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How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

January 11, 2019

I’m continuing to keep it real here at Dressed for My Day. In fact, not only am I styling the same cashmere sweater I’ve already shown twice this week, but every item I’m sharing I’ve styled before on the blog. For today’s complete style remix I’m sharing how to style a cashmere sweater for the office.

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

One of the benefits of sharing all of these pieces again is that so many of them are deeply discounted now. Even these Nic+Zoe wonderstretch pants are marked down for a price match currently. They don’t go on sale very often. And I do love these slacks. They feel comfortable, keep their shape and look sleek and professional. I wear them probably every other Sunday.

My cotton twill black blazer is no longer available, but you could check out this cotton blend jacket or this knit blazer, both at lower prices anyhow.

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

My cashmere sweater continues to be on sale and available in many beautiful colors and a full range of sizes.

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

These tweed block heel pumps were definitely one of my best purchases this year. And they’re available in several sizes at a significantly reduced price here and here. They run just slightly big, so keep that in mind.

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

I just adore the combination of black, grey and pink. Always have. So I was excited when I remembered I had this floral scarf with each of those colors in it. It’s a J.Jill purchase from last year, so it’s not available. But I’ve included several other beautiful options at various price points in the shopping widget below. And I especially like this one.

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

I didn’t do the best job of tying this scarf, but I changed into this outfit in the car and depended on my husband to be my “mirror.” Ahem. At any rate, isn’t it amazing what a simple splash of color from a silk scarf can do to transform a look from sporty to business or dressy?

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

I wore simple silver jewelry to accent the grey tones in my outfit. My earrings are these from Brighton.

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

My handbag is no longer available, but this one is similar. And these top handle handbags promise to continue to be trending this spring and summer.

Shop the Look Here:

For some reason I can no longer include the cashmere sweater in the shopping widget, even though it’s still available in a full range of sizes. Otherwise, you can shop this look here.

Thank you so much for spending some of your time here at Dressed for My Day today. I’m a little under the weather right now. Just a bad cold. But bleh! It’s no fun. So you gals are like a ray of sunshine to me. I really appreciate you reading my posts. And I love hearing from you.

I’ve also linked this post to Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up. There are always some great fashion ideas there!

If you enjoyed today’s post, I hope you’ll share it on your Facebook feed or pin it to one of your Pinterest boards. That helps me out tremendously. Have a great Friday!

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Blessed for My Day

If we accuse someone of being “holier than Thou” it’s usually not a compliment. In fact, what we’re really saying is that they think they are better than everyone else…but they’re not. But in fact, we are called to be holy. So what does that mean? To be holy is to be different, to be set apart, to be pure through and through. Truly, no one is holy but God. However, He calls us to be like Him. That means we live holy, set apart lives when we choose consistently to line up our behavior with His character, His ways and His Word. This is no easy standard, but it’s worthy of our effort. What do you need to do in order to live a more holy, set apart life?

But like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” ~ 1 Peter 1:15-16


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3 thoughts on “How to Style a Cashmere Sweater for the Office

  1. I hope you feel better Kay. I was fighting a cold myself for a couple of weeks right after Christmas. Very annoying. I have a similar pink sweater that I love, that color just brightens up my face. Which is a good thing in the winter since I am really pale right now?. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you, Deb. I’m feeling a tad better today. Unfortunately colds just take time, huh. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Makes my day! Have a good one! 🙂