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All the Lotions + Potions I Use & Love

October 13, 2020

Welcome to Dressed for My Day. I won’t lie. I have no photos. Ha! That is I have no photos of great outfits to share with you today. So I thought I’d pivot and let you into my bathroom cabinets instead. I’m sharing all the lotions and potions I use and love.

What??? Well, you know I’ve shared my skincare and makeup routines here within the last twelve months or so. And not much has changed. But it occurred to me that a gal has other lotions and potions that she uses on a regular basis, too. And maybe, like me, you’re nosy enough to care about the lotions and potions I use on a regular basis. Some of these I’ve been using for years and years. Others I just started using in the past month or so.

Body Care

My favorite bath wash that I return to over and over is Neutrogena Rainbath Shower & Bath Gel (or here in the bigger size). I love the way this bath wash foams, smells and leaves me feeling clean and fresh. I really do prefer to buy the larger 40 oz. size, and it lasts me for several months usually.

Neutrogena Rainbath Shower & Bath Gel (or here in the bigger size)

This rich body wash comes in other scents, too, but I’m a stickler for the original, which is a fresh combination of fruits, herbs and spices. I diverge from this occasionally, if someone gives me something for instance. But this is by far my favorite body wash, hands down. Need I say more?

Next up, body lotion. When I was a teenager I had a dear friend (and still do) who used Jergen’s body lotion (and here) in the original cherry almond scent religiously. I developed a love for this rich cream and have used it ever since.

Jergen’s Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer

When I lived in Arizona I went through bottles of this rich, creamy body moisturizer much faster. But I still slather it on all over every morning just after getting out of the shower. I feel like the scent mingles well with the Neutrogena Rainbath Shower & Bath Gel and lays a mild fragrance foundation for my perfume (coming up!).

However, while I sometimes use the Jergen’s hand cream, I generally switch to Gold Bond for my hands. I keep a tube of Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream (and here) in every handbag, at my kitchen sink and in my nightstand drawer.

I prefer Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream (and here) because it is extra thick, non-greasy and absorbs into my skin quickly. But it also keeps my hands feeling moisturized and soft for longer than other lotions that feel thinner. I think Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream (and here) also has a light, fresh scent.

La Vie est Belle by Lancome (or here on Amazon)

I’ve been wearing La Vie est Belle by Lancome (or here on Amazon) for a few years now and I get compliments on it almost every time I wear it. Even the guy who installed our new dishwasher a few months ago paused to ask me (very politely) what fragrance I was wearing. Ha!

You might recognize it as the perfume that features Julia Roberts in the ads. Made with the most precious natural ingredients, La Vie est Belle (or here on Amazon), which means “life is beautiful,” “entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of praline. Floral notes of sambac, jasmine and Tunisian orange blossom are added in the form of sublime absolutes. Free, happy and addictive.”

Additional Facial Treatments

As I mentioned in this previous post, My Current Over 50 Skincare Routine, I’m using Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set 3D Skincare right now. I’ll let you learn more about that in the previous post, if you’d like. But I thought I would mention some of the other lotions and potions I use on my face.

Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser

While I love the Mary Kay cleanser that comes in the set, in the mornings I opt instead to wash my face in the shower with good ol’ Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser. I like the lightweight feel of it when I’m sweaty from exercise but don’t need to cleanse my face from makeup. And since I’m using it in the shower, I like that if it gets in my eyes it doesn’t burn at all.

I started using Timeless Skincare 20% Vitamin C Plus Ferulic Acid Vitamin E Serum a little over a year ago and I cannot tell you what difference it has made. It’s huge! This lightweight serum makes my skin brighter and truly does diminish dark spots. Plus it just improves elasticity and makes my skin feel and look healthier, glowy.

Timeless Skincare 20% Vitamin C Plus Ferulic Acid Vitamin E Serum

I pat onto my face and neck Timeless Skincare 20% Vitamin C Plus Ferulic Acid Vitamin E Serum right after getting out of the shower, allowing it to absorb into my skin as I towel off and comb out my hair and such. It needs a few minutes to set before I apply other products. Also, I pat any leftover serum onto the backs of my hands, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in their appearance.

During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I purchased a two-piece gift set of the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. It’s pretty pricey, so I don’t think I would have bought it at full price, but I’m quite happy with its performance and I’m using it daily.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

I apply a thin line of the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner just above my upper eyelashes right after applying my face moisturizer and eye cream (both Mary Kay products). It needs to dry a bit before applying eyeshadow and other products. I’ve suffered from thin, small and brittle eyelashes for years, and I can tell a noticeable difference in my lashes since shortly after beginning use of this serum. My lashes are softer and also seem to be growing in faster and fuller. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner doesn’t claim to make your lashes grow faster or fuller, so I think that mine are doing that simply because they are healthier. At any rate, the product is working for me.

It’s expensive. But I’ve heard other happy customers say that the two tubes of RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner I got in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale would last me for six months to a year, and I believe they will.

Hair Care and Styling

Many readers asked me to do a tutorial on how I styled my hair with the waves or curls, but I’ve since then returned to straightening my hair. Believe it or not, it’s just easier and less time-consuming. When my hair was curly, I would have to re-style it every single day. And I needed to wash it more frequently, too, because I had to put so much product on it. But when I dry it with a round brush and then use a flat iron on it, I’m able to go 3-5 days between washes and I don’t have to do much to it at all in between.

I’ve been using Hair Biology Moisturizing Shampoo with Biotin Soft & Hydrated for Dry Hair and the compatible Hair Biology Moisturizing Conditioner with Biotin Soft & Hydrated for Dry Hair for several weeks now, and I love, love, love these products. I’m also using the Hair Biology Deep Hydration Mask with Biotin Soft & Hydrated for Dull Dry or Damaged Hair once a week, and it seems to be making my hair feel so much healthier.

Hair Biology Products
Hair Biology Deep Hydration Mask with Biotin Soft & Hydrated for Dull Dry or Damaged Hair // Hair Biology Moisturizing Shampoo with Biotin Soft & Hydrated for Dry Hair // Hair Biology Moisturizing Conditioner with Biotin Soft & Hydrated for Dry Hair

The Hair Biology products are formulated to specifically address the issues faced by the aging woman. They are designed to work with our body’s changing biology, so no matter what type of hair you have (curly, grey, thin, dry, dull, or frizzy) they have a formula that works well for your hair needs. The products are made to be safe for color-treated grey hair, but they also have formulations specifically for silver hair.

I will tell you that I had a little trouble getting the pump to work on one of the products, and evidently that is a common complaint with these products. But after a little jiggling, it started working fine for me. The products have only the faintest scent and really do leave my hair feeling “younger.” I’m not sure, but I think Hair Biology products are only available at Target right now.

After letting my hair dry a bit (while putting on my makeup and getting dressed a little) I apply just a small amount of Sebastian Whipped Creme styling mousse to my hair before drying. I like that this styling mousse is very lightweight and not sticky. It adds just a bit of body and “obedience” to my hair without making it feel weighed down or sticky with product.

Sebastian Whipped Creme styling mousse // BioSilk Silk Therapy // Sebastian Shaper hair spray or here

I flat iron my hair as I dry it, one layer at a time. And the flat iron really makes it look shiny and smooth. But just to ward off the “puffy” effects of humidity, I apply BioSilk Silk Therapy. I put just a few drops in the palm of my hand and then rub my hands together, dispersing the product evenly throughout my two hands. Then I gently rub the BioSilk Silk Therapy onto my hair all over for a silky shine that lasts for days.

I don’t always use hair spray. I don’t like to put any more product than necessary on my hair because I don’t like to wash it very frequently. But when I do use spray, I use Sebastian Shaper hair spray or here. I purchased it several months ago because it was the spray my hairdresser uses (and has used for years) and it leaves my hair feeling soft and lightweight. It also has a very nice and light fragrance, as does the Sebastian Whipped Creme styling mousse.

Well, I think that’s it! I can’t think of another lotion or potion that I use. Now you know it all!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be editing tomorrow’s video today, but I’ll try to watch the comments for questions. Here’s a shopping widget with all the products I’ve mentioned today. I linked to Target and Amazon and Nordstrom (when applicable), but if you’d like a link to Walmart or another store, just let me know. These are affiliate links, so I earn a commission through them. Thank you for shopping my links.

Sale Alert

I also wanted to alert you to a great sale going on today. Soma is having a two-day $25 sale with their Cool Nights separates marked down to $25. That’s a savings of up to $43 per item!!! These are the BEST sleepwear for us peri-menopausal gals. I love them. My favorite wireless bralette (almost 50% off) is also $25. Their Embraceable and Enbliss panties are also $25 for 5 pair!

I think I’ll buy someone special’s Christmas present today!

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Blessed for My Day

What do you do when someone you love refuses to acknowledge Jesus? Hmm. It’s a hard one. I have people in my life who I love very much who do not follow Jesus, and it breaks my heart. But the truth is I cannot will them to come to Jesus. I cannot convince them with words or deeds or smart arguments.

But I can pray. How should we pray for someone who does not acknowledge the saving power of Jesus? I think we pray for open hearts, softened hearts. I pray for my loved ones to be able to hear God’s voice, to feel His presence and to see His power. Yes, I want them to have eyes to see and hearts that are penetrable. Let’s not give up praying for those who are lost.

And you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life. I do not receive glory from men; but I know you, that you do not have the love of God in yourselves. I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him. How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God? Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father; the one who accuses you is Moses, in whom you have set your hope. For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?” ~ John 5:40-47

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17 thoughts on “All the Lotions + Potions I Use & Love

  1. Love reading your post each day. I have recently started using Hair Biology products for my naturally wavy/curly, salt and pepper hair. I love how those products make my hair feel. I believe they are only available at Target currently.

  2. Dear Kay, I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog and videos. We have so many things in common. The only fragrance I wear is La Vie Est Belle and I used to sell Mary Kay and love their products and Mary Kay Ash’s philosophy’s. “God first , family second and career last.” But most important, I have been a Jesus lover since I accepted Him at age 8.

    I adore your style but because I have gained so much weight in recent years (I’m 68], and live in Arizona in the fall, winter and spring months, your clothing choices don’t really apply to me. BUT…nevertheless, you have inspired me to get out and walk, change my eating habits and to pray for God’s help to loose weight. My life verse is Philippians 4:13. I CAN DO THIS, with his help.

    Thank you for your inspiration, style, sweet countenance and message of being BLESSED. And yes, one more thing…my middle name is Kay!

    Under the same wing, Jan

    1. Ahh, how nice to hear from you, Jan. I’m so pleased that you are enjoying the blog. Thanks so much for introducing yourself and sharing a bit. I bet you get compliments on the fragrance, too. I was getting so many compliments on how I smelled that I began to worry that I was wearing too much fragrance. So I started asking (people I trusted to give me honest feedback) if I was wearing too much and they assured me I wasn’t. Hahaha!

  3. when you do miles of walking what do you find the most comfortable shoes to be?

    also, how far back do your you tube videos go? I am enjoying them & have bought many things you have recommened.

  4. Interesting to see your products! Also love that Cherry Jergens. I was thinking, after looking at several posted photos of members, that a little video on the importance of well fitting bras etc. wouldn’t be a bad idea. So many really cute outfits would benefit from a lifted bust line or a smoothing garment, and I think it’s more important as we age. A bra that fits can give you so much more confidence. I have been buying from Third Love for a couple of years, as they allow trying many different styles, cup and band sizes before you settle on one that fits. No charge to send back – you answer many questions on why it did or didn’t fit. I had been wearing the wrong size for years – simply because I was actually between sizes. I now get a B 1/2 fit – which works perfectly!

    1. Thanks for sharing Fiona. Yes a well fitted bra is a crucial foundation for beautiful outfits. I couldn’t agree more. I will definitely look into writing a post on this. I’ve heard of Third Love but have not used them. I buy my bras at Soma. I wear this one and it’s actually the ONLY bra that seems to work for me (besides the bralette that I only wear around the house) but I get a bra fitting every single time I purchase a new one because…well…things change! Ha! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love this post Kay…..

    When you did your last post on face creams, etc. I did order the Time Less and I really like it and the way it makes my neck feel….just a bit smoother and tighter, I really like it.

    I would like to try Hair Biology Shampoo/Conditioner.


    1. Hmm. I looked over the comments and see what you mean. But I think the worst comments must be at the top of the listing because 80% of the reviewers gave the product 4 or 5 stars. I’ve ordered three bottles now and have never had a problem. The product is clear, but with a yellowish tint. I do think a few of the reviewers misunderstood what the product was supposed to be like when they ordered it. If it starts getting coppery, which mine never has, then it’s oxidized and no good. But I really like the product. It is thin so you shouldn’t expect a cream or anything thick. It’s a serum. But I have never had a problem and I know of many other women who like it, too. I know it is a lot of money to invest in something you’re not sure about, so I don’t want to try to convince anyone to purchase if you’re not sure. Thanks for asking.

      1. Thank you Kay for your detailed response. I am going to try the serum. I use Tata Harper, Esthederm and Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products and they are pricey but fabulous.

  6. I’m so happy to have found you! I have similar natural curl in my hair and agree straightening is a much easier way to get and keep a more polished look without a daily restyle. Mine is shoulder length and in need of a cut, and I have been seriously contemplating light bangs. I considered them out of the question in the past (due to bad experiences with layers and my curls) but am so inspired by yours! Any advice and tips on how to make them work? Thank you!

    1. Hi Molly. I really don’t have any tips for the bangs. Mine are always a bit of a quandary. One day I’m ready to grow them out and the next day I’m trimming them. Hahaha! I do suggest you only wear bangs if you’re okay with them being long and straight. You don’t want them to look over styled or too short. The longer straighter bang is more youthful. But I do like having the versatility of being able to style my hair with or without bangs. ?