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What to Wear On Your Mountain Vacation

June 27, 2018

What to Wear on your Mountain Vacation


Hi, friends. Today is the final of our three What to Wear on Your Vacation posts. We’re seeing shopping and styling suggestions for a mountain vacation today. If you haven’t seen the posts styling outfits for a beach vacation (both northern and southern beaches!) or a city vacation, I hope you’ll take a look at those, too. But for today, let’s imagine ourselves driving the windy road to a mountain cabin where we can feel the cool breeze, set off on hikes in all directions and drive into town for a pancake breakfast or trout dinner. Let’s start our mountain vacation!

Day of Hiking and Picnicking

What to Wear Mountain Vacation Hike & Picnic
Columbia Moisture Wicking Sleeveless Shirt // Royal Robbins Backcountry Shorts // Rocky Endeavor Point Hiking Sandals // Outdoor Research Wide-Brim Hat // Coyote Eyewear Sunglasses // North Face Kanga Pack // S’Well Water Bottle // Vera Bradley Drawstring Family Tote

Don’t take a mountain vacation without getting out into nature and enjoying it. Whether you’re an avid and experienced hiker or not, you can at least enjoy walking the easy and moderate trails if you’re in pretty decent shape. But you’ll feel better and hike more easily in the right gear. Don’t wear denim shorts on the hiking trails! You’ll feel sweaty and uncomfortable before you know it. Instead, choose lightweight clothing made from moisture wicking fabric, like these shorts from Royal Robbins and the shirt from Columbia. I actually have both of these and love them. The hiking shorts are shorter than the ones I showed in this hiking post, and they’re just as comfortable and durable.

For a day hike, you’ll probably just want to take a “fanny pack” like the one shown here. But the Vera Bradley Drawstring Family Tote would be a great bag for a picnic afterward or just snacks in the car. We usually take along treats like apples, granola bars or trail mix on our hikes. Enjoy the hike!

Browsing the Shops & Driving Through the Countryside

What to Wear Mountain Vacation Browse Shops and Drive the Countryside
White Denim Jacket // navy Bicycle for Two t-shirt // 7″ denim shorts // Madras plaid bucket bag // no-show socks // gingham sneakers // sunglasses // ribbon-wrap bangle // waterfall hoop earrings

Not every mountain vacation location is the same, but there’s often a cute little town or two nearby where you can browse the shops…hunting for rich fudge, home-churned ice cream, t-shirts, native American made jewelry, candles and such. You’ve been there, right? I’m thinking of Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Dahlonega, Georgia; and Pagosa Springs, Colorado, to name a few.

It seems like one day of our mountain vacations has always been spent walking through the nearest little town and then driving through the countryside just taking in the beauty. This is a great day for those denim shorts and a t-shirt, but you might as well make it a cute one, like the Bicycle for Two tee above. And it might be a good idea to take along a jacket. During the summer, a white denim jacket is a great alternative because it coordinates with so much. I like to carry a fairly big but lightweight purse on these sightseeing days because then I can just put my fudge or whatever into it. Ha! Keep accessories light, but colorful.

Pancake Breakfast or Trout Dinner

What to Wear Mountain Vacation Pancake Breakfast or Trout Dinner
Navy ruffle sleeve henley top // denim skirt // pebble leather belt // straw tote // espadrilles // pretty petals necklace // gold hoop earrings

My dear friend Michelle hosted me and our friend Candy one summer for about four days for a mountain vacation in her cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We were all celebrating our 50th birthdays and over 35 years of friendship. Michelle told us that when her family is at the cabin they always take one morning to go into town to a favorite restaurant for breakfast. By the number of pancake joints in Gatlinburg and nearby Pigeon Forge I’d say going out for pancakes is a tradition for many families. But Michelle’s family prefers the Pancake Pantry. Sure enough, it didn’t disappoint.

We have a favorite pancake restaurant in Cannon Beach, Oregon, too. (I know. That’s a beach town, but it’s surrounded by mountains, too. *wink*) We have to go to Pig’n Pancake whenever we go to the Oregon coast. Y’all. Best pancakes ever.

Anyhow, the point of this aside is that whether you dress up a little for a trout dinner one evening or a pancake breakfast at the likes of the Pancake Pantry or Pig’n Pancake, that’s the perfect time to slip on a comfy skirt and some pretty espadrilles. I styled this “eating out” set a little more casual than the other two vacations. But, hey, it’s the mountains. Which means, the country.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and my What to Wear on Your Vacation series. I’d love to hear from you today. Leave me a comment telling me where you’re going on vacation or even if you’re taking a staycation this year. Or if you have a favorite mountain vacation spot, tell us about it. We’d all love to learn from your experience.

Have a blessed and happy day. And here’s to wonderful, relaxing and safe vacations – or staycations – for us all!!!

Blessed for My Day

Today may you experience the blessing of unity – in your family, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, in your church – especially in your church. May God enable you to think beyond yourself to the needs and hopes and hurts and longings of others, so that you can do all you can to preserve the unity. For as we demonstrate true unity in a world that is so divided, we draw people to Jesus, the One who infuses us with love and grace and humility. May you be a true peacemaker, one who concedes and bends low and serves well so that Christ may be honored and people may feel loved. Bless you, dear one.

So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort from love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. ~ Philippians 2:1-2

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9 thoughts on “What to Wear On Your Mountain Vacation

  1. Thank you Kay for all your preparation writing the vacation posts. I have thoroughly enjoyed these. We are heading to Nashville, TN and going to Gatlinburg/Pidgeon Forge, TN on the way back. The Pancake House sounds delicious and thank you for the pic….we may have to check it out. I “always” enjoy your “Blessed For My Day”. ~Lisa~

  2. I live in the Austrian Alps, so no mountain vacations for me since that’s part of my everyday life. Austria is a landlocked country, which means the place I always want to escape to is the beach. And my vacation this summer was back “home” to Texas, where it was already really, really hot at the start of June! This weekend we’re headed to Munich and its beer gardens for a short city trip to see friends.

  3. These have been fun vacation posts. And fun outfit ideas. I read them all just now. I just returned last night from a girls trip that was part country and part city. We stayed in Amish country, but spent time in Philadelphia as well. Now, I’m ready for a beach trip to round it out, Ha ha And I know right where that Pig’nPancake is in Cannon Beach! Have spent a lots of time in Cannon Beach over the years. Have a great trip!

    1. Well, looks like I didn’t proof read that post very well. The font is so tiny, it’s very hard to read!

    2. How fun! I love girlfriend trips! I’ve stayed in Amish country in PA a couple of times too. It’s just beautiful. Actually Pennsylvania is one of my favorite states to visit. Have a wonderful summer!!

  4. I’m a new follower of yours and really enjoying “Blessed for my Day”. I really appreciate the hard work you’re putting into “Dress your body shape”. That can’t be easy researching all the different types. Keep up the great work.

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the posts and the blessings. Yes, the dress your body posts are taking a lot of research, but I am enjoying it. Thanks so much for reading and spending time here. ?