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My Daily Outfits this Past Week

February 4, 2022

Happy Friday, dear friends. Today I’m rounding up photos of my daily outfits and sharing a couple of things I received from Talbots and Nic+Zoe yesterday. This is about the time of year when I start getting a little bored with my winter clothes. What about you? So it was fun to get some colorful, lighter weight things in yesterday.

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Sizing Information

Just for reference, I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 155. I generally wear a size 8 or medium in dresses, tops, jackets and pants (or 29 or 30 in jeans), so that’s what I’m wearing in these looks unless I tell you otherwise. That way you can assume everything I show you is true to size unless I alert you to sizing up or down. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and, again, I’ll just let you know if I sized up or down in a shoe, otherwise it’s true to size.

Remember, most of this is old. So a lot of things are no longer available or sizes are picked over. But I’ll list what I can in the captions below the photos. I’m not taking the time to find substitutes in this post because I’d rather spend my time on sharing the hows and whys behind the outfits. I hope that works for you. But if you see something that you just really want to find a sub for, let me know and I’ll help you.

What I Wore Friday

I think I’m always a little convicted after writing these posts on Thursday and that prompts me to put a little more effort into my outfits on Fridays. Ha! I say that, but I don’t really remember not dressing great last week either. At any rate, I do indeed like that I wore my mid to dark wash jeans with this colorful pink and red sweater on Friday. It was a cold, snowy day, so it felt appropriate and warm.

What I Wore Friday
pink and red sweater // straight leg jeans // Sorrel Lennox Boots (similar and similar, low in sizes) // earrings

I chose not to wear a necklace because I felt like the neckline had enough going on without one. Plus, I knew I’d be bundling up in a coat and scarf, too. Both my sweater and straight leg jeans are still available and deeply discounted, but they’re also both final sale. I can tell you that the sweater runs true to size. In the jeans I went with my higher size 30 and they’re quite roomy, but I wear them happily anyhow. (And then I just frequently wash them with hopes they draw up a bit!) This is what I wore to get my hair cut and then out to lunch with James.

Friday evening presented me with one of those winter conundrums. We had been invited to dinner at the home of some neighbors about three doors down, I think it is. We had a good bit of snow on the ground and it would have been silly to drive. So I knew we’d walk and I’d need to wear boots that could tolerate the snow and ice. Plus, I’d need to be warm. But I wanted to dress up a bit, too. Ha! These are issues I never dealt with in Arizona!

What I Wore Last Week
cashmere skirt // cashmere sweater // tights // similar booties // earrings

So after much thought and many try-ons I settled on this warm and pretty cashmere pairing. I would have loved to have worn simple pretty slacks and a pretty blouse. But on this particular night a blouse would have looked silly and out of place. So I decided I’d need to wear a sweater. And to keep the sweater outfit a bit more feminine, I opted for a skirt instead of pants. And to make the skirt practical, I needed to wear tights and booties. I would have worn knee high boots if the weather would have been otherwise. But, as it turned out we removed our shoes upon walking in the door anyhow. Ahh! Winter!

What I Wore to the Movie on Saturday

Saturday James surprised me with an invitation to see another movie. We’ve been to so many movies lately! I guess that’s due to the theater being very close and the fact that we didn’t get to see any for well over a year. We saw American Underdog, the Kurt Warner story. It was a great movie. Since it was quite cold outside, I wore my navy fleece lined pants and a green v-neck cashmere sweater. Both of these are quite old, at least two or three years. But I’ve fallen in love with the pairing of navy and hunter green this year.

What I Wore Last Week
earrings // necklace

I confess, I added that belt and thought it looked great. But before I left the house I decided against it. If I was just going to be sitting for over two hours, why wear a leather strap right at my waistline? And the sweater sits right at my hips where I like my tops, so it worked well without the belt.

What I Wore Tuesday

Sunday I wore a great outfit that we took photos of afterward, so I’m saving that for next week. Then Monday we shot videos all. day. long. So I never really wore “one thing.” Let’s move on to Tuesday.

Tuesday I put on those same navy fleece lined pants. I hadn’t worn them all winter, so I guess I decided to wear them lots this week. Ha! I also realized I hadn’t worn this pretty striped sweater in a while, so I topped the navy pants with it. That sweater is 70% off, by the way. And it’s a nice one.

What I Wore Last Week
sweater (70% off!!!) // similar fleece lined pants // similar boots // earrings // necklace

I finished the outfit with simple gold jewelry and later added my Chelsea boots when I got out for just a bit.

Work from Home Outfit

Wednesday I just worked from home all day and comfort was at the top of my list. I pulled out my dark heathered grey Everyday Stretch Straight Leg pants. These are my go-to when I want to look and feel polished, but I also want to feel comfortable and relaxed.

What I Wore Last Week (4)
Everyday Stretch Straight Leg pants // cashmere 3/4 length sleeve sweater // similar loafers (great buy! lots of sizes) // similar necklace // earrings

I topped the Everyday Stretch Straight Leg pants with my navy cashmere 3/4 length sleeve sweater. This definitely wasn’t a very exciting outfit. And I probably wouldn’t have even worn it out if we’d stepped out for dinner. But it suited me for working at home. By the way, since both of those pieces are from Talbots, Classic Awards members can get 25% off full price items right now with code CLASSIC. You’ll also get 3X points and 100 bonus points if you shop this week. This discount is not listed on the website, but the code does work.

Thursday Try-On Session

That brings us to yesterday. I worked out in the late morning and then when I finally got dressed I decided to do a try-on session on Instagram. The mailman had just delivered a box of new arrivals from Talbots and a new shirt from Nic+Zoe, so I was anxious to try them all on. I’ve saved the try-on session in my Talbots tab on my Instagram stories highlights reels. So you can check it out there. I’m planning to do more of those because that one went really well, so be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Anyhow, the first outfit I showed was this colorful plaid button up shirt, my modern ankle jeans and this pretty girlfriend cardigan.

Talbots New Arrivals
blouse // cardigan // jeans // suede loafers // bangle // stretch bracelets // earrings

My only problem with this outfit is that I want the neckline of the blouse to lay back like I have it above. It’s actually a front neckline and it wasn’t really laying like this. But if I can iron it into place I think it’s good. Everything here fits true to size.

I also love my Stella suede loafers for now and for spring. They’re slightly roomy, but not so much that they slip off my feet at all. Really, they’re quite comfortable and the color is perfect for transitioning into spring.

Talbots White Jeans
white straight leg jeans in curvy fit (regular fit) // shirt // sandals // bangle // stretch bracelets // earrings

Above I’m wearing the same shirt with the white straight leg jeans in curvy fit (regular fit) and the Hannah sandals. Unfortunately I sized up .5 to the 10 in these Hannah sandals and they’re just too roomy on me. So either go with your exact size (if you wear a whole number) or maybe size down if you’re between sizes. They’re great sandals otherwise.

I’m definitely keeping the colorful bangle and stretch bracelets I purchased. They’ll be fun for spring and summer. And I was glad to see that Talbots restocked my classic gold and silver hoop earrings. I wear these a lot and think they’re such a smart purchase.

Remember, if you’re a Classic Awards member (join if you’re not!), you can get 25% off your full price purchase with code CLASSIC. You’ll also get 3x the awards points and a one time bonus 100 points.

I was so curious to see if I would like the jersey tapered travel pants as much as I have the full length travel pants that I’ve been wearing this fall and winter. I love those travel pants, you know. And yes, these jersey tapered travel pants fit just the same and are made from the same fabric. They have a polished look but feel super comfortable. I’d say they run a little large, maybe just roomy. I can slip them off and on without unfastening, let’s put it that way. But I still like the regular size. I definitely envision traveling in these this spring. Perfect for any kind of travel, and great for dinner out while on your trip.

jersey tapered travel pants // Nic+Zoe Essential Shirt (shop through my link and get $20 off your order over $100, PLUS get 30% off your order with code TREAT22.) // Edison Embellished Napa flats // shoulder bag // earrings

I topped the jersey tapered travel pants with a Nic+Zoe Essential Shirt that also came in yesterday. This is a GREAT shirt. I looks and reads like a crisp cotton button up shirt, but it’s actually a very comfortable, breathable, stretchy knit. It’s pricey, but right now you can get 30% off your order with code TREAT22. That’s just through Friday. Shop through my link and put “essential shirt” in the search engine and you’ll also get $20 off your order over $100.

The Edison Embellished Napa flats I’m wearing above exceeded my expectations. I had feared they would be stiff and uncomfortable. But they’re quite comfortable and oh so chic. They also come in other color combinations. And they run true to size.

Talbots New Arrivals (1)
Stretch Jogger // Easy Luxe bateau neck tee // sneakers // earrings

Finally, I was also curious to see what the difference was between the Talbots joggers I have now and these Stretch Joggers. These Stretch Joggers also come in navy and black and they’re a polyester/Spandex blend. So they’re silky soft and a little more elevated than the pima cotton joggers. I’m definitely keeping these. They’ll be great for this spring.

So that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you have a lovely day. We have snow on top of a big layer of ice, so we won’t be going anywhere today. In fact, I envision sitting in front of the fire most of the day with my laptop.

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10 thoughts on “My Daily Outfits this Past Week

  1. Hi Kay……I am not sure I will make that investment on the travel pants But I sure love them !!

    I think you got ice yesterday and getting snow today! That’s what I’ve seen from my fam in Cincy…. Stay warm and make Chicken Noodle Soup!


    1. Hi Kay – I really love your try-on sessions — you give honest feedback and show great ideas. Please continue to include your try-on session in your “Posts” rather than just sharing on Instagram. I don’t access Instagram and would really hate to miss your try-on sessions as they are one of my favorites! Have a great weekend!

  2. I like the red and pink sweater. Have thought about buying it before, but I have so many sweaters. Have to think on it. I like what you wore to dinner at your neighbors, only I would have probably wore high black boots. I have a hard time wearing short boots with long skirts. I might have to invest in the skirt. I do like the travel pants and shoes, but I have so many pair of black pants, will have to think on that too. We are getting snow again today here in Minnesota and it is -12 with the window chill. Suppose to warm up to 40 Tuesday. I hope so. So tired of the cold. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the great post. So much fun! I nabbed that pink and re sweater. I’ve been watching it for months. At that price I’ll wear it for a month or two then put it away for next year. Thank you for the content. Cindy

  4. Kay,
    Your pink sweater looks so comfy for a cold winter day. So does the striped choice. The bright colors are a little pick me up and made me realize I need to add bright colors to my winter choices. I will check your links and try
    to remedy that!. The white button-down too.
    Here in Michigan, I find that many people ask that you remove shoes when entering their home. I don’t and some guests do this on their own. Can’t imagine a special invitation and being in my socks! I just keep a rug by the door.
    Nice post!

    1. Hi Cathlyn. They didn’t ask us to remove them but we offered because we had snow all over them. We’d have made a mess in their house otherwise. ?

  5. Hi Kay,
    It’s refreshing to see spring colours at this time of year, and to add more colour in outfit choices. I found the plaid blouse and green sweater outfit to be on the matchy-matchy side, reinforcing your tip from a few weeks ago that it’s often best to avoid wearing an outfit where all the pieces come from the same store. I use so many of your tips and hints (like this one!) every day when I get dressed for my day.

    1. I agree Kathleen. I don’t think I’d wear them together like that really. In fact, as pretty as the shirt is, I won’t be keeping it. But I’ll probably keep the green sweater if for nothing else but wearing over a simple white tee. ?

  6. Love the outfits. I hit Talbot’s this morning and was able to grab some great deals on some sweaters. I had never shopped at Talbot’s until I started following you. I was very sad when the staff told me that they would no longer be carrying plus-size petites in their stores. I can order online, but I like trying on things and not having to deal with shipping or carrying things back to the store. Plus, the ladies working at every store that I’ve visited are super sweet and helpful. Some of them are even bummed out about not having the WP sizes any more.

    Thank you Kay!