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Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Brown Corduroy

November 9, 2018

Brown has made a come back this fall and winter. And today I’m sharing a beautiful fall fuchsia cashmere sweater with the brown cords I found in the back of my closet. Do you have brown lurking in your closet?

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

I’ve always been a sucker for pink and brown. I think it’s because brown seems so earthy, and the addition of a pretty pink seems to soften the heavy hue like a cluster of rosy flowers in a woodsy forest. That’s why I love the way this fall fuchsia cashmere sweater softens these easy-going brown corduroy pants. I also love orange, turquoise, pale blue and red paired with brown.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

Corduroy is really in again this year. It’s another one of those “trends” that never really goes out of style, but some seasons it makes a bigger impact than others. This year, like recent years, textures of all kinds are big. So corduroy certainly has its place in your closet if you want some there. In fact, my brown cords (similar) are some that have been hanging in my closet for at least a few years now.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

Talbots, which is where my cords are from, doesn’t have a brown pair in their line-up this year, but they have a dozen other beautiful shades in the high waist straights, and there are also several colors to choose from in a barely boot cut and a slim ankle variety. And the slim ankle cords are reduced in price.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

By the way, I realize that Talbots hasn’t done the greatest job of lowering their prices this fall, and many of you aren’t willing to pay these prices. I completely get that. Anything I bought from Talbots this year I got during a Friends & Family sale and I used rewards or other incentives I happened to have accumulated. I really don’t know why they don’t seem to be keeping up with their competitors’ sales. At any rate, I’m linking to alternatives from other stores.

**Sale Alert**

So you might want to check out these skinny cords from Loft, and these bootcut cords and these frayed hem ones. Loft also has a straight leg cord. And all of these come in a variety of lengths and fits. The best news? While they are already cheaper than Talbots’ cords, they’re also 40% off right now with code WORKIT. The ads for these pants all say “online exclusive,” so I don’t know if the cords are available in stores or not.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

I’m also linking to other great buys for cords in the shopping widget below.

My fall fuchsia cashmere was an investment purchase from Talbots during their Friends & Family sale. They’re still reduced, too. I will say that I like Talbots’ cashmere and am willing to invest in one each year. They generally last me at least five or six seasons before I start thinking about donating them due to pilling. And yes, according to everything I’ve read, even the best cashmere will eventually pill or fuzz. But I do think Talbots’ is a good quality. They have over a dozen pretty shades to chose from in this Audrey style and they have other beautiful cuts as well.

I’m linking to cashmere sweaters from additional stores in the widget below, too.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

I jumped at the opportunity to add my leopard print flats (similar) to this outfit. I think they’re the perfect accent to this pink and brown combo, but they’d look equally beautiful with brown and turquoise, red, orange, cream, black, baby blue, you name it. I’m linking to other leopard print flats in the shopping widget, but I also think these gold metallic driving moccasins would work well.

Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Corduroys

I’m enjoying my time in Georgia visiting my family. We had rain all day today, but you know this girl from Arizona loves that! Saturday is supposed to be sunny and chilly, so we’re driving into the mountains of north Georgia a little. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring these corduroys with me, because if I did this is exactly what I’d be wearing Saturday. Instead, I’ll pair the cashmere sweater and leopard print shoes with my boyfriend jeans.

This is the kind of outfit I can easily wear while working at home, going out to lunch with a friend, heading out to appointments in Tucson or going to church. And I think this would be lovely for most any venue for Thanksgiving dinner.

Shop the Look Here:

Some of the items are not showing up as reduced, but you’ll need to click through to see the savings. For Ann Taylor use the code FRIENDS40 and for Loft use code WORKIT.

Truthfully, cashmere is pricey no matter where you buy it. However, I did find some that come in under $100 due to the weekend sales, so give that widget a look-through.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and gained some fashion inspiration from it. I think it’s always fun to look through my closet and find color pairings that I haven’t worn in a while. That’s how I ended up with this extremely pleasing brown and pink combo. What color combined with brown has surprised you recently? You know brown has also made a resurgence this fall and winter. So pull those brown pants or skirt out from the back of your closet and wear them!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Q&A with Kay. You gals have already submitted some great questions, but I can handle more if you’d like to ask them in the comments below. Or you can email them to me at kay(at)kayharms(dot)com.

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If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” ~ Joshua 24:15

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Also, I’ve linked today’s post with Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up. Be sure to check out the other great styles there.

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6 thoughts on “Fall Fuchsia Cashmere Sweater + Brown Corduroy

  1. How would your autumn floral silk scarf look with this? That’s what I immediately thought of when I saw these colors, unless the fuchsia in the scarf is too dominant & clashes with this pink.

    1. Hi Carol! Yes, that fall floral scarf will absolutely go with this sweater. In fact, when I packed for my Georgia trip Tuesday I discovered that I have no fewer than 5 sweaters that will look great with that scarf topping them. I wore this brown sweater from an earlier post with the scarf on the plane, and I am definitely adding the scarf to this sweater tomorrow. Meanwhile, I also have a pale lavender cashmere that is begging for this silky scarf too. I just didn’t own it yet when we took the photos in today’s post 😉 Great minds think alike!

  2. I made your fall apple cake this week for my Bible study luncheon, and it was a big hit!!! I followed your instructions at the end of the caramel icing instructions…I ate every last bit of that left over delicious caramel icing! Soooo yummy!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad it turned out well. Another reader pointed out that I failed to mention when to put in the oil. So obviously you figured that out on your own! I’m so glad they all loved it. And isn’t that icing delicious! I made it for our church potluck Sunday, too, and it was all eaten! And they raved!!!

  3. Kay, I always enjoy your fashion blog…I would have never thought to mix fuschia with brown! Thanks for bringing this combo to my attention! I also appreciate your timely devotions. Thanks!