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What to Wear on A City Vacation

June 26, 2018

What to Wear on your City Vacation

Happy Summer! Are you planning a vacation this summer? Of course, if you’re an empty nester, as many of my readers are, you may choose to vacation some other time than summer. But traditionally summer is when we think about breaking away from our normal routine to take a little vacation. And one of my favorite getaways is a city vacation.

Today we’re looking at what you might pack for a city vacation. I imagine we’ll be spending some time in Portland, Oregon, this summer. It’s a quirky city, alright, but it’s known for having great food, and we’ve found that to be true. We’ve also enjoyed vacationing in Montreal, New York, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis and San Francisco. to name a few. No two cities are alike, but let’s see if we can plan a wardrobe that might work for spending a little time in any of these or other North American cities.

I’m providing outfits for 1) a Park & City Tour Day, 2) a Museum & Art Gallery Day and 3) a Dinner on the Town. Some of the things I’m keeping in mind are comfortable shoes, purses that you can wear close to the body, light outerwear for cooler nights and indoor air conditioning and packing fairly light. Also, don’t look at this post as a “Packing List.” For instance, I chose different bags for all three looks, and I certainly wouldn’t do that if I were comprising a packing list. I just wanted to show you a lot of different options for vacation style.

Parks & City Tour Day

What to Wear City Vacation Parks & City Tour
7″ Button Hem Shorts // embroidered palm tree tee // colorblock ribbed open cardigan // black summer square sunglasses // wrapped ball drop statement earrings // pom pom fedora // metallic hair tie // cockatoo lovebirds cuff // travel ready crossbody

Oops! I forgot shoes! Well, you’ll have to wear some comfy shoes on a city vacation. So I’m providing a shopping widget below with several comfy sandals that are appropriate for touring a city for longs hours. I’m also keeping in mind that city streets can get your shoes really dirty, so I’m going with darker sandals.

 Museums & Art Galleries

What to Wear City Vacation Museum & Art Galleries
Dot Crepe Crops // Corsican Blue Linen tunic // Geometric Dot Shorts 11″ // Navy Crossbody Bag // Keri Double-Strap Sandals // Long Black & White Pendant Necklace // Black & White Reversible Hoop Earrings // Black & White Bangle Set

I know I have some readers who prefer not to wear shorts out and about, so I included two pants options here. Also, different cities call for different attire. I remember freezing in Seattle in June! So it doesn’t hurt to pack longer pants as well as shorts, even during the summer months.

I still like to accessorize my looks on vacation, but I want to pack as little jewelry as possible. So I keep the pieces big and try to select jewelry that coordinates with several outfits, like this black and white jewelry from Chico’s.

Do you like to tour museums or art galleries when you visit a city? I especially enjoyed the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and the Museum of Flight outside of Seattle. What museums or galleries have you enjoyed in some of our nation’s cities?

Dinner on the Town

What to Wear City Vacation Dinner on the Town
V-Neck Sleeveless Crepe Jumpsuit // Black Knit Wrap // Naturalizer Metallic Dress Sandals // Geometric Woven Clutch // Textured Gold-Tone Stretch Cuff // Shaky Coin Hoop Statement Earrings

We don’t always go to an especially nice restaurant when on a city vacation, but occasionally we do. When we had finished our 7-day cruise of New England and Canada, we stayed over in Montreal for several days and nights. I fondly remember going to a wonderful Italian restaurant where we ate by candlelight and soft music. Of course, we had evening wear with us from our cruise, so we were able to dress to the nines.

I love this bright blue jumpsuit, and I think it would look wonderful with all gold and black accessories. I’d keep the jewelry simple and even resist the urge to add a necklace.

Do you take a little something fancy with you when you vacation in a city? It might be fun!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you missed the previous post about What to Wear on a Beach Vacation, you’ll want to check that out. I suggested outfits for both northern and southern beaches. And the next post will be What to Wear on a Mountain Vacation. So be sure to check back in. Better yet, subscribe to my email list and you won’t miss a thing!

Blessed for My Day

May you be blessed with renewed purpose and mission today. May the Lord impress upon you a sense of urgency and importance as you tell others about your experience with Him. Jesus went into the cities and villages to share the good news of God’s grace. Today, wherever you go, may you take a little of God’s amazing grace with you. May you be a light in the places where darkness prevails, and may you take hope where the hopeless dwell. Oh Sister, you have such good news to share. May the Lord infuse you with joy and energy as you have opportunity to share.

And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction. ~ Matthew 9:35


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3 thoughts on “What to Wear on A City Vacation

  1. Great ideas! I have been looking for some comfortable sandals I can walk in since I’ll be going to Europe this summer. All of these looks would work!