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3 More Fall 2023 Trends to Try Right Now

August 7, 2023

Welcome to Denim Week Fall 2023! I know, I know. It’s not fall and you’re hot. Hahaha! But a girl can dream of cooler days, comfortable jeans and boots, can’t she? And while we’re dreaming, let’s start thinking seriously about our fall wardrobes so that we don’t make hasty, ill-planned purchases when those cooler temperatures do arrive. Because they will arrive, sweet gal! We’re kicking the week off with three more fall trends to try…right now!

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Can you guess from the photo what trends we’re talking about today? I’ll be talking more about denim trends in this Wednesday’s YouTube video. In fact, I’ll have a bonus video for us on Saturday as we close out Denim Week Fall 2023, and I’ll be sharing how to find the perfect pair of jeans for you in that video.

sweater vest // white tee // denim skirt // belt // similar sandal // similar sunglasses // tote // bracelet // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

Fall Trend to Try Now: Midi or Maxi Length Denim Skirts

Indeed, one of the trends I’m referring to trying today is the denim skirt. And you probably already have one or two in your closet. Pull them out, dust them off and style them now and later in the fall. I actually wore this denim skirt outfit Sunday to church. We took these photos at two o’clock in the afternoon when it was 84 degrees. So yeah, I was hot, but no hotter than usual. And this super on trend denim skirt outfit felt great all day.

Like I said, wear the denim skirts in your closet. But if you really want to be on trend this fall, opt for a midi or maxi length denim skirt. So chic! A lot of them have very high slits in the front, back or sides. But this J.Crew denim skirt is just right. I find that we can generally wear a small sizer in denim skirts than we do in jeans, and sure enough I’m wearing a 29 in this one very comfortably.

To create a nice silhouette and pleasing proportions, choose either a slightly cropped length top or give your top a tuck or front tuck. I chose to wear my sweater vest over a vintage white tee, but you’ll see me wear the alone in Wednesday’s video. I tucked in the white tee and gave the sweater vest a gentle front tuck.

Fall Trend to Try Now: Thinner Belts

Speaking of tucking, the next trend I suggest trying now is a thinner belt. In recent years we’ve been wearing thicker belts, but this year I’m seeing lots of thinner belts. And I personally am ready to embrace this leaner accessory.

I found my belt at J.Crew, where I got the rest of this outfit, too. It comes in two other neutrals and works nicely with my jeans, skirts and other pants. It has lots of holes for adjustability and comes in just two sizes: xs-s and m-l. I’m wearing the m-l very comfortably with lots of room for adjusting up or down.

Fall Trend to Try Now: Add a Little Joy

Joy has been trending for a couple of years now. Yes, you read that correctly: JOY. As a result of the “year we all remember,” we’ve been aching to add notes of joy to our outfits. And that trend continues in this years styles.

You can add a little joy with bright, pigmented colors, graphics on your tee, ornaments such as bows on your shoes or bling just about anywhere you want to wear it. I chose to add just a bit of bling on my wrist with this chainlink bracelet with pavé crystals.

I think the bracelet still looks feminine, a little elegant and classy, but it definitely adds a touch of whimsy and bright joy to my outfit. Plus, it was just so fun to wear! That is joy. As we enter into fall, remember to keep a little joy in your outfits.

sweater vest // white tee // denim skirt // belt // similar sandal // similar sunglasses // tote // bracelet // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

I love how this outfit came together. Like I said, I wore it to church Sunday. (We have a very casual church service.) But I’d also enjoy wearing it to lunch with a friend, to tour a museum or to do a little window shopping.

Let me know what you think of these three fashion trends for Fall 2023. Will you be participating now or later? I’d love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “3 More Fall 2023 Trends to Try Right Now

  1. When the weather here cools off a little bit more and stays cooled off will get out my denim skirts and wear them. I like the vest and t-shirt for now and I can picture it with a button up shirt and vest for later.

  2. I have always loved denim skirts and like that the midi denim one is trending this fall. You look great in this outfit. However, my clothing budget doesn’t allow me to spend over $500 for one outfit. Any other less expensive choices for a midi denim skirt out there?

    1. Kay does posts on more inexpensive stores-Kohl’s and Walmart. If you look at their websites, I don’t think it would be hard to find a more inexpensive version of her outfit. The combination is easily replicated I would think. I know a lot of her outfits are expensive, they are still fun to see. I love seeing them and looking at my wardrobe, and using what I have to copy them. We sold our business, so I can afford things that I never could have before. I buy what I can and what appeals to me. I’m allergic to cashmere so can’t ever buy that, it is really expensive anyway.

      It would be fun for her helpers to put together a cheaper version in those boards that they do!

      I rambled a bit-hope this was helpful!

  3. I absolutely love your vest styles. This post and the pink with green cargo pant combo. Just not into cashmere since I live in along the western coast in Southern California. But I’m sure there’s something out there for me. If you find anything let us know! 😊

    1. I would love this information also! I just moved back to SoCal and I think cashmere will be too warm for me here. Would love some lighter weight alternatives!!

  4. As always love blessed for my day. I own midi denim skirts. I had them in my closet and started to wear them again. That’s a trend I really like. I wish our temperature was 84 at 2pm more like 104. Thanks for the styling tips.

  5. So interesting! I was on the hunt for a midi length jean skirt this summer- almost impossible to find! Finally found 2 by asking the clerk. Mine are a button fly but prefer a zipper but did not exist. Do I snapped up 2 – a white and a blue denim. Love them!