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This Simple Style Hack Never Fails

April 11, 2023

Because getting dressed for your day shouldn’t be a daily challenge, it’s smart to have a few quick tricks up your sleeve. I’ve learned a few formulas that always give me great results so that I don’t have to spend so much time standing in my closet and trying to figure out what to wear. Today I’m sharing with you the style hack that never fails.

This Simple Style Hack Never Fails
tank top // white jeans (size down) // blazer // sandals // handbag // necklace // earrings // lip color in Candy // nail color in Pink Bikini

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I have learned so much about fashion in the past five years of writing this blog. I’ve long been able to put together outfits pretty well, frequently receiving compliments on the styles I wore. But until a few years ago I didn’t really know the components of good style, what made some outfits work and others not so much.

This Simple Style Hack Never Fails

Maybe you can relate. Most mornings I’d eventually emerge from my closet having put together a good outfit, but I’d also have a pile of clothes on my bed that I’d tried on in a variety of combinations. And a careful evaluation in the mirror would tell my eyes that I had indeed put together something that worked well for me, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why.

This Simple Style Hack Never Fails
tank top // white jeans (size down) // blazer // sandals // handbag // necklace // earrings // lip color in Candy // nail color in Pink Bikini

I’ve discovered that knowing the art and science behind style can making getting dressed for my day so much easier and more delightful. And my goal here at Dressed for My Day is simply to share a little of that intel with you so that you, too, can enjoy putting together outfits that work for you: for your personal style, your lifestyle and your body.

So you don’t ever need to feel like you need to copy the exact outfits I put together or make the same style choices. But I do encourage you to take note of the style principles I share. These are the secret sauce! They work for everyone and in every style aesthetic. And these little style hacks truly make getting dressed for your day easier and more enjoyable.

This Simple Style Hack Never Fails

Have you noticed the style hack I used in today’s outfit? I know the outfit looks pretty similar to the one I shared yesterday, but I’m actually using a different tool from my toolbelt today. Let’s zoom in for a better look.

This Simple Style Hack Never Fails

In today’s outfit I’m wearing the same color in my top and completer piece. This double dose up top always creates such a cohesive look. And if you’ll make sure that you choose a top and jacket that works for your body shape and proportions, you’ll instantly create a chic outfit that flatters you beautifully.

If you need more help with knowing and dressing your proportions, check out this post and then this one. You also might want to watch the video below. I think it’s really helpful. When you determine your body proportions you’re more equipped (with the science I referred to earlier) to dress your body in a way that flatters you most (with the art I referred to earlier).

With that kind of information you’ll know what rise in jeans and pants works best for you. And you’ll know whether or not you should tuck your top and/or wear a belt. That’s why sometimes I tuck and other times I don’t; some days I wear a belt, and other times I purposefully leave it off.

This Simple Style Hack Never Fails

In today’s outfit with the block of color at the top, I’ve not tucked the top because it’s short enough to leave out. Then I finished the outfit with nude sandals that create a long, uninterrupted line below.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Great Spring Outfits

I also pulled this outfit together even more by carrying my tri-color handbag. Or actually I guess it’s a tri-neutral! Another woman at church this Sunday had one very similar and we remarked to each other how much we enjoy these bags because they work with so many of our outfits.

But the style hack that never fails is that double dose up top. Let me know if you’re going to try this style hack sometime this week. I’d love to hear if it’s new to you or something you do frequently yourself. Do you use this style hack with blazers or other jackets or cardigans? What color or neutral do you frequently double up on?

The Style Hack that Never Fails
tank top // white jeans (size down) // blazer // sandals // handbag // necklace // earrings // lip color in Candy // nail color in Pink Bikini

Remember, this isn’t about wearing white and black. If you don’t enjoy wearing black close to your face, don’t. Use this no-fail style hack with bright colors or pastels or other neutrals. You do you. But the style hack absolutely will work for you…and it’s just one of the tricks I have up my sleeve that can make getting dressed for your day so much easier and more enjoyable. Meet me back here each week for more!

PS – By the way, the style formula I’m showing here is actually the same as in yesterday’s blog post. I am indeed wearing a tank top, white jeans and a blazer. But the style hack is different. I have my exact pieces linked in the photo captions above and I’m providing other options as well in the shopping widget below.

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Blessed for My Day

Making time for Bible reading and prayer is not a luxury; it’s a choice.  I learned that lesson when I was in the throes of motherhood. Despite the fact that my children would invariably wake up whenever I did, even if I set my alarm (very quietly!) for before sunrise, I learned that I needed to somehow make time to read my Bible and sit in solitude before the Lord each day. Some days that precious time was hard fought for, but nine days out of ten I managed to grab those moments, and the results were manifold.

Today I have the luxury of rising to a quiet household with no children clamoring for my attention or breakfast or clean clothes to wear to school. But I still have to make a deliberate choice to begin my day with my Bible opened on my lap. Other voices do clamor for my attention – from the nearby television, all the apps on my phone or my daughter’s early morning Facetime requests. And there’s also just something in my nature that sometimes resists the very things I know I need most, like quiet time with the Lord. But when I choose well, it shows up throughout my day. Time aside with the Lord – reading His Word, listening to His Holy Spirit and sharing my heart with Him – is never wasted and often blessed. 

But the Lord answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; but only one thing is necessary; for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” ~ Luke 10:41-42

xoxo, Kay
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19 thoughts on “This Simple Style Hack Never Fails

  1. I learned so much from your posts on body proportion. It has made a huge difference in my wardrobe. Today I’m wearing a column topped by a different color completer. I learned that from you! I often double up on green because I have a green sweater and a green jacket that match almost perfectly.

  2. Hope you had a Wonderful Easter. Enjoy your blog so much. For the life of me, I can never figure out the the length of pants, jeans, etc. I should wear. I’m 5′ and have a 28″ inseam. I really don’t wear capris because they make me look shorter. I love the shorter version of jeans. I’m kind of sticking with straight legs because the flares also seem to make me look shorter. I did wear them 40 yrs ago because I was much younger. Ha! I’m 73 now. How many inches should I go up from the ankles. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Linda, Generally an ankle jean or pant hits just right above the ankle bone, but I feel like there is a little wiggle room there. If you can wear a heel that will definitely help elongate the legs some. Tomorrow I have a YouTube video coming out all about shoes. Be sure to watch that. Anyhow, for full length jeans I’d try to have them hit right below the ankle bone and for cropped or ankle length get them right above the ankle bone. Then what you do with your top also factors into the equation. If the pants are shorter (ankle or cropped) you may need to tuck or front tuck your top. Or you could get more cropped length tops, too. That doesn’t mean they show your tummy, they’re just shorter, so they create that nice long leg again.

  3. I love the top and completer piece matching style. This winter I bought an orange coat. At the same time I bought a matching orange sweater and shirt. I have enjoyed wearing matching top and coat. Although now that’s it is warming up I will need to move on to lighter tops and completer pieces. I might have to go look at my closet today! Thanks for sharing this style tip. I prefer colors and this tip is easy to do with what ever color you personally like!

    1. I love that Kristin. I did the same thing when I purchased my red coat. I know that big pop of orange looks amazing on you!

  4. I’ve been paying attention Kay! I recently bought a solid fuschia blazer and made certain I purchased a matching top at the same time. I’ve noticed anytime I buy a solid navy or blue sweater or jacket, to make certain I buy the coordinating tank or top. Those solid blues are hard to match otherwise. I was at the airport at 4:30 am last month when I ran into a church member. She commented on how much she loved my outfit… it was like your classic one yesterday but with green blazer, striped shirt and jeans. She texted my daughter and told her I was the most fashionable lady in the airport! Keep up the great work!

  5. Hey Kay! Your style hack today reminded me of the classic “twin set” with the tank or short-sleeved top with matching cardi/sweater on top! I still love doing that!

  6. I notice your golden necklace, I was wondering if they were still in style. Does that type of necklace never go out of style? Since you are wearing it, it must be in style!

    I agree that it is quite a luxury to get up and have a quiet house! I had five children who I homeschooled. I found that I needed to have my Bible time after lunch. I needed a break and they all had a quiet time after the busy morning. Now I enjoy having it in the morning.

    1. Yes, I think the classic simple gold necklaces are really always ok to wear. And I’d say that what’s really in style – besides the chunky chains – is fine jewelry. So any time you wear something that looks like it’s 14 karat gold or real gemstones, that’s going to look very modern and in.

  7. Hi Kay Ive just checked out your Style Hack for yesterday , loved it ❤️And no I didn’t realise there was a Formula behind dressing , I have wondered over the years why sometimes I have got it just right , then with almost the very same clothes but different colours it just didn’t work as well! You’ve certainly answered a few questions for me . I will try that with my navy blazer and a navy top I have ( unfortunately our Spring weather in UK is being more temperamental than your Spring weather, Im still using my vest tops under my clothes to keep warm😂) . I loved your BFMD also and what you said sometimes not having time for prayer/bible . If I sometimes miss a morning of my prayer/meditation then I exercise then walk 2 miles , I feel like all my wires have got crossed somewhere !!!!! I definitely do feel better for starting my day with my little routine , I see, listen and feel more deeply ❤️. Happy Day to you Xx

  8. Thanks for this post, Kay! I made a twinset of navy blue ponte knit for travel and has it ever been useful. The cardigan also works with other tops but the effect is more casual than when I match the pieces.__Anne