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Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

January 8, 2019

Hi gals! My husband and I are heading into Tucson today to take some photos for the blog, and we’re capping off the day with dinner at a new restaurant while we’re there. A sweet couple in our church gave us a gift card for Christmas, and we thought we’d use it for a date night. Meanwhile I’m sharing with you what I’m wearing on that date! I’m styling a familiar cashmere sweater with jeans for a casual date night.

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

I wear this fall fuchsia cashmere sweater quite often, but today I’ve added a few accessories to make it more date night worthy. I love the three quarter length sleeves and the hip length cut on this sweater. In fact, I think I own four of these!

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

Good news! This cashmere sweater is on sale right now for less than half of the original price. And they’re fully stocked in so many beautiful shades.

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

I’ve seen so many women doing a front tuck with their sweaters, and I decided to try it in this previous post. I didn’t care for it with that outfit because the sweater was so chunky and boxy. But I actually do like it with this cashmere sweater. This fabric is so light, it’s almost just like tucking in a t-shirt. It doesn’t feel awkward at all.

The front tuck gives me the opportunity to add another accessory that brightens the outfit for a date night. I’ve loved wearing this gold/coffee reversible belt…on both sides! The belt is also marked down more than 50% and available in all sizes as I write this post.

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

The front tuck is also a good way to create proportion if you have a long waist or short legs. I don’t really have either, but it works with my proportions, too. However, if you are short waisted, you’ll want to keep the sweater untucked to create a longer torso.

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night
Here you can see this outfit styled with flats instead of heels. I’m trying to show both heel heights when possible because I know I have so many readers who appreciate flats.

I’m wearing my comfort stretch denim jeggings, which I love and practically live in. I like the length for my 5’8″ frame, but if I were any taller at all, I’d probably get the long. I’m wearing a 6, for reference, which is my normal size in jeans. Oh, and I have the jeans in the leo wash, but there are several other shades of denim to select from.

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

To take this outfit from a daytime jeans-and-sweater look to date night attire, I also added glittery jeweled earrings, a gold necklace and bracelet and my leopard print block heel pumps. I opted not to carry a handbag. Which, of course, means James has to read the menu for me!

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

The other day someone asked me how I wear these heels. I laughed and said, “For a little while at a time!” But honestly, I wore them shopping for about two hours the other day and did just fine. They’re quite comfortable for heels. (See this look with leopard print flats a few photos above.)

Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

I’ve styled fancier date night outfits, but honestly, this is what I really wear when James and I go out. I like feeling comfortable in my jeans and favorite cashmere, but I love adding some festive, feminine touches to make it feel like a special occasion. Which, of course, it is!

Shop the Look Here:

What do you wear when you go out for a nice dinner or some other fun with your honey? I’d love to know. By the way, I’d love it if you shared this post with your friends on Facebook or pinned it to one of your Pinterest boards. Thanks so much for supporting what I do here at Dressed for My Day!

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Blessed for My Day

Do you ever doubt God? Maybe you doubt His goodness when something horrendous happens to someone you love or someone young and innocent suffers. You might doubt His ability to “do something” when you’ve waited and waited and have seen no evidence of Him working on your behalf. Or maybe you doubt God’s faithfulness when you’re struggling to make ends meet…again. We don’t need to be embarrassed about our doubts. It’s normal to have them.

Doubting is not a problem or uncommon. But what we do with those doubts is crucial. In Matthew 28, just before Jesus commissions His eleven remaining disciples to go out into the world and make more disciples, we learn that even some of them had their doubts. And they had the resurrected Jesus standing right before them! But what they did in the midst of doubting made all the difference in the world. What exactly did they do? Well, they didn’t withdraw from Jesus. According to the scripture, they showed up and met with Him.

The next time you doubt, simply choose to do the same. It’s human nature to withdraw from God when we doubt. But instead, let’s do what the disciples did and press in. That’s where He can address our doubts, remind us of all He has shown us and taught us and fortify our faith.

But the eleven disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated. When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some were doubtful. ~ Matthew 28:16-17

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7 thoughts on “Styling a Cashmere Sweater for a Casual Date Night

  1. Well, I’ve never been into animal print, but After seeing yours, I am entertaining thoughts of enjoying some flats. . Love that color on you! Enjoy your date and tell Bro. James, Hey

  2. You look so pretty! I love the front tuck with the flats for a more casual vibe.
    Did you change your hair color? Looks different. Still pretty…just different.