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An Elevated Casual Winter Classic Style Formula

February 7, 2022
the Winter Classic Style Series 2nd annual

Greetings! And welcome to Dressed for My Day, where I’m continuing our 2nd annual Winter Classics mini-series with an elevated casual style formula that works every time. This is a cold weather twist on a year round formula that I wear on repeat. Let’s break it down!

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An Elevated Casual Winter Classic Formula

Here’s How This Works

Through February (the series started in December with this post), I’m sharing a series of modern winter outfits that are very classic in composition, coloring and garment selection. I’ll be creating outfits strictly from the items in my closet as inspiration. Yes, I’m still sharing new fashions here and there during this time, but The Winter Classics posts give you outfit inspiration for which you can just “shop your closet.” I am linking to items that are available and substitutes for those that are not. But I also hope you get plenty of inspiration to work with what’s in your wardrobe already.

And because these are outfit inspiration posts more than they are shopping posts, I’m trying to provide plenty of style analysis, too. We’re looking at these outfits from all the angles! You can find all the Winter Classics posts (from this year and last year) here.

Elevated Casual Classic Winter Style Formula

Jeans + Sweater + Blazer + Booties

Now that I think about it, I wore this same winter style formula to church yesterday. What’s a style formula? A style formula is simply a combination of types of garments that you wear together to achieve similar results but with different pieces of clothing each time. Today’s elevated casual style formula is a winter twist on the classic style formula of Jeans + Top + Blazer + Shoes. For winter I’ve adapted this bare bones formula to (full length) Jeans + Sweater + Blazer + Booties.

Winter Classics Outfit
similar blazer // cashmere sweater (similar) // jeans (similar jeans without distressing) (more economical) // camisole (not shown) // silk scarf // cashmere socks // similar booties (more options) // leather shoulder bag // earrings // similar sunglasses (more economical)

The first year I lived in Cincinnati, after moving here from the warmth of Arizona, I struggled to wear my beloved blazers in the winter. I basically put them away for the coldest months of the year. But I love, love, love wearing a blazer with jeans. So I’ve learned that I can indeed still wear this classic style formula with a few tweaks.

Now instead of wearing a tee or shirt under my blazer, I simply layer on a camisole with a warm cashmere sweater (similar) underneath. I’ve found that cashmere sweaters work best with blazers because, while very warm, they are usually thinner than my other sweaters. So if you can’t wear cashmere, just look for thinner sweaters in other compositions.

Blazer with Jeans for Winter

Another key to this winter classic style formula is purchasing blazers that fit nicely but are also roomy enough for layering underneath. Thin layers worn close to the body really are the key to staying warm in the winter. So if your blazers leave you room for multiple layers, at least in the torso, you’ll be able to wear them year-round.

On this day I chose to keep the contrast in intensity in my outfit low. That simply means that everything I’m wearing from head to toe has a similar intensity level. In this outfit the intensity level of each item is low, but you could create a similar effect with all medium intensity or all high intensity pieces.

Silk Scarf

Remember how I called this an “elevated casual” look? A few elements consistently elevate your outfits. You can always raise the bar on an outfit by wearing or adding:

  • a blazer
  • a structured bag
  • a belt
  • a silk scarf
  • pearls
  • heels

So in today’s outfit I opted to wear a pretty silk square scarf rather than my typical wool or cashmere scarf that I wear. That little swath of silk actually kept my neck rather warm that day, but it also adds a touch of femininity and class. And of course I can wear this lovely scarf year-round. My exact silk scarf seems to be sold out, but there are other beautiful patterns available still.

Winter Classics Outfits
similar blazer // cashmere sweater (similar) // jeans (similar jeans without distressing) (more economical) // camisole (not shown) // silk scarf // cashmere socks // similar booties (more options) // leather shoulder bag // earrings // similar sunglasses (more economical)

Of course another key to this winter classic style formula is the jeans and booties combo. To keep my feet warm, I intentionally chose to wear full length straight leg jeans (more economical) with my booties so that I could wear warm cashmere socks with them. My booties don’t even have an especially high shaft, but they work here because the jeans are long enough.

I know jeans with distressing and/or rips are not every woman’s preference. But I enjoy wearing them occasionally, and it’s certainly okay for women our age to do so. This feature is simply a matter of preference, just like wash or length or silhouette. There is no right or wrong here. Let’s make denim fun and not a point of contention.

Shoulder Bag

Of course, just about any handbag you’re enjoying carrying would work with this winter classic style formula. But I managed to carry one with similar coloring to my booties. This smooth napa leather shoulder bag is versatile enough to carry all year.

By the way, I just noticed my blazer is still available but only in other colors. However, Express has come out with this new camel blazer which is very similar. And I actually would prefer that one because it does have one button.

Winter Style Formula

So that’s how I worked the (full length) Jeans + Sweater + Blazer + Booties winter classic style formula in today’s outfit. Yesterday I wore the same formula to church with my black blazer, a rosy colored cashmere sweater and black booties. So you see, the possibilities are really endless. But the winter classic style formula works every time to created a modern, elevated casual outfit that is warm and stylish. Oh and by the way, I did indeed wear a puffer coat over these outfits both days. I always purchase my coats a size up so I can fit multiple layers underneath, even blazers.

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you got a little style inspiration. And I hope you have a lovely beginning to your week!

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Blessed for My Day

Do you ever find yourself thinking on things that you know you shouldn’t be dwelling on? Or maybe you recognize that your thoughts are not healthy about a certain topic or person. Maybe there’s an anxiety, frustration, bitterness or resentment that coats those thoughts with poison. This morning in my quiet time I was challenged by 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take my thought life to God for further examination.

Sometimes we use the excuse that “my feelings are my feelings.” In other words, we think that because we feel something then those feelings are automatically valid. Well, they may be our feelings, but emotions are sometimes based on faulty thoughts that are rooted in untruth or misinformation or untrustworthy perspective. So let’s make sure we take those feelings and emotions to God and ask Him to cast light on them. There, in the light of His truth, we can examine them for what they are and treat them accordingly. Sometimes we need to take those feelings and thoughts like prisoners to our Captain so that He can tell us what to do with them.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ. ~ 2 Corinthians 10:5

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23 thoughts on “An Elevated Casual Winter Classic Style Formula

  1. Yay for the oversized blazer and jeans combo! I had purchased a gorgeous plaid blazer at Talbots last year during covid when I had put on 15 pounds. Now, it’s definitely oversized, but perfect for wearing a turtleneck and a mid-weight chunky sweater underneath. Because it’s oversized, it looks more like an outerwear piece, but that works great for spring and fall. I have plenty of fitted blazers and this one serves another purpose! So glad I held on to it even though it’s one size too big. Love the ripped Mother jeans. Sometimes when I know I’ll be walking outside for long periods of time, I’ll layer my thin black leggings underneath to help keep my legs warmer. The black peeking out when I sit or walk looks extra cool, I think!

  2. Good Morning Kay!
    I am loving the outfit you put together today. The camel blazer will be added to my closet for sure.

  3. I love everything about this outfit formula! It is me, for sure. This post has inspired me to purchase extra pieces to create more variety in this style.

  4. Absolutely love this look. It’s a look that is timeless. A button down looks extra sharp with the blazer, jeans combo too. One other comment. I know the shorter jeans are a thing now and have been, but these jeans you have on are so much more becoming. They don’t look like you’ve outgrown your clothes or have that extra little flare at the hem above your boots. I have tried for some time try to like that look but just cant. You knocked this combo out of the park for me today.

  5. Love the classic look here, Kay? Your BFMD has truly hit home for me with a situation I have very recently handed over to God, as it would no doubt result in heated dialogue. I am learning to Let Go, and Let God. Hard as this may be as I so want to guard my heart knowing my words are warranted, only His intervention can provide me the strength to perhaps allow my unspoken words to resonate more clearly [through His guidance within me]. And I can’t imagine anyOne better to guard my heart?

  6. I looked at the reviews on the cashmere socks. A number of people said they wore out very quickly. Have you found this issue? Or do those people just have sandpaper feet?

  7. The camel blazer is just gorgeous, sorry no ripped jeans for me, I think it spoils an otherwise chic look. I keep hoping this trend might go away!
    However we all have our different tastes.
    Love the camel booties and bag too.

    1. But it’s the general “look” I have a camel blazer I found second hand, and camel faux suede booties on clearance. The top doesn’t have to be cashmere, I have a similar top at Ardenes of all places. We don’t have to purchase all the pricey pieces just get things that look the same. ? hope this was helpful – Blessings

  8. Is there anywhere you could not wear this look? Well, maybe some churches and a watermelon spitting contest. I like the touch of the scarf tied that way.

    1. Hahaha! And I actually did wear this to church before taking these photos. So I guess that just leaves the watermelon spitting contest. In which case I’d remove the blazer first!

  9. Wow – what timing on BFMD! I found myself looking to this verse earlier today. It’s become one of my favorites since committing it to memory a couple of years ago. There’s SO much I could say about how this verse (and the ones preceding) have ministered to me, gently chastised me, and pointed me in the right direction. When I catch my thoughts going where they shouldn’t (and I should attribute that “catch” as a nudge from the Holy Spirit), this verse springs to mind. God is good. SO good!

    And I love today’s outfit!

  10. I love this outfit! I also love blazers. I bought this blazer last year and really like how you put the gray with it, wearing something so similar today. No ribbed jeans for me. I too am waiting for them to go out. I think the other jeans look for chic and put together. As you said different tastes. Really enjoyed the BFMD. 2 Corinthians 5:10. Yes so right. Give God our problems. So agree with Helena on this. Bless you both.

  11. But it’s the general “look” I have a camel blazer I found second hand, and camel faux suede booties on clearance. The top doesn’t have to be cashmere, I have a similar top at Ardenes of all places. We don’t have to purchase all the pricey pieces just get things that look the same. ? hope this was helpful – Blessings

  12. Oh Kay, this look is so classic, and never really goes out of style. I especially like the low intensity colors, no one color competing with the others. Very chic! Thank you for the BFMD, it was a good reminder and timely. Blessings, dear sister

  13. Kay,
    The camel blazer really pulls your look together and the scarf gives interest.
    I am really happy to see your gift suggestions. They come in handy for people like me that don’t know where to start! It’s very valuable to me for ideas.
    BFMD really hits home with me. Once in a while, I don’t convey a message in the fully intended way and it results in a misunderstanding. I need to clarify maybe or reword. Anyhow it leaves me feeling terrible when that happens. The old “could have should have” for days!
    Thanks for the great post.

  14. I know ripped jeans are a personal preference and quite popular. Did you wear them to church on Sunday morning service? No criticism, just curious. I don’t care for them but even if I did I probably wouldn’t wear them to church. But that’s just me.

  15. Hello Kay,
    I loved your tips for this winter classics formula! I am really a classic dresser and I love this look. There really are many possibilities from my own closet!