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5+ Summer Outfits with Cargo Crop Chinos

July 13, 2021

Hi ladies! I’m doing it again. I’m putting together multiple outfits for summer, and they’re all straight from my closet. This time I’m sticking with the 5 outfits and not going all wild like I did in yesterday’s summer workwear post. Ha! AND these are outfits we all can wear for most any fun, casual summer day. PLUS these super versatile cargo crop chinos are part of Talbots’ Red Hanger Sale. But maybe you have some similar to these in your closet…

Oh! And I’ve got a little treat for you at the end of the post…so stay with me!!!

5+ Summer Outfits with Cargo Crop Chinos

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I purchased these cargo crop pants early in the spring and shared them in this post. In fact, let’s start there. This first outfit is very similar to the one I shared in that post. I just love the juxtaposition of a feminine sweatshirt over these cargo crop pants. (I apologize for the photos. I’m still learning how best to use my new camera/phone to get these indoor shots. It’s hit or miss right now!)

Outfit #1

cargo crop chinos with pink sweatshirt
cargo crop pants // sweatshirt // t-shirt // Caslon platform flip flops in yellow citrine // necklace customized with bronze veined teal magnesite // substitute earrings

This is probably the most colorful look I’m showing. I forgot to take a photo with just the white tee, but you’ll see it below. In fact, I combined a lot of colors in this look. There’s the dusty pink in the sweatshirt, the bronze veined teal magnesite customized pendant necklace, the colorful earrings (which are no longer available) and my lemon citrine platform flip flops. But I think the reason all these colors work together so nicely is because the canyon camel cargo crop pants are at the center of it all.

The cargo crop pants also come in yellow, navy, olive green and white, by the way. I have them in the white, as well. They run true to size; I’m wearing an 8.

Outfit #2

Next up, let’s check out my black and camel look. If you’ve been around here long, it won’t surprise you that this is perhaps my favorite look. I love my neutrals!

cargo crop chinos with black tee and leopard sandals
cargo crop pants // black t-shirt (more economical option or here) // gold brushed teardrop earrings // leopard print sandals (30% off!!!) // customized necklace with black drusy // Nordgreen Native watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // black shoulder bag

I think you can’t go wrong with camel and black. Throw in just a touch of animal print and you’ve got a winner! I’ve worn these leopard print sandals for three summers now. They’ve just recently been marked down 30%.

Outfit #3

Now we’ll just flip flop things a little and see the cargo crop pants with a leopard print tee (similar) and black flip flops.

cargo crop chinos with leopard print tee
cargo crop pants // leopard print tee (similar) // black flip flops // earrings // stretch heart necklace

I knew when I put this outfit together that the leopard tee was no longer available, but I figure most of us have one in our wardrobe by now. If not, this one at Banana Republic is pretty similar. My bedazzled black flip flops were gifted to me from Brighton to share with you, but you could swap in any black sandals for this same look.

Outfit #4

Next up, another neutrals look, but this time we’re going to lighten things up. This Henley tee is from Banana Republic, too. I’m wearing the almond color. It’s marked down and you’ll get an extra 50% off at the register. It’s proven to be so versatile in my summer wardrobe.

cargo crop chinos with almond tee and linen shirt
cargo crop pants // Henley tee // striped linen shirt (60% off!!!) // Nordgreen Infinity Watch with white leather band (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // demi charm necklace in gold pearl // gold sandals (another option) // similar earrings

And I love the Henley tee paired with the striped linen shirt. The linen shirt is one of Chico’s no-iron shirts and it’s finally been marked down. Hurry. This one will go fast! It’s dreamy. I’m wearing the size 1.

Outfit #5

And finally, we’ll end on a little more color. I just love how blue pairs with this dark camel.

cargo crop chinos with blue embroidery shirt
cargo crop pants // embroidered chambray top // Nordgreen Infinity Watch with white leather band (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your order) // demi charm necklace in gold pearl // gold sandals (another option) // similar earrings // belt no longer available (option) // shoes no longer available (option)

I wish so badly my embroidered chambray top were marked down. Alas, it is not. But watch for it to be discounted later this week. I’ve got the intel! Yay! It’s 30% off today! In fact, Talbots is giving 30% off all full price tees, sweaters, blouses and more. My shoes are no longer available, but these espadrilles are probably better anyhow, and they’re part of the Red Hanger Sale.

Well, I hope you got a little style inspiration for your mid summer days. And now for that little surprise I promised. Cue the music! (and hit play!)

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19 thoughts on “5+ Summer Outfits with Cargo Crop Chinos

  1. As my mama would say, ‘you certainly got you money’s worth’ out of those pants. They are so versatile. I don’t have pants that color but I believe I hear my closet calling. My husband asked me yesterday if I had a shopping addiction. Ha! If he only knew. Loved all the looks and your video was great! It put a smile on my face.Have a good day.

    1. Indeed, I have gotten my money’s worth out of these. I love versatile buys like this! Thanks for reading and sharing, Peggy. And I’m glad you enjoyed the little video.

  2. Two days in a row you hit it out of the park! Awesome post. I don’t wear camel, but I can see these looks working with beige/taupe or olive pants too. Pinned again! I love 5 way posts but this one is perfection!

  3. Thanks Kay. I have those camel crops and love them. Fresh & soft. Although I haven’t got as much wear yet. I so wanted to love the Chambray embroidered top as the blue color is lovely. But the puffy sleeves are silly…and what to do about the hanging tie strings. They never work for me. Your video is cute. I have Instagram but I just don’t see the need for both it & FB so I don’t follow, although I’ll view occasionally when it’s in front of me, hah!
    Talbots has a GREAT Super Saving sale right now and those crops are just $29.99!! I may need other colors!

  4. Your cute video pulled it all together beautifully. All the looks were right on point for these summer days. Blessings on your day.

  5. Hi Kay,
    I’m new to your blog and am really enjoying your posts. I’m from Cincinnati, too!
    The chambray blouse is really beautiful! I find myself enjoying wearing a boho chic look in summer. It really adds some spice to my classic style of dressing! The fun tassels, which can be left undone or tied into a bow, is a great feature. The embroidery and the pretty blue color really elevates the look of your outfit! Keep up the good work!!

  6. I enjoyed this post (as usual) and loved seeing a peek at your video.
    The Blessed for my day was wonderful. In the last year I’ve had 3 major surgeries (two of which were not planned) and I know what it means to keep your eyes on the Lord, who has these things that come into our lives under control and some how will work it all for our good. May he be praised.
    Thanks for all you share with us Kay.

  7. Hi Kay! I have those pants and I love them. I really like the Chico’s shirt and henley tee you paired with them. your video clip was great!!

  8. The song Why Me is playing on our satellite radio now and I love the chorus, … Jesus my soul is in your hands… The BFMD is so perfect! It took me back to so many things that have happened in my life and reminded me of how much I need Him each and every day. While I like all of the outfits, my two favorites are the black top one and the leopard print top one. Seeing you wear the black sandals with the one outfit is very helpful! When I was looking in my closet for yesterday and today’s outfits, I made myself put pieces together that I haven’t already worn together, instead of wearing the same things. It may take a little more time to do that, but it’s worth it! Because the arthritis in my sacroiliac continues to be a pain, literally, wearing pants with a regular waistband is not something I can do regularly, so I really have to tap into my creativity. Oh, which retailers have you found to have the best selection of ruanas now? In my online search Macy’s seems to have the best selection. I need to replace mine that has predominantly shades of blue and red in it, but I’m not finding one. Thank you! I wish you another productive day!

  9. You seem to give me the scripture and BFMD that I need right now. I think it’s time to use index cards with scripture, as you suggested some time ago. I almost bought that pant the other day, but I wanted the white linen blazer more. With the Nordstrom sale starting tomorrow for me, I need to budget my dollars right now. I do have a Talbot chino in that color, and light beige crops and linen pants to wear that would work. I don’t have Instagram, but I enjoyed your video.

  10. Love all your upgrades and congrats on having Abby! Loved your new video! Made me giggle! Nothing like daughters to add to our tech abilities!! Blessings over you sweet Kay!

  11. I love the videos! So cute! I have found pink to almost like a neutral for me. It goes with my sage, white, grey, camel, well all my neutrals. My fav is the blue chambray blouse but although I like the sleeves, I can’t wear them under a jacket so I probably wouldn’t buy. I love black on camel on black. You just can’t get away from black. It’s just the color that kicks things up a notch sometimes.
    BFMD always a blessing but this year I’ve learned to lean a lot harder on Jesus and less on my own understanding. So much I can’t handle on my own. Thank you for that.

  12. I like your new combos a lot. The pink pullover and the henley tee are so versatile. I would never have thought to put the pink with the beige pants. Thats’ a nice combo. Sorry to say I am maxed out on my favorite followings so I can’t commit to following on Instagram. I would like to as I love to read your blog but I just can’t keep up with anymore than I have already.

  13. Loved the video Kay. Clothes are very slimming and look so great for the summer. So enjoy reading your posts.