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An Ivory Unstructured Blazer for Spring and Summer

April 27, 2023

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! If you’re a regular here you know how much I love wearing blazers. While I love a fitted, classic blazer, not every woman over 50 enjoys that kind of structure. Plus, right now the more relaxed boyfriend silhouette is definitely on trend. So today I’m sharing an ivory unstructured blazer that’s perfect for spring and summer.

Ivory Unstructured Blazer for Spring and Summer
unstructured blazer // sleeveless popover (also in plus sizes) // full length straight leg jeans // kitten heel mule sandals // Tory Burch McGraw hobo bag // Biscayne blue hoops // herringbone necklace // filigree bangle

I’ve actually had this Open Edit unstructured blazer in my closet for a little over a year. I styled it first in this blog post over a year ago. This unlined 92% rayon, 8% polyester jacket is the perfect weight for spring through summer. And the relaxed fit ensures that you don’t over heat while wearing this pretty completer piece.

Ivory Unlined Blazer

I think the ivory color of this unstructured blazer is perfect for the season and flattering on my skin colors and tones. But the blazer does come in six other colors and neutrals, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

Unstructured Blazer for Summer

I think for spring and summer you might also want to consider the tan nougat and grey violet. It’s available in sizes xx-small through x-large and fits true to size. The Open Edit blazer features a back vent, functional button cuffs, a notched lapel and a button closure. It needs to be said that this blazer, unlike my linen blazer (which I LOVE), keeps its shape really nicely once you’ve pressed or steamed it.

I’m wearing the Open Edit blazer over a Nic+Zoe lattice sleeveless popover (also in plus sizes).

Nic + Zoe Shell

This popover fits comfortably close to the body, but is silky soft and very lightweight. And it features just a touch of stretch for extra comfort and wearability. One of my favorite ways to wear any of my blazers is with the same color top underneath. But the navy lattice print on this ivory popover adds just a touch of interest while still giving you that tone-on-tone effect.

Full Length Jeans

If you look back through the rest of my spring outfit posts, you’ll easily see that I prefer wearing ankle length jeans and pants. But because I know many of my readers like to wear full length jeans, I decided to show this blazer and shell combo with my Talbots full length straight leg jeans. These very soft, comfortable jeans are in the Rio wash, perfect for spring and summer. The jeans fit true to size to maybe a little large. They do have lots of stretch, but I don’t find that they stretch out with wear.

kitten heel mule sandals
kitten heel mule sandals

Ideally I think my jeans should be about a half inch shorter to wear with these kitten heel mule sandals. But since I don’t wear full length jeans with heels very often (mostly with booties), I’m not going to have these hemmed. However, if you are one of my readers who prefers full length jeans and pants, I do suggest paying the price to get them the correct length for the shoes with which you plan to wear them. Your jeans and pants should stop just short of the top of your shoe and they probably should not hang over the back of our heel the way mine do above.

Ivory Unstructured Blazer for Spring and Summer

I completed my outfit with nude kitten heel mule sandals and a Tory Burch McGraw hobo bag in a complimenting shade (this color no longer available). I wore my Biscayne blue hoops, my simple herringbone necklace and a filigree bangle.

Unstructured Blazer for Spring and Summer
unstructured blazer // sleeveless popover (also in plus sizes) // full length straight leg jeans // kitten heel mule sandals // Tory Burch McGraw hobo bag // Biscayne blue hoops // herringbone necklace // filigree bangle

I think this uncomplicated but modern look is perfect for lunch out with friends, a casual day at work or even an evening gathering such as book club. If I did swap in ankle length jeans I might would consider giving the top a front tuck to define the waist band higher visually and elongate the leg.

But let’s circle back around to where we started: with that ivory unstructured blazer that’s so perfect for spring and summer.

Unstructured Blazer for Spring and Summer

This unstructured blazer can serve as the perfect lightweight completer piece for jeans, utility pants, slacks, skirts, dresses and even Bermuda shorts. And it will look modern and fresh over everything from bow neck blouses to graphic t-shirts or tank tops.

unstructured blazer
unstructured blazer // sleeveless popover (also in plus sizes) // full length straight leg jeans // kitten heel mule sandals // Tory Burch McGraw hobo bag // Biscayne blue hoops // herringbone necklace // filigree bangle

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I hope you got a little style inspiration. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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Blessed for My Day

Each spring we watch to see if any birds will nest in the bluebird house we’ve strategically placed in view from our window in our backyard. We’ve had a couple of winged families call that little yellow wooden house their home. But we’ve also watched birds scout out the home and then pass on it. Maybe they decided it wasn’t safe enough for their dwelling. Or maybe there were too many other birds or squirrels humming around. So when we notice birds nesting in our little house we know they have chosen it because it best suited them.

It may be tempting to invest a lot in “nesting” in our earthly homes. I know I do love to make things pretty and comfortable for my family. But as the disconnect grows more intense in this world, my heart longs all the more for my heavenly home. I want to dwell in the security of my heavenly Father. The good news is that even now we can dwell in His courts. As we put our trust in Him, seek Him daily through Bible reading and prayer and spend time praising Him through personal and corporate worship we nestle in closer and closer to our God. Blessed are those who dwell in God’s house!

How lovely are Your dwelling places,
Lord of armies!
My soul longed and even yearned for the courtyards of the Lord;
My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God.
The bird also has found a house,
And the swallow a nest for herself, where she may put her young:
Your altars, Lord of armies,
My King and my God.
Blessed are those who dwell in Your house!
They are ever praising You. ~ Psalm 84:1-4

xoxo, Kay
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11 thoughts on “An Ivory Unstructured Blazer for Spring and Summer

    1. It very well May. However shoulder pads are actually very in style too. But if you’d like that look, it’s definitely worth a thought. 🙌🏻

  1. Thank you!
    You are an inspiration to me and other mature women.
    Keep doing what you’re doing!
    May God continue to bless you as you bless others.

  2. Good Morning Kay…..Now I have said before that I cannot wear mules because my feet are too narrow. But these look like they wouldn’t come off my feet with the top so high on the top of your feet! With that said they are a bit pricey for me…..But are super cute (maybe they have a “save” style out there!) Splurge vs Save


  3. I love this outfit! Thanks for sharing!

    We also love looking at birds! We have a lovely family of gold finches at our feeder. I am thinking of putting up a bluebird house as well. I loved the BFMD devotional. What a lovely picture of God’s care for us-especially when such strange things are happening in our world. It really does seem apocalyptic at times. The news can be alarming. I will focus on my adorable grandchildren and my garden.

    Have a lovely time with your family.

  4. That popover top is so cute! May I ask how snugly it fits at the chest? According to the size chart, I would take a medium, but I often have issues with gaping at the chest. Thanks Kay!

    1. I would say it does fit close to the body, but not tight. Of course I’m not very large in the chest, so that could be a consideration. I does have a little stretch in it, too.

  5. The shoes are really cute, and I like the outfit except for the blazer, sorry. Where I live no women wear a blazer that I’ve ever seen, and I don’t see them even when I travel. I’ve always thought of blazers as menswear, or for business, so I would not wear one now for any reason in retirement, even a soft one would seem too structured and pretentious for me. I would use a nice sweater, light jacket or shawl for an extra layer if needed.

    1. I actually understand this comment, as far as the “pretentious” and I may add, “practical” would go where I live. I have some cute blazers from the past that I would like to use, but other than church on Sundays, I rarely pull them out. No matter how much denim and dressing down I try to do, I wind up with a sweater, anorak or denim jacket to be in the stream with age, stage and location. (And I am way over 50!)

  6. I loved every pc in this outfit. It was so cute Casual but put together. Hope you’re having fun enjoy Georgia We are finally going to get sunshine in or weather here in Minnesota today love Psalm 84:1-4. I too Look forward to drawing in heaven with God. Especially Look forward to it during this tournament times. God bless.