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What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

January 9, 2019

There’s not much I enjoy more on a weekday than getting together with a friend or two for lunch. Going to lunch with the gals is a priceless opportunity for girl talk while you munch on colorful salads or share a favorite appetizer and sweet dessert. I don’t know why exactly, but when I think of dressing for a lunch date with a girlfriend, I like to choose something colorful and happy. I want my outfit to look as joyful as I feel…because I’m sitting across the table from a sweet friend who brings such happiness to my life. Here’s a look at what I’d choose to wear to lunch with the gals.

What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

Does something look familiar here? Yep, I just showed you this sweater in yesterday’s post. But the truth is, I’m prone to wear the same sweater two days in a row if I love it as much as I do this one. Plus, I’m doing something a lot of my readers have been asking for. I’m styling one item multiple ways. I love how sporty and cheerful this pink cashmere looks paired with white jeans and a denim jacket.

What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

Pairing a blue denim jacket with white jeans is so effortless, and it always produces a crisp, proportional look. Then, when you add a pop of pretty color, this classic duo becomes a cheerful trio.

***Sizing tip: I suggest sizing up one size in white jeans from your normal jeans size. For some reason, that just seems to produce a better fit for most of us gals.

What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

I’m wearing one of my favorite nail polishes here, too. It’s OPI’s Not So Bora Boring Pink in the Infinite Shine formula.

What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

To add to the joy, I wore my gold driving moccasins (no longer available) and carried my leopard print foldover clutch.

What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals
Audrey Cashmere sweater in fall fuchsia // Levi’s trucker jacket // white skinny jeans // leopard print foldover clutch // gold moccasins (similar budget and similar more costly)

This is just the kind of outfit I’d wear to lunch and a movie with my friend Annie. We love to get together and laugh and laugh! But I’d also wear this to my friend Dorothy’s house. We tend to go to each other’s homes for home cooked lunches. Last week she had me over for the best BLTs. And when I go to Georgia, I’d love to wear this to breakfast with Michelle or to meet up with Candy in a quaint southern town halfway between Atlanta and Augusta. Y’all! I just love visiting with my girlfriends!

Shop the Look Here:

Tell me what you enjoy doing with your girlfriends. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant where you always split the same entree. Or maybe you have a group of friends you gather with for a potluck once a month. Tell me about your book club, your breakfast buddy or the pal you walk with every morning. Let’s give a shout out for girl time! And hey! Tell your girlfriends about Dressed for My Day, too. Grin.

I’ve linked this post with some other great fashion bloggers at Style on the Daily. Be sure to check out their looks if you have a moment!

Blessed for My Day

C.S.Lewis is credited with saying that friendship begins when one person says to another, “What? You, too? I thought I was the only one.” Friendship is simply finding another woman who sees something the same way you do. Or perhaps she’s in the same phase of life as you, enjoys the same hobby you do or has experienced the same season of pain you’ve walked through. But when we find “another,” we have to take at least one more step. We have to invite her. Invite her to lunch, to go for a walk, to join you on the bleachers where your grandchildren are playing soccer. Invite her to accompany you to the yarn shop or go for a hike or take a bike ride. I’m as guilty as the next woman of waiting to be invited. But let’s be the woman who reaches out and makes another’s day. 

Now it came about when he had finished speaking to Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as himself. ~ 1 Samuel 18:1

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14 thoughts on “What to Wear to Lunch with the Gals

  1. Love this tip for sizing up in white jeans. It’s so hard to find a pair that fit right…and now maybe I know why! Thanks!! This outfit is so pretty. The gold moc’s with the jeans look great. Love this whole combo!

  2. I am headed to Victorian Lady Tea Room today, and part of the fun will be putting an outfit together! I really love the color combo, you have on today!

  3. Love that pink sweater! My friend Wendy and I love to shop together for anything. We have taken weekend trips just to shop! Of course we do plenty of other things together but shopping is our favorite…and the beach. Have a great day Kay!

  4. We have a monthly book club in my neighborhood. Pot luck dinner (plenty of wine). We catch up on all our news, then after dinner and over dessert we discuss the book. Always a wonderful evening with friends, delicious food, and great discussion. I love that you and JoLynn have been styling white jeans (and not just for the summer.)

  5. The sweater is beautiful on you! And I enjoyed seeing it styled both ways. I like to have pieces in my closet that can be worn several ways. I tend to think of basic black or grey when I think versatile but you have shown bright colors are as well!

    As for girlfriends, I was lucky enough to be invited to a lunch group by a mom I met in the copy room at the school. We were both volunteering at the school at the time, that was 10 years ago! Our bunch meets monthly at local restaurants. We have some favorites lunch spots, but we also try anyplace new. Its a great group of gals. Friends time is so important!

  6. Pink is your color!! Cute outfit!! I bought a denim jacket and every time I wear it, I wonder if it’s too short? It hits me at the waist. Also, I will be going to Los Angeles mid February and have no idea what to pack. I have some time to shop. I don’t think I need anything real dressy. So far, we are going to a golf tournament, going to some studio tours, and meeting our son’s girlfriend. Any suggestions? Thx!

    1. Hi Kathy! For your trip to California, I’d definitely pack light layers. For the outings you mentioned, you’ll definitely want to be comfortable but look smart and put together, too. Maybe some stretch cotton pants in black? Then you could wear a variety of tops and jackets to suit the outing.

      Denim jackets come in so many different cuts and lengths. Mine hits right at the waist, too. I did have a longer one that had a more tapered cut, but I felt like it looked to “suit like.” I wanted mine to be purely casual. So it really kind of depends on your body proportions and what you want the jacket to do. I bet it looks darling on you!

  7. This outfit looks lovely on you-and yes I love going out with friends to eat and catch up with life! A group of us took a little beach trip- what a blast!

  8. Hi Kaye! I only just recently found your blog but I already feel like I’ve known you for years! I love your writing style and easy going demeanor. I am a remote stylist for a National clothing company for Plus size ladies. Your fashion advice is so timely and on point and I am very inspired by it. I am 55+ but have not entered my sixties yet. I just started “The Faster Way to Fat Loss” ,but I joined before I found your blog so I will do the next round with you. I am only on day three and my biggest win is that I haven’t given up and quit yet (I can do the fasting part no problem, its making time and learning how to count macros, meal planning, and working in time for workouts. I will stay with this program because my goal is to enter my sixties in the best health I can (body,soul,and spirit).Thank you for this amazing ministry
    and please keep my “FWTFL” challenges in your prayers! I ADORE you and this Blog my friend!

  9. I’m actually meeting friends for lunch today. Much cooler on the Gulf today and we are eating at an outside restaurant. I know, crazy, right? That’s one of the reasons I love them. So I will dressing for warmth ?, Hopefully I can come up with something cute.