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Coffee with Kay – Personal Q&A

February 27, 2021

Happy weekend! I don’t always post on the weekends, but occasionally I like to get on here on a Saturday with some inner beauty inspiration or just a chat over coffee. So pour yourself something good to sip and make yourself comfortable. Readers have sent in questions over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d spill the beans about a few of the more personal queries today.

Coffee with Kay

I’m a wordy writer and I’m comfortable in front of the camera or on the platform. But that doesn’t mean I really relish talking about myself. If we were actually sitting together over coffee or tea, I’d press in and ask you all the questions. Then I’d sit back and listen. That’s why you can know for sure that, while I don’t always respond to every comment here on the blog or at YouTube, I absolutely do read and savor them. I absolutely love getting to know my readers and viewers. As far as I’m concerned, this website is really all about you, not me.

But the questions have come in…and they have my name on them. So let’s get started. Then feel free to chime in on the conversation in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you today, too.

Q – Could you tell us more about your husband – how you met, how long you’ve been married, what he does?

You bet! James and I met when we were both at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. I had been called into fulltime ministry to women, but at that time seminaries didn’t offer any kind of degree for women’s ministry. So I was pursuing a master of religious education degree, whereas James was working on his master of divinity degree to be a pastor.

me and james
I have few photos of James. He’d rather be behind the camera…except on Sundays!

James spotted me in a missiology class we had together. There were probably 40-50 men in that class and three women, so it was easy for him to see me on the front row from where he sat in the back. But I didn’t notice him.

During that semester some mutual friends invited us to a home Bible study, where we officially met. We linked up again at a church we were both visiting and started dating a few weeks later. About ten months later, in January of 1988, we were married. Ha! Truth is I purchased a Bride’s magazine the Monday after our first date on a Saturday. That’s how quickly I knew he was the one.

James reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve 2020.

James has been pastoring full time since 1990. He pastored a church in Georgia, two in Texas, two in Arizona and now in Ohio. He’s the senior pastor at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Cincinnati, and you can hear his sermons on our YouTube channel if you’d like. He is an excellent expositor of the Bible, usually preaching verse by verse through books of the Bible. But tomorrow he’s wrapping up a mini-series on heaven.

Of course James is also my photographer and videographer. He puts a lot of time into learning and perfecting these crafts. He’s very proud of the community I’ve built here, what I’m doing and how it’s growing. And we absolutely love working on this together.

Q – What pleasantly surprises you? For me, it’s daffodils waving on the breeze and the mystery of spring returning each year, in spite of a  dark and harsh winter.

I absolutely thrill at spotting either a red cardinal or a true blue bird (not a blue jay). But on almost a daily basis I am pleasantly surprised at the sweet emails I receive from Dressed for My Day readers and viewers telling me that this site is making such an impact in their lives. At least weekly someone writes to say they are feeling more confident, more pulled together and more attractive. Others tell me they are being encouraged by the Blessed for My Day portion of the blog posts. One woman told me she bought her first Bible and began reading it. I never imagined my blog having this kind of profound impact on women, so I’m pleasantly surprised that it does. And I’m oh so grateful.

Q – I’d like to know more about your kids. Do you have grandkids yet? Where did your children go to college and where do they live now?

James and I have two grown children and a daughter-in-law. Daniel is 30, has degrees in math and computer science from the University of Arizona, works from home as a software engineer for a major tech corporation and loves to play games, both board games and computer games. He is married to Stephanie who is a pediatrician, and they live less than two hours away from us in Columbus. They got to Ohio first. Stephanie, who attended high school and college with Daniel (they were both National Merit Scholars), went to med school at Ohio State.

Style and Etiquette Tips for the Mother of the Groom
See the full post for more details.

Our daughter Abigail is 27, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre performance from the University of Arizona and a masters in Psychology from Grand Canyon University, and lives in Atlanta. She currently works at Madewell as an assistant manager in charge of events. Abby absolutely loves her church, spends a lot of time discipling young women, travels all over the country by herself and speaks at youth conferences.

We love spending time with our kids, but haven’t seen Daniel and Stephanie since summer due to the pandemic. She went to work as a pediatrician this summer, so they have been very careful about staying away from people as much as possible. Abigail actually spent the first few months of the pandemic with us since she was furloughed during that time. And she visited us again just after Christmas.

With Abby right after Daniel and Stephanie’s 2019 wedding.

Q – I would like to know what work you do. Do you have another job? Are you retired from a former job?

I have a degree in public relations from the University of Georgia, but once our kids were born I stayed home. When they got to be in middle school and elementary school I began substitute teaching and started writing for magazines. Later, when Abby was in high school, I started writing Bible studies and speaking at women’s events throughout the country, as well as in Canada and Okinawa, Japan. You can learn more about my books and speaking ministry at my other website, Also my books are available on Amazon.

But now I am a fulltime blogger and YouTuber. Yes, this is absolutely a full time job. In fact, I probably work 50+ hours most weeks. And very little of it is glamorous. As soon as we are situated in our new home, I hope to do a blog post sharing more about the behind the scenes work of blogging and YouTubing. Would that interest you? In fact, maybe I’ll make those two separate posts.

House Exterior
The house we have contracted to purchase.

Q Where do you live? Why did you move? How many places have you lived and how have you adapated to not living in the South? Why are you buying a new house?

We have lived in Cincinnati about a year and a half now. We moved here from Arizona when James was called to pastor Mount Carmel Baptist Church. While I absolutely love Georgia (I grew up in Cobb County, near Marietta, just outside of Atlanta), I have never regretted living in other places as well. Our family loved living in La Marque and Mabank, Texas, and in Sierra Vista, Arizona. We have met amazing people and made wonderful friends everywhere we’ve lived.

For the past year and a half we’ve been renting a very small house in Cincinnati. It took us about six months to sell our home in Arizona, and we’ve needed a little time to recuperate from the financial loss we incurred from the sale of our house during a dip in the market. But now we’re excited to be able to buy a home that we can make our own. We have big plans, including creating a studio in the finished basement, furnishing offices for both of us and having at least one nice guestroom for our kids to use when they visit…frequently!

House Interior (1)
This is a shot of the interior of the home with its current owners’ furnishings.

I’m very excited to be able to do more photos from within our home when we move. We do currently video in our rental house, but we have to move all the furniture in our family room. It’s quite the ordeal. And I anticipate doing more lifestyle type blog posts once we have furnished and decorated our new home.

Wrap Up

Well ladies, I think we’ll stop there for today. I’m still writing this post on Saturday morning and I’m eager to publish and get on with the day. So maybe I’ll do one of these each month so I can answer more of the questions I received. I really just got to a small percentage of the ones you sent. So if I didn’t answer yours yet, stay with me. I’ll get to it soon!

Chime In!

Now I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like for me to clarify something I shared, let me know. Otherwise I’d like to hear about where you are reading from. Tell me where you live and maybe answer one of the other questions I answered today, too. You could either tell us what kind of work you do or did, about your kids or what pleasantly surprises you. Do share!

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Blessed for My Day

Talk is cheap, so they say. Honestly, words of affirmation are one of my love languages. So I love to hear kind, uplifting and encouraging words from someone who professes to love and/or care for me. But if those words aren’t backed up by gracious actions, they do ring hollow after a while.

Today let’s think about how we can show someone in our lives that we love them. We can still speak those affirming words, of course. But let’s think of creative and meaningful ways we can demonstrate the commitment and love behind those words with gracious actions.

Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. ~ 1 John 3:18

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xoxo, Kay
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63 thoughts on “Coffee with Kay – Personal Q&A

  1. Hi Kay, I have just found your site and am thoroughly enjoying it. As a woman in her mid sixties is nice to see how to look good in a casual but classical way, hair and makeup too. And the fact you live in a 4 season area is a bonus as I live in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Keep up the great content!

    1. I love going to open houses (pre covid). So I enjoyed seeing these two pictures you have shared! I love watching house finding and decorating shows. Today I paused to read your blog as I am completely rearranging my living room. I have wood floors and I keep everything on felt pads so I can push them around. My loving husband doesn’t mind (as I don’t usually ask him and then he is surprised).
      Our gyms are open but you have to wear a mask. Well I just can’t workout that way. So we bought a row machine. That started the whole rearranging thing. As we now have to find a place for it! The first few weeks it was literally in the middle of room! But now we for sure are keeping it and we came up with an idea!
      So now I get to rearrange. As I love rearranging it’s no problem. plus I started my spring cleaning early. Feels so good. It’s like a fresh feeling. And then I will get down my Easter decorations.
      I live in Oregon close to Portland. And I just love the seasons. The crisp air that cools off at night, the leaves changing color, long summer days, and spring flowers! We might have to move states as my husband’s boss has hinted about it. I know you just did. But it seems daunting to me. Did you hire movers? Last time we moved our young backs and our friends young backs did it all.

  2. What a fun post! Our son is a YouTuber, also, and he works very hard at producing daily content. It is very much a full-time job – so I have a little of the idea related to all the work you put into your posts, both on YouTube and your blog. Thanks for such quality content.

  3. Hi Kay, Thanks for sharing your life with us. I enjoyed learning about you and your family.
    I will tell you a little about me. Hopefully, it won’t bore you to tears.
    I live in a small town in PA called Bloomsburg, a college town. Bloomsburg is situated in the northeastern part of PA about two and a half hours from Philadelphia and about one hour from the Pocono mountains. ( I was born in Philadelphia.) My husband and I are retired. (I taught high school students; my husband was a mailman.) We have three grown children and three grandchildren.
    My husband and I just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. Interestingly, we were married in January too. Jeff and I were not raised in Christian homes but came to Christ early in our marriage. God continues to shower us with His blessings.
    I have learned so much from your blog and your emphasis on spiritual things has impacted my life and makes your blog unique. Your posts are instructive, insightful, and personal. That is why I enjoy them so much.

    1. Hi Suzanne. I’m not bored at all! I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Allentown and before that in Slatington. So I spent a good bit of time in that part of the state. I learned to snow ski in the Poconos and learned to water ski at a large lake somewhere near Slatington. Thanks so much for sharing. That’s a beautiful part of the country.

  4. I enjoyed reading your question and answer session! It was interesting to learn more about you and your beautiful family. Love the wedding photos! Congratulations on the purchase of your new home, looking forward to future photos.
    Your videos and blogs are helping me; I purchased a pair of nude flats and a very fun pair of sneakers.

  5. Hi Kay, I’m reading your blog from England in the UK. I’m returning to work after a career break and like your tips on looking modern. Good luck in your new home!

  6. Kay, this was fun to read. It ‘s nice to know a little more about you and your family. Since you said chime in, I will. I live in Grand Junction, Comorado. My husband Glenn and I moved here in August, 2020 to help and care for my father. We were married in June 1988. We have a daughter son-in-love. Katie and Mark live in Oklahoma. Katie teaches middle school in a Christian school and Mark is a structural engineer for a major aeronautics company. Glenn and I were both in fulltime Christian service before our move. He was a Christian school administrator and I taught English in the same school. Well, there it is. ?
    I love your blog, your fb page, and your youtube channel. Thank you for all you do. Be blessed today!

    1. Thank you for sharing details about yr life, yr family, & yr education.
      While I understand where you acquired yr knowledge & ability to teach The Bible & Christ’s teachings, how did you develop into a great resource for fit & clothing for women 55+?

    2. Hi! I just joined like 2 weeks ago to this blog. I’ve been a caregiver to my mom with dementia and I got caregiver burnout. I’ve been lost… these emails have helped me. I’ve started to shop, dress better, put my makeup back on, get my hair done and repair it. I’ve been looking to update myself. I’m 51. Still trying to dress 16. And in leggings. I love leggings, but I need to do more. Try more. Get out of the “lost funk “. I have back and neck issues from a young girl hitting me in accident, but I’m trying to get out there and walk again. As much as I love the shoes you get I can’t wear most of them. But I do try or find a meet in the middle. I love that you love the Lord! Helps! As He’s been my rock. It’s a slow process returning to the real world. My mom is still alive. I spend time with her when I can and my mind will allow. It’s twisted this caregiver burnout. Anyway, please keep writing, blogging and videos.

  7. Hi Kay!

    I really enjoyed this post and I love your blog. I look forward to reading it daily. Your style is great and I appreciate all your ideas.

    I heard about you from Cyndi Spivey.

    I love that you are also a sister in Christ. God bless you!

  8. Hi Kay! Thanks for answering those questions for us! You are my favorite blogger and I am so glad I found you. You are inspiring me to be a better person … inside and out!

  9. Hi Kay, I am also a new subscriber. I am really enjoying the posts and videos. I just retired in November after being a fulltime caregiver for the last eight years for my stepson. I feel like i’m relearning how to dress and shop allover again. I’m early 60’s and live in Green Bay Wisconsin. So your blog really hits home for me. Belated Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new home!

  10. Hi, Kay! Thanks for sharing your personal information with us and the photos of your beautiful family and new home! I just happened upon your YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago and have been inspired to “up my game” in the wardrobe department and have been ordering in items based on my newfound knowledge of my “style essence,” etc. So much fun and so much more satisfying now that I have an informed direction! Thank you! I was pleased to learn that you’re from Georgia, and (now I know) a graduate of UGA as well. I live in Athens and most of my family are UGA grads.? Again, thanks so much for the valuable information and inspiration you provide. Love it!

  11. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for sharing your personal life with us. I wondered why you moved to Cincinnati from Arizona. Your family is beautiful . I’m going to listen to your husband sermon.
    Thank you for everything you do.

  12. I enjoyed learning more about you and it was fun to hear you went to the Ft. Worth Seminary. My brother in law and sister in law went there and my father in law was a professor there years ago. I live in Burleson which is right next to Ft. Worth. Love your blog! Thanks for all you do and for being a light for Christ in every one of your posts!

  13. hi Kay,
    thank you for your authentic posts. I especially like your blessed for my day insights. I am a retired nurse; age 67 from Maryland. Now I am trying to transition from scrubs to retirement, leisure wear and still want to look nice and not frumpy old lady! You give good ideas to try, keep blogging! Sounds like many of us appreciate you.

  14. Congratulations on your to-be new home! We are in the process of getting our home ready to put on the market, so I am trying to do some packing while still working full-time (retiring in May). Starting the process of building a new home close to our son-in-law, daughter, and grandson. Moving from New Hampshire to North Carolina so big changes for us. I hope you will share photos of your new home (I hope that is not too intrusive).
    I have been teaching online since last March, so my wardrobe is a bit different (and will be more so after retirement) than I am used to. I love your blog and getting ideas for paring down my wardrobe and building a new one for our new lifestyle. I get so many ideas from your blog. Thank you!

  15. Hi Kay,
    You are one of my favorite bloggers, and I have been following you almost since the beginning when you lived in AZ. I live in Parker, Colorado, 30 minutes south of Denver, with my husband of 50 years. We have two boys who also live in the area, and 5 grandchildren. I love fashion and enjoy the way you wear classic fashions. You have a beautiful family, and would love to see more of your new home when you get settled. Keep up the great work! I never miss a post.

    1. My daughter recently moved to CO with her family. They will be moving into their new house in a couple weeks. Located in Parker. ??

  16. I too am a pastor’s wife and hesitate talking about myself. I totally get the idea of reaching out to others, showing interest in them. I love how your kindness and personality shine through in your words. I’m 56. We have 5 daughters, 4 married, the last one soon to be. They have blessed us with 12 earthly grandchildren. Three more we will meet in heaven. I have enjoyed watching you grow and flourish in your work. I’ve been following for a long time. I also am a FasterWaytoFatLoss vip. I went from a size 12 to an 8. It is going to be a lifelong effort to be healthy and eat well.

  17. Hi Kay!
    I’m another Kay living in Forney, TX, not too far from Mabank! We also have several other things in common…I love Cardinals and Blue Birds, am a Southern Baptist and am always involved in Women’s MInistry in churches were we’ve been members. Although my husband is not a minister, his late father and one of his brothers have been/are pastors. His brother was even a Dean at Southwestern, but is now pastoring a church in TX. My husband is retired Military and then went with a company that moved us around as much as the military! We retired in 2014 and moved here to Texas to be near our daughter and family (with 2 of our 3 grandchildren). I “found” you on Youtube just about a month or so ago and am thoroughly enjoying all you have to share with your followers. Thanks for ALL the work you do to bring us such up-to-date ideas each week! May God Bless you in this ministry and you and your husband in your church ministry.

  18. I am reading this from our farm in east central Indiana. I have been married to my best friend for almost 42 years and we have two grown children and five grandchildren. Our daughter has her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Butler University in Indianapolis and currently works as a pharmacist for Meijer where she has just started heading up their Covid vaccine clinics. Couldn’t be more proud of the work she is doing right now. Our son graduated with honors from Purdue University earning a degree as an Agronomy Specialist. He currently works with his Dad on the family farm. I am retired after 20+ years working for local government as a secretary for various elected officials. Before that I was a stay-at-home Mom and did a lot of volunteering at my kid’s schools. My grandkids bring me such joy. One granddaughter, who is the oldest at almost 13, and four grandsons. Two of them are identical twins and my husband still can’t tell them apart. I guess what pleasantly surprises me is all farm related…the smell of freshly turned soil and freshly mowed hay; the sight of a field of amber wheat swaying on a summer breeze; seeing the deep dark green corn stalks standing so tall and planted in such straight lines across our fields. Living in the country is good for my soul.

  19. Kay, thank you for sharing! You have such great taste! I can’t wait to see what you do decorating your new home!

  20. I enjoyed reading your post today! I also grew up in Cobb County. I went to Teasley Elementary School, starting first grade the year the school opened. I went to Nash Middle School, which I don’t think is there anymore, and then Campbell High School. After that, Georgia Tech. Where did you go to school when you were growing up? and where did you go to church?

  21. It was delightful to get to know you. I too am very shy about sharing about myself. I remember a line in a movie, Shadowlands, when CS Lewis got to know Joy Davidson personally after exchanging letters for a time, he scoffed at being a public figure, she replied: “Oh, so you write all those books and give all thos talks so everyone will leave you alone?” That statement defines those who are reluctant to share, I know it has kept me from venturing out sometimes but God’s plans are the best when we realize He loves us best and first. Keep up the good work!

  22. Thank you for sharing your personal life. What a wonderful family you have. Your soon-to-be home is gorgeous. I’m envisioning what it might look like seasonally! I’m glad I found you. I recently started a new chapter– from life as a ballroom dancer in Los Angeles, to now living in a very tiny rural town in the midwest, way out in the country on a dirt road. They don’t do glitter, sequins or tango stilettos here (!) so learning to create a polished, yet rural- appropriate style is something I’ve decided to embrace. Help! lol
    Looking forward to all you have to offer. Thanks again.

      1. Oh yes I would LOVE to get people dancing! I also used to DJ too and I noticed something fascinating as I watched the dancers from my vantage point on stage– no matter what their age (usually well over 50++), they looked extraordinarily youthful on the dance floor. There was joy in the faces, and a lightness in their bodies –it was beautiful and transformative!

  23. hi Kay, loved your Q & A. I’d love to see more pictures of your home inside and out.
    Love the pictures too.
    It really looks like a beautiful home Congratulations and all the best! You and your hubby deserve it 🙂

  24. Hi Kay. It was so much fun reading about You in your post today! Thanks for letting us take a peak into the life of our favorite fashion blogger. I worked for 5 years in Roswell, GA so I know a little bit about Marietta. I live in North Carolina now with my husband and our son. I’m taking cues from your videos and blog posts to improve how I present myself to the world. I also enjoy the ‘Blessed for My Day’ comments; many days they lift me up in spirit. Keep doing what you are doing!

  25. Wow Kay, it was nice of you to take time to do a Q & A session.
    It was interesting to me b/c my daughter lived in Sierra Vista when we lived in Phoenix. To hear you went to Okinawa for an event was surprising. That’s a long way to go! I know b/c I lived there at one time.
    Now my husband and I are back living where we grew up. It’s nice to be home again. As I’ve gotten older, it’s a good feeling to have familiarity in life. We are retired, but still young enough to enjoy traveling around the country. I’ll take traveling over moving around the country! Been there, done that!
    Thanks for your efforts in putting together a site that’s such a good resource for ladies our age.
    Blessings to you and your husband as you turn your new house into your new home.

  26. It is lovely to learn more about you Kay, so thank you for sharing. I am attracted to your style because, unlike several other bloggers whom I follow, you are tall, as I am. However, at 76 years I am much older and yet your clothing styles and make-up suit me too. I’m learning new ways of combining outfits that I might not have thought of. I was widowed at 53, lived alone for 16 years until age 70 when I met a wonderful man and remarried. I could not be happier! Between us we have 6 sons and 18 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 22!! Life is blessed and busy. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. P.S. Your husband and son look so alike!

  27. Hi Kay! Love the post! Why oh why are the pop-ups covering up your content? Is it a problem on my end or yours? It is so frustrating to not be able to see the whole pictures or all of the words.

    1. Oh my. Is that happening again??? Could you please email me a screen shot if possible? You can email it to if possible. Also what kind of device are you viewing from and what server are you using? Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

  28. Hi, Kay! I recently found your YouTube channel and blog, and they are exactly what I needed! I am 55 years old and have been wanting to update my wardrobe to create a more polished look. I loved seeing your picture from Charleston Falls.
    We used to live near Dayton, and our kids went on many field trips to Charleston Falls. We currently live in Dublin, Ohio (NW suburb of Columbus), and our daughter is a freshman at the University of Cincinnati planning to study nursing. Thank you for creating your channel to help us 50+ ladies, as so much content focuses on younger women. I appreciate all that you do!

  29. I really enjoyed getting to know you better, Kay. I had thought of you as a pastor’s wife but you are also a pastor yourself. I follow lots of bloggers and YouTubers but your site is the most comprehensive and enjoyable. I look forward to your posts. I live in Tyler, TX which isn’t that far from Mabank and I have cousins in the LaMarque/Texas City area. I retired from the elementary classroom eight years ago. I am 66 and married in 1977. Our eldest daughter and her husband are Texas A&M graduates. She was global programs manager for Susan G Komen for seven years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She and her husband live north of Denver with their two sons ages 8 and 6. Our youngest daughter holds a master’s in accounting from Texas State. She and her SO live in the PNW. Looking forward to your move and future lifestyle posts. Blessings.

  30. Hello Kay, I retired in May of 2019 and for 1 1/2 years before that I worked from home. As a result my style has gotten a little too casual. I like seeing how you can dress casual and comfortable and still look pulled together. You have inspired me to try a little harder. At 66 years old I am an avid runner (not very fast). My daughter and her family live in Dallas, TX and I love visiting that city. They were lucky and did not lose power or have burst pipes during the snowstorm there. My two grandchildren (ages 6 and 3) had so much fun in their first snowfall! I live in the neighborhood behind the church where your husband is pastor. Your new home looks beautiful and look forward to seeing more pics as you get settled in!

  31. I started following your blog because I read that you were a pastors wife who had a really nice fashion blog that was modest and you shared your faith. I wasn’t disappointed. From the first day you became one of my favorite blogs. I appreciate how you are willing to share your life with us. This is more than a blog, it’s a community of like minded women.

  32. Hi Kay, Glenda from Melbourne Australia here. Just love your videos and sensible approach to life and fashion. We also moved around when first married (35 years now) as my husband Jeff, is a Civil Engineer and would Project manage a bridge/freeway and I would get a teaching position within that town. Our 2 children got to the stage of needing a stable school life so we settled in a small country town about 45 mins from Melbourne. We now have grandchildren to mind as our daughter is a doctor and works 2 days a week, is son is an engineer like his Dad but they don’t have children yet. Keep up the lovely blog I enjoy opening them and seeing your pleasant face. all the best, Glenda.

  33. I love your blog and your Facebook page. You and all the ladies inspire me. Our lives could have intersected at some point. My husband and I lived in Athens, Georgia, while he attended undergrad and veterinary school. We both lived in Cobb county growing up, and currently live just outside Cobb county in Dallas, Georgia. Although he is a vet, he also attended seminary (the man has 12 years of college and several degrees!) in Cleveland, Tennessee. We too pastored many years ago. He is now lead elder at our church, but we travel the world over teaching the Bethel Bible series. Sounds like we have a lot in common. ?

  34. HI Kay, Pam from England. Thankyou for letting us see into your life. I have truly been inspired by your posts. I am now making more of an effort when it comes to my makeup and since following you on YouTube have made several purchase’s to ensure I have a more polished look. I have recently purchase a leopard belt, nude flats and a denim jacket and think more about my outfits. Thank You again

  35. I am so pleased to have found your videos, have gotten so much from it. Thank you for all you do and share with us. Kind of you to answer such personal questions, enjoyed seeing your lovely family, know you are proud of them, they of you!
    I look forward to watching more.

  36. You are a blessing to me. I always know I will find some uplifting words from you, whether its about clothing or life. Thanks for sharing this personal post. I feel like we are good friends chatting away. Keep on shining your light!

  37. Hi Kay.. I love your channel re: modern styles for women.. you are a gorgeous classic.. I appreciate your blogs and videos. and shows on different MODERN styles.. I am encouraging women to be aware of ageism and how our wardrobe sends the wrong message if we wish to taken taken more seriously.. thank you for your sharing about family and your new home.. GOD BLESS keep doing what you are doing.. to help us all see how we can live better.. no matter what the age.

  38. Hi Kay, my name is Jonni from Michigan and I watched your YouTube videos about a couple weeks ago and I loved them so much I ended up watching all of them within a couple days lol. I loved them!!! You have such a sweet and quiet spirit about you and I enjoyed watching them!!! Such good content!! Thank you!! I am 55 years old and have always been a stay at home mom – we have 5 boys and 1 daughter and they are all now married and I have 9 grandchildren and PTL they all live close / which I LOVE!!!! My husband works around the country and because we are empty nesters now I get to go stay with him – which I love also!!! We go to a Baptist church and my husband and I graduated in 1984 from the school that our church has and so has all of our children – kind of cool ?? thank you again and keep the videos and blogs coming – I love them!!!❤️

  39. Hi Kay,
    I love your blog and YouTube channel and look forward to them everyday. You certainly have helped me up my game when it comes to style and confidence. I have lived in Michigan my entire life. Married to my husband Jeff for 32 years. Our son, Alex, just last year married the love of this life. We are so blessed to have add a beautiful daughter to our family. I enjoy your posts of outdoor hiking active wear. Our favorite things to do is hike the parks, bird watch, camp, kayak and bike. My creative passion over the past 32 years is quilting.

    Again, thank you for your posts and encouraging words. One of my favorite videos is how to be the most beautiful woman in the room. It had little to do with outer beauty and more with inner. I just about always take notes when I watch your videos. So much wonderful information. Have a blessed day. Happy to hear you both found a new home.

  40. I’m a native California girl and enjoy your blog and YouTube channel. I guess what excites me is gazing at a full moon and sunsets. You are an inspiration thank you for sharing how to be beautiful inside and out. Congratulations and blessings on your new home.

  41. I knew when I read your blog that we probably had some things in common, but not til I read the Q&A did I realize how many.

    I went to Southwestern in the late seventies/early 80’s and have been in full time ministry since then. Currently I am a church consultant on the association level. I live in Cobb county not far from McEachern at all. I have several friends at FBC, Powder Springs as well. I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more about your life and ministry. Keep up the good work!!

  42. Hi Kay!
    I recent found your blog and have been enjoying your posts immensely?I too live in Cincinnati and feel like you are my friend. I’m sure many others feel the same way! You look very much like a beautiful friend of mine…I am meeting her for coffee this week and plan to share your blog with her. Your positivity is inspiring and your blessings for the day are always the best! So glad I found you?

  43. I understand some of what you say about youtube. my 18 year old daughter is a youtuber so most videos 2 to 3 a month plus has an instagram page for the channel. its a lot of work. creating content and filming , editing etc . we live in Delaware and i have been following your blog from the beginning.

  44. Hi Kay I love to read your blog and see your videos. I live in Guatemala, I am an Architect, have 2 daughters and they are also Architects, we all work in different ways but the same Architect profession. I have learnd a lot from you and enjoying it.

  45. Howdy from Texas! My husband and I are in our sixties and I started following you for the fashion advice that encourages us to dress age appropriately but in a modern way. Your “Blessed for My Day” was quite the bonus feature! We travel the state and country in search of tennis tournaments. Despite our age, we both continue to enjoy playing singles matches. Tennis has been such a blessing to us both in terms of shared interest, fitness, mental challenge, friends and travel. And of course, I was initially drawn to the sport because of the cute outfits! I look forward to your post each day! Thank you for the time and care you put into each one!

  46. Thank you, Kay! I really enjoy all your videos and posts. You have a very positive and uplifting presence and I am glad I found your site.
    You mentioned attending a modeling/manners school and it shows through your photos. I would love for you to share some of your expertise when it comes to posing for the camera. As we get older it’s not enough just to smile and say “cheese” and I know I have been the picture taker just to avoid being in the picture. And that’s not fair to my family who would love photos of me in the years to come.
    It would be great to have a formula for posing in a closeup or selfie, posing in a group and a posing as a single.

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Thanks so much Caryn. And that’s a great idea. I’ll definitely add that to the list and work on it. Thanks for sharing. ?