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6 Ways to Style a Cashmere Sweater

January 12, 2019

Da, da, da, da! You probably saw this one coming. Ha! It’s like this. I’ve got a terrible cold. But I want to provide my readers with a post that will encourage creativity, great style and confidence. So today I’m grouping together three posts from this past week, but also three posts from quite a while back to share with you 6 ways to style a cashmere sweater.

Honestly, I love this kind of post. I hope you will, too. And be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the post for some of the sales you might want to check out this weekend.

6 Ways to style a cashmere sweater

I have a fairly sizable collection of cashmere sweaters, and I generally add one each year. These classic sweaters are soft and luxurious to the skin, but they also appear rich and velvety to the eye. While cashmere sweaters come in all sorts of cuts these days, from boxy to tailored, over-sized to slim fit, crewneck to v-necks to cowlnecks to turtlenecks, the soft yarn ensures a feminine appeal.

And you can dress a cashmere sweater up or down, depending on the occasion. This versatility makes it the perfect office to dinner winter top with a simple exchange of accessories or shoes.

Let’s look at six different ways I styled a cashmere sweater this fall and winter.

6 Ways to Style a Cashmere Sweater

#1 – with a wool skirt

I’m a sucker for a cashmere sweater paired with a skirt. Whether your cashmere sweater is a button up cardigan or a pullover, it can look timeless and elegant over a skirt. Just remember the rules of fullness proportion. If your skirt is full, you’ll want to pair it with a more fitted sweater. Whereas if your skirt is a close fitting pencil skirt you could wear a fuller, boxier sweater on top.

Skirt and Cashmere Sweater in Soft Shades of Fall
cashmere sweater // wool blend a-line skirt (similar and similar) // microsuede sling back pumps // leopard print clutch // necklace (no longer available)

I chose to wear microsuede pumps with my skirt  and sweater duo, but you could also wear pretty suede or leather boots to complete this outfit.

Adding a little leopard print to this outfit with my foldover clutch contributes a little personality and gives the outfit a more modern appeal. A velveteen skirt would also make a nice pairing with a cashmere sweater.

You can see all the details plus other photographs of this outfit here.

#2 – with skinny jeans + fun heels

I shared this fun date night outfit just this past week. Of course, you can create an even more subdued jeans and pullover sweater look by toning down the accessories, but who wants to do that!?! Well, I do it plenty actually. But I love the idea of having more fun with this classic sweater pairing. Here are two ways to create a little fun.

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

For my gals who prefer low heels, I paired my leopard print flats (similar) with my skinny jeans and cashmere sweater. But I added my reversible gold/coffee belt to add some interest midway, too.

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

But I love wearing my leopard print block heels with this duo. Also, I liked wearing my sweater in a front tuck here. This Audrey cashmere sweater is a nice weight, but it’s light and thin enough to tuck comfortably, giving the ensemble a little edgier and more youthful vibe.

You can see more of this look here.

#3 – with black dress pants + blazer + scarf for the office

Once again dressing the sweater up a little for a more office worthy outfit, I paired this pretty pink cashmere with black and subtle hints of grey.

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

Pink, grey and black is one of my all-time favorite color combinations. It looks both striking and feminine, professional and soft.

This sweater, which is a very basic crew neck really, is not especially fitted. So it works well with more fitted clothing on the bottom. That’s why I liked pairing it with these black wonderstretch straight leg pants, which are still marked down for a price match.

My scarf is one from a couple of seasons ago, but you could achieve the same look with this one or this one. And my tweed block heels, which I get compliments on with every wear, are still available in limited sizes here and here.

You can see more of this look here.

#4 – with brown cords + leopard print

Another favorite combination of mine is pink and brown. Add a little leopard print and you have a real winner!

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys
cashmere sweater // corduroy pants (similar) // gold necklace (no longer available) // leopard print flats (similar)

A cashmere sweater is a natural choice to top off corduroy pants. This duo is so comfortable and casual, but still looks smart and stylish. I simply added my leopard print shoes and gold accessories.

If you’d like to see more of this look, click here.

#5 – with window pane plaid pants + pumps

This next look is one I wear often on Sunday mornings to church, but I’ve also worn it out to dinner with friends. And it’s perfectly suitable for most office situations.

Classic Fall Plaid Pants and Soft Cashmere

I’ve changed to a different shade of sweater here. This brighter, more purple-ish tea rose is no longer available. And the plaid pants are only available in maybe one or two sizes in the regular fit or the curvy fit. But I thought it was worth showing this outfit for inspiration when shopping your own closet or the sale pages. In fact, these plaid straight leg pants in windowpane from Ann Taylor are definitely worth watching. And these plaid Madison trousers are 50% off with code MUSTHAVE.

The vibrant color of the sweater and the beautiful plaid of the pants are showcased nicely with classic pumps (now available only in orange), simple jewelry and a neutral handbag (similar).

#6 – with white jeans + denim jacket

This casual, but fun outfit seemed to be very appealing to many of my readers. I styled it for lunch with girlfriends, but this combination works equally well for a day of shopping, church or a matinee.

What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

A simple cashmere sweater works nicely with a denim jacket because it’s not too bunchy or thick underneath the outerwear. And I love this color paired with my white jeans. I added my leopard print clutch and gold moccasins (similar) for a fresh, festive combination.

You can see more of this look here.

Cashmere sweaters are definitely investment pieces. While you can find them at all price points, you really get what you pay for. Still, I’ve read in multiple sources that all cashmere eventually pills. But with proper care, your cashmere sweaters can serve as beautiful, classic staples in your winter wardrobe year after year.

Watch for an upcoming post about how to care for your cashmere sweaters!!

Shop all the Looks here:

You’ll find cashmere on sale at so many retailers right now. I’d check out Macy’s, Nordstrom, Talbots and J. Crew. I’ve linked you directly to their sale cashmere.

I know this is a big shopping widget, but you can also shop the links in the text if that’s easier for you. But I’ve tried to gather as many of the elements of the above outfits as possible to include in this shopping collection. Thank you for shopping my links.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Blessed for My Day

Have you ever felt pushed into a corner? Or maybe, pushed to the edge? I know I have. And when we’re feeling a little desperate, pressured or cornered it can be difficult to make wise decisions. It’s also hard to respond graciously, to behave godly and to think soundly in those times.

But when we call out to the Lord rather than lashing out in frustration, we’ll find the resources to handle these difficult situations. We can continue to deal graciously with people when we’re backed into a corner if we remember that God has our back. He hears our cries for help, responds with truth and promises to see us through. When we realize we have nothing to fear, we’ll not respond like a frightened animal, but we’ll maintain our composure and confidence.

From my distress I called upon the Lord; The Lord answered me and set me in a large place. The Lord is for me; I will not fear; What can man do to me? ~ Psalm 118:5-6

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  1. Hi Kay!! I left you a message on your contact page, and just wanted to make sure you got it. I totally understand if it won’t work in your schedule!!!
    I love sweaters of any kind. Well, I do live where it’s cold, so it’s kinda a must have…LOL!!

  2. that is my favorite sweater of yours and it looks great on you! Hope that you are feeling better. I missed 4 days of work at my school this past 2 weeks because of an upper respiratiory.