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What to Wear Dining Outside this Fall & Winter

October 14, 2020

Hello ladies! And welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today I have outfit inspiration for dining outside this fall and winter. Whether you’re meeting a friend for lunch at a favorite restaurant with outdoor seating or you’re hosting a small gathering around a fire pit in your backyard, I’ve got you covered!

We’ve had outdoor gatherings at church, at the homes of friends and with family. We’ve also eaten outside on our back deck more than ever this year. And with the pandemic continuing to require social distancing and smart habits, I imagine we’ll all continue to gather and dine outside even into the colder months. So it’s time to think about the unique challenges of dressing beautifully, comfortably and warmly for these occasions.

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Blessed for My Day

Huh! How cool is it that as we journey through the “red letter” words of Jesus in the book of John that today’s passage has us preparing for one of the biggest and most miraculous outdoor meals ever? But the thing I love most about the first words recorded from this account is that they indicate Jesus was the one who first considered how to feed the multitudes surrounding Him. Indeed, Jesus recognized and honored their hunger.

Today Jesus recognizes and honors our hungers, too. Especially those hungers of the soul. Jesus knows that you are hungry for unconditional love, security, significance and purpose. And, like that day thousands of years ago, Jesus is prepared to single-handedly feed your hungry soul. Today He is asking you, “How are you feeding your hungry soul?” That’s something to think about.

Therefore Jesus, lifting up His eyes and seeing that a large crowd was coming to Him, said to Philip, “Where are we to buy bread, so that these may eat?” This He was saying to test him, for He Himself knew what He was intending to do. ~ John 6:5-6

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14 thoughts on “What to Wear Dining Outside this Fall & Winter

  1. Good Morning Kay! Loved your video today! I never thought of wearing wraps because they always seemed so bulky. The items you featured this morning gave me some great ideas. We hope to dine Al Fresco as long as possible before we have to do take-out again!

  2. Kay, thank you so much. I truly enjoy listening to your tips and ideas. Also, you make it so inviting to just go out and enjoy the day. My husband and I have been looking for things to do during pandemuc, taking a drive is a wonderful idea. Thank you for your positive outlook. I needed that today. I enjoy the outdoors and am cold natured.

  3. Hi–great video–shared with others! Could you remind us the source of the animal print t-shirt under the brown sweater in the first outfit? Thanks!

  4. I loved your video and was so glad to see the wraps! I must buy a couple of those! Such a great idea! Thanks for bringing all this great information to us.

  5. Love the video! Must be nice to have a hair style that would allow taking off a knit cap or even a hat and just shake your head and your hair fall into place! I can’t seem to do that my short styled hair but envy you! Love the idea of outside dining or get together with friends or at church. However………we finally had a fish fry with several friends after being quarantined for months, and within 2 weeks, had 9 to test positive for COVID. Several in group are in work places so difficult to trace exactly to fish fry. But hard to know where to go and how much gathering to do.

  6. Jesus wanted them to realize, he is our source. I sure know that because if he didn’t give us a helping hand from time to time, Lord knows how we would have made it this far. Married 48 years Oct 29.
    Love all your videos but this one is particularly helpful. Being locked away can get to you after awhile. A country drive or eating outside, in our case a hamburger place with outside tables, helps. Not cold here yet though. Still in high eighties.

  7. I loved this video. Such wonderful ideas on eating out or just dressing for a backyard fire. Sometimes I will put an added layer of Heat 32 because it can get quite chilly in Michigan.

  8. Awesome video Kay…..I actually have one of those blankets but got mine in MX! I used it as a tablecloth one time when I hosted a Mexican theme dinner.

    Love the wrap from Nordstrom and the plaid scarf from amazon.

    I have so many options in my closet to choose from?