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13 Great T-Shirts for Summer

July 17, 2018

Does anything really beat a good t-shirt in the summer? I mean, isn’t that the most prevalent go-to during these hot months? Especially when we’re looking for something to pair with our favorite denim shorts or skirt? That’s why I thought it might be a good idea to gather some of the cute tees I’ve noticed here and there into one blog post. This list of 13 t-shirts includes some that are colorful and ladylike, some that say cute or poignant things and some that feature embroidery or even beading. I like them for a variety of reasons, and I think you might, too.

13 great t-shirts for the summer at Dressed for My Day

These t-shirts span the full range of prices, too. And some may be on sale when this post goes up. Or, quite honestly, some may be gone. Hmm. That’s because I’m scheduling this post ahead of time so that it will go up while I’m on vacation. But my bet is that at least some of these t-shirts are still available for the picking and even discounted. Check them out and see.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 1

Pineapples are huge this summer. And I especially like that this Malibu punch t-shirt from Chico’s features the symbol of hospitality in gold print. And the pineapples are all over the shirt, too. Front and back, whereas many similar shirts are decorated only on the front. When I wrote this post, this shirt was marked down considerably. You can check to see if it still is here.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 2

This embroidered cactus tee may look white, but it is in fact more of an oatmeal color. It’s a little pricier option from Anthropologie, but when I scheduled this post it was marked down 50%. You can check it out here.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 3

I came across this t-shirt from Crazy Cool Threads one day as I was browsing Instagram. I absolutely love the Christian pop song by Zach Williams by the same title as is on the shirt, “Fear is a Liar.” I kind of think we all need a shirt that reminds us of the paralyzing grip of fear. And we need to be reminded, too, that God’s love cast out all fear. Hmm.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 4

Pretty poppies. I love poppies. This simple graphic v-neck t-shirt is available at Kohl’s for just $6.79 right now. Wowza!

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 5

One of my favorite things to do each summer is stand over my kitchen sink and pit fresh cherries and pop them in my mouth, juice running down my arm, one after another. How’s that for a visual!? Ha! Do you do anything like that? Well, this simple but pretty embroidered t-shirt from J.Crew has me longing for those cherries. And I just may be eating some in Oregon about now. *grin*

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 6

Okay. It’s true. I’ve fallen in love with pink flamingos. Y’all! That reminds me. One of the funniest lines I heard in the movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! (which releases July 20th) was “you have the wisdom of a flamingo.” LOL! Followed by perplexed expressions of course! Well, I don’t know if flamingos are wise, but they are popular. And I love this pink flamingo t-shirt, also available at Kohl’s for just $6.79 right now.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 7

I’ve shown this bicycle for two t-shirt a couple of times already. But I just think it has a lovely feminine silhouette, and who doesn’t like a double seat bicycle? And this t-shirt is marked down, too.


13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 8

I just love the vibrant red in this floral t-shirt from Loft. It’s called Island Party. Don’t you just love that?

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 9

Also from Loft, this striped tank t-shirt just looks fresh and charming to me.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 10

Ah, this shirt reminds me of that summer in Santorini, Greece. No, not really. I’ve never been there. But we all dream of going there, right? You know. Santorini is the frequently photographed little village in Greece famous for all the white buildings with blue roofs. Well, even if we don’t have memories of Santorini, we can wear the t-shirt.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 11

Well, don’t you know this Arizona girl snatched up this embellished flowering cactus t-shirt with her Talbots gift card! The photo doesn’t really do it justice. The beading is charming. Oh, and that reminds me. We’re moving onto our second blooming season here in Arizona now that the monsoon rains have arrived. Indeed, flowering cactus!

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 12

Yep. More of those wise flamingos. Isn’t this khaki and pink flamingo t-shirt a cute variation on the theme? It’s another great embroidered tee from J.Crew.

13 Great T-Shirts for the Summer 13

Let’s see. We’ve had pineapples, a couple of flamingos and now palm trees. I think we’ve got all the tropical trends covered. But the reason I love this tee is because it would look great peeking out of a jacket or cardigan. It’s simple, but charming. You’ll find this embroidered palm tree t-shirt at Loft.

So that’s it. My 13 great t-shirts for summer. Let me know which are your favorites. And especially let me know if you go for it and order one of them. Of course, I’ve used affiliate links in this post. If you shop through them I earn a little bit of commission, but at no cost whatsoever to you. Thanks for supporting me and what I do here by reading, commenting, shopping, sharing and subscribing. Not a subscriber yet? Let’s take care of that right here.

Have a great day, ladies. And I’ll see you back here soon.

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One thought on “13 Great T-Shirts for Summer

  1. Lots of cute tees! Love “Fear is a Liar” and the shiny pineapples. Great finds! Enjoy your vacay?