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Transition into Fall with Red & Blue from Talbots

August 13, 2019

Hi gals! Long time no see. I’m so thrilled to be back in this space today! I was able to post fairly regularly while we were in Georgia for James’ work conference. But once we returned to Cincinnati, I no longer had WiFi for a few days. But we got it up and running today. Yay!

So I’m sharing with you a fun try-on session I did last week in Georgia. I stepped into Talbots to try on some of their new pieces. Now you’ll remember that last week I shared with you selections from their clearance racks in this post. But the outfits I’m sharing with you today are Talbots’ new arrivals and most are not discounted…yet. But I imagine they will be soon. So be sure to “favorite” them if you’re interested. Or, if you have some bonus rewards saved up (like I do!) then you might want to snag these cute transitional items while they’re still well stocked.

Let’s see what I tried on! Oh, and I’m showing these in a way so that you can see how they all mix and match beautifully together. Everything is true to size unless I note otherwise.

Red Girlfriend Chinos

First up, I tried on the girlfriend chinos in Nantucket Red. I actually own these chinos in a very similar red from a few seasons ago, and I absolutely love them and wear them often (see this old post). I love the trim but relaxed fit.

These 98% cotton/2% spandex chinos are super comfy and look darling with this botanical flowers tee or a chambray shirt. Of course, you can also pair them with so many other things. (I’m wearing the pants in 8 and the tee in a medium. They didn’t have a small available in the store.)

girlfriend chinos

I added this soft pebbled leather belt to complete the look. It isn’t the easiest belt to fasten, but it is marked down considerably. I’m wearing a medium.

They didn’t have their blue denim jacket in a small in the store, but that’s what I’d wear over this looks on cool days…or to the movies! And wouldn’t these navy Sperry’s look great with the combo?

print floral shirt

Next I swapped out the floral botanical tee for this classic cotton shirt in climbing floral. I’m wearing the medium. I tried the small, but felt more comfortable in the medium. I love the way this shirt looks with these red chinos, but it would also pair beautifully with white or blue denim. In fact…

Denim Pencil Skirt

Next I tried the classic cotton shirt with this knee length denim pencil skirt.

I’m wearing a small in the pencil skirt above, but I also tried it in the medium, and I think I prefer the larger size. The small fit perfectly in the waist, but pulled a tad tight across my hips. But that tends to be my fuller area.

Botanical flower tee

Next I paired the denim skirt with the botanical flower tee. This time I wore the soft pebbled leather belt and tucked the tee in completely. But you could just as easily leave it untucked and unbelted. I’m pretty sure I’m wearing the denim skirt in the medium here.

Don’t you just love how these pieces are mixing and matching? But there’s more!

denim skirt and pink tee

For a third look with the denim skirt I simply wore this pale pink roll cuff tee. I think the curved hem is most flattering on women with equal proportions or a short waist. If you’re long in the torso, you might want to tuck it in, at least partially.

Modern Ankle Jeans

I switched gears and tried on these modern ankle jeans next. I’m wearing my usual size 6 in the genuine medium wash.

modern ankle jeans with belt

In the photo above I added the soft pebbled leather belt. I think the tee looks a little better on me that way. And I love, love, love these modern ankle jeans! These feel like “real blue jeans” because they’re only 1% spandex. They’re the perfect style to wear through fall. And all regular price jeans are $20 off right now.

jeans with tee and blazer

Next I topped the modern ankle jeans with this darling, soft travel stamp tee. I topped the combo with a pink Aberdeen knit blazer. I’m wearing a small in the blazer and it fits beautifully. I’m wearing a small in the tee.

red sweater with white stripes

This red and ivory striped mockneck sweater looks chic and classy over the modern ankle jeans. This would be the perfect combo for a day at home or out and about. And of course you could wear this mockneck sweater with navy dress slacks as well. I’m wearing a small. It’s also available in black and ivory.

back view of jeans

I thought you might want to see a back view of the jeans. Not my favorite view. Ha! But I think the jeans fit nicely back there.


red floral crepe tiered maxi dress

My daughter owns this floral crepe tiered maxi dress, and it looks just lovely on her. She wears it frequently with her blue denim jacket. I’m wearing an 8 and it fits true to size.

ruched jersey sheath dress

Here’s another piece I love, love, love. This ruched jersey sheath dress is so flattering. But it’s also comfortable. I like the short sleeves, the simple silhouette, the band of color at the bottom and, of course, the ruching. Oh, and the colors are beautiful. I’m wearing a medium and it fits nicely.

Fitness Clothing

To keep my try-on session well rounded, I also tried on a set of fitness wear. I already own similar lightweight stretch woven crops in black, but these navy ones are a nice choice, too.

fitness clothing

And this medallion fresh jersey scoop neck tee is one of the cutest T by Talbots pieces I’ve seen. I’m in love with these colors, and the small cutout in the back is just plain fun.

I’m including a few other pieces I would have loved to have tried on if they’d been available in my size in the shopping widget below. And I’ve added some accessories that would look great with my selections. Remember, regular price jeans are $20 off.

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27 thoughts on “Transition into Fall with Red & Blue from Talbots

  1. Good morning Kay. So glad you are up and running again! I love the dresses on you, especially the red one. It looks like it would be perfect for work. Good luck with your unboxing, I’m sure it’s quite the chore?

    1. Thanks so much Deb. It’s good to be somewhat settled in. I thrive on routine, so I’m ready to get back to that. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. ?

  2. Hi Kay,
    I’m glad that you made it to Cincinnati safely. Of all the outfits you showed, the sheath dress looks awesome on you. I hope it came home with you. I hope your unpacking goes well.

  3. Love the red chinos on you……you look so slim !! We missed you too Kay and looking forward to seeing what you do/decorate your new home (that could be a post I would like to see). The jeans are nice also.

    I agree about taking your time to get all boxes unpacked……it takes us a little longer as we get older.

    1. Hi Holly. Yes I’d love to post some about my home. The only problem is I’m not sure at this point how much I’m going to do with it as we are renting for a year before buying. So as much as I want to create beautiful spaces I know it’s probably not wise to buy too many things that would uniquely fit this house only to turn around and do it all over again in a year. But I think I will probably at least buy some rugs for our master bedroom, the living room and my office. I’d also like to go ahead and get a new desk for my office. We’ll see!!

  4. So great to have you back with us again! Let’s face….moving is HARD at any age! Ha! Love all of these pieces you tried on at Talbots. I put at least four of them on my wish list but honestly, I don’t NEED any of them. So tempting but I have to start showing some restraint somewhere along the way. Definitely take your time unpacking. It’ll still be there tomorrow. It all doesn’t have to get unpacked un one day. Sounds like you and James are settling in beautifully. Have a Blessed day.

    1. Thanks so much Sondra. Yeah I felt that way about most of the clothes too. I do however think the denim skirt, the jeans and maybe the button up shirt would get the most wear. We’ll see! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a great day! ❤️

  5. Good Morning Kay!
    I have been meaning to get on here and say “ Welcome to Cincinnati!” ❤️
    I know a couple sweet gals from your new church through BSF, I’m so excited for you!

    We live out by KI….have you been here long enough to know Cincy shorthand?


    1. Hi Deb. Hahaha, no! I don’t know KI. You’ll have to fill me in. We are loving it so far. We have felt immediately at home here. That’s cool that you know some of the gals in my church through BSF. I may need to join that myself. Have you already started the fall session? Is it too late to join?

      1. Hi Kay,

        KI= Kings Island?

        No, we haven’t started BSF yet. It begins September 11. I think you can just go to the BSF website for information. Have you met Erin Williams? She is the assistant teaching leader and I’m pretty sure she goes to your church….I know she did. It’s a great BSF group!


  6. Hi Kay, I’m thrilled to have you back, we’ve missed you too! But do give yourself some grace if you need to take some days off from Blogging while you nest and get acclimated. I love many of the pieces from Talbots. I saw the trench coat in the widget and though I already own a very nice trench, I’d sure love to learn how they tie the belt into those classy knots. I see them tied this way all the time and I’d love to learn. That could be a future post since fall coats and jackets will be worn soon? Be Blessed!

    1. Hi Nancy. Yep. I can definitely show you how to tie your trench belt in an upcoming post. Thanks so much for the grace. I will certainly take it. ?

    2. PS: Just a thought: I would enjoy posts on other fashion tricks as well. Tutorials such as how to roll up long sleeved shirts J. Crew style, etc.

  7. Good morning Kay! I was so happy to see you are back and I love all the items you showed today. I love the sheath dress on you, but really like the pale pink blazer with the gray tee – worthy of duplicating!You asked for suggestions for posts so here is mine – could you occasionally add in how James dresses? My husband is in need of some new clothes and we just don’t know what the current style is. You have been such a huge help to me that I am certain your dear hubby could be a help for men. Please take as long as you need to get moved in and back to posting regularly. Love ya!

    1. Thanks so much for the warm welcome back, Patty. I really enjoy posting daily, at least Monday through Friday, and feel a little undone when I don’t. ☺️. I may still have to take a day off here and there but am hoping to settle into some routine quickly.

      What you gals may not have thought about is that for the last year and a half James has been working from home too. And while I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together and, by the grace of God, we have worked in the same space beautifully, I’m actually glad to have my home to myself again during the day. ? I’m just more productive and happy when I have peace and quiet and minimal interruptions in my day. So I’m very excited about that too. (Pssst! Don’t tell my husband! ?)

  8. Kay, it’s so nice to have you back. I look forward to your posts. Take your time unpacking and settling in. We moved when we were in our fifties (8 years ago) and after we were settled in we didn’t know how we did it. It is an overwhelming task but take one day at a time. Kay, you have been such an inspiration in so many ways. Reading your messages and bible verses give me a lift. We also have a wonderful church and church family. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t feel blessed. Back to the outfits….you look great in all of them. I love the jeans on you. They look so comfortable. Since I have been reading your post I have brought myself out of a clothing rut. Thank you! Enjoy your new church, new friends, and new home.

    1. Jen, what sweet comments! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I really appreciate you reading and leaving your comments. ?

  9. Hi Kay, I have to say, I missed your posts, and am happy you are back!! Love this post, all the outfits look good on you, but I especially like the red chinos with the tshirt, and the jeans with the red striped sweater. I will have to look if Talbots has my size. I think I would get a lot of wear out of both outfits. Glad to hear you made it there safely, and are getting settled in. I am sure you and your husband will be a blessing to your new church. Happy unpacking!! Blessings, Cindy

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy. I’m pleased that you like my selections from Talbots. I have to say, I really do like all of them myself. Thank you for your kind words, too. Have a wonderful day! ?

  10. Hi! I’m glad you feature items from Talbots in your posts. I have been shopping there seasonally for years. I feel that the quality of the clothes has remained high while other boutique retailers clothes have not. Even at full price I feel that the clothes are worth it. I also like that I can shop a variety of sizes all in one place. At 5’4″ & size 4, I can wear both petite and regular sizes. I think some of the clothes can be on the matronly side. That being said, I always manage to find pieces that are classic and a little more youthful. My friends are often surprised when I tell them a piece I’m wearing is from Talbots. Many of them think the store is geared toward the older crowd. I took advantage of the recent red hanger sale. I ordered 14 items and ended up keeping all but 2!

    1. Thanks, Kim, for sharing your affinity for Talbots with me. Just recently I’ve been thinking about why it is that so many people assume all of their clothes are matronly or older. I agree with you that some are but many aren’t. And honestly that’s the case at most every retailer. And often it comes down to choosing the right colors and how you put the outfits together. All that said, I’ve decided that the reason many women have that misperception is simply because Talbots is an old store – meaning it’s been around a LONG TIME. So that means that many older women, including myself and others older than me, have shopped there a very long time. I started shopping at Talbots in my 20s. But they have beautiful, classic and well made clothing. Not everything in their store is for me, but neither is everything in ANY store. Let’s you and me (and so many of my readers who love Talbots) spread the word!! Hahaha! ?

  11. Hi Kay! You look so nice in all of the outfits. I am curious how many items, if any, went home with you. Welcome back to the cyber world!

    1. Hahaha! Hi Ginger. Actually none that day. I’m keeping my eye on a few of them though to see if they go down any. I really love the denim skirt and the colorful shirt. We’ll see!