than once.

Psst! Use code SMILE40 to get 40% off one regular price item at Talbots through Sunday, October 6.

Bombas Cushioned No-Show Socks

Surprise! Here’s a product I’ve never even mentioned on the blog. When I got my new CARIUMA CATIBA sneakers (which I LOVE!), I decided I needed to get some thicker socks to wear with my sneakers. All of my sneakers are roomy on me. (Y’all! Do our feet get thinner as we age? Is that a thing? Is it a sign of bone loss? Let me know if you know!) Anyhoo! I ordered these Bombas cushioned no-show socks because they are, well, cushioned.

September Favorites Bomba no-show socks
Bombas Cushioned No-Show Socks

Sure enough, with these no-show socks on my feet fit into my sneakers much better. I do have to play with them a bit to get all the sock into my sneaker, mind you. And the vamp is not quite as low as the vamp in these other favorite no-show socks. But if you need a thicker sock, like I do, you might want to give these a try.

The Bombas do stay in place nicely also. They’re a bit pricey, so I just bought the one pair. But I have other Bombas ankle socks, so I know they are comfortable, well-constructed socks that will last me a while.

Sperry Seaport Penny Loafer in Tan Suede

With all the shoes I bought in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you’d think I have a pair in every color imaginable. And I thought I did, too. But as I began wearing fall-ish clothes I realized I didn’t have anything to wear with a cognac or caramel brown handbag or belt except for my Frye boots. Even though my chosen neutrals are black, grey and navy, sometimes a gal just needs a brown shoe, for Pete’s sake!

September Favorites Sperry suede loafer
Sperry Seaport Penny Loafer

So I really just picked up the first thing I found at a decent price (they were marked down at the time), which happened to be these Sperry suede loafers. Y’all. I’m in love. These are the shoes I wear so very often. And I especially love them with jeans and a sweater, even though I’ve not had the pleasure of wearing that particular combo yet!

These loafers fit true to size. They’re amazingly comfortable with a very cushioned memory foam footbed. And they feature these darling tiny gold studs along the welt of the shoe.

Luna Pointy Toe Flat in Camo Suede

I had considered buying some camo sneakers, but when I saw these camo pointy toe flats I immediately gravitated to them instead.

September Favorites camo flat
Luna Pointy Toe Flats in Camo Suede

Granted, I thought long and hard about what I’d wear them with before I made the purchase. I love statement shoes, but I think it’s important to make sure you’ll get enough wear out of them to justify the expense. I mainly wear these right now with the green chinos above, jeans and my sand colored chinos. but I suspect I’ll also wear them with these wheat colored cords and my flax cargo pants.

Dalaran Bootie in Tan/Black Snake Leather

I did buy these snake leather booties in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they’re about sold out now. Since I have worn them a couple of times and know that they are extremely comfortable (and I got lots of compliments on them!), I wanted to include them in my list and give you heads up on them.

snake leather booties

These Mark Fisher booties are now marked down 60%, even lower than what I paid for them in the NSale. Of course, they’re only available in a few sizes, but you may get lucky. Because they have the look of a shoe more than a boot, these snakeskin booties are extremely versatile. I’ve worn them with cropped black pants, my denim skirt and black jeans so far.

Hooded Lightweight Cardigan

I had no idea how frequently I’d be reaching for this hooded lightweight cardigan when I purchased it. It’s almost always on me or with me when I’m working at home. And I grab it when we’re going to a restaurant, too.

hooded lightweight cardigan

You can see how I styled this cardigan in this previous post (with the above green chinos, white tee and camo pointy toe flats). I wear a small in this cardigan. Also, you won’t find it in the shopping widget below, but you can shop for it here. It’s marked down about 25%.

Well, there you have it! Those are my September favorites, the items I’ve really been wearing and loving this past month. Hopefully next month’s list will be full of chunky sweaters and blazers and boots!!

You can shop the widget below or the links above. These are affiliate links, so if you purchase anything after clicking through them I potentially earn a small commission. Thank you so much for shopping through my links and supporting what I do here. This is my contribution to our household income, so I really appreciate your support!

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Blessed for My Day

Do you trust the Lord to work in the hearts and minds and plans of your loved ones? That’s tough, huh? I know it is for me. Like many women, I often mistakenly feel like I need to fix things in my family members’ lives. Whether that means convincing them to adopt my way of thinking, manipulating the situation or arguing my point, I sometimes try to work things into their lives.

But that’s not my job. And God is quite proficient at that job. Yes, He often works slower than I would and takes a longer route. And quite often He doesn’t even do things like I would do them! But the bottom line for me is that I need to trust that He is at work in the minds and hearts of the people I love. That frees me up to simply love on them, pray for them, support them and encourage them. When they give me the opportunity and invitation to speak into their lives, I can do that. But only with a little fear and trepidation. After all, I’m stepping into a construction zone. God is at work!

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. ~ Philippians 1:6

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xoxo, Kay
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16 thoughts on “My September 2019 Favorites

  1. I have a friend who is going through a rough time in her family life right now. Your BFMD really resonates with me today. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad this encouraged you today, Bev. I have a loved one going through a very difficult time too. But God is surely at work. ?

  2. Your Blessed for my Day was exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you. I will screen shot it and save it to be read often!

  3. How I just so appreciate your Blessed for My Day today! Thank you, Kay, for posting them daily. I also wanted to ask a question or two about FWTFL…I’ve been living the lifestyle since June and have reached my goal weight. I love the program! However, I’m tired of tracking in MFP ? Are you still a member of FWTFL, and if so, do you still track macros? Do you have specific meatless recipes you could recommend? Would you mind sharing your current thoughts on FWTFL? Thanks in advance ?

    1. Hi Lisa. I’m so pleased that the blessing met a need in your life today. I’m actually praying that scripture on repeat over a loved one right now.

      I’m still in FWTFL ( ) and find that I need the workout plans and videos as well as the meal plans to keep me motivated and moving. Both of those elements also keep my diet and workouts fresh and interesting. But I only track my macros occasionally, usually for a few days at a time when I’m needing to get back on track, recover from a vacation, etc. At this point I generally know what combinations of foods I can eat on a given day to reach my nutritional goals. So I think that’s the key. If you know what a good day, nutrition wise, looks like for you, you might could stop tracking. And if you catch yourself slipping then you can track again for a few days. At least that seems to work well for me.

      As far as meatless recipes, I tend to eat a lot of eggs. Frittatas and such. I also love soups at this time of year – mushroom, cabbage, tomato, squash, vegetable, etc. Just be sure to use a protein supplement if you don’t eat meat. I’m eating more fish these days too. I found some frozen, preseasoned fillets at Kroger that we’re enjoying.

      Hope that helps. I’m loving the meal plans and recipes that are now available with the program. I think those add sooo much value to the program.

      1. Gosh, how I appreciate your thorough answers. You are super! I will take your advice about the tracking – that sounds doable. Oh, and your haircut is sooo cute ?

  4. Good mornng Kay, I really like the loafers and snake skin boots. Thank you for the reflection. It reminds me to Let Go and Let God. Blessings on your day.

  5. Good morning Kay,
    I always enjoy being blessed for my day, but, today really spoke to how I now pray. My prayer to the Lord always used to ask Him to open the eyes of some of my family members. I’ve changed that to, I trust that you are working in their lives, and pray that I will get to see it in my lifetime. It’s freeing to give it to Him.
    I can testify that it works, as I went through a period where I strayed from the Lord, and I know my sister and brother-in-law were praying for my return, and I’m back for the long hull. I give the glory to God, but have thanked my sister for not giving up.
    Thankyou for all you do.
    Blessings, Susan
    Oh, and I live in Cincy too, and looking forward to the cooldown tomorrow!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing that personal testimony. I know anyone who reads it will find it very comforting and encouraging. Bless you! ❤️