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Bridal Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride

February 3, 2022

In case you haven’t heard the big news, my daughter Abigail recently became engaged to be married. The big day is May 15th, and just yesterday we began coordinating with a few dear friends who are planning a couple of showers for her. I’m not sure of the dates yet, but it looks like they will both be in early spring. How exciting! I’ve actually already purchased a lovely spring dress for myself, so today I thought I’d share with you my first bridal shower dress for the mother of the bride.

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Bridal Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride
silk stretch dress (now 50% off) // Kay Earrings // pantyhose // Bossy Beige Ally pumps // slip // bangle

I spend a lot of time browsing clothing store websites for this job, as you might imagine. So it was actually quite by accident that I came across this lovely silk stretch dress at Nordstrom. I love, love, love silk, but I know sometimes it can feel a little unyielding. However, this silk stretch dress is made of 92% silk and 8% elastane for such a nice fit and feel. It feels, looks and hangs like pure silk, but has just enough give in it to make it oh so comfortable and wearable.

By the way, I also wore this slip underneath and it worked beautifully to keep static at bay and help the dress lay correctly.

Bridal Shower Dress
silk stretch dress (now 50% off) // Kay Earrings // pantyhose // Bossy Beige Ally pumps // slip // bangle // similar handbag (more economical option)

This lovely silk stretch dress comes in several pretty prints, but this ivory floral print immediately struck me as the perfect fabric for a bridal shower dress for the mother of the bride. Of course, this is a lovely dress for a spring or summer wedding guest as well. Don’t you think? Or it would be lovely just to wear to church or another special occasion. Think ladies’ tea, baby shower, women’s spring luncheon or birthday fete.

Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride
silk stretch dress (now 50% off) // Kay Earrings // pantyhose // Bossy Beige Ally pumps // slip // bangle

The dress runs true to size and features a full button front with a simple, optional tie at the waist. The v-neckline is so flattering and not too low for modesty. And I love that the full sleeves, which fall comfortably just below the elbow, feature only the slightest puff at the shoulder. Nothing about this dress feels overwhelming or fussy, which was important to me when choosing a suitable bridal shower dress for the mother of the bride. I want to feel comfortable and perfectly at ease on that special day!

Bridal Shower Dress
silk stretch dress (now 50% off) // Kay Earrings // pantyhose // Bossy Beige Ally pumps // slip // bangle

I chose to accessorize my dress very simply. This is one of those occasions for which I want to feel elegant and timeless. The focus should be on my daughter and the merriment of the occasion, not on anything about me. So I even intentionally forewent a necklace here. You absolutely could wear one with this beautiful v-neckline. But I decided instead to wear elegant statement earrings and draw the focus upward. These are the Kay Earrings created by our dear Rachel at Rachelyn Jewelry (use code KAYHARMS for 10% savings.).

A couple of pretty bracelets completed my jewelry. The pearl stretch bracelet is no longer available, but the Abbie bangle is here and here.


I applied self-tanner a couple of days before taking these photos, but evidently it would take a few applications to get my winter white legs up to speed. Ha! So I opted to wear ultra sheer pantyhose with my Bossy Beige Ally pumps. Yes, you absolutely can still wear pantyhose. Just choose hose that are very sheer and in your skin tone (or black or navy, if the dress calls for that). And only wear pantyhose with closed toe shoes. I like these Nordstrom hose, but I think these Donna Karan pantyhose (also in control top) are even nicer.

Bridal Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride

I know many of my readers no longer wear heels, but I will be comfortable all afternoon in my Bossy Beige Ally pumps. They are the most comfortable pumps I’ve ever put on my feet, well worth the investment. Yyou can receive $40 off your first pair of Ally heels with code KAYHEELS. Or use code KAYFLATS for 10% off your first pair of flats from Ally.

You absolutely could wear pretty heeled sandals with this feminine silk stretch dress, too. But I know I will probably not quite be pedicure ready for sandals in mid-March. And I certainly wasn’t when we took these photos in January. Ha!

Bridal Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride

Considerations for a Bridal Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride

I’m no pro at being the mother of the bride. But I’m simply sharing my experience with you as we go. I can, however, tell you a few considerations I took into account as I selected this bridal shower dress for the mother of the bride.

  • Select a dress that is comfortable, but also pretty and festive. Comfort is important, but this day is worthy of a little fuss and effort, too.
  • Wear a dress that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. I think it’s important to look like yourself on these memory-making days. You want to feel authentic and natural. But it’s still a good idea to raise the bar a bit so you look like the best version possible of yourself.
  • Of course, you don’t have to wear a bridal shower dress if you’re the mother of the bride. Other options for a bridal shower include dress slacks with a pretty blouse, a feminine skirt with a fitted sweater top or a feminine, festive jumper.
  • Keep footwear and accessories simple but feminine and elevated. This might be the day to wear some family jewelry, the pearls from your own wedding or a treasured diamond bracelet.
  • Wear what is appropriate for your bride’s occasion. While I can offer tips, only you know what is truly appropriate for you to wear to your daughter’s bridal shower. Consider the culture, the setting, the time of day and other factors when choosing wisely what to wear. You might want to check out my recent video on How to Dress Appropriately Over 50. Or you could check out this blog post.

I’m looking forward to wearing this pretty silk stretch dress to one of Abigail’s bridal showers for sure. But this is a classic, feminine dress that I will be able to wear frequently and for other occasions, too. It’s a little pricey because it is silk. But right now it’s 50% off, and you always get FREE shipping and FREE returns at Nordstrom. Oh, and right now Nordy Club members are receiving double points on beauty purchases.

Bridal Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ve included additional pretty options for a bridal shower dress for the mother of the bride in the shopping widget below. I’ve carefully chosen selections at a variety of price points and styles. And remember, most of these dresses would be perfectly lovely for other spring occasions, too.

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Blessed for My Day

Celebrations such as bridal showers are not just events for gathering gifts or sipping punch. I think a bridal shower has the potential to be an opportunity for women to encourage one another. Being a woman can be hard and even a little mysterious. With each rite of passage, we begin a new leg of a lifelong journey that seems both marvelous and a little scary, too.

So whether you are the mother of the bride or an invited guest, I encourage you to take more than a casserole dish or set of towels to the occasion. Remember how you felt at this wonderful time in life. Maybe a heady mixture of excitement and nervousness and anticipation? Encourage the young woman with kind and gracious words. Keep the mood hopeful and cheerful. Celebrate with her the family she is beginning. This is a day to show you care and are excited for her.

A wife of noble character who can find?
    She is worth far more than rubies. ~ Proverbs 31: 10

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xoxo, Kay
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35 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Dress for the Mother of the Bride

  1. Kay, you look lovely. And yes that dress would be perfect for an eventual baby shower with the pinks and blues!

      1. Dear Kay,
        I (a 59 year old woman from Germany) like your blog very, very much and your tips and suggestions are very valuable for my daily styling routine, but today I am of the opinion, that the shown dress ist a bit too long. I would shorten it by a few inches. With your knees you can afford it – sure!
        Best regards vom Germany,

        1. Looking at the photos and then at the website, I think you may be right. I’ll definitely take it to Nordstrom to see about having it hemmed a couple of inches. Thanks for sharing.

          1. I think the dress is lovely on you, and the length looks perfect. The colors are perfect for you. Enjoy being Mother of the Bride. Thank you for sharing your fashion looks and faith.

  2. Kay, the dress is perfect on you. Elegant and understated. The dress is so versatile which makes it very cost effective.
    What an excellent BFMD! This is such an exciting time for your beautiful daughter Abby and you dear Kay. I am so happy for all of you.
    God bless you richly,
    P.S. I can’t wait to see your mother- of- the- bride ensemble.

  3. Very pretty and “appropriate” for a bridal shower dress. You might consider wearing a thin/medium leather belt in a color in the dress pattern rather than the fabric belt that came with the dress. Amazon has some really nice leather belts by Falari in great colors for only $14.99. Just a thought. Have a blessed day!

  4. Keep sharing! I love that you are honoring the shower hostesses and your daughter by making the effort to look your best—and you look lovely. I’m so ready to dress up again!

  5. Perfect on you Kay. The nude pumps go beautifully with the dress.
    Your hair is very pretty in the photo.
    Altogether a lovely outfit

  6. The dress is lovely on you. I think a delicate, understated necklace would be pretty as the dress leaves quite a bit of neckline showing.

    1. Yes, I may end up adding one. I just wasn’t feeling it that day and couldn’t get anything to feel quite right. But I may indeed wear a necklace.

  7. This just might be the perfect spring dress. It could be worn so many places and since it is simple in design and colors are not ones that particularly stand out, you could wear it more than once to all the events coming up.

  8. Kay, You look stunning and have a glow about you with the light pastels. Silk has a way of making me feel elegant!

    The sheer hose is a must for special occasions (to finish the look) since we all don’t have flawless tanned legs.

    The pound cake sounds good!

  9. I cannot envision a more perfect dress for your daughter’s shower. Simply lovely on you, Kay!
    Glad you and your hubby are ready to hunker down for the winter storm with some yummy eats. Brrrr!

  10. Kay, you look beautiful in this very pretty dress. I know that Abigail will be so proud of the way her mom is dressed. Blessings to you! Stay safe during this winter storm. It’s 71 down here in GA, very windy, and rain is on the way.

  11. Kay you look beautiful in this dress. I also wanted to let you know I love your new hairstyle. So becoming on you.

  12. You look awesome! The dress is great! I read some of the reviews and one lady suggested you shorten it. That hadn’t crossed my mind but is a thought. Maybe just pin it first to see if you like it! I also agree with another reviewer who suggested you wear an understated necklace – I agree as there is a lot of open space. Luv the shoes – I wear toeless pantyhose with sandals- my skin doesn’t look great and my legs don’t tan well and haven’t found a great spray or cream tanner. Your advice is excellent!

  13. I was thinking how tall and slim you look in those pumps and length of dress! That dress is perfection. I have so enjoyed all of your posts this past year. You are a good writer, and your husband has done a great job photographing you as well. My goal when I started following you was simply to “look nice” EVERY day, and you certainly have helped me to achieve that. I really appreciate all you do, and sharing “the good word” too!

  14. Oh Kay, you look absolutely radiant! Your dress is so beautiful and you pull it off with such elegance. I love how intentional and gracious you are to Abagail on her special celebration, as well as others who will attend the shower. Kindness and humbleness never goes out of style! You and Abagail will look back on the day with such joy! Kay, have you considered writing a book about being the mother of the bride or the groom? Planning a wedding requires a lot of thought and and can cause a lot of stress if taken too seriously. Sadly some mothers become so anxious and nervous about having everything so perfect, they unintentionally forget who the focus is to be on, their son or daughter beginning a new life together and celebrating the happy couple’s love for each other. You are a blessing in so many ways!