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What to Wear on a Cool Spring Day

March 2, 2021

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! I’m so glad you stopped in for a little style inspiration. We have beautiful sunshine in the forecast absolutely all week long here in Cincinnati. But it’s also supposed to be quite chilly some days. I’m under no illusion that spring is here. But the weather this week reminds me that I want to be prepared with some spring-like fashions that still provide warmth for those chilly days. So today I’m sharing two fun looks to wear on a cool spring day.

Blue Jeans + Colorful Tee + White Denim Jacket

What to Wear on a Cool Spring Day
striped boatneck tee in peach/dogwood // Jamie High-rise indigo jeans (medium wash) (more economical option) // classic jean jacket (size small; size down) // Day Loafer mules (size up) (comparable option) // comparable belt // earrings (only in silver now) // similar face mask

You can probably even duplicate these very simple early spring looks with items from your closet. But if you’re looking to add some pretty color to your wardrobe while it’s still a little chilly outside, I can highly recommend these soft striped boatneck tees from Vineyard Vines. I’m sharing two of them today in different colors of the season. But they’re both made from Vineyard Vines’ lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying Sankaty fabric, which also provides UPF50 sun protection.

Sakaty Top

Whether you pair one of these striped boatneck tees with blue jeans or white jeans, you’ll look fresh and sporty. And because these lightweight striped Sankaty tees fit close to the body (without feeling snug at all), they’re perfect for layering under your favorite spring jackets or sweatshirts.

Sakaty Top

I opted for my white denim jacket with my blue jeans. The classic white denim jacket is less than half the original price and still well stocked. I think a white denim jacket is such a classic pairing with blue jeans or a pretty spring or summer dress.

By the way, if you’re looking for a blue denim jacket to add to your spring wardrobe, I highly recommend this Vince Camuto jean jacket. This 92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% spandex jacket has a nice little amount of stretch in it and a slightly tapered fit. Best of all, it’s available in all sizes and 40% off.

white denim jacket

My Day Loafer mules from Everlane are almost completely sold out. But mules are definitely still in style, and they make a great early spring shoe (before your feet are pedicure ready!). However, I recently purchased these Everlane Modern Loafers. Talk about feeling great right out of the box! They run true to size.

White Jeans + Colorful Tee + Sherpa Popover

This crystal blue sherpa popover with placket is a fun topper, too. I appreciate that this winter weight popover comes in beautiful spring colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice the pretty colors you’re craving at this time of year to stay warm. I’m wearing a size medium.

Sherpa Popover
sherpa popover // white ankle jeans (TTS) // striped boatneck tee in Winstead ocean // Day Loafer mules (size up) (comparable option) // earrings (only in silver now) // similar face mask

I generally size up in white jeans. But these white ankle jeans work very nicely in my usual size 8. In case you missed my Spring Essential Undergarments Refresh post yesterday, you might want to check it out for the undergarments you’ll want to have on the ready for wearing white jeans and pants.


Even marked down, the sherpa popover is a little pricey. And I don’t see anything else out there that resembles it and still comes in these beautiful, happy colors. But if you live in or plan on visiting an area that continues to have have cool mornings and evenings much of the summer, this popover could be a cool addition to your wardrobe. It’s such a warm and cozy but delightfully colorful topper to wear on a cool spring day.

What to Wear on A cool Spring Day

Vineyard Vines is a fairly new store to me, but this 30+ year old brand is known for its Martha’s Vineyard inspired clothing for the whole family. That’s why I think this brand is one to really consider if you want to feel and look like spring (then summer) but still dress warm enough for those occasional chilly days. These are definitely the kinds of things I like to wear on a cool spring day.

What to Wear on A cool Spring Day
sherpa popover // white ankle jeans (TTS) // striped boatneck tee in Winstead ocean // Day Loafer mules (size up) (comparable option) // earrings (only in silver now) // similar face mask

You can shop this look through the links in the copy above or through the caption in the above photo. These are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission on anything you purchase, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links and supporting the work I do here at Dressed for My Day.

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Blessed for My Day

What have you learned about God lately? Or maybe you’ve learned something about yourself, about human nature. On what life lesson have you recently had a crash course? I’ve discovered that almost daily we have the opportunity to learn something about ourselves and/or about our God.

But we can also miss the lessons life has to teach us. Even when we go through the struggle and pain, so often we dismiss the greater lessons as quickly as we get on our on two feet again. Let’s not be women who fail to learn from life. Let’s pause today and thank God for patiently teaching us His ways, revealing our true nature, showing us the err of our steps and gently righting our path. And then let’s pause long enough to tuck away for safe-keeping the lessons that will help us cross this way with a little more victory, faith in God and steadfast obedience in the future.

For they had not gained any insight from the incident of the loaves, but their hearts were hardened. ~ Mark 6:52

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36 thoughts on “What to Wear on a Cool Spring Day

  1. Hi Kay…..
    Love the boatneck tees! Would like to find some a little less expensive, have any suggestions?

    And a great Blessed for my Day❤️


    1. Hi Kay I am having so much fun since I started this fashion journey with you ! I’m 62 and still learning so much about myself and am becoming the best version of myself. I have grown in my faith and can say for certain that GOD never fails’ Thanks so much for what you do! Oh and I’ve tried your cookie recipe and the 7 can soup both were very good . Love Cathy T

      1. Hey hey! Great to hear. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipes. Thanks for letting me know. And I’m so happy you’re enjoying the blog. I was thinking just yesterday how important it is that we allow our sense of style to keep evolving, moving forward. So good for you! ??

  2. Gorgeous and fresh colors and styles! Vineyard Vines is a bit out of my price range, so I’ll search for similar elsewhere. The Blessed for my Day really resonates with me; thank you so much, dearest Kay!

  3. What size did you get in the white jean jacket? I’d like to get one but didn’t know about sizing and it is a final sale. Thanks!

  4. Love the colors! They are perfect for spring. Also so glad when I click on your links, ads are not popping up that cover the content. Thanks too, for the reminder regarding the second Shingles vaccine.

  5. I would also like to know what size you got in the jean jacket. It is final sale. I am 5’9” and small chested and 140 lbs. I have broad shoulders . I am interested in getting it though. I may have to drive to a store to see if they have it there and try it on. Thanks Kay

  6. Lovely outfits today, but Vineyard Vines has always been outside the price range I am willing to spend. Land’s End is where I head for similar items and they always have great sales. I do believe I need to pull out my white jeans jacket after reading this post.

  7. I love a white jeans jacket but I really need an ivory or cream one for my wardrobe Colors. It the missing link in my spring wardrobe. It pairs with the lighter colors so well. I give an A-plus to both outfits. I feel like lightning up my wardrobe this year and wearing pretty color. Why do they call them mules?

  8. Great transition outfits that you look beautiful in Kay! In the past, I have found LLBean and Lands End to be great places to find items like the pretty topper you have on. Fabulous BFMD!

  9. Hi Kay, Could you tell me what size blue jeans you are wearing? They look very nice on you. Thanks!

    1. I’m wearing a size 30 and they’re quite roomy in the waist. But I’m happy with them that way and they don’t stretch out and fall off with wear. There’s just plenty of give in the waist.

  10. Living in a warm climate these looks work well almost all year round! I bought a Sherpa jacket in pink from Talbots a few weeks ago and I am loving the color! It’s a full zipper, which I prefer, and very, very soft!

  11. For sure, get the shingles vaccine. I’m just recovering from shingles on my face and scalp even though I had the vaccine years ago before the one that requires 2 doses. Doctor said the vaccine I had probably kept me from having a more severe case but recommended I get the 2 dose when this clears up. Just hoping at this point it doesn’t leave a scar.
    Love that peach tee on you. Really lights up your complexion.

  12. I love your styling but honestly who can afford to spend close to $500 on an outfit? I really wish you had much more affordable clothing. I am retired and live on a very modest budget. Talbots and your other sites are way out of my means. Thank you

    1. Hi Christine. I understand that everyone has different price points and favorite stores to shop. I try to provide a mixture and, when I can, I try to provide economical options for the pricier items. But that’s not always possible. This is the first time I’ve really shared much from Vineyard Vines. As I said, they are new to me. But part of my job is exploring a variety of brands and retailers so that my readers can get a feel for them.

  13. I love these outfits with the jean jackets, which are more all the rage now, if they ever went out. Love the boat neck tee shirts with the pretty bright spring colors. I would like to order the white jean jacket but final sale, so not sure for size.
    I usually wear a medium but you sized down; It is really oversized?
    Loved the BFMD. Sometimes we have to stop and reflect on ourselves. Listen to the life lessons He is teaching us.

    1. Hi Sherry. I’d say if you wear an 8, like I do, and you are smaller up too like I am, consider sizing down. But if you’re more of a 10 or you are more well endowed than I am I’d stick with the medium.

  14. Hi Kay, I sure don’t comment very often, but just wanted you to know how much I love your blog. It’s the first one I read each day. So much information about style. . . you really knock it out of the park with your content. I love looking at your clothing choices for inspiration . . . and sure love the BFMD for spiritual inspiration. Just know I probably represent so many gals out there that love you. . .but we are quiet!! Have a great one!.

  15. Kay, I am a recent subscriber and love your site. Clearly you love fashion and I am glad you are able to indulge. Although I am one of the blessed people who can also indulge, not everybody can. How about a fun challenge? Why not do a series on affordable outfits? Not expensive outfits with less expensive options but truly financially accessible for everybody? Try shopping mass retailers like Target, Kohl’s, WalMart, OldNavy, etc. You always look so cute, I am sure you could make some great outfits! I think it would bless so many people as an outfit could become very much something doable as opposed to only aspirational. I believe for many women it would be a gift, as it can be very hard to always feel as if one is on the outside looking in. Please consider it. It would be so much fun, also an opportunity for a great follow up BFMD!

    1. Hello Alie. I’m so grateful you subscribed and that you’re enjoying the blog. I actually already have outfits from Target lined up and photographed for next week. I have readers who enjoy shopping at a full range of price points and I even have readers who don’t shop at all. That’s why I try to provide many posts that are more about style tips than shopping. I think if you’ll peruse the archives you’ll see that I frequently post outfits in a variety of price points. Thanks for sharing.

  16. My comment in on your scriptural comments.
    “When you lose, dont lose the lesson”
    Not my quote but a great one

  17. Kay, I enjoy your fashion tips, always find some useful information. It is your Blessed for My Day after each that I really look forward to reading, not only does it inspire and convict, but draws me to the heart of our Lord. I receive your weekly summary, how do I change to get them daily?
    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry!
    Freddie Brammer

    1. Hi Freddie. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog and especially the devotional thoughts. Go into your last email and scroll to the bottom. There’s a link that says something like “update preferences”. Just click on that and you should be able to change to the daily email. Have a lovely weekend. ?

  18. Oh my goodness Kay, you look so pretty.

    It is coming into Autumn here in Sydney Australia so we have the reverse seasons to you, but your classic fashion style advice is brilliant. I really appreciate all the work that you put into to each day and post. I have probably been following you for about a year and a half. Really enjoy all that you put your heart into for us and we get info about style and also BFMD.
    Deborah x

  19. I like these spring colors, I think we are all over winter. However my real take away from this post is how great your hair is looking!

    1. Ah, well thank you. I was looking back over the photos and realized how differ it looks on different days. You can definitely spot the day when I washed it. Ha!