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How to Wear White Jeans in Winter

February 7, 2020

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I find myself wearing my blue jeans more in the fall and winter than I could ever imagine wearing them in the hotter months. But about this time of year I start getting a little tired of my blue denim. And that’s a good reason to wear white jeans in winter!

2 Ways to Wear White Jeans in the Winter

So today I’m sharing 2 ways to wear white jeans this winter. But I also have styling tips so you can wear your white jeans…your way!

White + Grey

You can wear your white jeans in the winter with just about anything, of course. But I tend to prefer white denim paired with soft, muted neutrals. I especially love white with light grey.

White and Grey with Plaid Coat

White in Winter Style Tip – Wear your white jeans with soft, muted neutrals such as camel, grey and taupe for the easiest pairings.

Honestly, I prefer this outfit with the coat. When I wore it the other day to the mall, it amassed quite a few compliments. But when I removed the coat, I didn’t feel like this outfit was quite as special.

Still, just the fact that I’m wearing white in winter makes me stand out from the crowd.

White in Winter Style Tip – Add warm and cozy winter fashion textures to your outfit in order to give your white jeans a “winter context.” You could add touches of cashmere, wool, faux fur or corduroy to the mix.

white jeans

I had previously decided I needed to invest in new white jeans this year. I wore the same pair for three years and they were showing their age. I went straight to Talbots because their jeans generally fit me. These denim jeggings did not disappoint.

I like that these jeans are a nice thickness, hold their shape and fit well.

White in Winter Style Tip – Always go up one size from your normal blue jeans size in white jeans. I’m wearing the size 8.

grey sweater

This soft grey sweater is also from Talbots. Right now at Talbots you can get one item for 30% off with code HEART30. The sweater is also available in a marled indigo blue and rattan. I’m wearing a small. It’s such a nice weight and thickness.

grey sweater with white jeans

I kept this look really casual and easy with my Cariuma sneakers. I even wore socks because, y’all! I was cold!

White in Winter Style Tip – Wear shoes that indicate you’re in winter. You could choose from all weather boots, leather boots, suede boots, booties, sneakers or suede pumps or flats.

White and Grey with Plaid Coat
white jeggings // grey cotton sweater // sneakers // shoulder bag // gloves (similar) // scarf // coat no longer available (similar)

White in Winter Style Tip – Create a column of color by wearing a white, beige or light grey sweater atop your white jeans. Then surround the column of white with a colorful or multicolored coat.

White + Camel

My second look is still casual but a little elevated with more distinct jewelry and sock booties.

White Jeans and Camel Sweater

Camel is another nice pairing for white jeans. Admittedly, wearing a camel cotton sweater is not that far off from wearing a grey cotton sweater. Ha! Maybe I should have shown another pairing. But I think these soft neutrals are definitely the most effortless way to stay chic and smart in your white jeans during the colder months.

White Jeans and Camel Sweater

I also took half of these photos with my leather belt bag and half with a regular shoulder bag. I just wanted you to see a variety of ways to accessorize this look.

White in Winter Style Tip – Adding ample accessories to tie the look together is crucial when wearing white jeans in the winter. When you accessorize you communicate that your style choices were intentional.

white jeans
suede sock booties

I’m reaching for these rich chocolate brown sock booties constantly these days. And they seemed like the perfect choice to tie this white and camel look together. They run true to size and they’re also available in red and black.

came and white jeans

White in Winter Style Tip – I’ve not shown it here, but pastels also combine beautifully with white jeans for the winter. Just be sure to keep the rest of the outfit distinctly “winter-like” so that your choice of white denim looks intentional.

Camel and White

This camel sweater is a lush, thick 100% cotton shaker stitch knit and it features a roll neck. I love the detailing around the neck and the side slits at the hem. Use code HEART30 to get 30% off one item.

White Jeans and Camel

I intentionally added jewelry in tortoise shell and white to pull this look together. Honestly, I think when you wear white jeans in the winter it’s all about doing anything you can to:

  • make your choice of white denim look intentional
  • keep the look season “appropriate”
  • add texture and warmth to the look
white and camel and leopard
white jeans // cotton sweater // booties // shoulder bag // necklace (option) // earrings // sunglasses (similar) // coat (similar)

Do you wear white jeans in the winter? Honestly, I haven’t worn mine much. I really prefer to save them for the spring and summer. But as spring approaches…or drags its feet!…I’m itching to wear them more. Let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you today!

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2 Ways to Wear White Jeans in the Winter

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Instead, He simply ask that we put the burden squarely on Him. He wants us to humble ourselves before Him, come to Him, ask Him, knock, pray, seek Him and obey. All of these are invitations to trust that He is big enough, He is able. That’s what real faith is. Faith is not some sort of energy that we work up on the inside. It’s letting go and trusting that He is bigger than our faith.

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” And the Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you. ~ Luke 17:5-6

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16 thoughts on “How to Wear White Jeans in Winter

  1. Both outfits look great on you however I like the camel ensemble better especially with your leopard coat. I never wear my white jeans in the winter. However after seeing you pair yours with gray, it gave me an idea. I have a gorgeous gray sweater with pearls on the front of it which would look beautiful with my white jeans. Have a great weekend and I am so happy you are getting to see your family. ~Lisa~

    1. So great to read this today!! I just packed my white jeans for an upcoming trip. I recently purchased a white puffer coat to “validate” my white jeans so glad to see wearing white in the winter is more trendy than I thought. I just live my white jeans and don’t like to put them hibernation without the rest of my spring/summer wardrobe when the cooler seasons arrive. Great blog Kay! Thanks for keeping me “in the know”!
      Joy Langley-Cook

  2. I love wearing white jeans year round. I think it’s all about great fitting jeans (of course) and putting the right footwear with the outfit. Thanks for the ideas to add to my repertoire 🙂

    1. Your BfMD really resonates with me today. Thanks! I like the gray outfit the best and something I could see me wearing, except for the sneakers. (I’m probably in the minority here but I just don’t like any outfit with sneakers, unless I’m headed to the gym.) Have a great weekend!

  3. I never wear my white jeans in the winter. Where I live, in rural town OK, no one would think of doing that….hence, I don’t either. I love both of your looks today however and maybe one of these days I’ll get brave a try it. Just don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and I’m not one to draw attention to myself. Always love your ‘Blessed for my day’ every day!!

  4. Both looks are fresh and pretty! I don’t wear white jeans in the winter because I haven’t been able to put together an intentional look. Thanks for the ideas. Enjoy your family time!

  5. Kay, you look great in both outfits! I do not own a pair of white jeans and have no plans to add a pair to my closet. I’ve tried them, but I have a thicker backside and for me, the white jeans do nothing but accent it. While I’m glad that I’m not flat, I don’t try to draw attention to it. Taking a picture of myself so that I could see the back view opened my eyes. I do like how a lot of women style them though. Enjoy your day at the beach.

  6. I used to never wear white – period! – after Labor Day; I’m a Southerner! But I have finally let that go and I do wear my white jeans a little in the winter. I like the idea of making it look intentional – I think that’s the key to not looking “out of place.” I wore mine the other day with a thin black turtleneck sweater and leopard flats and I liked the look and thought it was appropriately winter-y. Love the gray and camel, too!!

  7. I love both looks and really love that plaid jacket! ?. I always love how camel looks with white. It just elevates it the right amount.

    The BFMD is great. Romans 12:3 ASV, “…As God dealt to each man a measure of faith.” God has already given us the right amount of faith – we just need to USE it. ❤️

  8. Enjoyed your blessed post today. It reminds me of the scripture where God says if we had the faith of a mustard seed. We could move mountains. We just need to believe it.
    I love these looks and was inspired to try a version of this look with my pretty blue multi colored jacket I usually would wear with light washed jeans. I think I would like the light grey, blue and white outfit. I seriously need some pale grey boots. : )

  9. I have one pair of white jeans. In New York City and the surrounding suburbs, white In the winter is a big no. In fact it’s a sea of black from September through May! That being said both of those sweaters look beautiful with the white jeans. We don’t usually get too hot until July so I could see wearing both of those looks (minus the coats hopefully) in May or early June.