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50 Fabulous Sale Finds Under $50

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July 28, 2018

50 Fabulous Finds under $50

Happy Saturday! I don’t normally post on Saturday, but as I was scouring all the sales at my favorite stores earlier this week, I decided I might as well share my findings with you. I actually loathe going through sale pages online. So, since I needed to do that – because that’s part of the job! – I wanted to spare you the time and tedium of it. And I came up with some pretty nice sale finds. Let’s hop in!

10 Fabulous Accessories Under $50

50 Fabulous Findsunder $50 - 10 Fabulous Accessories under $50

Not all of these are what you’d consider “accessories,” mind you. But I needed a category that contained all the extras. So…

  1. I like this black and white scarf because it’s versatile enough to wear year round. It’s marked down 50% already, but if you buy two or more sale items at Talbots it goes down 60%.
  2. This sandal comes in several nice colors, and they still have availability in a lot of sizes.
  3. You get to take another 50% off this already reduced heeled sandal for a limited time. Only this color.
  4. This Spanx Bra-llelujah racerback bra is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
  5. Also by Spanx, these Conceal Her Mid-Thigh Shaping Shorts are a good buy at the Nordstrom sale. Black and nude.
  6. This seamless mesh sports bra is a good buy at Dillard’s right now, 50% off.
  7. The gold collar necklace is already marked down, but you get to take another 40% off your entire purchase at Chico’s with code: 92820.
  8. These leather pumps aren’t quite under $50 yet, but you get to take another 50% off plus additional 10% off at the register. They’re only available in mostly whole sizes at this point, too.
  9. This striped denim novelty bag would make a great gift.
  10. This cute kimono is a great price, but only available in medium or large.

50 Fabulous Findsunder $50 - 10 Fabulous shirts under $50

Of course there are tons of tops out there on sale. I tried to pick ones that are either good for the office year round (with a jacket or cardigan over them) or that were unique in some way.

  1. This gorgeous blue tie wrap top isn’t quite under $50 yet, but it will be when you take off the extra 50% + 10% at the register. It’s also available in white. And there are many sizes available in both shades.
  2. The Sabrina collar sweater shell also comes in white and aquamarine, but it’s only available in large and extra-large.
  3. This Donna Karan twist front matte jersey shell would be great for the office all year.
  4. This Donna Karan twist front satin shell is a great price at Dillard’s.
  5. The 3/4 length sleeve tropical print tunic is only available in small. But isn’t it pretty?
  6. The embroidered flutter sleeve peasant top is also only available now in small.
  7. The white Ruby Rd. bell sleeve tie front silky gauze top is available in a full range of sizes. Yay!
  8.  With the additional 50% and 10% off you get at Ann Taylor right now, this silky sleeveless camp shirt is way below $50, but it’s only available in a few sizes.
  9. Sorry. This oversized boyfriend shirt sold out before I posted.
  10. This silky pleated v-neck shell is only available in xxsmall in black, but they have the full range of sizes in a lovely dove gray.

50 Fabulous Findsunder $50 - 10 Fabulous shorts under $50

I don’t know why I failed to collect on-sale jeans, but I do have some denim shorts in this collection of shorts. Denim shorts will definitely still be in style next year, so these are some great end-of-season buys.

  1. These Democracy “Flex”ellet high rise shorts look really sharp to me. Available only in 2, 8 and 10.
  2. The Democracy AB solution roll cuff shorts are available in many more sizes.
  3. These Code Bleu denim Bermuda shorts are only available in a few petite sizes.
  4. These Reba floral embroidered denim shorts are only available in a regular 6.
  5. The 5″ Perfect Shorts from Talbots are getting gone fast. Available in half a dozen sizes.
  6. These girlfriend shorts are only on deep sale in a few summer colors, but they’re worth looking at.
  7. I love these striped Bermuda shorts. They’re available in a few regular sizes and an almost full range of petite sizes.
  8. Sorry. These Levi’s shorts sold out before I posted.
  9. I know they look white in the photo, but these are actually textured boardwalk shorts. They’re available in a full range of sizes, already below $50, but you get to take another 50% + 10% off.
  10. These are the 7″ denim shorts I live in most every day during the summer, and they’re still available in a full range of sizes. Great price.

50 Fabulous Findsunder $50 - 10 Fabulous Pants under $50

Some of these are dress pants, but most are casual. In fact, I now notice that number 7 and 10 are the same! Oh my! I’ll provide you with a different pant for number 10.

  1. These Alex Marie culotte pants are marked down about 75% and available in a full range of sizes. Great deal.
  2. The silky jogger pants are available in gray and navy in a limited range of sizes. You get to take another 50% + 10% off the already low price.
  3. The Vince Camuto jogger pant is available in this olive green and black.
  4. These white Ralph Lauren straight linen pants are only available in a few sizes.
  5. The Zella high waist crop leggings are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I hear great things about them. They’re available in a full range of sizes.
  6. These casual drawstring ankle pants are available in this olive green and a dark gray. From the Nordstrom sale.
  7. These Taryn joggers are also part of the Nordstrom sale. I have them in my cart, but haven’t pushed order yet. But there’s only a few left.
  8. These Cremieux ankle chinos are marked down about 75% and available in three colors.
  9. I tried on these plaid ankle pants the other day and LOVED them. In the end I didn’t buy them because they weren’t on sale enough. But with the extra 50% and additional 10% off, they’re below $50.
  10. NOT PICTURED – These Cremieux flare cropped jeans are marked down about 75% and look darling to me. They’re available in a full range of sizes.

50 Fabulous Findsunder $50 - 10 Fabulous Skirts & Dresses under $50

This is a wide variety of dresses and skirts. In fact, you might now even consider the skort (#6) to be a skirt, but I didn’t know where else to put it.

  1. Dillard’s must have all of the Cremieux marked down because this striped skirt is also about 75% off. Unfortunately, it’s only available in a few sizes.
  2. Also by Cremieux, this bow front skirt is marked down considerably.
  3. This geometric print skirt is marked down considerably, but only available in a couple of petite sizes.
  4. This a-line tie front skirt from Ann Taylor will be below $50 with the extra you get to take off. I also tried it on the other day. It’s a wonderful skirt, but it does run a little small. They didn’t have the size I needed available at the store.
  5. This eyelet pencil skirt is available in a 6 and an 8.
  6. This Columbia anytime skort is a great deal. It’s great for hiking or other outdoor activities. I own one and love it.
  7. This cotton sateen sheath dress will be under $50 when you take the extra 50% and 10% off at the register. Available in a full range of sizes.
  8. This pale blue sheath dress is greatly reduced at Dillard’s.
  9. The Ruby Rd. paisley 3/4 length sleeve dress is just over $20, but only available in a small.
  10. This Ruby Rd. sleeveless print dress is a sweet price at Dillard’s.

So there you go! 50 great finds under $50. But these items sell out fast, ladies. So if you’re interested in any of them, I’d get on it. As you can see several sold out just in the past 24 hours or the supply is greatly diminished from when I captured the photos.

Have a great weekend. And thanks so much for dropping in today. I’ve used affiliate links in this post. When you shop through them I make a little money…at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Dressed for My Day by reading, commenting, shopping, sharing and subscribing. Not a subscriber? Oh, please do sign up. We can take care of that here.

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