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What I Ordered in the #NSale 2021

July 14, 2021

Well good early morning! I was up before any sane person should have been this morning, moving items from my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wish list to my shopping cart. Today the Ambassador level Nordstrom cardholders can begin shopping this preseason sale. Are you shopping today? Because I’m often asked, I thought I’d share with you what I ordered in the #NSale.

What I'm Buying in the #NSale 2021

I’m actually heading in to Nordstrom later this morning. I made an appointment with a personal stylist. You absolutely can do that, too! However, my stylist did email me yesterday to tell me that they have hardly anything in stock that was on my wish list. So she advised me to hop on my computer and place my order this morning. That’s what I suggest you do, too, when it’s time for you to shop.

I’m dropping in the shopping schedule again, just in case you need to know when you can shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And you can find all my other #NSale coverage through the top menu here at my website. Just click on the #NSale heading. If you’re new to the sale, I suggest you start with my post, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – How to Prepare for It.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Access Dates

Since I just placed my order early this morning – before I’d had any coffee (which may have been a huge mistake!) – I do have a few tips I want to remind you of.

  • First, don’t forget to schedule a double points day. You can do that when you place your order. And if you forget at first, you can go back later in the day and do it. Or you can also call Nordstrom to schedule it.
  • Be sure to double check sizes and colors as you move items from your wish list to shopping cart. I found that a few sizes and colors changed on me somehow in the process.
  • Order in batches if you’re ordering a lot. And I suggest prioritizing.
  • If you’re in a hurry (or just excited!!!), you might want to change the shipping from FREE to expedited. You can get next day shipping on the whole order for just $20. Not all items are eligible for next day, but many are. This is also a great option if you’re trying to make sure your items get shipped before they sell out. I’ve had orders cancelled in the past because of this.
  • Remember, Nordstrom ships for FREE and returns are FREE and easy, too. So don’t hesitate to order multiples sizes if you are checking out a new brand you’re not familiar with. I don’t suggest doing that with every product; that might be a little greedy. But if you’re seriously shopping for something, DO order multiple sizes and return what doesn’t work quickly so they can restock it.
What's In My Bag

Okay, let’s get on with what I ordered this morning. Now keep in mind, I won’t actually keep everything I ordered. I’m looking for jeans, and I’ll maybe keep two pair of what I ordered. I’m also looking for a black skirt and ordered three or four, but will only keep one. Same with the dresses and even the coats. Add in the fact that this is my job. I do try to keep current pieces in my closet so that I have the makings for outfits to share with my readers and viewers.

Without further preamble, here’s what I ordered this morning!

What I Ordered in the #NSale

The prices are the non-sale prices. Click through for sale prices. Also many items come in multiple colors and prints, so click through for full selections. I’ve tried to show the actual colors I ordered, but that may not always work out once I actually publish. We’ll see!

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Blessed for My Day

I’ve noticed that some relationships are more about gossip than others. Have you seen this to be true? I guess that’s because some women are more prone to gossip than others. But I think that any woman is capable of talking about other people if she’s put in the situation and enticed sufficiently.

That’s why I have to be on high alert at all times. When I begin to realize that the conversation has shifted from me or we or “the anything” to she or he, I make an focused effort to shift our talk in a different direction. Yes, sometimes it’s too late. The conversation has already gone south and the damage is done. But that’s when I sometimes just say something like, “You know what? We have drifted into pure gossip! Let’s talk about something else.”

One who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets;
Therefore do not associate with a gossip. ~ Proverbs 20:19

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xoxo, Kay
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21 thoughts on “What I Ordered in the #NSale 2021

  1. Enjoy the shopping! I was wondering about the Eileen Fisher dress in the sale, have you seen in person?

  2. Well Kay……we are always up anywhere between 4-5 am! I know way too early. But we also go to bed early! You get more done?

    I Love Coats……and especially plaid, super cute red one.

    Have a great lunch there too….and fun shopping.


  3. Good Morning Kay. I have to wait till Friday to order in the sale so hoping The two items that I really want are still in stock in my size. I really want the plaid Tahari dress and T state wrap Top. They are in my wish list. I have other items too
    So will see you Friday what’s the sell is like. Nice BFMD

  4. What time can we shop? On one fashion blog people said after midnight. I contacted Nordstrom and was told noon. So confused!

  5. Thanks, Kay! I very interested to know about the process with working with a stylist. I hope you do a post on it some day:)

  6. The sale looks fantastic! The Tahari dresses are both lovely. I really need a longer necklace and the Kendra shown is perfect. Plain but nice look as I like simple lines.
    Your proverb today really hit a nerve with me. I have a few friends and would like more but hesitate because of people that have to add drama to conversations.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Kay. I have looked on your past posts but can’t seem to find why you like the All Saints Kita over the Tory Burch McGraw. I remember reading you thought it was a better choice. I was going to invest in the black McGraw for fall but now wondering if the Kita is better. Thanks for your insight.

    1. Hmm. I think you must have read that on another blog? I love my Tory Burch McGraw hobo and plan on using it this year too. I may have commented that I like the look of the All Saints bag, but when I was in the store today I saw it and was unimpressed. I ended up purchasing this Coach bag in the chalk multi. It’s dreamy. But no, I definitely think the Tory Burch bag is a great one.

  8. I like a lot but just not seeing anything that has that wow look. I may be getting a bit jaded as I get older. Maybe after I see how you style it, I’ll be more interested. I do like a Nic+Zoe sweater in grey and a jacket. The Nordstrom signature coat is fabulous but it just doesn’t get very cold here.
    You know, speaking of gossip, it’s the telephone where I have to be careful. I don’t like it but it’s so easy to fall into it. I do try to think on the good things about people.

  9. I’m leaving a second comment after I read the BFMD. We were at a birthday party last weekend (first time with these folks since pre-pandemic) and oh my, the very, very negative political/societal statements made. Folks vehemently stating they’d never get a vaccine and bashing entities, groups, experts, agencies you name it. (I’m thinking….”you mean you AREN’T vaccinated????”) When they got to bashing ‘woke’ we took our plates into the kitchen and thanked the hosts for the [lovely] party and fled. Somehow in the last year things/people changed. It’s just as damaging to relationships as gossip.

  10. Hi Kay,
    Was wondering if I should keep an eye on a dress that was sold out in case someone returns it. Does that even happen?

  11. When are you going to try these on for us so we can see how they worked or didn’t work for you? I have many of the same items on my wish list, and would love to see them on you and get your opinion.

    1. Hi Ann. I shared a few of my finds in today’s post and I’ll share some more on Thursday. I wish I could do more earlier but I just struggle to find the time. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know my thoughts on?

      1. Thank you! I was interested in what you thought of the Sam Edelman short plaid coat, the wide leg zellas, and the dresses. I love love loved the try on haul you did last year with your #nsale purchases, but understand that it’s oh so time consuming. Always look forward to all of your posts!

        1. Hi Ann. I haven’t received the coats yet. I’m hoping they start coming in tomorrow. The Zella wide leg joggers are very nice and comfy. Plenty long for me. The green Tahari dress is great. The Eliza J dress with the ruffle sleeve runs small. I’d need to size up. But I decided it wasn’t worth it. Felt kind of heavy. And the plaid dress, my favorite, was cancelled on me. ? I had definitely planned to do a try on post but it started seeming like everything I got that worked had sold out. So that seemed counterproductive. I’m really bummed about that and hoping it changes. Thanks for reading Ann. I appreciate you.

          1. Thanks for the info! Seems like this year’s sale has been somewhat of a bust. Last year was the first time I ever participated (largely due to your recommendations). I’m not a card holder, but if there’s something on my wish list still available when the window opens for me, I’ll make a purchase. Hope one of the coats works out for you. Have a nice evening!