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I’m Loving These Two Neutrals for Fall 2022 Outfits

October 4, 2022

Vibrant and richly tinted colors may be trending for fall 2022, but I’m still loving my neutrals. And this fall I can’t get enough of camel and gray. I love those soft neutral shades alone, but paired together they create such a rich, unexpected and unique combination. Today let’s talk about how to pair these two neutrals for fall 2022 outfits.

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Camel and Grey for Fall 2022
my jeans (similar and more economical) // white tank // camel blazer (more economical option and another option) // sneakers (more economical) // necklace // shoulder bag (only in black now) (similar, same color) // similar earrings (another option)

Today I’m sharing two camel and gray outfits. Really, I’m just changing up the footwear on one outfit. But keep in mind that the tips I’m sharing can be applied to help you combine the gray and camel pieces in your own wardrobe. So whether you have these Italian stretch flannel wide leg pants in grey or camel (I ordered the grey yesterday!) or you’re looking for ways to wear your grey jeans like mine here, you can use these concepts to make this neutrals pairing look oh so chic this fall.

Wearing Camel and Grey this Fall

In fact, I’ve gathered a nice number of grey jeans in a full range of prices in the shopping widget below. Mine are almost sold out, but I found so many other great ones for you to consider…if you’d like.

I’ve actually shown most everything here before, but I really wanted us just to focus on how to pair camel and grey for fall. It looks oh so chic! This soft pairing is always a little unexpected and so many women overlook the possibilities. So you’ll look a little unique and cutting edge when you show up wearing your camel and gray outfit.

Add a Little White to Keep the Outfit Light

Because the camel and grey I’m wearing both are in what I would call medium to light intensity, I added a white tank to keep the overall tone light. This works for my coloring. But if you like a pop of darker intensity you could wear a black tee or tank instead. Do you see how either would work nicely but create different effects? Since I did wear a white tank, I thought my white leather sneakers would be a great option here. Those pops of white bookend this outfit.

Camel Blazer

I purchased this Veronica Beard camel Miller dickey jacket with Nordy points after the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But even having purchased it at that discount, this versatile jacket is earning a lower price per wear in my wardrobe almost daily. See yesterday’s post to see how frequently I’m wearing it these days! It is still available at Nordstrom, but in very limited sizes. The Miller dickey jacket has a nice little amount of stretch to it and fits true to size to slightly large. I’m wearing my usual size 8 comfortably. This jacket is definitely my favorite purchase of 2022. But I can also highly recommend this jacket and this blazer from Express for lower price points.

Neutrals for Fall
my jeans (similar and more economical) // white tank // camel blazer (more economical option and another option) // camel shoes // necklace // shoulder bag (only in black now) (similar, same color) // similar earrings (another option)

Another key to pairing camel and grey is simply to keep it…well, simple. I suppose you could throw in a print or another color. But I personally love the very clean aesthetic created by combining just these two light neutrals and either white or black if needed. You can see from the photo above that my camel shoes, bag (similar, same color) and jacket do not exactly match. They don’t need to. You’re layering on the neutrals. The same would apply to grey.

Camel shoes and Grey jeans

The camel shoes work with my grey jeans here because they are bookending the look with the camel jacket. They would work the same with a camel sweater or cardigan. But if you have grey pumps, flats or mules, those would of course create a nice long leg.

Jewelry with Camel and Grey

I’ve been wearing grey and camel a lot since spring. And generally I like to mix gold and silver jewelry with this two neutrals. I think mixed metal jewelry is such a nice way to bring these two neutrals together cohesively. When you do mix metals, the key really is to wear at least one piece that is both silver and gold. Then you can add other pieces that are one or the other. For instance, I frequently wear this mixed metal necklace and then add silver earrings and a gold bangle and a mixed metal watch. But on this day I chose to go all gold with my jewelry, pairing this chunky chain necklace with gold earrings (no longer available). Similarly you could wear all silver.

Wearing Camel and Grey for Fall 2022

By the way, if you’re doubting that you can wear camel, think again. Experts say camel is one neutral most everyone can wear, but you’ll just need to find a shade with undertones that work best for you. Indeed, you can find camels with warm, neutral and cool undertones. And any of them can play nicely with grey as well as other neutrals.

In recent weeks I’ve shared other style inspirations for pairing camel and grey for fall. Here are a few of them.

Camel & Grey Outfit
jeans // white tee // blazer (more economical and another option) // slides // shoulder bag // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase) // bracelet // scarf // sunglasses // scent // necklace // earrings

I do love how that Sarah Flint scarf works with grey and camel! Here’s another style board with grey and camel from recently.

Style formula 2
Veronica Beard Miller Scuba Dickey Jacket // Good American white t-shirt // Fidelity Katie jeans (also here in limited sizes and marked down) // slides // sunglasses // earrings // necklace // scent // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

But I also shared two more reasonably priced style boards for that same outfit in THIS POST. So check it out for those options. And here’s a great camel and grey outfit from last winter, just to let you see how this neutrals combo plays out with other pieces.

Camel and Grey Winter Classic
See the original post for details HERE.

And below you can see how I paired grey with an oatmeal beige top and camel accessories this summer.

Grey Jeans and Beige top

Like I said, I ordered these Italian flannel wide leg pants and the coordinating blazer from Talbots in grey yesterday. So, while I will certainly wear them multiple ways, I’m sure I’ll combine those beautiful pieces with camel and beige some, too.

Two Neutrals for Fall 2022
my jeans (similar and more economical) // white tank // camel blazer (more economical option and another option) // camel shoes // necklace // shoulder bag (only in black now) (similar, same color) // similar earrings (another option)

What about you? Will you be wearing these two neutrals for fall 2022 outfits? Or do you have other neutral or color pairings that you’re loving for fall? I’d love to hear what is exciting you for fall. Thanks so much for dropping in!

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10 thoughts on “I’m Loving These Two Neutrals for Fall 2022 Outfits

  1. I am going to have to try wearing camel and grey together, but I know that I will have to tell myself that they can be paired together. It will definitely take retraining my eyes.

  2. I also like to pair gray with beige, and in winter, I wear darker gray slacks with cognac/copper colored tops. Such a unique combination.

  3. Kay, I know you are very busy today, so please answer when it is convenient. I need some classic black pumps and I’m waffling between Ally and Sarah Flint. I have a pair of nude heels from Ally. I have a dressy black Prada pump, but need one for wear with jeans, trousers, or a more casual, basic pump with a dress. Do you recommend one brand over the other? Thank You.

    1. Hi Christine. The Sarah Flint pumps feel a bit more elevated. They’re more like the Prada probably. It’s so hard to say. I love both and find them to be very comfortable.

  4. Yes, I love the soft pairing of camel and grey. Sometimes wearing black can be too stark. I like your simple look, but I have SO many scarves that I love and would definitely search for one that combined the camel and grey colors. I LOVE the beautiful rows of red flowers in your post. Are they coleus?? They almost look like poinsettias, but probably not! Were these pics taken in TX? So beautiful!! You and James do a wonderful job with your photo locations. Yes, your readers do notice! 🙂

  5. Kay please take care of yourself and allow yourself time and margin to heal. We all appreciate everything you do and the kind encouragement you offer and the gentle reminder and blessings of the day pointing us upward. I will lift you up in prayer to the great, I Am.

  6. Sorry to hear you are unwell. Take the time you need to rest and recuperate. Hope you’re feeling better soon!