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Best Sellers at DFMD in April 2023

May 1, 2023

Well, April flew by like songbirds flocking north for the summer! With the end of each month I like to look at my analytics and see what resonated most with my readers and viewers. I’d love for you to tell me in the comments, in fact, if there were particular blog posts, videos or other content you enjoyed this past month. But today I’m going to share with you what was hot at DFMD in April, according to my affiliate link analytics.

Hot at DFMD in April 2023

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

Once again, I didn’t know what was HOT at DFMD until I pulled the above graphic from my assistant Holly’s Dropbox folder. But I’m not at all surprised to see these fun spring fashions, accessories and a great beauty product here.

HOT at DFMD in April 2023

12. Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette

Let’s start with number twelve. The Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette is the one I use almost daily right now, and I love the mixture of matte and shimmer shadows. Plus, Tarte eyeshadows all just go on so beautifully and blend very nicely without becoming muddy.

tartelette™ in bloom Amazonian clay palette
12. Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette (*Use code kay15 for 15% off)

I shared the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette in one of my recent Afternoon Coffee with Kay Instagram Lives. So be sure to check those out. I usually go live on Thursday afternoons at 3 p.m. Eastern Time, but I didn’t get to do it this past week due to travel. I’m not sure about this Thursday yet because I’m still visiting my mom, but I’ll do my best!

*Coupon Code: If Tarte is not having a better offer, you can always use code kay15 at Tarte to receive 15% off your order. But that code does not stack on others.

11. Open Stitch Cardigan

This crocus color Open Stitch Cardigan from Talbots is almost sold out, but it’s still available in black. The 100% cotton sweater is a nice one for adding a layer that doesn’t make you hot.

What I Wore Wednesday
jeans // tee // open stitch cardigan // mules // mixed necklace set // earrings // bracelets and pendant necklace no longer available

10. Linen Blazer

I purchased this flax colored Linen Blazer either last year or the year before. I also have the twilight blue one from last year. I LOVE wearing my linen blazers all spring and summer. Evidently a lot of my readers and viewers will be enjoying theirs this year, too.

What I Wore to Work Tuesday
Sarah Flint silk scarf // similar tank // similar jeans// similar blazer // sandals // earrings (use code KAYHARMS for 10% off at Rachelyn Jewelry)

My favorite way to wear a blazer these days is to put it over a top in the same color. So chic! And adding a pretty scarf ties it all together without interrupting that layering of color.

9. White Linen Blazer

As much as I love my other linen blazers, I do wear my White Linen Blazer the most often. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this White Linen Blazer is my favorite go-to piece in my summer wardrobe. Mine is from a couple of years ago. I did try this year’s White Linen Blazer from Talbots on and it may be an inch or so longer, but it’s still basically the same blazer.

White Linen Blazer
White Linen Blazer (see the original blog post for more details.)

Also, I’ve tried on lots of white linen blazers, and the Talbots White Linen Blazer is definitely my favorite. The review comments on the website complain that it’s thin, but that’s how I want a linen summer blazer to be. I wouldn’t say it’s thin, but it is lightweight and perfect for warmer climates.

8. Croft & Barrow V-Neck T-Shirt

The number 8 top seller at DFMD in April was this simple but nice-fitting Croft & Barrow V-Neck T-Shirt. I shared one in navy and white stripe and it’s only available in medium now. But the tee comes in several other nice prints and solids, too.

T-shirt and Jacket
tiered maxi skirt // v-neck tee // denim jacket in Jeanie (TTS, wearing a medium) // strappy slide sandals in latte // crochet crossbody (worn as a clutch) // filigree teardrop earrings // double strand necklace

The v-neck t-shirt runs true to size. For more information about the outfit above, see the original post here.

7. Faux Wrap V-Neck Top

The Free Assembly Faux Wrap V-Neck Top was the number seven selling item here at Dressed for My Day last month. This sweet cotton blend seersucker top is from Walmart, so of course it was a great price. Unfortunately it is currently out of stock.

Spring Fashions from Walmart
Faux Wrap V-Neck Top // jeans // satchel // similar earrings // sandals

For the full scoop on the outfit above check out the original post HERE.

6. Tiered Maxi Skirt

I’m so glad to see that this Tiered Maxi Skirt from Kohl’s came in number six at DFMD in April. This sweet, feminine skirt is also available in a soft blue and black.

Bright Pink Tiered Skirt and Striped Tee
tiered maxi skirt // v-neck tee // denim jacket in Jeanie (TTS, wearing a medium) // strappy slide sandals in latte // crochet crossbody (worn as a clutch) // filigree teardrop earrings // double strand necklace

The tiered maxi skirt features an elasticized pull-on waistband with a flat front. It’s so comfortable true to size. And this silhouette is beautiful on most body types. See more about this outfit HERE.

5. Sheec Socks

While I have shared links to specific Sheec Socks, I’m grouping these as the number five best seller at DFMD for April since they were a “new to me” brand. I’m so glad that I found these socks!

Sheec Socks for Pumps and Heels
socks for pumps // socks for heeled slides and sandals

As you can see in the illustrations above and below, Sheec Socks are best known for their wide variety of no-show socks. They sent me a large assortment of their socks, including the ones shown here, and I can testify to their effectiveness and comfort. They really do stay put with wear. And they truly do make many of my shoes more comfortable and wearable.

low profile and mule socks
socks for mules (a variety of colors & profiles are available)// socks for flats (a variety of colors & profiles are available)

I especially love wearing the socks for mules with my mules. They help those shoes stay on my feet so much better. And the socks for flats above work perfectly with many of my flats.

But if you need no-show socks for any shoe type – from slingbacks to sandals to pumps to sneakers, I suggest you check out the full line of Sheec Socks.

4. Calia Sandal

The Marc Fisher Calia Sandal is the number 4 top seller at DFMD in April. I find this pretty sandal to run true to size and to be very comfortable, especially for the type of shoe it is.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Great Spring Outfits
Calia Sandal

The Calia Sandal is still available in this pretty light natural shade that is perfect for my skin tone. But I also purchased the Calia Sandal in black to wear with black pants and crops this summer. And the Calia Sandal comes in a beautiful gold (selling fast) and a fun green.

3. Effortless Jersey Ballet Neck Top

The number 3 DFMD top seller for April is the Effortless Jersey Ballet Neck Top from Talbots.

Springlike Day
Effortless Jersey Ballet Neck Top (similar short sleeve top) // black trousers // belt // shoes (use code KAYFLATS for 10% off first flats at Ally) // similar necklace // earrings // pink shoulder bag

The Effortless Jersey Ballet Neck Top is practically sold out, but Talbots has a similar short sleeve top with a square neck in that same fabric. This one comes in navy and white stripe and orange and white stripe, and I purchased the navy and white one. I can attest that it has that same silky fabrication and looks so chic and polished. It runs true to size.

2. Talbots Bristol Pants

I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing both my white and my black Talbots Bristol Pants this spring. And I hope many of you have, too, since they are the number two top seller here at Dressed for My Day.

What to wear to a College or High School Graduation this Spring
linen top (runs large, size down) (30% off) // pants (also in white, TTS, 30% off now) // sandals or here // denim jacket // shoulder bag // necklace // earrings

And honestly, I don’t feel like any of my photos have done these pants justice. They are such a modern pant, but also comfortable and flattering for most body types. These lightweight “elevated chinos” feature a small pleat at the waist band and a little give in the back of the waist band. They hit at the ankle and have a slightly tapered leg.

I just got in my white linen Bristol pants (fully lined) and I’m already in love. If it’s possible, these linen Bristols are even more flattering and comfortable. My mom ordered the navy linen Bristols and loves them, too.

1. 180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe

And I’m surprised…but not surprised…to see the 180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe come in as our number 1 best seller at DFMD in April. After all, tanks like these are essential for great spring and summer outfits. And since you can wear this 180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe as a very modest v-neck or scoop neck, it’s a great option.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Great Spring Outfits
180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe

I have the 180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe in navy and white, but I’m tempted to buy the black and white one, too. I wear this little versatile tank so frequently. It fits true to size.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Great Spring Outfits
white boyfriend jeans // striped reversible tank // navy blazer (also here) (similar, more economical option) // nude sandals // similar neutral shoulder bag // necklace // earrings

So that’s a wrap! What fun! I love seeing what is resonating with you. I’d say my assessment of this analysis for April is that we’ve all been busy building functional, versatile and very wearable wardrobes for spring. And I also see that many of you are choosing to invest a little more where it really matters – like great shoes (nude sandals) and beautiful blazers (this blazer and this White Linen Blazer), but you’re choosing to shop more economically for the more trendy pieces that you may not wear as frequently. Bravo!

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8 thoughts on “Best Sellers at DFMD in April 2023

    1. Good morning Carroll, I just bought 3 pairs of Sheec socks to wear with my everyday flates (Birdies), great shoes. I’m very happy with the low cut Sheec, comfortable and they actually stay on my feet, never slips inside my shoe. I guess it’s safe to say, I’m very happy with Sheec🙂

  1. I can see why the top 12 are best sellers! Such beautiful choices which are visually stunning and draw others in. 👏🏻

  2. The item I liked the most was the reversible stripped tank with the white pants and under the navy blazer. Inspired me to wear my navy blazer, white jeans and tank that is very similiiar from last year the other day. Looks so sharp and put together. Looked so nice on you. I really liked the BFMD and the verse from Job 19:25.

  3. Thank you, Kay, for speaking the truth! I love that verse from Job. That will be my verse for these two weeks.

  4. I always like the “best seller” posts and I always find that I’ve purchased a few of the items. This month I purchased the Bristol pants in white and I do agree the pictures don’t do those pants justice. Of course, you modeled them beautifully, and showed us a myriad of ways to wear them. But…a picture cannot convey their comfort and softness next to one’s skin. I also bought the Calia sandel in nude and some Sheec no show socks. And all of those purchases are all coming to Italy with me this month. In addition, the Talbots white linen blazer is in my cart! You asked if we had a favorite post. Well I really enjoy all your posts but I did particularly enjoy the post outlining Talbots May collection. Talbots is one of my favorite retailer, and you pointed out lovely pieces! Thank you for all you do.

  5. We must always speak up when speaking the truth. Especially when others want us to deny what we know is true.

  6. I love the blessed for my day. Thank you for speaking the truth. I like a comment I heard. If many years from now your bones are found, they will show you were either male or female.